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This is the Masterlist for all of the Johto Pokémon BBCodes for Pokémon that are on-site. The large masterlist, the PKMN BBCodes archived here by Cyndalavosion and Amanome, is here for users to expand on as more Pokémon are added to the site for easy reference.

  • -(F) - Female Sprite Option
    • -Some gender differences may not be shown in the sprites due to their small size.
  • -To get a Shiny, Albino, or Melanistic minisprite, use (S), (A), or (M) where intended, ex. [pkmn=Bulbasaur(M)].
    • -If the sprite is a female, use the (F) code first, ex. [pkmn=Venusaur(F)(M)].
  • -[pkmn=Missing Number/] =


#167 Chikorita to #189 Natu
#190 Xatu to #213 Mismagius
#215 Girafarig to #239 Skarmory
#240 Houndour to #265 Celebi
#214 Unown

Johto Pokémon IMG codes can be found in the List of Pokémon/Johto.

Pokemon BBCode Mini Sprite
Chikorita [pkmn=Chikorita]
Bayleef [pkmn=Bayleef]
Meganium [pkmn=Meganium] Female [pkmn=Meganium(F)]
Cyndaquil [pkmn=Cyndaquil]
Quilava [pkmn=Quilava]
Typhlosion [pkmn=Typhlosion]
Hisuian Typhlosion [pkmn=Typhlosion/Hisuian Forme]
Totodile [pkmn=Totodile]
Croconaw [pkmn=Croconaw]
Feraligator [pkmn=Feraligator]
Sentret [pkmn=Sentret]
Furret [pkmn=Furret]
Hoothoot [pkmn=Hoothoot]
Noctowl [pkmn=Noctowl]
Ledyba [pkmn=Ledyba] Female [pkmn=Ledyba(F)]
Ledian [pkmn=Ledian] Female [pkmn=Ledian]
Spinarak [pkmn=Spinarak]
Ariados [pkmn=Ariados]
Chinchou [pkmn=Chinchou]
Lanturn [pkmn=Lanturn]
Togepi [pkmn=Togepi]
Togetic [pkmn=Togetic]
Togekiss [pkmn=Togekiss]
Natu [pkmn=Natu]
Pokemon BBCode Mini Sprite
Xatu [pkmn=Xatu] Female [pkmn=Xatu(F)]
Mareep [pkmn=Mareep]
Flaaffy [pkmn=Flaaffy]
Ampharos [pkmn=Ampharos]
Mega Ampharos [pkmn=Ampharos/Mega Forme]
Azurill [pkmn=Azurill]
Marill [pkmn=Marill]
Azumarill [pkmn=Azumarill]
Bonsly [pkmn=Bonsly]
Sudowoodo [pkmn=Sudowoodo] Female [pkmn=Sudowoodo(F)]
Hoppip [pkmn=Hoppip]
Skiploom [pkmn=Skiploom]
Jumpluff [pkmn=Jumpluff]
Aipom [pkmn=Aipom] Female [pkmn=Aipom(F)]
Ambipom [pkmn=Ambipom] Female [pkmn=Ambipom(F)]
Sunkern [pkmn=Sunkern]
Sunflora [pkmn=Sunflora]
Yanma [pkmn=Yanma]
Yanmega [pkmn=Yanmega]
Wooper [pkmn=Wooper] Female [pkmn=Wooper(F)]
Paldean Wooper [pkmn=Wooper/Paldean Forme]
Quagsire [pkmn=Quagsire] Female [pkmn=Quagsire(F)]
Murkrow [pkmn=Murkrow] Female [pkmn=Murkrow(F)]
Honchkrow [pkmn=Honchkrow]
Misdreavus [pkmn=Misdreavus]
Flutter Mane [pkmn=Flutter Mane/]
Mismagius [pkmn=Mismagius]
Pokemon BBCode Mini Sprite
Girafarig [pkmn=Girafarig] Female [pkmn=Girafarig(F)]
Pineco [pkmn=Pineco]
Forretress [pkmn=Forretress]
Dunsparce [pkmn=Dunsparce]
Gligar [pkmn=Gligar] Female [pkmn=Gligar(F)]
Gliscor [pkmn=Gliscor]
Snubbull [pkmn=Snubbull]
Granbull [pkmn=Granbull]
Qwilfish [pkmn=Qwilfish]
Hisuian Qwilfish [pkmn=Qwilfish/hisuian forme]
Shuckle [pkmn=Shuckle]
Heracross [pkmn=Heracross] Female [pkmn=Heracross(F)]
Mega Heracross [pkmn=Heracross/Mega Forme]
Sneasel [pkmn=Sneasel] Female [pkmn=Sneasel(F)]
Hisuian Sneasel [pkmn=Sneasel/hisuian forme] Female [pkmn=Sneasel(F)/hisuian forme]
Weavile [pkmn=Weavile] Female [pkmn=Weavile(F)]
Teddiursa [pkmn=Teddiursa]
Ursaring [pkmn=Ursaring] Female [pkmn=Ursaring(F)]
Slugma [pkmn=Slugma]
Magcargo [pkmn=Magcargo]
Swinub [pkmn=Swinub]
Piloswine [pkmn=Piloswine] Female [pkmn=Piloswine(F)]
Mamoswine [pkmn=Mamoswine] Female [pkmn=Mamoswine(F)]
Corsola [pkmn=Corsola]
Galarian Corsola [pkmn=Corsola/Galarian Forme]
Remoraid [pkmn=Remoraid]
Octillery [pkmn=Octillery] Female [pkmn=Octillery(F)]
Delibird [pkmn=Delibird]
Iron Bundle [pkmn=Iron Bundle/]
Skarmory [pkmn=Skarmory]
Pokemon BBCode Mini Sprite
Houndour [pkmn=Houndour]
Houndoom [pkmn=Houndoom] Female [pkmn=Houndoom(F)]
Mega Houndoom [pkmn=Houndoom/Mega Forme]
Phanpy [pkmn=Phanpy]
Donphan [pkmn=Donphan] Female [pkmn=Donphan(F)]
Iron Treads [pkmn=Iron Treads/]
Great Tusk [pkmn=Great Tusk/]
Stantler [pkmn=Stantler]
Smeargle [pkmn=Smeargle]
Tyrogue [pkmn=Tyrogue]
Hitmonlee [pkmn=Hitmonlee]
Hitmonchan [pkmn=Hitmonchan]
Hitmontop [pkmn=Hitmontop]
Elekid [pkmn=Elekid]
Electabuzz [pkmn=Electabuzz]
Electivire [pkmn=Electivire]
Magby [pkmn=Magby]
Magmar [pkmn=Magmar]
Magmortar [pkmn=Magmortar]
Miltank [pkmn=Miltank]
Raikou [pkmn=Raikou]
Entei [pkmn=Entei]
Suicune [pkmn=Suicune]
Larvitar [pkmn=Larvitar]
Pupitar [pkmn=Pupitar]
Tyranitar [pkmn=Tyranitar]
Mega Tyranitar [pkmn=Tyranitar/Mega Forme]
Iron Thorns [pkmn=Iron Thorns/]
Lugia [pkmn=Lugia]
Ho-oh [pkmn=Ho-oh]
Celebi [pkmn=Celebi]


