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The following table lists all Shiny, Albino, and Melanistic Pokémon of the Kalos region. An overview can be found on the List of Special Pokémon. An explanation about IMG Codes can be found on the Pokémon Code Compendium.


#650 Chespin to #668 Pyroar
#672 Skiddo to #699 Aurorus
#700 Hawlucha to #720 Volcanion
#666 Vivillon
#669 Flabébé
#670 Floette
#671 Florges
#676 Furfrou

Shiny Albino Melanistic
Chespin Shiny Chespin.png Albino Chespin.png Melan Chespin.png
IMG Codes x/5/e/q w/o/u 8/9/q/p
Quilladin Shiny Quilladin.png Albino Quilladin.png Melan Quilladin.png
IMG Codes u/v/w/m o/z/h j/j/0/m
Chesnaught Shiny Chesnaught.png Albino Chesnaught.png Melan Chesnaught.png
IMG Codes l/x/f/d x/9/6 y/a/h/j
Fennekin Shiny Fennekin.png Albino Fennekin.png Melan Fennekin.png
IMG Codes i/r/b l/k/f 5/p/v/4
Braixen Shiny Braixen.png Albino Braixen.png Melan Braixen.png
IMG Codes 4/u/o/l j/8/c/m s/7/z/d
Delphox Shiny Delphox.png Shiny Left-handed Delphox.png Albino Delphox.png Albino Left-handed Delphox.png Melan Delphox.png Melan Left-handed Delphox.png
IMG Codes c/c/0/j Left o/4/f/i x/j/v/i Left j/5/7/b w/r/w/x Left z/n/r/s
Froakie Shiny Froakie.png Albino Froakie.png Melan Froakie.png
IMG Codes c/e/i t/p/6 b/e/7/d
Frogadier Shiny Frogadier.png Albino Frogadier.png Melan Frogadier.png
IMG Codes c/8/p/m v/5/9/z c/9/d/e
Greninja Shiny Greninja.png Albino Greninja.png Melan Greninja.png
IMG Codes e/7/q/1 4/p/n/e 6/v/q
Bunnelby Shiny Bunnelby.png Albino Bunnelby.png Melan Bunnelby.png
IMG Codes p/5/5/y h/k/2/6 l/t/7/4
Diggersby Shiny Diggersby.png Albino Diggersby.png Melan Diggersby.png
IMG Codes g/b/5/b 2/i/e/6 w/y/f/m
Fletchling Shiny Fletchling.png Albino Fletchling.png Melan Fletchling.png
IMG Codes j/q/k 1/8/l 5/r/k/r
Fletchinder Shiny Fletchinder.png Albino Fletchinder.png Melan Fletchinder.png
IMG Codes 5/r/r/e g/2/c/1 2/6/e/8
Talonflame Shiny Talonflame.png Albino Talonflame.png Melan Talonflame.png
IMG Codes 7/1/l/y r/o/u b/a/c/v
Scatterbug Shiny Scatterbug.png Albino Scatterbug.png Melan Scatterbug.png
IMG Codes a/4/6/r c/u/p h/x/q/3
Spewpa Shiny Spewpa.png Albino Spewpa.png Melan Spewpa.png
IMG Codes 3/e/t/n w/m/h f/x/x/e
Litleo Shiny Litleo.png Albino Litleo.png Melan Litleo.png
IMG Codes b/j/a s/9/y r/f/z/t
Pyroar Shiny Pyroar.pngShiny Female Pyroar.png Albino Pyroar.pngAlbino Female Pyroar.png Melan Pyroar.pngMelan Female Pyroar.png
IMG Codes 8/c/n/7 Female a/9/s/n r/i/x/b Female 5/h/s/r w/4/d/z Female e/j/5/d
Shiny Albino Melanistic
Skiddo Shiny Skiddo.png Albino Skiddo.png Melan Skiddo.png
IMG Codes m/l/x 6/e t/u/9/x
Gogoat Shiny Gogoat.png Albino Gogoat.png Melan Gogoat.png
