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The following tables lists all Eggs, Normal, Shiny, Albino, and Melanistic of the Normal Type. An overview can be found on the List of Pokémon Types.


Pokémon Egg Normal Shiny Albino Melanistic
Pidgey Pidgey Egg.png Pidgey.png Shiny Pidgey.png Albino Pidgey.png Melanistic Pidgey.png
Pidgeotto Pidgeotto.png Shiny Pidgeotto.png Albino Pidgeotto.png Melanistic Pidgeotto.png
Pidgeot Pidgeot.png Shiny Pidgeot.png Albino Pidgeot.png Melanistic Pidgeot.png
Mega Pidgeot Mega Pidgeot.png Shiny Mega Pidgeot.png Albino Mega Pidgeot.png Melanistic Mega Pidgeot.png
Rattata Rattata Egg.png Rattata.pngFemale Rattata.png Shiny Rattata.pngShiny Female Rattata.png Albino Rattata.pngAlbino Female Rattata.png Melanistic Rattata.pngMelanistic Female Rattata.png
Raticate Raticate.pngFemale Raticate.png Shiny Raticate.pngShiny Female Raticate.png Albino Raticate.pngAlbino Female Raticate.png Melanistic Raticate.pngMelanistic Female Raticate.png
Alolan Rattata Alolan Rattata Egg.png Alolan Rattata.png Shiny Alolan Rattata.png Albino Alolan Rattata.png Melanistic Alolan Rattata.png
Alolan Raticate Alolan Raticate.png Shiny Alolan Raticate.png Albino Alolan Raticate.png Melanistic Alolan Raticate.png
Totem Alolan Raticate Totem Alolan Raticate.png Shiny Totem Alolan Raticate.png Albino Totem Alolan Raticate.png Melanistic Totem Alolan Raticate.png
Spearow Spearow Egg.png Spearow.png Shiny Spearow.png Albino Spearow.png Melanistic Spearow.png
Fearow Fearow.png Shiny Fearow.png Albino Fearow.png Melanistic Fearow.png
Igglybuff Igglybuff Egg.png Igglybuff.png Shiny Igglybuff.png Albino Igglybuff.png Melanistic Igglybuff.png
Jigglypuff Jigglypuff.png Shiny Jigglypuff.png Albino Jigglypuff.png Melanistic Jigglypuff.png
Wigglytuff Wigglytuff.png Shiny Wigglytuff.png Albino Wigglytuff.png Melanistic Wigglytuff.png
Meowth Meowth Egg.png Meowth.png Shiny Meowth.png Albino Meowth.png Melanistic Meowth.png
Persian Persian.png Shiny Persian.png Albino Persian.png Melanistic Persian.png
Mega Persian Q Mega Persian Q.png Shiny Mega Persian Q.png Albino Mega Persian Q.png Melanistic Mega Persian Q.png
Farfetch'd Farfetch'd Egg.png Farfetch'd.png Shiny Farfetch'd.png Albino Farfetch'd.png Melanistic Farfetch'd.png
Mega Farfetch'd Q Mega Farfetch'd Q.png Shiny Mega Farfetch'd Q.png Albino Mega Farfetch'd Q.png Melanistic Mega Farfetch'd Q.png
Doduo Doduo Egg.png Doduo.pngFemale Doduo.png Shiny Doduo.pngShiny Female Doduo.png Albino Doduo.pngAlbino Female Doduo.png Melanistic Doduo.pngMelanistic Female Doduo.png
Dodrio Dodrio.pngFemale Dodrio.png Shiny Dodrio.pngShiny Female Dodrio.png Albino Dodrio.pngAlbino Female Dodrio.png Melanistic Dodrio.pngMelanistic Female Dodrio.png
Lickitung Lickitung Egg.png Lickitung.png Shiny Lickitung.png Albino Lickitung.png Melanistic Lickitung.png
Lickilicky Lickilicky.png Shiny Lickilicky.png Albino Lickilicky.png Melanistic Lickilicky.png
