Water Type Pokémon

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The following table lists all Eggs, Normal, Shiny, Albino, and Melanistic of the Water Type. An overview can be found on the List of Pokémon Types.


Pokémon Egg Normal Shiny Albino Melanistic
Squirtle Squirtle Egg.png Squirtle.png Shiny Squirtle.png Albino Squirtle.png Melanistic Squirtle.png
Wartortle Wartortle.png Shiny Wartortle.png Albino Wartortle.png Melanistic Wartortle.png
Blastoise Blastoise.png Shiny Blastoise.png Albino Blastoise.png Melanistic Blastoise.png
Mega Blastoise Mega Blastoise.png Shiny Mega Blastoise.png Albino Mega Blastoise.png Melanistic Mega Blastoise.png
Psyduck Psyduck Egg.png Psyduck.png Shiny Psyduck.png Albino Psyduck.png Melanistic Psyduck.png
Golduck Golduck.png Shiny Golduck.png Albino Golduck.png Melanistic Golduck.png
Poliwag Poliwag Egg.png Poliwag.png Shiny Poliwag.png Albino Poliwag.png Melanistic Poliwag.png
Poliwhirl Poliwhirl.png Shiny Poliwhirl.png Albino Poliwhirl.png Melanistic Poliwhirl.png
Poliwrath Poliwrath.png Shiny Poliwrath.png Albino Poliwrath.png Melanistic Poliwrath.png
Politoed Politoed.pngFemale Politoed.png Shiny Politoed.pngShiny Female Politoed.png Albino Politoed.pngAlbino Female Politoed.png Melanistic Politoed.pngMelanistic Female Politoed.png
Tentacool Tentacool Egg.png Tentacool.png Shiny Tentacool.png Albino Tentacool.png Melanistic Tentacool.png
Tentacruel Tentacruel.png Shiny Tentacruel.png Albino Tentacruel.png Melanistic Tentacruel.png
Slowpoke Slowpoke Egg.png Slowpoke.png Shiny Slowpoke.png Albino Slowpoke.png Melanistic Slowpoke.png
Slowbro Slowbro.png Shiny Slowbro.png Albino Slowbro.png Melanistic Slowbro.png
Mega Slowbro Mega Slowbro.png Shiny Mega Slowbro.png Albino Mega Slowbro.png Melanistic Mega Slowbro.png
Slowking Slowking.png Shiny Slowking.png Albino Slowking.png Melanistic Slowking.png
Seel Seel Egg.png Seel.png Shiny Seel.png Albino Seel.png Melanistic Seel.png
Dewgong Dewgong.png Shiny Dewgong.png Albino Dewgong.png Melanistic Dewgong.png
Mega Dewgong Q Mega Dewgong Q.png Shiny Mega Dewgong Q.png Albino Mega Dewgong Q.png Melanistic Mega Dewgong Q.png
Shellder Shellder Egg.png Shellder.png Shiny Shellder.png Albino Shellder.png Melanistic Shellder.png
Cloyster Cloyster.png Shiny Cloyster.png Albino Cloyster.png Melanistic Cloyster.png
Krabby Krabby Egg.png Krabby.png Shiny Krabby.png Albino Krabby.png Melanistic Krabby.png
Kingler Kingler.png Shiny Kingler.png Albino Kingler.png Melanistic Kingler.png
Horsea Horsea Egg.png Horsea.png Shiny Horsea.png Albino Horsea.png Melanistic Horsea.png
Seadra Seadra.png Shiny Seadra.png Albino Seadra.png Melanistic Seadra.png
Kingdra Kingdra.png Shiny Kingdra.png Albino Kingdra.png Melanistic Kingdra.png
Goldeen Goldeen Egg.png Goldeen.pngFemale Goldeen.png Shiny Goldeen.pngShiny Female Goldeen.png Albino Goldeen.pngAlbino Female Goldeen.png Melanistic Goldeen.pngMelanistic Female Goldeen.png