IMG Codes i/q/w/y j/1/b t/y/9/3
Pancham Shiny Pancham.png Albino Pancham.png Melan Pancham.png
IMG Codes a/5/b/n m/v/3 9/q/g/e
Pangoro Shiny Pangoro.png Albino Pangoro.png Melan Pangoro.png
IMG Codes m/i/t/z b/w/f c/8/d/h
Espurr Shiny Espurr.png Albino Espurr.png Melan Espurr.png
IMG Codes 3/5/r n/6/6 1/w/w
Meowstic Shiny Meowstic.pngShiny Female Meowstic.png Albino Meowstic.pngAlbino Female Meowstic.png Melan Meowstic.pngMelan Female Meowstic.png
IMG Codes b/9/v/e Female m/p/3/6 h/r/r Female o/f/y 7/m/g/8 Female d/e/l/b
Honedge Shiny Honedge.png Albino Honedge.png Melan Honedge.png
IMG Codes s/h/v/9 i/t/6 k/u/2
Doublade Shiny Doublade.png Albino Doublade.png Melan Doublade.png
IMG Codes y/4/5/9 p/s/q/r 4/1/b/l
Aegislash Shiny Aegislash.png Albino Aegislash.png Melan Aegislash.png
IMG Codes y/o/x/b c/x/0/u y/z/i/v
Shield Aegislash Shiny Shield Aegislash.png Albino Shield Aegislash.png Melan Shield Aegislash.png
IMG Codes i/p/0/f z/p/p/8 6/3/v/6
Spritzee Shiny Spritzee.png Albino Spritzee.png Melan Spritzee.png
IMG Codes r/a/p 5/j/7 h/g/e/y
Aromatisse Shiny Aromatisse.png Albino Aromatisse.png Melan Aromatisse.png
IMG Codes a/a/i/o g/l/l n/c/9/1
Swirlix Shiny Swirlix.png Albino Swirlix.png Melan Swirlix.png
IMG Codes q/d/1 x/1 5/o/m/3
Slurpuff Shiny Slurpuff.png Albino Slurpuff.png Melan Slurpuff.png
IMG Codes 7/n/9 w/p/k m/y/m/w
Inkay Shiny Inkay.png Albino Inkay.png Melan Inkay.png
IMG Codes x/3/2 w/v/z g/v/0/h
Malamar Shiny Malamar.png Albino Malamar.png Melan Malamar.png
IMG Codes 5/w/c/s x/p/l/0 t/b/i/v
Binacle Shiny Binacle.png Albino Binacle.png Melan Binacle.png
IMG Codes s/8/x/o j/i/5/e w/a/w/x
Barbaracle Shiny Barbaracle.png Albino Barbaracle.png Melan Barbaracle.png
IMG Codes 6/x/y/2 o/j/f/j 6/2/r/i
Skrelp Shiny Skrelp.png Albino Skrelp.png Melan Skrelp.png
IMG Codes p/6/e/g e/f/q u/i/u/3
Dragalge Shiny Dragalge.png Albino Dragalge.png Melan Dragalge.png
IMG Codes j/w/6/p 3/q/4 x/y/f/s
Clauncher Shiny Clauncher.png Albino Clauncher.png Melan Clauncher.png
IMG Codes i/3/m/k 8/u/4 a/i/3/i
Clawitzer Shiny Clawitzer.png Albino Clawitzer.png Melan Clawitzer.png
IMG Codes n/6/s/8 7/6/r/c d/e/2
Helioptile Shiny Helioptile.png Albino Helioptile.png Melan Helioptile.png
IMG Codes z/1/j 5/x/f g/x/n/1
Heliolisk Shiny Heliolisk.png Albino Heliolisk.png Melan Heliolisk.png
IMG Codes h/m/v/0 v/c/0/p s/8/2/m
Tyrunt Shiny Tyrunt.png Albino Tyrunt.png Melan Tyrunt.png
IMG Codes g/b/3/j c/v/c/5 g/x/v/h
Tyrantrum Shiny Tyrantrum.png Albino Tyrantrum.png Melan Tyrantrum.png
IMG Codes w/j/b/f q/k/o/e t/t/v/v
Amaura Shiny Amaura.png Albino Amaura.png Melan Amaura.png
IMG Codes d/6/z/u 8/m/z/d 5/p/3/6
Aurorus Shiny Aurorus.png Albino Aurorus.png Melan Aurorus.png
