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Welcome! This is the PokéFarm Q Wiki.

  • New to PokéFarm? The Starting Out Guide is designed for those who are new or even just thinking about joining.
  • Lost in the wiki? The Overview Guide gives a rundown of the more important articles making it something like a Table of Contents for the wiki.
  • Looking for something specific? Try using the search box in the navigation bar on the top by entering one or more keywords.

This Wiki is always a work in progress. You can help add to it by using the Wiki Discussion Thread, contacting any of our active Wiki Users, or even by creating your own account to start editing! It is suggested to use the same username as on PokéFarm Q.

The Wiki Administrators can be contacted with further questions or problems.

Recommended Pages

Have you been gone for a while? Here you can find a list of changes made to the site, both minor and major ones.
This is an up to date list of the staff members who run PokéFarm Q and their responsibilities.
This is an explanation of all events currently happening on site and that have happened on site.
This explains how to use the forum codes needed to make links, add images, and otherwise decorate your posts, signatures and profiles on PokéFarm Q.

Useful Categories

The articles in this section provide descriptions and help with the features of various pages of the PokéFarm site. They list any requirements for access.
Game Mechanics
This section is for articles that explain how features or mechanics of the game work in detail. Some of these are part of the previous category as well.
These are articles and lists that have to do with the communication between you and others. This includes acronyms and any forum-related information.
These are articles with lists concerning anything from events to items. Some lists are contained on pages that fit in other categories, but other lists are on separate pages.
This section contains articles that give advice on how to do various things on PokéFarm. They do not necessarily explain the game mechanics, but they do contain instructions and opinions on how one might go about doing a certain thing.
These are articles related to the Pokémon themselves, including ones about certain kinds of Pokémon and others about individual Pokémon that have been released through special events.

Wiki Help

For everyone:
Wiki Discussion Thread MediaWiki User's Guide
For editing the wiki:
MediaWiki FAQ Templates used on PFQ Wiki
To Do List For Wiki Editors Help:Formatting
Collection of maintenance categories