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Date Update
July 3rd[1]
  • The additional cost of selecting a Nature in Cele's Centre has been removed. The Nature selection is now done as part of the CS purchase confirmation screen, at no extra cost.


Date Update
June 27th[2]


Date Update
March 27th[3]
  • Pokémon that have had their Egg Groups updated in Generation 8, have now been updated on PFQ
    • Trapinch, Ralts, Hawlucha, Bergmite, Noibat and their evolutionary families have been updated.
March 26th[4]
  • If a user opted out of providing their date of birth on signup, then their join date will be used as their "anniversary" for the purpose of birthday rewards.
Note: The same birthday rewards will be given for a user's anniversary.
March 18th[5]
  • The option to show Unreleased Pokémon icons using the [pkmn] BBCode has been removed.
Note: This does NOT include Undiscovered Pokémon icons.
March 12th[6]
  • The target for Level 10 Egg Timer has been reduced.
    • Before: 1,500 Party Clicks
    • After: 1,250 Party Clicks
  • The "hover a Pokémon in a Party and press a number key to feed it" functionality has been expanded. If a user presses a number (1-5) when they aren't hovering over a Pokémon, then the first Pokémon on the page will be fed. This means users can just hit the numbers before moving on to the next party.
Note: This only applies to the Multi-Profile page.
  • "Skip empty parties" has been added as an option to the Online Users page, alongside sorting and quantity options. This setting is on by default for the "Open 10" and "Clickback" quick-links, but off by default on the actual Online Users page.
  • The presentation of the FabuBar♥ has been updated to make it more obvious that "half full" is the goal, and anything beyond that is bonus.
    • The bar now counts from 0-100% as normal, then continues up to 200% for the maximum bonus power.


Date Update
February 26th[7]
  • "Compact View" has been implemented. It is always-on on mobile, and exists as a toggle on Desktop.
  • The auto-scroll toggle has been removed and the page now snaps to the bottom of the party.
    • As of February 27, this change has been reverted, as it interfered with split-screen on mobile devices.
  • "About Me" has been removed from the multi-profile view.
    • Users are advised to use their Trainer's Card to draw attention to things like advertising a shop.
    • Users can click on a profile name at the top of the page to go to the "individual" profile page.
February 20th[8]
  • The right mouse button no longer pops up the context menu on Fields when clicking, so you can use both mouse buttons to "twiddle" your fingers and get more clicks with less physical movement.
  • "Nothing" in Boxes has been removed. There is no longer a 1% chance of Boxes containing Nothing. Instead, that percentage point has been added to the Big GP reward.
  • Z-Crystals at any time. If you activated your Albino Radar without a Z-Crystal, and then decide you wanted to use one after all, you can do that. You will need to pay the IP cost again (same as charging to a higher level, you don't get a refund) but at least now you don't have to wait until the next day any more. If you used a Z-Crystal, however, you can't change items. You're stuck with that Crystal until the end of the day. This only applies if you didn't use a Crystal to begin with.
  • Egg Timer overhaul.The Egg Timer has received the following adjustments:
    • It now uses Party Clicks, not Field Clicks. This is to encourage interacting with more people, not with the same people repeatedly.
    • The number of interactions required to reach max level has been reduced accordingly.
    • EXP gained per hour has not changed.
  • Kinaster's breeding rate has been greatly improved.


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