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Date Update
Dec 16th
  • A bug fix has been made to address the issue of mobile browsers not supporting desktop notifications and subsequently causing problems with errors.
    • For this reason, an additional check is now done when you enable Notifications. It should pop up a "Notifications have been enabled successfully" notification, which itself acts as a preview of what you just enabled. If this is detected to have failed, it will present a message telling you that your browser doesn't support it, and re-disable the option.
Dec 14th
  • A large number of corrections have been made to the Pokémon data, especially with regard to Base Stats that were buffed in X/Y or Sun/Moon, but also minor errors such as mis-classified body styles and typos in Dex entries.
Dec 8th
  • Small QoL update for mobile users: you can now swipe horizontally on the Timers Bar (the one with News, Hypermode, Shiny Charm etc.) as an alternative option to tapping the arrows at the ends.
  • You can now customise the order of the Timers Bar.
    • This can be edited in the settings panel of the Farm Page.
Dec 4th
  • The Type Race button on the Farm page now uses the Z-Crystal item, while the V~Wave will continue to use the actual Type icons it has always used.
    • The Z-Fragment to Z-Crystal ratio has been set at 7:1, and the code to trade them in has been added to the Albino Hunting page.
  • Lunupinite Q and the Meteorite have had their "Über-rare" classification removed.
Dec 1st
  • Z-Fragments have been introduced in place of Z-Crystals as prizes for the Type Race.
    • Earn Z-Fragments by reaching certain goals along the way. Once you have enough Z-Fragments, you can trade them in for a full Z-Crystal.


Date Update
Nov 28th
  • The "Unown Breeding Bug" has finally been narrowed down, and I've made a change that should fix it. You should no longer get random Unown Eggs when breeding Unown.
Nov 27th
  • Forum posts can now be upvoted using the menu button in the top right of each post.
Nov 22nd
  • The currencies window now includes links to each relevant page.
Nov 21st
  • An issue with Egg EXP gain between user logout and server reset has been fixed.
Nov 15th
  • When loading the Fields page, the last viewed field will be automatically loaded. This resets at midnight every night, and affects the user's own fields as well.
Nov 14th
  • User Reviews with more than 80% negative feedback and 5 or more reviews will be "buried".
  • A hybrid interaction method has been implemented. Hovering over a Pokémon or Egg and pressing the corresponding berry button (1 through 5) counts as an interaction. A similar method can be used when interacting in a user's fields.
Nov 9th
  • The Egg Timer page now has a note stating that the Egg EXP gain is not affected by any other bonus.
Nov 8th
  • Eggs now receive EXP passively. See Egg Timer.
  • Pokémon now show their Location (ie. The field they are in) and Status (eg. Daycare, Scouring, etc.) on their Summary page.
Nov 7th
  • Hierarchy enforcement implemented in BBCode, preventing the bug making posts break.
Nov 1st
  • Type Race scoring system adjusted to one point for every 5 Egg Cycles.


Date Update
Oct 31st
  • Staff art on the front page updated.
Oct 23rd
  • Times now vary with the season.
  • Dawn and Dusk added, are classified as Nighttime.
  • Time icons now have a tooltip, stating when the next sunrise/sunset is.
Oct 8th
  • Tweaks made to how Types are handled.
Oct 7th
  • Regional variants count towards their region's Dex unlocks.
Oct 5th
  • Kanto Albino and Melanistic sprites completely revamped.
Oct 4th
  • Adjustments made to the Contest Hall and certain accessories.