Kangaskhan Kangaskhan Egg.png Kangaskhan.png Shiny Kangaskhan.png Albino Kangaskhan.png Melanistic Kangaskhan.png
Mega Kangaskhan Mega Kangaskhan.png Shiny Mega Kangaskhan.png Albino Mega Kangaskhan.png Melanistic Mega Kangaskhan.png
Tauros Tauros Egg.png Tauros.png Shiny Tauros.png Albino Tauros.png Melanistic Tauros.png
Ditto Ditto Egg.png Ditto.png Shiny Ditto.png Albino Ditto.png Melanistic Ditto.png
Eevee Eevee Egg.png Eevee.png Female Eevee.png Shiny Eevee.png Shiny Female Eevee.png Albino Eevee.png Albino Female Eevee.png Melanistic Eevee.png Melanistic Female Eevee.png
Munchlax Munchlax Egg.png Munchlax.png Shiny Munchlax.png Albino Munchlax.png Melanistic Munchlax.png
Snorlax Snorlax Egg.png Snorlax.png Shiny Snorlax.png Albino Snorlax.png Melanistic Snorlax.png


Pokémon Egg Normal Shiny Albino Melanistic
Sentret Sentret Egg.png Sentret.png Shiny Sentret.png Albino Sentret.png Melanistic Sentret.png
Furret Furret.png Shiny Furret.png Albino Furret.png Melanistic Furret.png
Mega Furret Q Mega Furret Q.png Shiny Mega Furret Q.png Albino Mega Furret Q.png Melanistic Mega Furret Q.png
Hoothoot Hoothoot Egg.png Hoothoot.png Shiny Hoothoot.png Albino Hoothoot.png Melanistic Hoothoot.png
Noctowl Noctowl.png Shiny Noctowl.png Albino Noctowl.png Melanistic Noctowl.png
Azurill Azurill Egg.png Azurill.png Shiny Azurill.png Albino Azurill.png Melanistic Azurill.png
Aipom Aipom Egg.png Aipom.pngFemale Aipom.png Shiny Aipom.pngShiny Female Aipom.png Albino Aipom.pngAlbino Female Aipom.png Melanistic Aipom.pngMelanistic Female Aipom.png
Ambipom Ambipom.pngFemale Ambipom.png Shiny Ambipom.pngShiny Female Ambipom.png Albino Ambipom.pngAlbino Female Ambipom.png Melanistic Ambipom.pngMelanistic Female Ambipom.png
Girafarig Girafarig Egg.png Girafarig.pngFemale Girafarig.png Shiny Girafarig.pngShiny Female Girafarig.png Albino Girafarig.pngAlbino Female Girafarig.png Melanistic Girafarig.pngMelanistic Female Girafarig.png
Mega Girafarig Q Mega Girafarig Q.png Shiny Mega Girafarig Q.png Albino Mega Girafarig Q.png Melanistic Mega Girafarig Q.png
Dunsparce Dunsparce Egg.png Dunsparce.png Shiny Dunsparce.png Albino Dunsparce.png Melanistic Dunsparce.png
Mega Dunsparce Q Mega Dunsparce Q.png Shiny Mega Dunsparce Q.png Albino Mega Dunsparce Q.png Melanistic Mega Dunsparce Q.png
Teddiursa Teddiursa Egg.png Teddiursa.png Shiny Teddiursa.png Albino Teddiursa.png Melanistic Teddiursa.png
Ursaring Ursaring.pngFemale Ursaring.png Shiny Ursaring.pngShiny Female Ursaring.png Albino Ursaring.pngAlbino Female Ursaring.png Melanistic Ursaring.pngMelanistic Female Ursaring.png
Ursaluna Ursaluna.png Shiny Ursaluna.png Albino Ursaluna.png Melan Ursaluna.png
Stantler Stantler Egg.png Stantler.png Shiny Stantler.png Albino Stantler.png Melanistic Stantler.png
Wyrdeer Wyrdeer.png Shiny Wyrdeer.png Albino Wyrdeer.png Melan Wyrdeer.png
Smeargle Smeargle Egg.png Smeargle.png Shiny Smeargle.png Albino Smeargle.png Melanistic Smeargle.png
Miltank Miltank Egg.png Miltank.png Shiny Miltank.png Albino Miltank.png Melanistic Miltank.png