IMG Codes m/8/x/8 j/v/e/z 7/l/w/k
Shiny Albino Melanistic
Hawlucha Shiny Hawlucha.png Albino Hawlucha.png Melan Hawlucha.png
IMG Codes q/x/6/1 2/k/b/k a/3/o/1
Dedenne Shiny Dedenne.png Albino Dedenne.png Melan Dedenne.png
IMG Codes 9/s/g k/d/i o/f/9/v
Carbink Shiny Carbink.png Albino Carbink.png Melan Carbink.png
IMG Codes 3/o/5 4/t/c/w r/t/i/3
Goomy Shiny Goomy.png Albino Goomy.png Melan Goomy.png
IMG Codes 1/d/e y/p/v 6/g/w/m
Sliggoo Shiny Sliggoo.png Albino Sliggoo.png Melan Sliggoo.png
IMG Codes 6/z/u/5 o/9/5/s 2/d/s/8
Goodra Shiny Goodra.png Albino Goodra.png Melan Goodra.png
IMG Codes p/6/m/z a/o/t/h l/c/v/a
Klefki Shiny Klefki.png Albino Klefki.png Melan Klefki.png
IMG Codes l/o/9 w/4/0 i/u/w/5
Phantump Shiny Phantump.png Albino Phantump.png Melan Phantump.png
IMG Codes 1/s/w/n d/t/5 y/7/4/0
Trevenant Shiny Trevenant.png Albino Trevenant.png Melan Trevenant.png
IMG Codes z/j/o/b o/v/r/2 m/3/6/9
Pumpkaboo Shiny Small Pumpkaboo.pngShiny Average Pumpkaboo.pngShiny Large Pumpkaboo.pngShiny Super Pumpkaboo.png Albino Small Pumpkaboo.pngAlbino Average Pumpkaboo.pngAlbino Large Pumpkaboo.pngAlbino Super Pumpkaboo.png Melan Small Pumpkaboo.pngMelan Average Pumpkaboo.pngMelan Large Pumpkaboo.pngMelan Super Pumpkaboo.png
IMG Codes Smallo/d/c Averagew/j/o Large9/c/y Super9/6/x Small8/5/j/1 Averageb/3/x/b Largec/c/1/d Super1/o/t/l Smallr/l/d/r Average2/1/e/y Large2/u/c/e Super j/z/0/1
Gourgeist Shiny Small Gourgeist.pngShiny Average Gourgeist.pngShiny Large Gourgeist.pngShiny Super Gourgeist.png Albino Small Gourgeist.pngAlbino Average Gourgeist.pngAlbino Large Gourgeist.pngAlbino Super Gourgeist.png Melan Small Gourgeist.pngMelan Average Gourgeist.pngMelan Large Gourgeist.pngMelan Super Gourgeist.png
IMG Codes Smallt/8 Averager/m/x Larged/4/7 Superh/d/b Small8/r/4 Average e/h/i Large p/l/0 Super d/2/8 Smallm/m/g/0 Averagec/d/5/a Largeu/1/2/9 Superk/1/b/d
Bergmite Shiny Bergmite.png Albino Bergmite.png Melan Bergmite.png
IMG Codes 4/d/c/k p/e/1/u f/d/p
Avalugg Shiny Avalugg.png Albino Avalugg.png Melan Avalugg.png
IMG Codes h/g/4/o 3/m/x/5 2/5/t/v
Noibat Shiny Noibat.png Albino Noibat.png Melan Noibat.png
IMG Codes y/l/u s/0/d c/9/2/a
Noivern Shiny Noivern.png Albino Noivern.png Melan Noivern.png
IMG Codes 3/1/c o/x u/l/9/h
Xerneas Shiny Xerneas.png Albino Xerneas.png Melan Xerneas.png
IMG Codes v/a/b/k g/b/o/h i/h/5/2
Active Mode Xerneas Shiny Active Mode Xerneas.png Albino Active Mode Xerneas.png Melan Active Mode Xerneas.png
IMG Codes v/p/q l/e/t/0 7/g/g/9
Yveltal Shiny Yveltal.png Albino Yveltal.png Melan Yveltal.png
IMG Codes q/p/l u/q/n/7 l/s/5/u
Zygarde Core Shiny Zygarde Core.png Albino Zygarde Core.png Melan Zygarde Core.png
