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The following table lists all Eggs, Normal, Shiny, Albino, and Melanistic of the Rock Type. An overview can be found on the List of Pokémon Types.


Pokémon Egg Normal Shiny Albino Melanistic
Hisuian Growlithe Hisuian Growlithe Egg.png Hisuian Growlithe.png Shiny Hisuian Growlithe.png Albino Hisuian Growlithe.png Melanistic Hisuian Growlithe.png
Hisuian Arcanine Hisuian Arcanine.png Shiny Hisuian Arcanine.png Albino Hisuian Arcanine.png Melanistic Hisuian Arcanine.png
Geodude Geodude Egg.png Geodude.png Shiny Geodude.png Albino Geodude.png Melanistic Geodude.png
Graveler Graveler.png Shiny Graveler.png Albino Graveler.png Melanistic Graveler.png
Golem Golem.png Shiny Golem.png Albino Golem.png Melanistic Golem.png
Alolan Geodude Alolan Geodude Egg.png Alolan Geodude.png Shiny Alolan Geodude.png Albino Alolan Geodude.png Melanistic Alolan Geodude.png
Alolan Graveler Alolan Graveler.png Shiny Alolan Graveler.png Albino Alolan Graveler.png Melanistic Alolan Graveler.png
Alolan Golem Alolan Golem.png Shiny Alolan Golem.png Albino Alolan Golem.png Melanistic Alolan Golem.png
Onix Onix Egg.png Onix.png Shiny Onix.png Albino Onix.png Melanistic Onix.png
Rhyhorn Rhyhorn Egg.png Rhyhorn.pngFemale Rhyhorn.png Shiny Rhyhorn.pngShiny Female Rhyhorn.png Albino Rhyhorn.pngAlbino Female Rhyhorn.png Melanistic Rhyhorn.pngMelanistic Female Rhyhorn.png
Rhydon Rhydon.pngFemale Rhydon.png Shiny Rhydon.pngShiny Female Rhydon.png Albino Rhydon.pngAlbino Female Rhydon.png Melanistic Rhydon.pngMelanistic Female Rhydon.png
Rhyperior Rhyperior.pngFemale Rhyperior.png Shiny Rhyperior.pngShiny Female Rhyperior.png Albino Rhyperior.pngAlbino Female Rhyperior.png Melanistic Rhyperior.pngMelanistic Female Rhyperior.png
Omanyte Omanyte Egg.png Omanyte.png Shiny Omanyte.png Albino Omanyte.png Melanistic Omanyte.png
Omastar Omastar.png Shiny Omastar.png Albino Omastar.png Melanistic Omastar.png
Kabuto Kabuto Egg.png Kabuto.png Shiny Kabuto.png Albino Kabuto.png Melanistic Kabuto.png
Kabutops Kabutops.png Shiny Kabutops.png Albino Kabutops.png Melanistic Kabutops.png
Aerodactyl Aerodactyl.png Shiny Aerodactyl.png Albino Aerodactyl.png Melanistic Aerodactyl.png
Mega Aerodactyl Mega Aerodactyl.png Shiny Mega Aerodactyl.png Albino Mega Aerodactyl.png Melanistic Mega Aerodactyl.png


Pokémon Egg Normal Shiny Albino Melanistic
Bonsly Bonsly Egg.png Bonsly.png Shiny Bonsly.png Albino Bonsly.png Melanistic Bonsly.png
Sudowoodo Sudowoodo.pngFemale Sudowoodo.png Shiny Sudowoodo.pngShiny Female Sudowoodo.png Albino Sudowoodo.pngAlbino Female Sudowoodo.png Melanistic Sudowoodo.pngMelanistic Female Sudowoodo.png
Totem Sudowoodo Q Totem Sudowoodo Q.pngFemale Totem Sudowoodo Q.png Shiny Totem Sudowoodo Q.pngShiny Female Totem Sudowoodo Q.png Albino Totem Sudowoodo Q.pngAlbino Female Totem Sudowoodo Q.png Melanistic Totem Sudowoodo Q.pngMelanistic Female Totem Sudowoodo Q.png
Shuckle Shuckle Egg.png Shuckle.png Shiny Shuckle.png Albino Shuckle.png Melanistic Shuckle.png
Magcargo Magcargo.png Shiny Magcargo.png Albino Magcargo.png Melanistic Magcargo.png
Corsola Corsola Egg.png Corsola.png Shiny Corsola.png Albino Corsola.png Melanistic Corsola.png
Larvitar Larvitar Egg.png Larvitar.png Shiny Larvitar.png Albino Larvitar.png Melanistic Larvitar.png
Pupitar Pupitar.png Shiny Pupitar.png Albino Pupitar.png Melanistic Pupitar.png
Tyranitar Tyranitar.png Shiny Tyranitar.png Albino Tyranitar.png Melanistic Tyranitar.png
Mega Tyranitar Mega Tyranitar.png Shiny Mega Tyranitar.png Albino Mega Tyranitar.png Melanistic Mega Tyranitar.png