Pokémon Egg Normal Shiny Albino Melanistic
Zigzagoon Zigzagoon Egg.png Zigzagoon.png Shiny Zigzagoon.png Albino Zigzagoon.png Melanistic Zigzagoon.png
Linoone Linoone.png Shiny Linoone.png Albino Linoone.png Melanistic Linoone.png
Galarian Zigzagoon Galarian Zigzagoon Egg.png Galarian Zigzagoon.png Shiny Galarian Zigzagoon.png Albino Galarian Zigzagoon.png Melanistic Galarian Zigzagoon.png
Galarian Linoone Galarian Linoone.png Shiny Galarian Linoone.png Albino Galarian Linoone.png Melanistic Galarian Linoone.png
Obstagoon Obstagoon.png Shiny Obstagoon.png Albino Obstagoon.png Melan Obstagoon.png
Taillow Taillow Egg.png Taillow.png Shiny Taillow.png Albino Taillow.png Melanistic Taillow.png
Swellow Swellow.png Shiny Swellow.png Albino Swellow.png Melanistic Swellow.png
Slakoth Slakoth Egg.png Slakoth.png Shiny Slakoth.png Albino Slakoth.png Melanistic Slakoth.png
Vigoroth Vigoroth.png Shiny Vigoroth.png Albino Vigoroth.png Melanistic Vigoroth.png
Slaking Slaking.png Shiny Slaking.png Albino Slaking.png Melanistic Slaking.png
Whismur Whismur Egg.png Whismur.png Shiny Whismur.png Albino Whismur.png Melanistic Whismur.png
Loudred Loudred.png Shiny Loudred.png Albino Loudred.png Melanistic Loudred.png
Exploud Exploud.png Shiny Exploud.png Albino Exploud.png Melanistic Exploud.png
Skitty Skitty Egg.png Skitty.png Shiny Skitty.png Albino Skitty.png Melanistic Skitty.png
Delcatty Delcatty.png Shiny Delcatty.png Albino Delcatty.png Melanistic Delcatty.png
Spinda Spinda Egg.png Spinda.png Shiny Spinda.png Albino Spinda.png Melanistic Spinda.png
Swablu Swablu Egg.png Swablu.png Shiny Swablu.png Albino Swablu.png Melanistic Swablu.png
Zangoose Zangoose Egg.png Zangoose.png Shiny Zangoose.png Albino Zangoose.png Melanistic Zangoose.png
Mega Zangoose Q Mega Zangoose Q.png Shiny Mega Zangoose Q.png Albino Mega Zangoose Q.png Melanistic Mega Zangoose Q.png
Castform Castform Egg.png Castform.png Shiny Castform.png Albino Castform.png Melanistic Castform.png
Kecleon Kecleon Egg.png Kecleon.png Shiny Kecleon.png Albino Kecleon.png Melanistic Kecleon.png


Pokémon Egg Normal Shiny Albino Melanistic
Starly Starly Egg.png Starly.pngFemale Starly.png Shiny Starly.pngShiny Female Starly.png Albino Starly.pngAlbino Female Starly.png Melan Starly.pngMelan Female Starly.png
Staravia Staravia.pngFemale Staravia.png Shiny Staravia.pngShiny Female Staravia.png Albino Staravia.pngAlbino Female Staravia.png Melan Staravia.pngMelan Female Staravia.png
Staraptor Staraptor.pngFemale Staraptor.png Shiny Staraptor.pngShiny Female Staraptor.png Albino Staraptor.pngAlbino Female Staraptor.png Melan Staraptor.pngMelan Female Staraptor.png
Bidoof Bidoof Egg.png Bidoof.pngFemale Bidoof.png Shiny Bidoof.pngShiny Female Bidoof.png Albino Bidoof.pngAlbino Female Bidoof.png Melan Bidoof.pngMelan Female Bidoof.png
Bibarel Bibarel.pngFemale Bibarel.png Shiny Bibarel.pngShiny Female Bibarel.png Albino Bibarel.pngAlbino Female Bibarel.png Melan Bibarel.pngMelan Female Bibarel.png
