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This is the Masterlist for all of the Unova Pokémon [[BBCode|BBCodes] for Pokémon that are on-site. The large masterlist, the PKMN BBCodes archived here by Cyndalavosion and Amanome, is here for users to expand on as more Pokémon are added to the site for easy reference.

 Some minisprites have not been made due to the large recolour projects being done region by region.
  • -(F) - Female Sprite Option
    • -Some gender differences may not be shown in the sprites due to their small size.
  • -To get a Shiny, Albino, or Melanistic minisprite, use (S), (A), or (M) where intended, ex. [pkmn=Bulbasaur(M)].
    • -If the sprite is a female, use the (F) code first, ex. [pkmn=Venusaur(F)(M)].
  • -[pkmn=Missing Number/] =


#494 Victini to #524 Roggenrola
#525 Boldore to #549 Lilligant
#550 Basculin to #574 Gothita
#575 Gothorita to #599 Klink
#600 Klang to #624 Pawniard
#625 Bisharp to #649 Genesect

Unova Pokémon IMG codes can be found in the List of Pokémon/Unova.

Pokémon BBCode Mini Sprite
Victini [pkmn=Victini]
Snivy [pkmn=Snivy]
Servine [pkmn=Servine]
Serperior [pkmn=Serperior]
Tepig [pkmn=Tepig]
Pignite [pkmn=Pignite]
Emboar [pkmn=Emboar]
Oshawott [pkmn=Oshawott]
Dewott [pkmn=Dewott]
Samurott [pkmn=Samurott]
Hisuian Samurott [pkmn=Samurott/Hisuian Forme]
Patrat [pkmn=Patrat]
Watchog [pkmn=Watchog]
Lillipup [pkmn=Lillipup]
Herdier [pkmn=Herdier]
Stoutland [pkmn=Stoutland]
Purrloin [pkmn=Purrloin]
Liepard [pkmn=Liepard]
Pansage [pkmn=Pansage]
Simisage [pkmn=Simisage]
Pansear [pkmn=Pansear]
Simisear [pkmn=Simisear]
Panpour [pkmn=Panpour]
Simipour [pkmn=Simipour]
Munna [pkmn=Munna]
Musharna [pkmn=Musharna]
Pidove [pkmn=Pidove]
Tranquill [pkmn=Tranquill]
Unfezant [pkmn=Unfezant] Female[pkmn=Unfezant(F)]
Blitzle [pkmn=Blitzle]
Zebstrika [pkmn=Zebstrika]
Roggenrola [pkmn=Roggenrola]
Pokémon BBCode Mini Sprite
Boldore [pkmn=Boldore]
Gigalith [pkmn=Gigalith]
Woobat [pkmn=Woobat]
Swoobat [pkmn=Swoobat]
Drilbur [pkmn=Drilbur]
Excadrill [pkmn=Excadrill]
Audino [pkmn=Audino]
Mega Audino [pkmn=Audino/Mega Forme]
Timburr [pkmn=Timburr]
Gurdurr [pkmn=Gurdurr]
Conkeldurr [pkmn=Conkeldurr]
Tympole [pkmn=Tympole]
Palpitoad [pkmn=Palpitoad]
Seismitoad [pkmn=Seismitoad]
Throh [pkmn=Throh]
Sawk [pkmn=Sawk]
Sewaddle [pkmn=Sewaddle]
Swadloon [pkmn=Swadloon]
Leavanny [pkmn=Leavanny]
Venipede [pkmn=Venipede]
Whirlipede [pkmn=Whirlipede]
Scolipede [pkmn=Scolipede]
Cottonee [pkmn=Cottonee]
Whimsicott [pkmn=Whimsicott]
Petilil [pkmn=Petilil]
Lilligant [pkmn=Lilligant]
Hisuian Lilligant [pkmn=Lilligant/Hisuian Forme]
Pokémon BBCode Mini Sprite
Red Stripe Basculin [pkmn=Basculin/Red Stripe]
Blue Stripe Basculin [pkmn=Basculin/Blue Stripe]
White Stripe Basculin [pkmn=Basculin/White Stripe]
Sandile [pkmn=Sandile]
Krokorok [pkmn=Krokorok]
Krookodile [pkmn=Krookodile]
Darumaka [pkmn=Darumaka]
Galarian Darumaka [pkmn=Darumaka/Galarian Forme]
Darmanitan [pkmn=Darmanitan]
Galarian Darmanitan [pkmn=Darmanitan/Galarian Forme]
Zen Darmanitan [pkmn=Darmanitan/Zen Mode]
Galarian Zen Darmanitan [pkmn=Darmanitan/Galarian Zen Mode]
Maractus [pkmn=Maractus]
Dwebble [pkmn=Dwebble]
Crustle [pkmn=Crustle]
Scraggy [pkmn=Scraggy]
Scrafty [pkmn=Scrafty]
Sigilyph [pkmn=Sigilyph]
Yamask [pkmn=Yamask]
Galarian Yamask [pkmn=Yamask/Galarian Forme]
Cofagrigus [pkmn=Cofagrigus]
