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The clans section of the forums is where users may create clans. Clans are a group of users who share a common interest, such as a certain type of Pokémon or fandom. They must be approved before creation.

Types of Clans

Clans are arranged into three categories, Clans, Other Clans, and Country Specific Clans.

Pokémon Clans

This section is for clans related to Pokémon or Pokéfarm in general.

Other Clans

This section is for clans that don't relate to Pokémon or PokéFarm, and can include common interests or fandoms.


This section is for clans of more mature content.

Submitting a Clan

When applying for a Clan, a form must be filled out. The application for submitting a clan can be found here. From the form, you must fill out a Clan Name, the type of Clan, and a description explaining what the Clan will entail.

If a clan is approved, the user will receive a Personal Message with a link to create the new thread. The thread will be locked upon creation but can be unlocked once the user is ready to make the first post in the clan. However, if a clan is rejected, a Personal Message will be sent by System Salamence explaining the reason of rejection. Accepted and rejected clans will appear on the ModWatch.

A clan may be rejected for the following reasons:

  • It is a duplicate of a preexisting clan.
  • The description is too vague.
  • The clan serves little purpose.
  • The clan is too specific. Explain
  • Promotes spam.
  • Applied for in the wrong section.


For a more detailed list, click here.

  • The clan should be in its appropriate section (mature clans should go into the mature section).
  • A clear description must be given stating the purpose of the clan.
  • A clan may be submitted a maximum number of three times.
  • A user may own a maximum of three clans.
  • Anyone can be denied ownership of a clan.
  • Pointless clans that promote spam, click begging, ect are prohibited.
  • A user has one month to create an approved clan. If the user does not meet this time, the user may submit another form, however they must create the clan within one week. Another user may also submit another form for this clan.
  • Certain clans require mature users to run, such as the HVC.
  • No RP clans are allowed to discuss a specific roleplay or function as a place to roleplay.