Buneary Buneary Egg.png Buneary.png Shiny Buneary.png Albino Buneary.png Melan Buneary.png
Lopunny Lopunny.png Shiny Lopunny.png Albino Lopunny.png Melan Lopunny.png
Mega Lopunny Mega Lopunny.png Shiny Mega Lopunny.png Albino Mega Lopunny.png Melan Mega Lopunny.png
Glameow Glameow Egg.png Glameow.png Shiny Glameow.png Albino Glameow.png Melan Glameow.png
Purugly Purugly.png Shiny Purugly.png Albino Purugly.png Melan Purugly.png
Happiny Happiny Egg.png Happiny.png Shiny Happiny.png Albino Happiny.png Melan Happiny.png
Chansey Chansey Egg.png Chansey.png Shiny Chansey.png Albino Chansey.png Melan Chansey.png
Blissey Blissey.png Shiny Blissey.png Albino Blissey.png Melan Blissey.png
Chatot Chatot Egg.png Chatot.png Shiny Chatot.png Albino Chatot.png Melan Chatot.png
Porygon Porygon Egg.png Porygon.png Shiny Porygon.png Albino Porygon.png Melan Porygon.png
Porygon2 Porygon2.png Shiny Porygon2.png Albino Porygon2.png Melan Porygon2.png
Porygon-Z Porygon-Z.png Shiny Porygon-Z.png Albino Porygon-Z.png Melan Porygon-Z.png
Totem Porygon-Z Q Totem Porygon-Z Q.png Shiny Totem Porygon-Z Q.png Albino Totem Porygon-Z Q.png Melanistic Totem Porygon-Z Q.png
Regigigas Regigigas Egg.png Regigigas.png Shiny Regigigas.png Albino Regigigas.png Melan Regigigas.png
Arceus Arceus Egg.png Arceus.png Shiny Arceus.png Albino Arceus.png Melan Arceus.png


Pokémon Egg Normal Shiny Albino Melanistic
Patrat Patrat Egg.png Patrat.png Shiny Patrat.png Albino Patrat.png Melan Patrat.png
Watchog Watchog.png Shiny Watchog.png Albino Watchog.png Melan Watchog.png
Lillipup Lillipup Egg.png Lillipup.png Shiny Lillipup.png Albino Lillipup.png Melan Lillipup.png
Herdier Herdier.png Shiny Herdier.png Albino Herdier.png Melan Herdier.png
Stoutland Stoutland.png Shiny Stoutland.png Albino Stoutland.png Melan Stoutland.png
Pidove Pidove Egg.png Pidove.png Shiny Pidove.png Albino Pidove.png Melan Pidove.png
Tranquill Tranquill.png Shiny Tranquill.png Albino Tranquill.png Melan Tranquill.png
Unfezant Unfezant.pngFemale Unfezant.png Shiny Unfezant.pngShiny Female Unfezant.png Albino Unfezant.pngAlbino Female Unfezant.png Melan Unfezant.pngMelan Female Unfezant.png
Audino Audino Egg.png Audino.png Shiny Audino.png Albino Audino.png Melan Audino.png
Mega Audino Mega Audino.png Shiny Mega Audino.png Albino Mega Audino.png Melan Mega Audino.png
Hisuian Zorua Hisuian Zorua Egg.png Hisuian Zorua.png Shiny Hisuian Zorua.png Albino Hisuian Zorua.png Melan Hisuian Zorua.png
Hisuian Zoroark Hisuian Zoroark.png Shiny Hisuian Zoroark.png Albino Hisuian Zoroark.png Melan Hisuian Zoroark.png
Minccino Minccino Egg.png Minccino.png Shiny Minccino.png Albino Minccino.png Melan Minccino.png
Cinccino Cinccino.png Shiny Cinccino.png Albino Cinccino.png Melan Cinccino.png
Spring Deerling Spring Deerling Egg.png Spring Deerling.png Shiny Spring Deerling.png Albino Spring Deerling.png Melan Spring Deerling.png
Spring Sawsbuck Spring Sawsbuck.png Shiny Spring Sawsbuck.png Albino Spring Sawsbuck.png Melan Spring Sawsbuck.png
