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Template Documentation

This documentation contains information on the template, including but not limited to, the usage, examples, and restrictions.


The PkmnInfo template is used in the "Pokédex Info" section of a Pokémon/evolutionary family's Wiki page. A separate template must be filled out for each member of the evolutionary family.

Additionally, if the Wiki page in question includes a basic form that hatches from an Egg, an appropriately-filled EggInfo template should precede the first PkmnInfo template.

An understanding of the following template(s) are required to use the PkmnInfo template:


Note: The template does not display properly with undefined variables. As such, the example displayed has been filled with Orkit's information.
Clawed Orkit
Clawed Orkit
Shiny Clawed Orkit
Albino Clawed Orkit
Melanistic Clawed Orkit



The following parameters must be defined at all times. Failure to do so will result in the template displaying improperly.


This value is the bare minimum required for {{PkmnInfoForme}} to function properly. This should be the name of the Pokémon forme in question. In some cases defining filename may be necessary for the Pokémon's image to display.
  • Example: pkmnName = Oricorio (Pointe Style)

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