Tirtouga [pkmn=Tirtouga]
Carracosta [pkmn=Carracosta]
Archen [pkmn=Archen]
Archeops [pkmn=Archeops]
Trubbish [pkmn=Trubbish]
Garbodor [pkmn=Garbodor]
Zorua [pkmn=Zorua]
Hisuian Zorua [pkmn=Zorua/Hisuian Forme]
Zoroark [pkmn=Zoroark]
Hisuian Zoroark [pkmn=Zoroark/Hisuian Forme]
Minccino [pkmn=Minccino]
Cinccino [pkmn=Cinccino]
Gothita [pkmn=Gothita]
Pokémon BBCode Mini Sprite
Gothorita [pkmn=Gothorita]
Gothitelle [pkmn=Gothitelle]
Solosis [pkmn=Solosis]
Duosion [pkmn=Duosion]
Reuniclus [pkmn=Reuniclus]
Ducklett [pkmn=Ducklett]
Swanna [pkmn=Swanna]
Vanillite [pkmn=Vanillite]
Vanillish [pkmn=Vanillish]
Vanilluxe [pkmn=Vanilluxe]
Spring Deerling [pkmn=Deerling/Spring forme]
Summer Deerling [pkmn=Deerling/summer forme]
Autumn Deerling [pkmn=Deerling/autumn forme]
Winter Deerling [pkmn=Deerling/winter forme]
Spring Sawsbuck [pkmn=Sawsbuck/Spring forme]
Summer Sawsbuck [pkmn=Sawsbuck/summer forme]
Autumn Sawsbuck [pkmn=Sawsbuck/autumn forme]
Winter Sawsbuck [pkmn=Sawsbuck/winter forme]
Emolga [pkmn=Emolga]
Karrablast [pkmn=Karrablast]
Escavalier [pkmn=Escavalier]
Foongus [pkmn=Foongus]
Amoonguss [pkmn=Amoonguss]
Brute Bonnet [pkmn=Brute Bonnet/]
Frillish [pkmn=Frillish] Female[pkmn=Frillish(F)]
Jellicent [pkmn=Jellicent] Female[pkmn=Jellicent(F)]
Alomomola [pkmn=Alomomola]
Joltik [pkmn=Joltik]
Galvantula [pkmn=Galvantula]
Ferroseed [pkmn=Ferroseed]
Ferrothorn [pkmn=Ferrothorn]
Klink [pkmn=Klink]
Pokémon BBCode Mini Sprite
Klang [pkmn=Klang]
Klinklang [pkmn=Klinklang]
Tynamo [pkmn=Tynamo]
Eelektrik [pkmn=Eelektrik]
Eelektross [pkmn=Eelektross]
Elgyem [pkmn=Elgyem]
Beheeyem [pkmn=Beheeyem]
Litwick [pkmn=Litwick]
Lampent [pkmn=Lampent]
Chandelure [pkmn=Chandelure]
Axew [pkmn=Axew]
Fraxure [pkmn=Fraxure]
Haxorus [pkmn=Haxorus]
Cubchoo [pkmn=Cubchoo]
Beartic [pkmn=Beartic]
Cryogonal [pkmn=Cryogonal]
Shelmet [pkmn=Shelmet]
Accelgor [pkmn=Accelgor]
Stunfisk [pkmn=Stunfisk]
Galarian Stunfisk [pkmn=Stunfisk/Galarian Forme]
Mienfoo [pkmn=Mienfoo]
Mienshao [pkmn=Mienshao]
Druddigon [pkmn=Druddigon]
Golett [pkmn=Golett]
Golurk [pkmn=Golurk]
Pawniard [pkmn=Pawniard]
Pokémon BBCode Mini Sprite
Bisharp [pkmn=Bisharp]
Bouffalant [pkmn=Bouffalant]
Rufflet [pkmn=Rufflet]
Braviary [pkmn=Braviary]
Hisuian Braviary [pkmn=Braviary/Hisuian Forme]
Vullaby [pkmn=Vullaby]
Mandibuzz [pkmn=Mandibuzz]
Heatmor [pkmn=Heatmor]
Durant [pkmn=Durant]
Deino [pkmn=Deino]
Zweilous [pkmn=Zweilous]
Hydreigon [pkmn=Hydreigon]
Larvesta [pkmn=Larvesta]
Volcarona [pkmn=Volcarona]
Slither Wing [pkmn=Slither Wing/]
Cobalion [pkmn=Cobalion]
Terrakion [pkmn=Terrakion]
Virizion [pkmn=Virizion]
Tornadus [pkmn=Tornadus]
Therian Tornadus [pkmn=Tornadus/Therian Forme]
Thundurus [pkmn=Thundurus]
Therian Thundurus [pkmn=Thundurus/Therian Forme]
Reshiram [pkmn=Reshiram]
Zekrom [pkmn=Zekrom]
Landorus [pkmn=Landorus]
Therian Landorus [pkmn=Landorus/Therian Forme]
Kyurem [pkmn=Kyurem]
Black Kyurem [pkmn=Kyurem/Zekrom Forme]
White Kyurem [pkmn=Kyurem/Reshiram Forme]
Keldeo [pkmn=Keldeo]
Resolute Keldeo [pkmn=Keldeo/Resolute Forme]
Meloetta [pkmn=Meloetta]
Pirouette Meloetta [pkmn=Meloetta/Pirouette Forme]
Genesect [pkmn=Genesect]
Douse Drive Genesect [pkmn=Genesect/Douse Drive]
Burn Drive Genesect [pkmn=Genesect/Burn Drive]
Chill Drive Genesect [pkmn=Genesect/Chill Drive]
Shock Drive Genesect [pkmn=Genesect/Shock Drive]