Summer Deerling Summer Deerling Egg.png Summer Deerling.png Shiny Summer Deerling.png Albino Summer Deerling.png Melan Summer Deerling.png
Summer Sawsbuck Summer Sawsbuck.png Shiny Summer Sawsbuck.png Albino Summer Sawsbuck.png Melan Summer Sawsbuck.png
Autumn Deerling Autumn Deerling Egg.png Autumn Deerling.png Shiny Autumn Deerling.png Albino Autumn Deerling.png Melan Autumn Deerling.png
Autumn Sawsbuck Autumn Sawsbuck.png Shiny Autumn Sawsbuck.png Albino Autumn Sawsbuck.png Melan Autumn Sawsbuck.png
Winter Deerling Winter Deerling Egg.png Winter Deerling.png Shiny Winter Deerling.png Albino Winter Deerling.png Melan Winter Deerling.png
Winter Sawsbuck Winter Sawsbuck.png Shiny Winter Sawsbuck.png Albino Winter Sawsbuck.png Melan Winter Sawsbuck.png
Bouffalant Bouffalant Egg.png Bouffalant.png Shiny Bouffalant.png Albino Bouffalant.png Melan Bouffalant.png
Rufflet Rufflet Egg.png Rufflet.png Shiny Rufflet.png Albino Rufflet.png Melan Rufflet.png
Braviary Braviary.png Shiny Braviary.png Albino Braviary.png Melan Braviary.png
Totem Braviary Q Totem Braviary Q.png Shiny Totem Braviary Q.png Albino Totem Braviary Q.png Melanistic Totem Braviary Q.png
Meloetta Meloetta Egg.png Meloetta.png Shiny Meloetta.png Albino Meloetta.png Melan Meloetta.png
Pirouette Meloetta Pirouette Meloetta.png Shiny Pirouette Meloetta.png Albino Pirouette Meloetta.png Melan Pirouette Meloetta.png


Pokémon Egg Normal Shiny Albino Melanistic
Bunnelby Bunnelby Egg.png Bunnelby.png Shiny Bunnelby.png Albino Bunnelby.png Melan Bunnelby.png
Diggersby Diggersby.png Shiny Diggersby.png Albino Diggersby.png Melan Diggersby.png
Fletchling Fletchling Egg.png Fletchling.png Shiny Fletchling.png Albino Fletchling.png Melan Fletchling.png
Litleo Litleo Egg.png Litleo.png Shiny Litleo.png Albino Litleo.png Melan Litleo.png
Pyroar Pyroar.pngFemale Pyroar.png Shiny Pyroar.pngShiny Female Pyroar.png Albino Pyroar.pngAlbino Female Pyroar.png Melan Pyroar.pngMelan Female Pyroar.png
Mega Pyroar Q Mega Pyroar Q.png Shiny Mega Pyroar Q.png Albino Mega Pyroar Q.png Melanistic Mega Pyroar Q.png
Furfrou Furfrou Egg.png Natural Trim Furfrou.png Shiny Natural Furfrou.png Albino Natural Furfrou.png Melan Natural Furfrou.png
Helioptile Helioptile Egg.png Helioptile.png Shiny Helioptile.png Albino Helioptile.png Melan Helioptile.png
Heliolisk Heliolisk.png Shiny Heliolisk.png Albino Heliolisk.png Melan Heliolisk.png


Pokémon Egg Normal Shiny Albino Melanistic
Pikipek Pikipek Egg.png Pikipek.png Shiny Pikipek.png Albino Pikipek.png Melanistic Pikipek.png
Trumbeak Trumbeak.png Shiny Trumbeak.png Albino Trumbeak.png Melanistic Trumbeak.png
Toucannon Toucannon.png Shiny Toucannon.png Albino Toucannon.png Melanistic Toucannon.png
Yungoos Yungoos Egg.png Yungoos.png Shiny Yungoos.png Albino Yungoos.png Melanistic Yungoos.png
Gumshoos Gumshoos.png Shiny Gumshoos.png Albino Gumshoos.png Melanistic Gumshoos.png
Totem Gumshoos Totem Gumshoos.png Shiny Totem Gumshoos.png Albino Totem Gumshoos.png Melanistic Totem Gumshoos.png