Seaking Seaking.pngFemale Seaking.png Shiny Seaking.pngShiny Female Seaking.png Albino Seaking.pngAlbino Female Seaking.png Melanistic Seaking.pngMelanistic Female Seaking.png
Staryu Staryu Egg.png Staryu.png Shiny Staryu.png Albino Staryu.png Melanistic Staryu.png
Starmie Starmie.png Shiny Starmie.png Albino Starmie.png Melanistic Starmie.png
Magikarp Magikarp Egg.png Magikarp.pngFemale Magikarp.png Shiny Magikarp.pngShiny Female Magikarp.png Albino Magikarp.pngAlbino Female Magikarp.png Melanistic Magikarp.pngMelanistic Female Magikarp.png
Gyarados Gyarados.pngFemale Gyarados.png Shiny Gyarados.pngShiny Female Gyarados.png Albino Gyarados.pngAlbino Female Gyarados.png Melanistic Gyarados.pngMelanistic Female Gyarados.png
Mega Gyarados Mega Gyarados.png Shiny Mega Gyarados.png Albino Mega Gyarados.png Melanistic Mega Gyarados.png
Lapras Lapras Egg.png Lapras.png Shiny Lapras.png Albino Lapras.png Melanistic Lapras.png
Mega Lapras Q Mega Lapras Q.png Shiny Mega Lapras Q.png Albino Mega Lapras Q.png Melanistic Mega Lapras Q.png
Vaporeon Vaporeon.png Shiny Vaporeon.png Albino Vaporeon.png Melanistic Vaporeon.png
Mega Vaporeon Q Mega Vaporeon Q.png Shiny Mega Vaporeon Q.png Albino Mega Vaporeon Q.png Melanistic Mega Vaporeon Q.png
Omanyte Omanyte Egg.png Omanyte.png Shiny Omanyte.png Albino Omanyte.png Melanistic Omanyte.png
Omastar Omastar.png Shiny Omastar.png Albino Omastar.png Melanistic Omastar.png
Kabuto Kabuto Egg.png Kabuto.png Shiny Kabuto.png Albino Kabuto.png Melanistic Kabuto.png
Kabutops Kabutops.png Shiny Kabutops.png Albino Kabutops.png Melanistic Kabutops.png


Pokémon Egg Normal Shiny Albino Melanistic
Totodile Totodile Egg.png Totodile.png Shiny Totodile.png Albino Totodile.png Melanistic Totodile.png
Croconaw Croconaw.png Shiny Croconaw.png Albino Croconaw.png Melanistic Croconaw.png
Feraligator Feraligator.png Shiny Feraligator.png Albino Feraligator.png Melanistic Feraligator.png
Chinchou Chinchou Egg.png Chinchou.png Shiny Chinchou.png Albino Chinchou.png Melanistic Chinchou.png
Lanturn Lanturn.png Shiny Lanturn.png Albino Lanturn.png Melanistic Lanturn.png
Totem Lanturn Q Totem Lanturn Q.png Shiny Totem Lanturn Q.png Albino Totem Lanturn Q.png Melanistic Totem Lanturn Q.png
Marill Marill Egg.png Marill.png Shiny Marill.png Albino Marill.png Melanistic Marill.png
Azumarill Azumarill.png Shiny Azumarill.png Albino Azumarill.png Melanistic Azumarill.png
Wooper Wooper Egg.png Wooper.pngFemale Wooper.png Shiny Wooper.pngShiny Female Wooper.png Albino Wooper.pngAlbino Female Wooper.png Melanistic Wooper.pngMelanistic Female Wooper.png
Quagsire Quagsire.pngFemale Quagsire.png Shiny Quagsire.pngShiny Female Quagsire.png Albino Quagsire.pngAlbino Female Quagsire.png Melanistic Quagsire.pngMelanistic Female Quagsire.png
Qwilfish Qwilfish Egg.png Qwilfish.png Shiny Qwilfish.png Albino Qwilfish.png Melanistic Qwilfish.png
Corsola Corsola Egg.png Corsola.png Shiny Corsola.png Albino Corsola.png Melanistic Corsola.png