Date Update
Sept 23rd
  • Forum threads created by the user are now listed as "by you," not by their username.
Sept 22nd
  • "Before you post..." notice added to new Suggestions thread.
  • Spar Requests can be sent from opponent's profiles.
  • Checkbox added to scroll up automatically on the Multi-User View page.
  • Type BBCode added.
  • DayCare Notification now includes the number of different types of Eggs being held.
  • Pkmn BBCode now includes special variants.
  • Other minor updates added.
Sept 13th
  • The data tooltips for Berry items have been expanded to include data on flavour, colour classification, firmness and growth time.
Sept 11th
  • The Berry Blender has been added.
Sept 7th
  • The VIP system has been expanded.
  • Conversation Search now supports searching for people who are in these VIP Groups.
Sept 2nd
  • On the Fields page, it is now possible to drag a Berry from the tray over the Pokémon that you want to feed. While "mass-clicking" manually will still be faster in general, this allows people to participate in events like MCW, or to breed rare Eggs, without having to do quite so much button-mashing.
  • A "Help/Controls" button has been added to that page, so that newer users can learn about the different control techniques without having to ask or just never knowing about them.


Date Update
Aug 31st
  • Using the PokéRadar+ to chain for shinies will no longer have the user's chain break upon hatching a Shiny.
Aug 30th
  • The Release Time requirement has been halved.
    • Hypermode users can release in an hour.
    • Account-locked Pokémon no longer have any time requirement.
Aug 26th
  • A couple of summon items have been updated!
Aug 6th
  • Tournament Tokens have been recategorised and will now appear in the "Event Items" category of your inventory, rather than the "Account Upgrades".
Aug 1st
  • An error causing the "You should take a break" warning to improperly cancel your interactions if you click "OK" without first checking the acknowledgement checkbox, has been fixed. The "OK" button should now be disabled, until you check the box to confirm.


Date Update
July 25th
  • In preparation for upcoming updates, a number of adjustments have been made to the code.
  • The Dex now shows Base Stats for a Pokémon.
July 23rd
  • The Scour Missions page has been updated.
July 13th
  • Hatching an Egg that would break your Shiny Chain now comes with a warning and an opportunity to cancel, even if you don't have an Egg Pass.
July 12th
  • You can now define custom notifications.
July 9th
  • The item "Ledah's Bawkz" has been replaced with "Gragon's Stash". The function of the item has not changed.
  • As part of a cleanup effort, Hypermode no longer gives the item "DayCare Pass [Freebie]". Instead, it just doubles the daily limit so long as HM is active.
July 1st
  • The Copyright Info page has been updated, to include a section detailing the use of Nintendo's Intellectual Property.