Stufful Stufful Egg.png Stufful.png Shiny Stufful.png Albino Stufful.png Melanistic Stufful.png
Bewear Bewear.png Shiny Bewear.png Albino Bewear.png Melanistic Bewear.png
Oranguru Oranguru Egg.png Oranguru.png Shiny Oranguru.png Albino Oranguru.png Melanistic Oranguru.png
Type: Null Type Null Egg.png Type Null.png Shiny Type Null.png Albino Type Null.png Melanistic Type Null.png
Silvally Silvally.png Shiny Silvally.png Albino Silvally.png Melanistic Silvally.png
Komala Komala Egg.png Komala.png Shiny Komala.png Albino Komala.png Melanistic Komala.png
Drampa Drampa Egg.png Drampa.png Shiny Drampa.png Albino Drampa.png Melanistic Drampa.png


Pokémon Egg Normal Shiny Albino Melanistic
Skwovet Skwovet Egg.png Skwovet.png Shiny Skwovet.png Albino Skwovet.png Melan Skwovet.png
Greedent Greedent.png Shiny Greedent.png Albino Greedent.png Melan Greedent.png
Wooloo Wooloo Egg.png Wooloo.png Shiny Wooloo.png Albino Wooloo.png Melan Wooloo.png
Dubwool Dubwool.png Shiny Dubwool.png Albino Dubwool.png Melan Dubwool.png
Indeedee Indeedee Egg.png Indeedee.png Female Indeedee.png Shiny Indeedee.png Shiny Female Indeedee.png Albino Indeedee.png Albino Female Indeedee.png Melan Indeedee.png Melan Female Indeedee.png


Pokémon Egg Normal Shiny Albino Melanistic
Lechonk Lechonk Egg.png Lechonk.png Shiny Lechonk.png Albino Lechonk.png Melanistic Lechonk.png
Oinkologne Oinkologne.png Female Oinkologne.png Shiny Oinkologne.png Shiny Female Oinkologne.png Albino Oinkologne.png Albino Female Oinkologne.png Melanistic Oinkologne.png Melanistic Female Oinkologne.png
Tandemaus Tandemaus Egg.png Tandemaus.png Shiny Tandemaus.png Albino Tandemaus.png Melanistic Tandemaus.png
Maushold Maushold.png Maushold 4.png File:Shiny Maushold.png Shiny Maushold 4.png Albino Maushold.png Albino Maushold 4.png Melanistic Maushold.png Melanistic Maushold 4.png
Smoliv Smoliv Egg.png Smoliv.png Shiny Smoliv.png Albino Smoliv.png Melanistic Smoliv.png
Dolliv Dolliv.png Shiny Dolliv.png Albino Dolliv.png Melanistic Dolliv.png
Arboliva Arboliva.png Shiny Arboliva.png Albino Arboliva.png Melanistic Arboliva.png
Squawkabilly Squawkabilly Egg.png Squawkabilly Green.png Squawkabilly Blue.png Squawkabilly Yellow.png Squawkabilly White.png Shiny Squawkabilly Green.png Shiny Squawkabilly Blue.png Shiny Squawkabilly Yellow.png Shiny Squawkabilly White.png Albino Squawkabilly Green.png Albino Squawkabilly Blue.png Albino Squawkabilly Yellow.png Albino Squawkabilly White.png Melan Squawkabilly Green.png Melan Squawkabilly Blue.png Melan Squawkabilly Yellow.png Melan Squawkabilly White.png


Pokémon Egg Normal Shiny Albino Melanistic
Gosold Gosold Egg.png Gosold.png Shiny Gosold.png Albino Gosold.png Melanistic Gosold.png
Bandicoon Bandicoon Egg.png Bandicoon.png Shiny Bandicoon.png Albino Bandicoon.png Melanistic Bandicoon.png
Pasovan Pasovan Egg.png Natural Pasovan.png Shiny Natural Pasovan.png Albino Natural Pasovan.png Melanistic Natural Pasovan.png
