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This is the Masterlist for all of the Paldea Pokémon BBCodes that are on-site. The large masterlist, the PKMN BBCodes archived here by the community, is here for users to expand on as more Pokémon are added to the site for easy reference. The rest of the codes, such as IMG and Egg codes are brought here by contributors.

  • -(F) - Female Sprite Option
    • -Some gender differences may not be shown in the sprites due to their small size.
  • -To get a Shiny, Albino, or Melanistic minisprite, use (S), (A), or (M) where intended, ex. [pkmn=Bulbasaur(M)].
    • -If the sprite is a female, use the (F) code first, ex. [pkmn=Venusaur(F)(M)].
  • -[pkmn=Missing Number/] =


#905 Sprigatito to #929 Arboliva
#930 Squawkabilly to #951 Scovillain
#952 Rellor to #971 Houndstone
#972 Flamigo to #1000 Archaludon
#986 Gimmighoul Chest

Paldea Pokémon IMG codes can be found in the List of Pokémon/Paldea.

Pokémon BBCode Mini Sprite
Sprigatito [pkmn=Sprigatito]
Floragato [pkmn=Floragato]
Meowscarada [pkmn=Meowscarada]
Fuecoco [pkmn=Fuecoco]
Crocalor [pkmn=Crocalor]
Skeledirge [pkmn=Skeledirge]
Quaxly [pkmn=Quaxly]
Quaxwell [pkmn=Quaxwell]
Quaquaval [pkmn=Quaquaval]
Lechonk [pkmn=Lechonk]
Oinkologne [pkmn=Oinkologne] Female [pkmn=Oinkologne(F)]
Tarountula [pkmn=Tarountula]
Spidops [pkmn=Spidops]
Nymble [pkmn=Nymble]
Lokix [pkmn=Lokix]
Pawmi [pkmn=Pawmi]
Pawmo [pkmn=Pawmo]
Pawmot [pkmn=Pawmot]
Tandemaus [pkmn=Tandemaus]
Maushold [pkmn=Maushold/family of three] Family of four [pkmn=Maushold] Family of four
Fidough [pkmn=Fidough]
Dachsbun [pkmn=Dachsbun]
Smoliv [pkmn=Smoliv]
Dolliv [pkmn=Dolliv]
Arboliva [pkmn=Arboliva]
Pokémon BBCode Mini Sprite
Squawkabilly (Green) [pkmn=Squawkabilly]
Squawkabilly (Blue) [pkmn=Squawkabilly/Blue plumage]
Squawkabilly (White) [pkmn=Squawkabilly/White plumage]
Squawkabilly (Yellow) [pkmn=Squawkabilly/Yellow plumage]
Nacli [pkmn=Nacli]
Naclstack [pkmn=Naclstack]
Garganacl [pkmn=Garganacl]
Charcadet [pkmn=Charcadet]
Armarouge [pkmn=Armarouge]
Ceruledge [pkmn=Ceruledge]
Tadbulb [pkmn=Tadbulb]
Bellibolt [pkmn=Bellibolt]
Wattrel [pkmn=Wattrel]
Kilowattrel [pkmn=Kilowattrel]
Maschiff [pkmn=Maschiff]
Mabosstiff [pkmn=Mabosstiff]
Shroodle [pkmn=Shroodle]
Grafaiai [pkmn=Grafaiai]
Bramblin [pkmn=Bramblin]
Brambleghast [pkmn=Brambleghast]
Toedscool [pkmn=Toedscool]
Toedscruel [pkmn=Toedscruel]
Klawf [pkmn=Klawf]
Capsakid [pkmn=Capsakid]
Scovillain [pkmn=Scovillain]
Pokémon BBCode Mini Sprite
Rellor [pkmn=Rellor]
Rabsca [pkmn=Rabsca]
Flittle [pkmn=Flittle]
Espathra [pkmn=Espathra]
Tinkatink [pkmn=Tinkatink]
Tinkatuff [pkmn=Tinkatuff]
Tinkaton [pkmn=Tinkaton]
Wiglett [pkmn=Wiglett]
Wugtrio [pkmn=Wugtrio]
Bombirdier [pkmn=Bombirdier]
Finizen [pkmn=Finizen]
Palafin (Zero) [pkmn=Palafin] or [pkmn=Palafin/Zero Forme]
Palafin (Hero) [pkmn=Palafin/Hero Forme]
Varoom [pkmn=Varoom]
Revavroom [pkmn=Revavroom]
Cyclizar [pkmn=Cyclizar]
Koraidon [pkmn=Koraidon/Limited Build]
Koraidon Apex Build [pkmn=Koraidon/Apex Build]
Miraidon [pkmn=Miraidon/Low-Power Mode]
Miraidon Apex Build [pkmn=Miraidon/Ultimate Mode]
Orthworm [pkmn=Orthworm]
Glimmet [pkmn=Glimmet]
Glimmora [pkmn=Glimmora]
Greavard [pkmn=Greavard]
Houndstone [pkmn=Houndstone]
Pokémon BBCode Mini Sprite
Flamigo [pkmn=Flamigo]
Cetoddle [pkmn=Cetoddle]
Cetitan [pkmn=Cetitan]
Veluza [pkmn=Veluza]
Dondozo [pkmn=Dondozo]
Tatsugiri Curly[pkmn=Tatsugiri][pkmn=Tatsugiri/Curly Forme] Droopy[pkmn=Tatsugiri/Droopy Forme] Stretchy[pkmn=Tatsugiri/Stretchy Forme] Curly Droopy Stretchy
Annihilape [pkmn=Annihilape]
Clodsire [pkmn=Clodsire]
Farigiraf [pkmn=Farigiraf]
Dudunsparce Two-Segment [pkmn=Dudunsparce] Three-Segment [pkmn=Dudunsparce/3 Segment Forme]
Kingambit [pkmn=Kingambit]
Frigibax [pkmn=Frigibax]
Arctibax [pkmn=Arctibax]
Baxcalibur [pkmn=Baxcalibur]
Gimmighoul [pkmn=Gimmighoul]
Gholdengo [pkmn=Gholdengo]
Wo-Chien [pkmn=Wo-Chien]
Chien-Pao [pkmn=Chien-Pao]
Ting-Lu [pkmn=Ting-Lu]
Chi-Yu [pkmn=Chi-Yu]
Dipplin [pkmn=Dipplin]
Hydrapple [pkmn=Hydrapple]
Poltchageist [pkmn=Poltchageist]
Sinistcha [pkmn=Sinistcha]
Okidogi [pkmn=Okidogi]
Munkidori [pkmn=Munkidori]
Fezandipiti [pkmn=Fezandipiti]
Archaludon [pkmn=Archaludon]

Gimmighoul Chest Forme

Pokémon BBCode Mini Sprite
Cute Box [pkmn=Gimmighoul/Cute Box]
Dainty Box [pkmn=Gimmighoul/Dainty Box]
Deluxe Box [pkmn=Gimmighoul/Deluxe Box]
Glittery Box [pkmn=Gimmighoul/Glittery Box]
Gorgeous Box [pkmn=Gimmighoul/Gorgeous Box]
Hard Box [pkmn=Gimmighoul/Hard Box]
Heavy Box [pkmn=Gimmighoul/Heavy Box]
Light Box [pkmn=Gimmighoul/Light Box]
Nifty Box [pkmn=Gimmighoul/Nifty Box]
Pretty Box [pkmn=Gimmighoul/Pretty Box]
Shiny Box [pkmn=Gimmighoul/Shiny Box]
Sinister Box [pkmn=Gimmighoul/Sinister Box]