Pokémon Egg Normal Shiny Albino Melanistic
Nosepass Nosepass Egg.png Nosepass.png Shiny Nosepass.png Albino Nosepass.png Melanistic Nosepass.png
Probopass Probopass.png Shiny Probopass.png Albino Probopass.png Melanistic Probopass.png
Aron Aron Egg.png Aron.png Shiny Aron.png Albino Aron.png Melanistic Aron.png
Lairon Lairon.png Shiny Lairon.png Albino Lairon.png Melanistic Lairon.png
Aggron Aggron.png Shiny Aggron.png Albino Aggron.png Melanistic Aggron.png
Lunatone Lunatone Egg.png Lunatone.png Shiny Lunatone.png Albino Lunatone.png Melanistic Lunatone.png
Solrock Solrock Egg.png Solrock.png Shiny Solrock.png Albino Solrock.png Melanistic Solrock.png
Lileep Lileep Egg.png Lileep.png Shiny Lileep.png Albino Lileep.png Melanistic Lileep.png
Cradily Cradily.png Shiny Cradily.png Albino Cradily.png Melanistic Cradily.png
Anorith Anorith Egg.png Anorith.png Shiny Anorith.png Albino Anorith.png Melanistic Anorith.png
Armaldo Armaldo.png Shiny Armaldo.png Albino Armaldo.png Melanistic Armaldo.png
Relicanth Relicanth Egg.png Relicanth.pngFemale Relicanth.png Shiny Relicanth.pngShiny Female Relicanth.png Albino Relicanth.pngAlbino Female Relicanth.png Melanistic Relicanth.pngMelanistic Female Relicanth.png
Regirock Regirock Egg.png Regirock.png Shiny Regirock.png Albino Regirock.png Melanistic Regirock.png


Pokémon Egg Normal Shiny Albino Melanistic
Cranidos Cranidos Egg.png Cranidos.png Shiny Cranidos.png Albino Cranidos.png Melan Cranidos.png
Rampardos Rampardos.png Shiny Rampardos.png Albino Rampardos.png Melan Rampardos.png
Rock Arceus Rock Arceus.png Shiny Rock Arceus.png Albino Rock Arceus.png Melan Rock Arceus.png
Kleavor Kleavor.png Shiny Kleavor.png Albino Kleavor.png Melan Kleavor.png


Pokémon Egg Normal Shiny Albino Melanistic
Roggenrola Roggenrola Egg.png Roggenrola.png Shiny Roggenrola.png Albino Roggenrola.png Melan Roggenrola.png
Boldore Boldore.png Shiny Boldore.png Albino Boldore.png Melan Boldore.png
Gigalith Gigalith.png Shiny Gigalith.png Albino Gigalith.png Melan Gigalith.png
Dwebble Dwebble Egg.png Dwebble.png Shiny Dwebble.png Albino Dwebble.png Melan Dwebble.png
Crustle Crustle.png Shiny Crustle.png Albino Crustle.png Melan Crustle.png
Tirtouga Tirtouga Egg.png Tirtouga.png Shiny Tirtouga.png Albino Tirtouga.png Melan Tirtouga.png
Carracosta Carracosta.png Shiny Carracosta.png Albino Carracosta.png Melan Carracosta.png
Archen Archen Egg.png Archen.png Shiny Archen.png Albino Archen.png Melan Archen.png
Archeops Archeops.png Shiny Archeops.png Albino Archeops.png Melan Archeops.png
Mega Druddigon Q Mega Druddigon Q.png Shiny Mega Druddigon Q.png Albino Mega Druddigon Q.png Melanistic Mega Druddigon Q.png
Terrakion Terrakion Egg.png Terrakion.png Shiny Terrakion.png Albino Terrakion.png Melan Terrakion.png


Pokémon Egg Normal Shiny Albino Melanistic
Binacle Binacle Egg.png Binacle.png Shiny Binacle.png Albino Binacle.png Melan Binacle.png
Barbaracle Barbaracle.png Shiny Barbaracle.png Albino Barbaracle.png Melan Barbaracle.png
Tyrunt Tyrunt Egg.png Tyrunt.png Shiny Tyrunt.png Albino Tyrunt.png Melan Tyrunt.png
Tyrantrum Tyrantrum.png Shiny Tyrantrum.png Albino Tyrantrum.png Melan Tyrantrum.png
Amaura Amaura Egg.png Amaura.png Shiny Amaura.png Albino Amaura.png Melan Amaura.png
Aurorus Aurorus.png Shiny Aurorus.png Albino Aurorus.png Melan Aurorus.png
Carbink Carbink Egg.png Carbink.png Shiny Carbink.png Albino Carbink.png Melan Carbink.png
Hisuian Avalugg Hisuian Avalugg.png Shiny Hisuian Avalugg.png Albino Hisuian Avalugg.png Melan Hisuian Avalugg.png
Diancie Diancie Egg.png Diancie.png Shiny Diancie.png Albino Diancie.png Melan Diancie.png
Mega Diancie Mega Diancie.png Shiny Mega Diancie.png Albino Mega Diancie.png Melan Mega Diancie.png