IMG Codes p/w/8 v/o/t/z 3/o/z/5
Zygarde 10% Shiny Zygarde 10.png Albino Zygarde 10.png Melan Zygarde 10.png
IMG Codes g/3/6/1 8/b/3/i 7/z/z
Zygarde 50% Shiny Zygarde 50.png Albino Zygarde 50.png Melan Zygarde 50.png
IMG Codes q/a/9/5 p/d/c/5 b/p/6/0
Zygarde Complete Shiny Zygarde Complete.png Albino Zygarde Complete.png Melan Zygarde Complete.png
IMG Codes j/0/l/u a/t/h/7 f/b/4/x
Diancie Shiny Diancie.png Albino Diancie.png Melan Diancie.png
IMG Codes s/p/e 6/m/l/v q/j/y/h
Mega Diancie Shiny Mega Diancie.png Albino Mega Diancie.png Melan Mega Diancie.png
IMG Codes 8/i/f/3 9/x/w/n y/x/g/3
Hoopa Shiny Hoopa.png Albino Hoopa.png Melan Hoopa.png
IMG Codes l/9/l/n 6/i/b/5 q/3/7/2
Unbound Hoopa Shiny Unbound Hoopa.png Albino Unbound Hoopa.png Melan Unbound Hoopa.png
IMG Codes u/a/o/h b/i/g/k f/q/6/z
Volcanion Shiny Volcanion.png Albino Volcanion.png Melan Volcanion.png
IMG Codes 5/f/c/9 q/i/7/4 i/i/d/p


Shiny Albino Melanistic
Meadow Shiny Meadow Vivillon.png Albino Meadow Vivillon.png Melan Meadow Vivillon.png
IMG Codes 7/9/b/v 6/q/v/u b/k/b/u
Polar Shiny Polar Vivillon.png Albino Polar Vivillon.png Melan Polar Vivillon.png
IMG Codes t/j/l/j 5/0/i/y g/j/z/d
Tundra Shiny Tundra Vivillon.png Albino Tundra Vivillon.png Melan Tundra Vivillon.png
IMG Codes e/f/8/y n/5/w/u n/5/w/u
Continental Shiny Continental Vivillon.png Albino Continental Vivillon.png Melan Continental Vivillon.png
IMG Codes z/s/f/1 i/l/v/8 1/z/z/q
Garden Shiny Garden Vivillon.png Albino Garden Vivillon.png Melan Garden Vivillon.png
IMG Codes r/z/5/s b/a/k/e 2/l/p/g
Elegant Shiny Elegant Vivillon.png Albino Elegant Vivillon.png Melan Elegant Vivillon.png
IMG Codes q/f/1/o e/x/v/2 5/f/v/e
Icy Snow Shiny Icy Snow Vivillon.png Albino Icy Snow Vivillon.png Melan Icy Snow Vivillon.png
IMG Codes r/3/a/b x/v/t/a v/i/m/x
Modern Shiny Modern Vivillon.png Albino Modern Vivillon.png Melan Modern Vivillon.png
IMG Codes 2/9/b/s w/r/r/x 3/2/z/v
Marine Shiny Marine Vivillon.png Albino Marine Vivillon.png Melan Marine Vivillon.png
IMG Codes 5/r/k/p w/r/r/x r/x/9/s
Archipelago Shiny Archipelago Vivillon.png Albino Archipelago Vivillon.png Melan Archipelago Vivillon.png
IMG Codes m/b/z/p k/l/o/u z/g/9/w
High Plains Shiny High Plains Vivillon.png Albino High Plains Vivillon.png Melan High Plains Vivillon.png
IMG Codes u/i/h/n w/v/r/6 8/6/n
Sandstorm Shiny Sandstorm Vivillon.png Albino Sandstorm Vivillon.png Melan Sandstorm Vivillon.png
IMG Codes h/1/i o/s/w/f f/a/e/w
River Shiny River Vivillon.png Albino River Vivillon.png Melan River Vivillon.png
IMG Codes 7/o/l/8 c/n/b/j o/7/u/f
Monsoon Shiny Monsoon Vivillon.png Albino Monsoon Vivillon.png Melan Monsoon Vivillon.png