Remoraid Remoraid Egg.png Remoraid.png Shiny Remoraid.png Albino Remoraid.png Melanistic Remoraid.png
Octillery Octillery.pngFemale Octillery.png Shiny Octillery.pngShiny Female Octillery.png Albino Octillery.pngAlbino Female Octillery.png Melanistic Octillery.pngMelanistic Female Octillery.png
Suicune Suicune Egg.png Suicune.png Shiny Suicune.png Albino Suicune.png Melanistic Suicune.png


Pokémon Egg Normal Shiny Albino Melanistic
Mudkip Mudkip Egg.png Mudkip.png Shiny Mudkip.png Albino Mudkip.png Melanistic Mudkip.png
Marshtomp Marshtomp.png Shiny Marshtomp.png Albino Marshtomp.png Melanistic Marshtomp.png
Swampert Swampert.png Shiny Swampert.png Albino Swampert.png Melanistic Swampert.png
Mega Swampert Mega Swampert.png Shiny Mega Swampert.png Albino Mega Swampert.png Melanistic Mega Swampert.png
Lotad Lotad Egg.png Lotad.png Shiny Lotad.png Albino Lotad.png Melanistic Lotad.png
Lombre Lombre.png Shiny Lombre.png Albino Lombre.png Melanistic Lombre.png
Ludicolo Ludicolo.pngFemale Ludicolo.png Shiny Ludicolo.pngShiny Female Ludicolo.png Albino Ludicolo.pngAlbino Female Ludicolo.png Melanistic Ludicolo.pngMelanistic Female Ludicolo.png
Wingull Wingull Egg.png Wingull.png Shiny Wingull.png Albino Wingull.png Melanistic Wingull.png
Pelipper Pelipper.png Shiny Pelipper.png Albino Pelipper.png Melanistic Pelipper.png
Surskit Surskit Egg.png Surskit.png Shiny Surskit.png Albino Surskit.png Melanistic Surskit.png
Carvanha Carvanha Egg.png Carvanha.png Shiny Carvanha.png Albino Carvanha.png Melanistic Carvanha.png
Sharpedo Sharpedo.png Shiny Sharpedo.png Albino Sharpedo.png Melanistic Sharpedo.png
Mega_Sharpedo Mega Sharpedo.png Shiny Mega Sharpedo.png Albino Mega Sharpedo.png Melanistic Mega Sharpedo.png
Wailmer Wailmer Egg.png Wailmer.png Shiny Wailmer.png Albino Wailmer.png Melanistic Wailmer.png
Wailord Wailord.png Shiny Wailord.png Albino Wailord.png Melanistic Wailord.png
Mega Wailord Q Mega Wailord Q.png Shiny Mega Wailord Q.png Albino Mega Wailord Q.png Melanistic Mega Wailord Q.png
Mega Seviper Q Mega Seviper Q.png Shiny Mega Seviper Q.png Albino Mega Seviper Q.png Melanistic Mega Seviper Q.png
Barboach Barboach Egg.png Barboach.png Shiny Barboach.png Albino Barboach.png Melanistic Barboach.png
Whiscash Whiscash.png Shiny Whiscash.png Albino Whiscash.png Melanistic Whiscash.png
Totem Whiscash Q Totem Whiscash Q.png Shiny Totem Whiscash Q.png Albino Totem Whiscash Q.png Melanistic Totem Whiscash Q.png
Corphish Corphish Egg.png Corphish.png Shiny Corphish.png Albino Corphish.png Melanistic Corphish.png
Crawdaunt Crawdaunt.png Shiny Crawdaunt.png Albino Crawdaunt.png Melanistic Crawdaunt.png
Feebas Feebas Egg.png Feebas.png Shiny Feebas.png Albino Feebas.png Melanistic Feebas.png
Milotic Milotic.pngFemale Milotic.png Shiny Milotic.pngShiny Female Milotic.png Albino Milotic.pngAlbino Female Milotic.png Melanistic Milotic.pngMelanistic Female Milotic.png
