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PokéFarm Live (or PFQ Live) are live streams that are performed by the PFQ Staff through YouTube. Sometimes other users are invited into the stream, too. A chat is provided next to the stream for the users to interact with the staff.

Live streams are announced in the announcement box. So far, the only users who have hosted live streams are Garthic, Niet, and Sei. While Niet used to be the primary streamer for the site, as of September 27, 2015, Garthic has done live streams on occasion of him playing games, and Sei once hosted a stream of her drawing. These streams typically last from around 18:00 Server Time (UTC) to 21:00 Server Time, but can be longer or shorter.

Content of the stream

Usually, a game is played during the stream while the users can ask the staff questions or simply talk to them through the chat. In rare occasions a stream may be used to announce something. However, it is never used as the only method and announcements will always be posted in the Public Forums in addition. Sometimes Cheat Codes are given out during a live stream.

Most streams are available to everyone, although streams that are not of this variant have been done by Garthic. Typically, the ones that are not friendly to everyone are 15+ streams, where minor swearing and gore (showing body parts) are allowed. 18+ streams have also run on PFQ, allowing mature, 18+ content. While in the normal streams everyone can view the stream and chat, in the age-restricted streams people younger than the age specified are unable to view the stream. However, they still can see the chat.

Stream FAQ

Garthic/Niet, Garthic/Niet! Will you play {x}? While Garthic usually responds to game requests on a quick note, asking him to play Five Nights at Freddy's (FNAF) results in a no. Niet, however, from what is known, typically doesn't take requests.

Can I get silenced from the chat? Site moderators do in fact moderate the live stream chat. You are given warnings, however, constant stream rule-breaking may result in you being silenced.

What are the stream rules? Please see below the FAQ.

Garthic/Niet, what game are you playing? If you look beneath the video, it usually includes the title of the game the streamer is playing.

Who's in the stream? As stated above, most typically, an updated list of who is in the stream call is provided beneath the video.

Are there any cheat codes? Typically, Garthic will give out a cheat code at the end of his Sunday streams. The only exception to this is when Niet is asleep, and the cheat code is unable to be programmed in.

I'm 15/18 but I can't see the stream! (Or) I'm not 15/18 and I can see the stream! Your DOB is most likely incorrect in the database and needs to be corrected. Please contact a mod.

Can I ask {x} a question? Of course! Usually, questions are answered as they are seen. However, please follow the rules when asking questions.

Can I draw {x}'s Pokésona? All Staff Members' Pokésonas can be drawn, as stated by Niet in a live stream. Just remember if you post them online, credit the character to the owner!

Can I be in the stream/How can I be in a stream? Garthic has said any PFQ user with a Skype is eligible to be in the stream on a first-to-ask, first-to-be-invited basis. You can PM him with your Skype name and you may be invited to join a stream. As for Niet, he does not mind having guests as long as they are well-behaved.

Stream Rules

While the stream is meant for everyone to enjoy and relax, there are some rules that are to be enforced. For most offences, all users are permitted to a warning before action is taken.

  • All PFQ Rules apply.
  • PFQ is child-friendly; this rating has to be kept in the chat which is accessible for all users regardless of age.
  • No links in chat; posting them requires the permission from a member of staff.
  • Do not SPAM.
  • Do not ask inappropriate questions in chat.