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Affection is an in-game mechanic that indicates how affectionate a Pokémon is to its owner. Affection is a value from 0-255 and can be viewed on a Pokémon's summary in the Contest section. Affection is commonly confused with Happiness, however, they are not the same thing.



Affection is one of many factors that influences a Pokémon's Evolution.

The Affection stat when maxed.

Currently, there are only 2 Pokémon that require Affection as an Evolution requirement:

  • Eevee evolves into Sylveon with Max Affection.
Note: High Happiness overrides the affection requirement and will prevent evolution to Sylveon
  • Rockruff evolves into Lycanroc [Dusk Forme] at Level 25 during dusk (aka Sunset) with high Affection.
Note: Hover over the sun icon next to the server time to find out when Dusk (aka Sunset) starts.


Affection is also a potential factor in determining the results of Breeding. Certain Pokémon may produce different Eggs when at maximum Affection. Currently, there is only one circumstance in which Affection influences the results of Breeding. In order to breed Kinaster, the parent Lunupine and Solynx must be maximum Affection.

Raising Affection

Affection can be raised through the use of the Pokéwalker, Perfect Berries, or the Big Malasada.

Perfect berries can be obtained by growing the matching regular berry in the Berry Garden while using Amaze Mulch. They can only be fed to a Pokémon that like the flavour. If a user attempts to feed a Perfect Berry to a Pokémon with a different taste preference, the item will not be consumed. Pokémon that have no Berry preference can eat any Perfect Berry.

Note: Perfect Berries are not the same as Berries.

The Big Malasada can be fed to any Pokémon.

Example of a Perfect Pecha Berry being fed to a Pokémon with a Sour Preference.
Image Name Effect
Big Malasada
Note: Retired item
+255 Affection
Perfect Aspear Berry +50 Affection
Perfect Cheri Berry +50 Affection
Perfect Chesto Berry +50 Affection
Perfect Pecha Berry +50 Affection
Perfect Rawst Berry +50 Affection