Mega_Milotic_Q Mega Milotic Q.png Shiny Mega Milotic Q.png Albino Mega Milotic Q.png Melanistic Mega Milotic Q.png
Rainy Castform Rainy Castform.png Shiny Rainy Castform.png Albino Rainy Castform.png Melanistic Rainy Castform.png
Spheal Spheal Egg.png Spheal.png Shiny Spheal.png Albino Spheal.png Melanistic Spheal.png
Sealeo Sealeo.png Shiny Sealeo.png Albino Sealeo.png Melanistic Sealeo.png
Walrein Walrein.png Shiny Walrein.png Albino Walrein.png Melanistic Walrein.png
Totem Walrein Q Totem Walrein Q.png Shiny Totem Walrein Q.png Albino Totem Walrein Q.png Melanistic Totem Walrein Q.png
Clamperl Clamperl Egg.png Clamperl.png Shiny Clamperl.png Albino Clamperl.png Melanistic Clamperl.png
Huntail Huntail.png Shiny Huntail.png Albino Huntail.png Melanistic Huntail.png
Gorebyss Gorebyss.png Shiny Gorebyss.png Albino Gorebyss.png Melanistic Gorebyss.png
Relicanth Relicanth Egg.png Relicanth.pngFemale Relicanth.png Shiny Relicanth.pngShiny Female Relicanth.png Albino Relicanth.pngAlbino Female Relicanth.png Melanistic Relicanth.pngMelanistic Female Relicanth.png
Luvdisc Luvdisc Egg.png Luvdisc.png Shiny Luvdisc.png Albino Luvdisc.png Melanistic Luvdisc.png
Kyogre Kyogre Egg.png Kyogre.png Shiny Kyogre.png Albino Kyogre.png Melanistic Kyogre.png
Primal Kyogre Primal Kyogre.png Shiny Primal Kyogre.png Albino Primal Kyogre.png Melanistic Primal Kyogre.png


Pokémon Egg Normal Shiny Albino Melanistic
Piplup Piplup Egg.png Piplup.png Shiny Piplup.png Albino Piplup.png Melan Piplup.png
Prinplup Prinplup.png Shiny Prinplup.png Albino Prinplup.png Melan Prinplup.png
Empoleon Empoleon.png Shiny Empoleon.png Albino Empoleon.png Melan Empoleon.png
Bibarel Bibarel.pngFemale Bibarel.png Shiny Bibarel.pngShiny Female Bibarel.png Albino Bibarel.pngAlbino Female Bibarel.png Melan Bibarel.pngMelan Female Bibarel.png
Buizel Buizel Egg.png Buizel.png Shiny Buizel.png Albino Buizel.png Melan Buizel.png
Floatzel Floatzel.png Shiny Floatzel.png Albino Floatzel.png Melan Floatzel.png
Mega Floatzel Q Mega Floatzel Q.png Shiny Mega Floatzel Q.png Albino Mega Floatzel Q.png Melanistic Mega Floatzel Q.png
Occident Shellos Shellos Egg.png Occident Shellos.png Shiny Occident Shellos.png Albino Occident Shellos.png Melan Occident Shellos.png
Occident_Gastrodon Occident Gastrodon.png Shiny Occident Gastrodon.png Albino Occident Gastrodon.png Melan Occident Gastrodon.png
Orient Shellos Orient Shellos.png Shiny Orient Shellos.png Albino Orient Shellos.png Melan Orient Shellos.png
Orient_Gastrodon Orient Gastrodon.png Shiny Orient Gastrodon.png Albino Orient Gastrodon.png Melan Orient Gastrodon.png
Finneon Finneon Egg.png Finneon.pngFemale Finneon.png Shiny Finneon.pngShiny Female Finneon.png Albino Finneon.pngAlbino Female Finneon.png Melan Finneon.pngMelan Female Finneon.png
Lumineon Lumineon.pngFemale Lumineon.png Shiny Lumineon.pngShiny Female Lumineon.png Albino Lumineon.pngAlbino Female Lumineon.png Melan Lumineon.pngMelan Female Lumineon.png
