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The 2019 Advent Calendar Background Art drawn by Sei.

2019 Advent Calendar was an event based on a advent calendar.


The 2019 Advent Calendar with some doors claimed.

Each day in December, users had an opportunity to open a door of the Advent Calendar. Each door could be opened by navigating to the Advent page, and clicking on the door corresponding to the date. There were 25 doors on the Advent Calendar, and each door could only be opened once. A consumable was given in exchange for opening a door, with the exception of the 25th door. There was no way to open a door after its corresponding day was over.

On Christmas, the last day of the Advent Calendar, a Gold Poké prize and a random Galar starter prize was given out.

List of Rewards

Each day of the Advent Calendar featured a 150x150 piece of art of an Exclusive Pokémon, which the user could use as their forum avatar. All art featured on the Advent Calendar is listed below, along with that door's corresponding rewards.[1]

All of the avatars were drawn by Shazi.

Advent Day Artwork Reward
Day 1 ???
Day 2 ???
Day 3 ???
Day 4 ???
Day 5 ???
Day 6 ???
Day 7 Blue Gummi
Day 8 ???
Day 9 Orange Gummi
Day 10 Sweet Heart
Day 11 Grass Gummi
Day 12 Red Gummi
Day 13 Cookie
Day 14 Clear Gummi
Day 15 Royal Gummi
Day 16 White Gummi
Day 17 Sweet Heart
Day 18 Black Gummi
Day 19 Yellow Gummi
Day 20 Sky Gummi
Day 21 Gold Gummi
Day 22 Cookie
Day 23 Pink Gummi
Day 24 Grey Gummi
Day 25 550 (Max)

Galar Starter at Random