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Niet in Hypermode

Zophan is a liquid substance located within Zophan Canisters. It is a limited resource that originates from Niet's home dimension, the Dark World. Beyond this, it has no other influence upon the game's mechanics.


Not to be confused with Hypermode accounts.

In-universe, Hypermode behaves similarly to Mega Evolution but does not require an item. Any Pokémon that has been exposed to Zophan can temporarily undergo a Hypermode transformation, usually after experiencing excessive emotional stimulus. This will generally produce a state of higher aggression in the affected individual.

Changes that have been noted include:

  • Base Stats - Transformed Pokémon gain an increase in Base Stats. The total does not exceed that of Mega Evolution, however distribution of the stats themselves varies. For example the Special Attack stat may be increased instead of the Attack stat.
  • Typing - Zophan is gained as an additional type. It has no weakness or resistance to any other type, but remains Super-Effective against itself.
  • Ability - It is currently unknown if all Pokémon are subject to Ability changes. The only recorded instance thus far is Niet's Schadenfreude; an Ability that recovers HP by 1/8th of the damage dealt to an opponent.[1]

Related Moves

Currently there are only a few known Moves in relation to the Zophan Type and Hypermode transformation.

Move Description Type Power Accuracy PP Category Effect %
Zophan Shield Creates a shield using a small amount of HP. In addition to protecting the user from attacks, this move also lowers the target's Sp. Atk stat. Zophan -- -- 15 Status --
Zophan Pulse The user fires off a potentially devastating beam. This also damages the user quite a lot. The target faints instantly if the effect activates. Zophan 80 100% 10 Special 10
Zophan Beam A life-risking attack. The target faints instantly if this attack hits. This also damages the user terribly. Zophan 150 90% 5 Special 30
Dark Portal A portal to the Dark World is opened, guaranteeing escape. The move fails if the user doesn't have enough HP. Dark -- -- 5 Status --

In-Depth Effects:

  • Zophan Shield - Uses 1/8th of maximum HP to create a barrier that prevents damage and effects. Upon success, the opponent's Special Attack lowers by one stage.
  • Zophan Pulse - User takes 1/3rd of maximum HP as recoil damage. Move has 10% chance to One-Hit KO the opponent. If OHKO activates, then the user takes no recoil damage.
  • Zophan Beam - User takes 1/2 of maximum HP as recoil damage. Move has 30% chance to One-Hit KO the opponent. User takes recoil damage regardless if move misses or fails.
  • Dark Portal - Guarantees escape from battle, but if the user has less than 1/8th of maximum HP the move fails.


  • The word "Zophan" is an anagram of "Phazon;" a radioactive substance found within the Metroid series.
  • The Ability Schadenfreude is named after the emotion. It is used to describe the experience of pleasure derived from other's misfortune.


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