Mega_Lumineon_Q Mega Lumineon Q.png Shiny Mega Lumineon Q.png Albino Mega Lumineon Q.png Melanistic Mega Lumineon Q.png
Mantyke Mantyke Egg.png Mantyke.png Shiny Mantyke.png Albino Mantyke.png Melan Mantyke.png
Mantine Mantine Egg.png Mantine.png Shiny Mantine.png Albino Mantine.png Melan Mantine.png
Wash Rotom Wash Rotom.png Shiny Wash Rotom.png Albino Wash Rotom.png Melan Wash Rotom.png
Palkia Palkia Egg.png Palkia.png Shiny Palkia.png Albino Palkia.png Melan Palkia.png
Primal Palkia Q Primal Palkia Q.png Shiny Primal Palkia Q.png Albino Primal Palkia Q.png Melanistic Primal Palkia Q.png
Origin Palkia Origin Palkia.png Shiny Origin Palkia.png Albino Origin Palkia.png Melan Origin Palkia.png
Phione Phione Egg.png Phione.png Shiny Phione.png Albino Phione.png Melan Phione.png
Manaphy Manaphy Egg.png Manaphy.png Shiny Manaphy.png Albino Manaphy.png Melan Manaphy.png
Mega Manaphy Q Mega Manaphy Q.png Shiny Mega Manaphy Q.png Albino Mega Manaphy Q.png Melanistic Mega Manaphy Q.png
Water Arceus Water Arceus.png Shiny Water Arceus.png Albino Water Arceus.png Melan Water Arceus.png


Pokémon Egg Normal Shiny Albino Melanistic
Oshawott Oshawott Egg.png Oshawott.png Shiny Oshawott.png Albino Oshawott.png Melan Oshawott.png
Dewott Dewott.png Shiny Dewott.png Albino Dewott.png Melan Dewott.png
Samurott Samurott.png Shiny Samurott.png Albino Samurott.png Melan Samurott.png
Hisuian Samurott Hisuian Samurott.png Shiny Hisuian Samurott.png Albino Hisuian Samurott.png Melan Hisuian Samurott.png
Panpour Panpour Egg.png Panpour.png Shiny Panpour.png Albino Panpour.png Melan Panpour.png
Simipour Simipour.png Shiny Simipour.png Albino Simipour.png Melan Simipour.png
Tympole Tympole Egg.png Tympole.png Shiny Tympole.png Albino Tympole.png Melan Tympole.png
Palpitoad Palpitoad.png Shiny Palpitoad.png Albino Palpitoad.png Melan Palpitoad.png
Seismitoad Seismitoad.png Shiny Seismitoad.png Albino Seismitoad.png Melan Seismitoad.png
Red Stripe Basculin Basculin Egg.png Red Stripe Basculin.png Shiny Red Stripe Basculin.png Albino Red Stripe Basculin.png Melan Red Stripe Basculin.png
Blue Stripe Basculin Blue Stripe Basculin.png Shiny Blue Stripe Basculin.png Albino Blue Stripe Basculin.png Melan Blue Stripe Basculin.png
White Stripe Basculin White Stripe Basculin Egg.png White Stripe Basculin.png Shiny White Stripe Basculin.png Albino White Stripe Basculin.png Melan White Stripe Basculin.png
Basculegion Basculegion.pngFemale Basculegion.png Shiny Basculegion.pngShiny Female Basculegion.png Albino Basculegion.pngAlbino Female Basculegion.png Melan Basculegion.pngMelan Female Basculegion.png
Tirtouga Tirtouga Egg.png Tirtouga.png Shiny Tirtouga.png Albino Tirtouga.png Melan Tirtouga.png
Carracosta Carracosta.png Shiny Carracosta.png Albino Carracosta.png Melan Carracosta.png
Ducklett Ducklett Egg.png Ducklett.png Shiny Ducklett.png Albino Ducklett.png Melan Ducklett.png
Swanna Swanna.png Shiny Swanna.png Albino Swanna.png Melan Swanna.png
