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Note: This is a sandbox belonging to User:KingVesper, and is not an officially recognized Wiki Page.

Policy Listings

This is currently a developmental project focusing on creating a formal guide to the wiki, through the use of Policy pages. This is currently just a listing of which Policy pages would contain what information, and how that information would be presented. The order in which this information is presented can be debated and changed, as nothing has been finalized and is open for discussion.

Each Policy page should have a brief introduction including the importance of the policy, and a basic summary of its content.


  1. Copyrights
    • Importance of image copyrights
    • "PFQ-approved" material only (no outside images/sources)
  2. Image Naming Policies:
    • How to name images
  3. Uploading Policies:
    • preferred image formats (png, gif, jpeg?)
    • image resolution/image enhancing
    • guide to uploading
    • updating old image files
  4. Screencap Policies:
    • Using Default Site Skin
    • Deciding which pages need screencaps
    • Categorizing/Using Screencaps (if needed)
  5. Image Use/Page Formats:
    • When/How to use images on Wiki pages
    • Image Styles: max/min sizes, first image on left/right side, use of captions


  1. Types of Templates
    • categorizational templates
    • styling/formatting templates
    • special/other templates
  2. Using Template
    • how to use a template
  3. Creating new Templates
    • finding a purpose
    • guide to creating templates
    • what a template page should look like
    • categorising a template
  4. Changing/Editing a Template
    • when/how changes should be done
    • warnings and consequences

Policy:Manual of Style

Note: This name can also be named: "Policy:Style" or "Policy:Page Formatting".
  1. Language & Grammar (can be broken down)
    • Basic explanation of british language, grammar, and punctuation
    • Pokémon/PFQ related grammar
  2. Writing Style
    • encyclopedia-style of writing
    • word usage, e.g.: you, your, we, etc.
  3. Page Names, Titles, and Sections
    • Naming rules/guide
    • no links/bold/italic in titles or section names
  4. Links, External & Internal
    • internal link use/format
    • Styling/use of external links
    • Wikipedia Links
  5. Refernces
    • how/when to use references
    • reference styling/formats
  6. Basic Formatting
    • when/how to use bold,italics,underline, etc.
    • using/taking quotes from PFQ
  7. Spoilers
    • what spoilers are
    • incorporating spoiler tags into pages
    • spoiler tag spam


  1. Category Types
    • kinds/uses of categories
    • subcategories vs. parent categories
    • image, pages, template categories
  2. Criteria/Formats
    • use, formats, and criteria for categories
    • limitations to categories
    • over categorisation
  3. Creating/Editing Categories
    • when/how new categories should be name
    • editing categories/files inside them
    • guide to creating/editing categories
  4. Category Listing (?)
    • listing of all approved categories

Policy:Wiki Pages

Note: I couldn't figure out what to name this policy, so chose a simple name.
  1. Types of Pages
    • breakdown of the types/uses of pages
    • what are: image, category, image, talk, policy, etc. pages?
    • what belongs inside each page type
    • how to use certain pages, e.g. talk pages
  2. Creating New Pages
    • how to create a new page (guide and criteria)
  3. Deleting/Moving Pages
    • figuring out which pages need to be deleted/moved/protected
    • differences between moving & deleting pages
    • reasons to protect a page
  4. Restrcutruing/Editing Pages
    • figuring out which pages need heavy editing
    • how to actually edit a page (basic guide)
    • using edit summaries