IMG Codes k/a/o/4 1/e/x/y 9/r/e/x
Savanna Shiny Savanna Vivillon.png Albino Savanna Vivillon.png Melan Savanna Vivillon.png
IMG Codes 9/d/s/i h/1/r/u f/y/6/c
Sun Shiny Sun Vivillon.png Albino Sun Vivillon.png Melan Sun Vivillon.png
IMG Codes q/h/g/u w/0/w/q 6/b/q/4
Ocean Shiny Ocean Vivillon.png Albino Ocean Vivillon.png Melan Ocean Vivillon.png
IMG Codes 9/e/g/n k/e/b m/w/f/x
Jungle Shiny Jungle Vivillon.png Albino Jungle Vivillon.png Melan Jungle Vivillon.png
IMG Codes 2/j/x/1 3/n/u/t 6/2/x/m
Fancy Shiny Fancy Vivillon.png Albino Fancy Vivillon.png Melan Fancy Vivillon.png
IMG Codes z/w/b/2 c/l/o/6 w/j/b/0
Pokéball Shiny Pokeball Vivillon.png Albino Pokeball Vivillon.png Melan Pokeball Vivillon.png
IMG Codes s/4/a/w g/g/w/8 m/5/1/w


Shiny Albino Melanistic
White Shiny White Flabebe.png Albino White Flabebe.png Melan White Flabebe.png
IMG Codes b/t/0/f h/y/n/3 t/7/m/b
Grey Shiny Grey Flabebe.png Albino Grey Flabebe.png Melan Grey Flabebe.png
IMG Codes i/e/2/e e/o/y/7 9/t/n/e
Black Shiny Black Flabebe.png Albino Black Flabebe.png Melan Black Flabebe.png
IMG Codes b/z/e/c a/k/p/l q/w/v/7
Dark Red Shiny Dark Red Flabebe.png Albino Dark Red Flabebe.png Melan Dark Red Flabebe.png
IMG Codes 9/e/1/o n/e/a/m n/k/c/k
Red Shiny Red Flabebe.png Albino Red Flabebe.png Melan Red Flabebe.png
IMG Codes 4/l/i/2 l/k/z/a y/t/g/l
Light Red Shiny Light Red Flabebe.png Albino Light Red Flabebe.png Melan Light Red Flabebe.png
IMG Codes m/i/4/y p/b/r/s 1/l/6/w
Dark Orange Shiny Dark Orange Flabebe.png Albino Dark Orange Flabebe.png Melan Dark Orange Flabebe.png
IMG Codes v/9/k/5 7/g/6/q p/u/g/r
Orange Shiny Orange Flabebe.png Albino Orange Flabebe.png Melan Orange Flabebe.png
IMG Codes r/c/6/3 7/0/1/i y/l/e/a
Light Orange Shiny Light Orange Flabebe.png Albino Light Orange Flabebe.png Melan Light Orange Flabebe.png
IMG Codes t/5/3/g g/k/s/y r/d/8/8
Dark Yellow Shiny Dark Yellow Flabebe.png Albino Dark Yellow Flabebe.png Melan Dark Yellow Flabebe.png
IMG Codes 5/y/o/b q/5/y/8 a/z/f/6
Yellow Shiny Yellow Flabebe.png Albino Yellow Flabebe.png Melan Yellow Flabebe.png
IMG Codes 3/m/t/u r/g/b/2 4/w/2/b
Light Yellow Shiny Light Yellow Flabebe.png Albino Light Yellow Flabebe.png Melan Light Yellow Flabebe.png
IMG Codes s/0/g k/2/o/s u/v/y/l
Dark Green Shiny Dark Green Flabebe.png Albino Dark Green Flabebe.png Melan Dark Green Flabebe.png
IMG Codes 6/9/h/7 c/e/n/c y/0/3/7
Green Shiny Green Flabebe.png Albino Green Flabebe.png Melan Green Flabebe.png
IMG Codes 3/n/v/l d/z/a/x r/2/6/j
Light Green Shiny Light Green Flabebe.png Albino Light Green Flabebe.png Melan Light Green Flabebe.png
IMG Codes k/u/b/y u/n/9/4 q/d/c/e
Dark Blue Shiny Dark Blue Flabebe.png Albino Dark Blue Flabebe.png Melan Dark Blue Flabebe.png