Frillish Frillish Egg.png Frillish.pngFemale Frillish.png Shiny Frillish.pngShiny Female Frillish.png Albino Frillish.pngAlbino Female Frillish.png Melan Frillish.pngMelan Female Frillish.png
Jellicent Jellicent.pngFemale Jellicent.png Shiny Jellicent.pngShiny Female Jellicent.png Albino Jellicent.pngAlbino Female Jellicent.png Melan Jellicent.pngMelan Female Jellicent.png
Alomomola Alomomola Egg.png Alomomola.png Shiny Alomomola.png Albino Alomomola.png Melan Alomomola.png
Keldeo Keldeo Egg.png Keldeo.png Shiny Keldeo.png Albino Keldeo.png Melan Keldeo.png
Resolute Keldeo Resolute Keldeo.png Shiny Resolute Keldeo.png Albino Resolute Keldeo.png Melan Resolute Keldeo.png


Pokémon Egg Normal Shiny Albino Melanistic
Froakie Froakie Egg.png Froakie.png Shiny Froakie.png Albino Froakie.png Melan Froakie.png
Frogadier Frogadier.png Shiny Frogadier.png Albino Frogadier.png Melan Frogadier.png
Greninja Greninja.png Shiny Greninja.png Albino Greninja.png Melan Greninja.png
Binacle Binacle Egg.png Binacle.png Shiny Binacle.png Albino Binacle.png Melan Binacle.png
Barbaracle Barbaracle.png Shiny Barbaracle.png Albino Barbaracle.png Melan Barbaracle.png
Skrelp Skrelp Egg.png Skrelp.png Shiny Skrelp.png Albino Skrelp.png Melan Skrelp.png
Clauncher Clauncher Egg.png Clauncher.png Shiny Clauncher.png Albino Clauncher.png Melan Clauncher.png
Clawitzer Clawitzer.png Shiny Clawitzer.png Albino Clawitzer.png Melan Clawitzer.png
Volcanion Volcanion Egg.png Volcanion.png Shiny Volcanion.png Albino Volcanion.png Melan Volcanion.png


Pokémon Egg Normal Shiny Albino Melanistic
Popplio Popplio Egg.png Popplio.png Shiny Popplio.png Albino Popplio.png Melanistic Popplio.png
Brionne Brionne.png Shiny Brionne.png Albino Brionne.png Melanistic Brionne.png
Primarina Primarina.png Shiny Primarina.png Albino Primarina.png Melanistic Primarina.png
Wishiwashi Wishiwashi Egg.png Wishiwashi.png Shiny Wishiwashi.png Albino Wishiwashi.png Melanistic Wishiwashi.png
School Wishiwashi School Wishiwashi.png Shiny School Wishiwashi.png Albino School Wishiwashi.png Melanistic School Wishiwashi.png
Totem Wishiwashi Totem Wishiwashi.png Shiny Totem Wishiwashi.png Albino Totem Wishiwashi.png Melanistic Totem Wishiwashi.png
Mareanie Mareanie Egg.png Mareanie.png Shiny Mareanie.png Albino Mareanie.png Melanistic Mareanie.png
Toxapex Toxapex.png Shiny Toxapex.png Albino Toxapex.png Melanistic Toxapex.png
Dewpider Dewpider Egg.png Dewpider.png Shiny Dewpider.png Albino Dewpider.png Melanistic Dewpider.png
Araquanid Araquanid.png Shiny Araquanid.png Albino Araquanid.png Melanistic Araquanid.png
Totem Araquanid Totem Araquanid.png Shiny Totem Araquanid.png Albino Totem Araquanid.png Melanistic Totem Araquanid.png
Wimpod Wimpod Egg.png Wimpod.png Shiny Wimpod.png Albino Wimpod.png Melanistic Wimpod.png
Golisopod Golisopod.png Shiny Golisopod.png Albino Golisopod.png Melanistic Golisopod.png