Date Update
June 29th
  • The "Online Chain" mechanic has been overhauled. Instead of tracking a single unbroken chain, the "be online" Tasks now track how many times you cleared the 5-day chain bonus. This will allow to you continue towards your objective even if you have to be offline for a day or two. At worst, you'll lose your current 5-day streak.
    • Since this statistic wasn't previously tracked, a "best guess" has been implemented by taking your current chain, and your longest chain (if they aren't the same chain), and divided them by 5 to get the number of 5-day chains. While not perfect, this should be greatly beneficial to most users.
  • The Forum Templates system has received some updates.
    • Parameters are now properly explained on the template editor. These allow you to have templates like [item=<item>] ×[inventory=<item>], and when you go to insert the template you will be asked what item you want to put in there. Parameters essentially allow you to have parts of your template that you customise each time you use it.
    • You can use <|> in your template to define where the cursor will go. This is useful for post templates, where you would want the cursor to go in the middle for your content.
    • The "Insert" button has been expanded to include a variety of commonly used BBCodes as well as your custom Templates. These make use of <|> to put the cursor where it is most useful (ie. inside the code). Most codes also support selecting a bit of text and then using the BBCode insertion to wrap it (eg. type some text, select it, choose "bold" from the list, get bold text)
June 25th
  • A fair amount of "shuffling" has been done.
    • A bar is now present at the bottom of the page, containing a handful of useful links.
    • The Menu on the (private) Fields page has been changed to open upwards, into the Field area, to reduce the amount of scrolling required. This does not affect mobile view.
    • The Menu on Profile pages has been changed to be "inline" rather than floating down the right-hand side. This is particularly useful for profiles that have nothing in their "About me", doubly so on mobile displays.
    • The Copyright information is now on a separate page, rather than a pop-up on the front page.
  • Some mobile bug-fixes were made on the Fields page, as they were preventing tooltips from appearing correctly under certain circumstances.
June 19th
  • Vivillon icons have been added.
June 14th
  • Further adjustments have been made to the site's navigation tools on mobile.
    • The "arrow bar" will stick to the top of the page, and also has quick info on the current Server Time (hour and minute) as well as your notification count.
    • The "▲ Top" button in the top-right corner will bring you to the top of the page content, whereas the arrow bar will take you all the way to the top where you will see the navigation tools.
    • The arrow bar disappears behind the navigation tools just like the "▲ Top" button does, so there's no more confusion about trying to click the arrow a second time to make it go away.
    • The PokéDex page has been adjusted to ensure that the "Filters" sticking to the top of the page when you scroll down, still works without interference.
June 13th
  • In an attempt to improve mobile friendliness, especially with regard to things getting covered by the Server Time bar at the bottom, further condensing has been done and the expandable area is now at the top of the page.
  • Another attempt has been made. This time, the content is always visible, but your phone will auto-scroll you to the content of the page, since this is usually where you want to be. From there, you can do what you want on that page, and then just swipe to scroll up and get at the navigation, rather than having to scroll up, then hit a button, then do the thing.
June 9th
  • You can now find Fossils more easily via Scouring by sending the appropriate Pokémon. For example, Aerodactyl will find Old Amber more often. The Pokémon does not have to itself be resurrected from a Fossil for this bonus to work.
  • You can now select "Max" when asked how many Gems to convert to bigger/smaller Gems at the Wishforge.
  • User Search is now available, and is accessible from Farm Page => Other Links => Tools.
  • When organising fields, a lock icon is shown alongside fields that have been set to hidden.
  • The Übercharm link in the Timers Bar is now its own page, rather than a redirect to two different pages.
  • Minor adjustments in certain areas have been made.
June 7th
  • Pokemon icons for Goldeen Line, Mime Jr. Line, Scyther Line, Tauros, Lapras, Ditto, and Eevee Line (including all Eeveelutions) have been updated by Shazi.
June 6th
  • Pokemon icons for Lickitung Line, Koffing Line, Rhyhorn Line, Kangaskhan, Staryu Line, and Horsea Line have been updated by Shazi.


Date Update
May 26th
  • PF1 Transfer is now accessible on Pokémon that were stuck in the DayCare, Scour Missions, Trade/Gift Centre, PokéWalker or Dream World under the "Party & Others" section.
  • Minor adjustments to Spars:
    • The Player that received the Spar will now appear on the left side when viewing a result.
    • A Permalink has been added to the end of the Spar result, in order to share the results of Spars with others.
May 16th
  • You can send a "Nice!" through the recipient's profile page, in the menu. (the "Nice!" option will be shown when you click the toggle on the recipient's page)
May 13th
  • The "Species" field of the Summary page now shows the name of the Egg if it has been registered in your EggDex.
May 12th
  • The "Choose gender" option on your Profile has been greatly expanded.
May 10th
  • New items have been added to the Task List on your Party page. Specifically, tasks relating to Fishing and Fossils have been added. Additionally, Battle-related tasks has been adjusted, since there is no longer the 100-hatch requirement to access the Dojo, and the reward for "win battles" tasks didn't take into account the new fee system.
May 9th
  • In light of recent spam, new users may no longer post in their Trainer Card or About Me, until activating their account and clearing the Tutorial.
May 4th
  • PFTransfer is now ready for use, allowing you to transfer most of your PF1 Pokémon over to PFQ.
May 3rd
  • The Front Page has received some updates.


