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You may want to include screenshots of the codes that can't be previewed directly here. Also, expand a bit on how some "title-like" parameters (tooltip, a-section/hide/quote/display titles) can accept a quoted string, which allows nested BBCode that would normally cause problems. --Niet the Dark Absol (talk) 14:02, 1 July 2014 (BST)

This was just a basic outline, I'll go around and collect some screenshots now. I'm contemplating adding that note at the bottom of the page as it is on the Help page in PFQ. -Lugia101101 (talk)
I added a little section down the bottom addressing the quotations in parameters. -Lugia101101 (talk)

For bookmarking or other purposes, a mention of the BBCode Guide might also prove useful. -- Eltafez (talk)

I have also mentioned the post in the topic paragraph. -Lugia101101 (talk)