Pyukumuku Pyukumuku Egg.png Pyukumuku.png Shiny Pyukumuku.png Albino Pyukumuku.png Melanistic Pyukumuku.png
Water Silvally Water Silvally.png Shiny Water Silvally.png Albino Water Silvally.png Melanistic Water Silvally.png
Bruxish Bruxish Egg.png Bruxish.png Shiny Bruxish.png Albino Bruxish.png Melanistic Bruxish.png
Tapu Fini Tapu Fini Egg.png Tapu Fini.png Shiny Tapu Fini.png Albino Tapu Fini.png Melanistic Tapu Fini.png


Pokémon Egg Normal Shiny Albino Melanistic
Sobble Sobble Egg.png Sobble.png Shiny Sobble.png Albino Sobble.png Melan Sobble.png
Drizzile Drizzile.png Shiny Drizzile.png Albino Drizzile.png Melan Drizzile.png
Inteleon Inteleon.png Shiny Inteleon.png Albino Inteleon.png Melan Inteleon.png
Chewtle Chewtle Egg.png Chewtle.png Shiny Chewtle.png Albino Chewtle.png Melan Chewtle.png
Drednaw Drednaw.png Shiny Drednaw.png Albino Drednaw.png Melan Drednaw.png
Cramorant Cramorant Egg.png Cramorant.png Shiny Cramorant.png Albino Cramorant.png Melan Cramorant.png
Cramorant (Gulping) Cramorant Gulping.png Shiny Cramorant Gulping.png Albino Cramorant Gulping.png Melan Cramorant Gulping.png
Cramorant (Gorging) Cramorant Gorging.png Shiny Cramorant Gorging.png Albino Cramorant Gorging.png Melan Cramorant Gorging.png
Arrokuda Arrokuda Egg.png Arrokuda.png Shiny Arrokuda.png Albino Arrokuda.png Melan Arrokuda.png
Barraskewda Barraskewda.png Shiny Barraskewda.png Albino Barraskewda.png Melan Barraskewda.png
Dracovish Dracovish Egg.png Dracovish.png Shiny Dracovish.png Albino Dracovish.png Melan Dracovish.png
Arctovish Arctovish Egg.png Arctovish.png Shiny Arctovish.png Albino Arctovish.png Melan Arctovish.png
Rapid Strike Urshifu Rapid Strike Urshifu.png Shiny Rapid Strike Urshifu.png Albino Rapid Strike Urshifu.png Melan Rapid Strike Urshifu.png


Pokémon Egg Normal Shiny Albino Melanistic
Quaxly Quaxly Egg.png Quaxly.png Shiny Quaxly.png Albino Quaxly.png Melanistic Quaxly.png
Quaxwell Quaxwell.png Shiny Quaxwell.png Albino Quaxwell.png Melanistic Quaxwell.png
Quaquaval Quaquaval.png Shiny Quaquaval.png Albino Quaquaval.png Melanistic Quaquaval.png


Pokémon Egg Normal Shiny Albino Melanistic
Blophin Blophin Egg.png Blophin.png Shiny Blophin.png Albino Blophin.png Melanistic Blophin.png
Inflale Inflale.png Shiny Inflale.png Albino Inflale.png Melanistic Inflale.png
Orkit Orkit Egg.png Orkit.png Shiny Orkit.png Albino Orkit.png Melanistic Orkit.png
Clawed Orkit Clawed Orkit.png Shiny Clawed Orkit.png Albino Clawed Orkit.png Melanistic Clawed Orkit.png
Orcalot Orcalot.png Shiny Orcalot.png Albino Orcalot.png Melanistic Orcalot.png
Searene Searene Egg.png Searene.png Shiny Searene.png Albino Searene.png Melanistic Searene.png
Hydrark Hydrark Egg.png Hydrark.png Shiny Hydrark.png Albino Hydrark.png Melanistic Hydrark.png
Hydrinus Hydrinus.png Shiny Hydrinus.png Albino Hydrinus.png Melanistic Hydrinus.png
Hydrinifor Hydrinifor.png Shiny Hydrinifor.png Albino Hydrinifor.png Melanistic Hydrinifor.png