Date Update
Apr 25th
  • In order to make the Summon Unlock system a little more approachable, hints have been added to the bottom of each tab panel.
Apr 20th
  • The tooltip in your Fields now shows "Locked" instead of the EXP value for EXP-Locked Pokémon.
Apr 15th
  • The EXP Lock display has been adjusted. It now shows the text "[Locked]" in the EXP bar in place of the numeric value.
Apr 12th
  • To accompany the return of Battling to PFQ, Battle-related Tasks are now available on your Party page again, and the Battle and Gym forums have returned.
Apr 7th
  • Copying Display Codes from your Summary pages should be much easier now.
  • Codes are now displayed as wrapped text so none of that horizontal scrolling nonsense. It's also just plain text so mobile borwsers don't try to treat it as editable.
  • And finally, in supporting browsers (that is, everything except iPhone/iPad) it will auto-select the code when you click/tap on it.
Apr 2nd
  • Pokémon will not run away any more when happiness reaches 0.
  • The Red Gigaremo has received some adjustments. The rate at which Happiness is lost when using the Red Gigaremo has been reduced. Instead of running away when Happiness runs out, Pokémon will have their breeding rate impaired when unhappy.
  • Consumables may now be used on Pokémon that are "busy". This is because they don't change the Pokémon's held item.
  • When you use a Consumable, if you have another of the item and the Pokémon can still use one, you will be given the option to use another of the same Consumable.


Date Update
Mar 31st
  • The "Fabulous Friday" icon is now an actual icon instead of a plain rainbow.
  • Likewise, the PokéWalker item has a cleaner, nicer icon too.
Mar 23rd
  • The site's tab icon has been updated.
Mar 22nd
  • When selecting a Pokémon to put in Training, the tooltip on the Pokémon now shows some battle stats.
Mar 21st
  • The Dojo is making its return, slowly!
Mar 20th
  • Trade Lock now means you can't receive Gifts either.
Mar 18th
  • The Trade Centre now shows trades in a popup view.
  • The Pokémon of the Day page has been updated to show the sprites of both the normal and Shiny versions of whatever Pokémon has been chosen.
Mar 17th
  • The Shelter has received a massive update to its internal data structures.
Mar 15th
  • The daily adoption limit for the DayCare has been increased from 1 to 6.
  • Hypermode users will receive 6 free DayCare Passes every day instead of just one.
Mar 14th
  • When attempting to release a Pokémon that is holding an item, an additional checkbox appears on the "final confirmation" box to remind you that the item is being held, and confirm that you do in fact want to release it with that item still attached.
  • You can now charge your Albino Radar even if you have already charged it today.
  • A small addition has been made to the text in the Prize Shop explaining that old Tokens are rotated out of use every Season, and advising you to only trade down if you actually intend on using those Tokens soon.
  • The DayCare now offers an option to be notified of how many Eggs are being held for you.
  • You can now choose how many Everstones to buy at once in the DayCare, up to 99 at a time.
  • Threads made by you are now highlighted with a ★ in Forum Subscription Notifications.
  • When selecting Fields for things like Trading, DayCare etc. the standard navigation buttons from the Fields page are now used so that you can easily go to the previous/next Fields.
  • The "Align to Grid" button has been moved below the Field to make room.
  • You can now navigate between fields while in "Align to Grid" mode and it will stay applied until you choose "Return to Positions" or reload the page.
  • A Pokémon's parents are now shown on the Summary page.
Mar 12th
  • Cost of Mega Evolution using GP has been drastically reduced.
  • The Dex now allows you to hide incomplete, rather than hide completed, using the toggle button.
  • You can now "silence" a forum subscription from your Subscription List. This can be useful if you just wanted to bookmark a thread for future reference without wanting to be notified of new posts there in.
  • Popplio and Brionne sprites have had a makeover!
Mar 10th
  • The Nearby Places panel has received an update to better suit the increasing number of nearby places.
  • Additionally, "hidden" Nearby Places are now always visible, but visiting them when you don't meet conditions will instead present you with an explanation of what you need to do.
Mar 5th
  • The Dex has received an update.