Ayeren Ayeren Egg.png Ayeren.png Shiny Ayeren.png Albino Ayeren.png Melanistic Ayeren.png
Aytheraye Aytheraye.png Shiny Aytheraye.png Albino Aytheraye.png Melanistic Aytheraye.png
Puppod Puppod Egg.png Puppod.png Shiny Puppod.png Albino Puppod.png Melanistic Puppod.png
Slugdog Slugdog.png Shiny Slugdog.png Albino Slugdog.png Melanistic Slugdog.png
Kawator Kawotor Egg.png Kawotor.png Shiny Kawotor.png Albino Kawotor.png Melanistic Kawotor.png
Sikannos Sikannos Egg.png Sikannos.png Shiny Sikannos.png Albino Sikannos.png Melanistic Sikannos.png
Possmol Possmol Egg.png Possmol.png Shiny Possmol.png Albino Possmol.png Melanistic Possmol.png
Opposham Opposham.png Shiny Opposham.png Albino Opposham.png Melanistic Opposham.png
Smokackle Smokackle Egg.png Smokackle.png Shiny Smokackle.png Albino Smokackle.png Melanistic Smokackle.png
Schweepy Schweepy Egg.png Schweepy.png Shiny Schweepy.png Albino Schweepy.png Melanistic Schweepy.png
Schwoomstick Schwoomstick.png Shiny Schwoomstick.png Albino Schwoomstick.png File:Melanistic Schwoomstick.png
Quokuddle Quokuddle Egg.png Quokuddle.png Shiny Quokuddle.png Albino Quokuddle.png File:Melanistic Quokuddle.png


Pokémon Egg Normal Shiny Albino Melanistic
Saiyan Rattata Saiyan Rattata Egg.png Saiyan Rattata.png Shiny Saiyan Rattata.png Albino Saiyan Rattata.png Melanistic Saiyan Rattata.png
Super-Saiyan Rattata Super Saiyan Rattata.png Shiny Super Saiyan Rattata.png Albino Super Saiyan Rattata.png Melanistic Super Saiyan Rattata.png
Super-Saiyan Raticate Super Saiyan Raticate.png Shiny Super Saiyan Raticate.png Albino Super Saiyan Raticate.png Melanistic Super Saiyan Raticate.png
Super-Saiyan 2 Raticate Super Saiyan 2 Raticate.png Shiny Super Saiyan 2 Raticate.png Albino Super Saiyan 2 Raticate.png Melanistic Super Saiyan 2 Raticate.png
Super-Saiyan 3 Raticate Super Saiyan 3 Raticate.png Shiny Super Saiyan 3 Raticate.png Albino Super Saiyan 3 Raticate.png Melanistic Super Saiyan 3 Raticate.png
Super-Saiyan 4 Raticate Super Saiyan 4 Raticate.png Shiny Super Saiyan 4 Raticate.png Albino Super Saiyan 4 Raticate.png Melanistic Super Saiyan 4 Raticate.png
Guild Igglybuff Guild Igglybuff Egg.png Guild Igglybuff.png Shiny Guild Igglybuff.png Albino Guild Igglybuff.png Melanistic Guild Igglybuff.png
Guild Jigglypuff Guild Jigglypuff.png Shiny Guild Jigglypuff.png Albino Guild Jigglypuff.png Melanistic Guild Jigglypuff.png
Guild Wigglytuff Guild Wigglytuff.png Shiny Guild Wigglytuff.png Albino Guild Wigglytuff.png Melanistic Guild Wigglytuff.png
Teddicursa Teddicursa Egg.png Teddicursa.png Shiny Teddicursa.png Albino Teddicursa.png Melanistic Teddicursa.png
Cursaring Cursaring.png Shiny Cursaring.png Albino Cursaring.png Melanistic Cursaring.png
Siberian Glameow Siberian Glameow Egg.png Siberian Glameow.png Shiny Siberian Glameow.png Albino Siberian Glameow.png Melanistic Siberian Glameow.png
Siberian Purugly Siberian Purugly.png Shiny Siberian Purugly.png Albino Siberian Purugly.png Melanistic Siberian Purugly.png