Bezerell Bezerell Egg.png Bezerell.png Shiny Bezerell.png Albino Bezerell.png Melanistic Bezerell.png
Bezermuur Bezermuur.png Shiny Bezermuur.png Albino Bezermuur.png Melanistic Bezermuur.png
Bezermuut Bezermuut.png Shiny Bezermuut.png Albino Bezermuut.png Melanistic Bezermuut.png
Skeleco Skeleco Egg.png Skeleco.png Shiny Skeleco.png Albino Skeleco.png Melanistic Skeleco.png
Phantiidae Phantiidae.png Shiny Phantiidae.png Albino Phantiidae.png Melanistic Phantiidae.png
Kawotor Kawotor Egg.png Kawotor.png Shiny Kawotor.png Albino Kawotor.png Melanistic Kawotor.png
Lutriva Lutriva.png Shiny Lutriva.png Albino Lutriva.png Melanistic Lutriva.png
Selutian Selutian.png Shiny Selutian.png Albino Selutian.png Melanistic Selutian.png
Babaisy Babaisy Egg.png Babaisy.png Shiny Babaisy.png Albino Babaisy.png Melanistic Babaisy.png
Chamobelle (Foraged Forme) Chamobelle Foraged Forme.png Shiny Chamobelle Foraged Forme.png Albino Chamobelle Foraged Forme.png Melanistic Chamobelle Foraged Forme.png
Chamobelle (Elegant Forme) Chamobelle Elegant Forme.png Shiny Chamobelle Elegant Forme.png Albino Chamobelle Elegant Forme.png Melanistic Chamobelle Elegant Forme.png
Ryumen Ryumen Egg.png Ryumen.png Shiny Ryumen.png Albino Ryumen.png Melanistic Ryumen.png
Ryudon Ryudon.png Shiny Ryudon.png Albino Ryudon.png File:Melanistic Ryudon.png
Chark Chark Egg.png Chark.png Shiny Chark.png Albino Chark.png File:Melanistic Chark.png
Sharkoal Sharkoal.png Shiny Sharkoal.png Albino Sharkoal.png File:Melanistic Sharkoal.png
Dribbit Dribbit Egg.png Dribbit.png Shiny Dribbit.png Albino Dribbit.png Melanistic Dribbit.png
Frungus Frungus.png Shiny Frungus.png Albino Frungus.png Melanistic Frungus.png
Frogayaga Frogayaga.png Shiny Frogayaga.png Albino Frogayaga.png Melanistic Frogayaga.png


Pokémon Egg Normal Shiny Albino Melanistic
Surfing Raichu Surfing Raichu.pngFemale Surfing Raichu.png Shiny Surfing Raichu.pngShiny Female Surfing Raichu.png Albino Surfing Raichu.pngAlbino Female Surfing Raichu.png Melanistic Surfing Raichu.pngMelanistic Female Surfing Raichu.png
Blue Moon Slugma Blue Moon Slugma Egg.png Blue Moon Slugma.png Shiny Blue Moon Slugma.png Albino Blue Moon Slugma.png Melanistic Blue Moon Slugma.png
Blue Moon Magcargo Blue Moon Magcargo.png Shiny Blue Moon Magcargo.png Albino Blue Moon Magcargo.png Melanistic Blue Moon Magcargo.png
Shinxel Shinxel Egg.png Shinxel.pngFemale Shinxel.png Shiny Shinxel.pngShiny Female Shinxel.png Albino Shinxel.pngAlbino Female Shinxel.png Melanistic Shinxel.pngMelanistic Female Shinxel.png
Fluxio Fluxio.pngFemale Fluxio.png Shiny Fluxio.pngShiny Female Fluxio.png Albino Fluxio.pngAlbino Female Fluxio.png Melanistic Fluxio.pngMelanistic Female Fluxio.png
Fluxray Fluxray.pngFemale Fluxray.png Shiny Fluxray.pngShiny Female Fluxray.png Albino Fluxray.pngAlbino Female Fluxray.png Melanistic Fluxray.pngMelanistic Female Fluxray.png
Mega Fluxray Q Mega Fluxray Q.png Shiny Mega Fluxray Q.png Albino Mega Fluxray Q.png Melanistic Mega Fluxray Q.png