Date Update
Feb 27th
  • Due to the fact that they were single-handedly responsible for over 55% of the entire database size, "Reached Level X by Y while owned by Z" Timeline Entries will no longer be recorded, except for reaching Level 100.
  • The "Recent Level-Ups" on the Farm page has been reworked to be more efficient.
  • You can now choose how many Relic Items to trade at once on the Relic Trade section. You can trade up to 99 at once.
Feb 26th
  • You can now pin Conversations to the top of the list.
  • The Egg Supplier now offers Priority Shipping. It costs GP, but it knocks off 80% of the delivery time, allowing you to get those Eggs you need, when you need them!
Feb 25th
  • Due to serious abuse of the Aether House starting system the additional condition of unlocking Eclipse Flute has been added.
  • The Front Page has been redesigned. Hopefully this should give a much better idea of what PFQ is about and what we have to offer!
  • Any Scatterbug created from now on will evolve into a variety of Vivillon patterns. The pattern you get is user-specific, so each user can only get one pattern on their own.
Feb 15th
  • Accordions now feature a small arrow to help make it more obvious when a section can be expanded.
  • The Summary page no longer features the "realistic" images.
  • The Summary page's middle column is now an accordion, which should help keep things at a reasonable size, especially on mobile.
  • The Trade Centre has a new and improved system for adding items to trades.
  • A small flag has been added to the Summary page, alongside the Pokémon's species name, indicating which region it is from.
Feb 14th
  • PM notifications are now grouped based on the sender.
Feb 12th
  • The update was made to allow Milotic and Sylveon to evolve.
  • An XSS vulnerability in the forum system has been found and fixed.
Feb 6th
  • The Lab has been updated: Egg descriptions are slightly smaller to fit better, and the name is shown if it is registered in your EggDex.
Feb 3rd
  • A small adjustment has been made to the "Hide" button in the Shelter.
Feb 1st
  • The Field Search screen has been adjusted in an attempt to make it easier to use.


Date Update
Jan 30th
  • An adjustment has been made to how user input is made safe (ie. remove HTML injection possibilities).
Jan 29th
  • Niet finally figured out a way to make Field Search work.
Jan 28th
  • You can now drag to select multiple Pokémon at once on the Mass Move and the Fishing collection screens, but NOT on Mass Release.
Jan 26th
  • Bonus counter targets have been increased to keep up with user activity.
Jan 25th
  • Most Hooked and Most Caught has been added to the Stats Page.
Jan. 23rd
  • HTTP images are no longer supported. HTTPS however, is.
  • "Debug Mode" has been added, under Farm => Options => Others => Debug Mode.
Jan 19th
  • The Albino Radar now has shortcut links to select the minimum, maximum or "level up" amounts of Interaction Points.
Jan 18th
  • The "Platform"-style display code is now available.
Jan 14th
  • The Hypermode page has been updated with a clearer layout for the "Get Hypermode!" section.
  • The discounts for the longer Hypermode vouchers (180d and 365d) have been improved.
Jan 13th
  • The Fields page now uses preloading to load the next Field in sequence ahead of time.
Jan 11th
  • Image uploader now has basic support for folders!
Jan 10th
  • Dex art was temporarily removed.
  • Registered Shiny, Albino, and Melanistic sprites will appear in the Pokedex.
Jan 9th
  • Shiny class bars have been updated by Sei.
Jan 6th
  • The Party-style images now use the new Sun/Moon style by default.
Jan 5th
  • A check box has been added to the "Bulk Move" option in your fields. Now you can see all berry preferences to make berry sorting easier!
Jan 3rd
  • The Balloon accessories have been shifted around, and the Surfboard accessory is now only found in the Ocean area.
Jan 2nd
  • Spinda got its spots. No two Spinda are the same!