Pokemon BBCode Mini Sprite
Unown A [pkmn=Unown/A forme]
Unown B [pkmn=Unown/B forme]
Unown C [pkmn=Unown/C forme]
Unown D [pkmn=Unown/D forme]
Unown E [pkmn=Unown/E forme]
Unown F [pkmn=Unown/F forme]
Unown G [pkmn=Unown/G forme]
Unown H [pkmn=Unown/H forme]
Unown I [pkmn=Unown/I forme]
Unown J [pkmn=Unown/J forme]
Unown K [pkmn=Unown/K forme]
Unown L [pkmn=Unown/L forme]
Unown M [pkmn=Unown/M forme]
Unown N [pkmn=Unown/N forme]
Unown O [pkmn=Unown/O forme]
Unown P [pkmn=Unown/P forme]
Unown Q [pkmn=Unown/Q forme]
Unown R [pkmn=Unown/R forme]
Unown S [pkmn=Unown/S forme]
Unown T [pkmn=Unown/T forme]
Unown U [pkmn=Unown/U forme]
Unown V [pkmn=Unown/V forme]
Unown W [pkmn=Unown/W forme]
Unown X [pkmn=Unown/X forme]
Unown Y [pkmn=Unown/Y forme]
Unown Z [pkmn=Unown/Z forme]
Unown ? [pkmn=Unown/? forme]
Unown ! [pkmn=Unown/! forme]