Pokémon Egg Normal Shiny Albino Melanistic
Rockruff Rockruff Egg.png Rockruff.png Shiny Rockruff.png Albino Rockruff.png Melanistic Rockruff.png
Midday Lycanroc Midday Lycanroc.png Shiny Midday Lycanroc.png Albino Midday Lycanroc.png Melanistic Midday Lycanroc.png
Midnight Lycanroc Midnight Lycanroc.png Shiny Midnight Lycanroc.png Albino Midnight Lycanroc.png Melanistic Midnight Lycanroc.png
Dusk Lycanroc Dusk Lycanroc.png Shiny Dusk Lycanroc.png Albino Dusk Lycanroc.png Melanistic Dusk Lycanroc.png
Rock Silvally Rock Silvally.png Shiny Rock Silvally.png Albino Rock Silvally.png Melanistic Rock Silvally.png
Minior Minior Egg.png Minior.png Shiny Minior.png Albino Minior.png Melanistic Minior.png
Exposed Minior Red Core Minior.png Shiny Red Exposed Minior.png Albino Red Exposed Minior.png Melanistic Red Exposed Minior.png
Nihilego Nihilego Egg.png Nihilego.png Shiny Nihilego.png Albino Nihilego.png Melanistic Nihilego.png
Stakataka Stakataka Egg.png Stakataka.png Shiny Stakataka.png Albino Stakataka.png Melanistic Stakataka.png


Pokémon Egg Normal Shiny Albino Melanistic
Drednaw Drednaw.png Shiny Drednaw.png Albino Drednaw.png Melan Drednaw.png
Rolycoly Rolycoly Egg.png Rolycoly.png Shiny Rolycoly.png Albino Rolycoly.png Melan Rolycoly.png
Carkol Carkol.png Shiny Carkol.png Albino Carkol.png Melan Carkol.png
Coalossal Coalossal.png Shiny Coalossal.png Albino Coalossal.png Melan Coalossal.png
Stonjourner Stonjourner Egg.png Stonjourner.png Shiny Stonjourner.png Albino Stonjourner.png Melan Stonjourner.png


Pokémon Egg Normal Shiny Albino Melanistic
Boxaby Boxaby Egg.png Boxaby.png Shiny Boxaby.png Albino Boxaby.png Melanistic Boxaby.png
Kangspar Kangspar.png Shiny Kangspar.png Albino Kangspar.png Melanistic Kangspar.png
Mega Kangspar Q Mega Kangspar Q.png Shiny Mega Kangspar Q.png Albino Mega Kangspar Q.png Melanistic Mega Kangspar Q.png
Pixrine Pixrine Egg.png Pixrine.png Shiny Pixrine.png Albino Pixrine.png Melanistic Pixrine.png
Kryptik Kryptik Egg.png Kryptik.png Shiny Kryptik.png Albino Kryptik.png Melanistic Kryptik.png
Petripeep Petripeep Egg.png Petripeep.png Shiny Petripeep.png Albino Petripeep.png Melanistic Petripeep.png
Chirock Chirock.png Shiny Chirock.png Albino Chirock.png Melanistic Chirock.png
Toxitrice Toxitrice.png Shiny Toxitrice.png Albino Toxitrice.png Melanistic Toxitrice.png
Serpetone Serpetone.png Shiny Serpetone.png Albino Serpetone.png Melanistic Serpetone.png
Toxilisk Toxilisk.png Shiny Toxilisk.png Albino Toxilisk.png Melanistic Toxilisk.png
Alicalf Alicalf Egg.png Alicalf.pngFemale Alicalf.png Shiny Alicalf.pngShiny Female Alicalf.png Albino Alicalf.pngAlbino Female Alicalf.png Melanistic Alicalf.pngMelanistic Female Alicalf.png
Cetacorn Cetacorn.pngFemale Cetacorn.png Shiny Cetacorn.pngShiny Female Cetacorn.png Albino Cetacorn.pngAlbino Female Cetacorn.png Melanistic Cetacorn.pngMelanistic Female Cetacorn.png
Astrolochi Astrolochi.png Shiny Astrolochi.png Albino Astrolochi.png Melanistic Astrolochi.png
Hycano Hycano.png Shiny Hycano.png Albino Hycano.png Melanistic Hycano.png


Pokémon Egg Normal Shiny Albino Melanistic
Blue Moon Magcargo Blue Moon Magcargo.png Shiny Blue Moon Magcargo.png Albino Blue Moon Magcargo.png Melanistic Blue Moon Magcargo.png
Igneous Bibarel Igneous Bibarel.png Shiny Igneous Bibarel.png Albino Igneous Bibarel.png Melanistic Igneous Bibarel.png
Apocalyptic Golett Apocalyptic Golett Egg.png Apocalyptic Golett.png Shiny Apocalyptic Golett.png Albino Apocalyptic Golett.png Melanistic Apocalyptic Golett.png
Apocalyptic Golurk Apocalyptic Golurk.png Shiny Apocalyptic Golurk.png Albino Apocalyptic Golurk.png Melanistic Apocalyptic Golurk.png