IMG Codes o/5/o/7 v/7/q/x m/i/1/m
Blue Shiny Blue Flabebe.png Albino Blue Flabebe.png Melan Blue Flabebe.png
IMG Codes a/6/5/0 f/t/f/f 4/o/0/c
Light Blue Shiny Light Blue Flabebe.png Albino Light Blue Flabebe.png Melan Light Blue Flabebe.png
IMG Codes m/l/n/p n/v/m/i s/h/t/k
Dark Aqua Shiny Dark Aqua Flabebe.png Albino Dark Aqua Flabebe.png Melan Dark Aqua Flabebe.png
IMG Codes e/v/q/5 v/7/q/x u/m/r/j
Aqua Shiny Aqua Flabebe.png Albino Aqua Flabebe.png Melan Aqua Flabebe.png
IMG Codes i/j/7/t c/a/4/c i/p/z/8
Light Aqua Shiny Light Aqua Flabebe.png Albino Light Aqua Flabebe.png Melan Light Aqua Flabebe.png
IMG Codes e/p/w/v m/j/0/4 8/t/6/7
Dark Purple Shiny Dark Purple Flabebe.png Albino Dark Purple Flabebe.png Melan Dark Purple Flabebe.png
IMG Codes g/9/2/o 8/w/q/h 3/r/j/y
Purple Shiny Purple Flabebe.png Albino Purple Flabebe.png Melan Purple Flabebe.png
IMG Codes b/0//g/i 7/4/i/d r/i/j/u
Light Purple Shiny Light Purple Flabebe.png Albino Light Purple Flabebe.png Melan Light Purple Flabebe.png
IMG Codes x/6/j/g q/6/j r/i/j/u
Dark Pink Shiny Dark Pink Flabebe.png Albino Dark Pink Flabebe.png Melan Dark Pink Flabebe.png
IMG Codes u/e/o/8 w/e/y/j c/k/9/v
Pink Shiny Pink Flabebe.png Albino Pink Flabebe.png Melan Pink Flabebe.png
IMG Codes x/y/3/b 9/2/w/w n/h/a/u
Light Pink Shiny Light Pink Flabebe.png Albino Light Pink Flabebe.png Melan Light Pink Flabebe.png
IMG Codes d/i/x x/o/k/i w/3/j/d


Shiny Albino Melanistic
White Shiny White Floette.png Albino White Floette.png Melan White Floette.png
IMG Codes z/y/e/e k/2/b/b c/y/2/k
Grey Shiny Grey Floette.png Albino Grey Floette.png Melan Grey Floette.png
IMG Codes 7/1/w/u u/u/s/8 o/q/j/o
Black Shiny Black Floette.png Albino Black Floette.png Melan Black Floette.png
IMG Codes 9/r/4/0 b/p/1/l 2/8/k/z
Dark Red Shiny Dark Red Floette.png Albino Dark Red Floette.png File:Melan Dark Red Floette.png
IMG Codes j/a/2/9 v/z/i/w
Red Shiny Red Floette.png Albino Red Floette.png Melan Red Floette.png
IMG Codes f/i/6 s/2/3/j 6/n/x/v
Light Red Shiny Light Red Floette.png Albino Light Red Floette.png Melan Light Red Floette.png
IMG Codes m/l/1/p 6/8/o/a 1/t/v/s
Dark Orange Shiny Dark Orange Floette.png Albino Dark Orange Floette.png Melan Dark Orange Floette.png
IMG Codes u/n/2/f w/0/g/6 u/8/7/r
Orange Shiny Orange Floette.png Albino Orange Floette.png Melan Orange Floette.png
IMG Codes r/b/i/4 w/3/y x/c/6/q
Light Orange Shiny Light Orange Floette.png Albino Light Orange Floette.png Melan Light Orange Floette.png
IMG Codes 2/u/7/y t/w/5/i t/n/4/p
Dark Yellow Shiny Dark Yellow Floette.png Albino Dark Yellow Floette.png Melan Dark Yellow Floette.png
IMG Codes u/p/m/t a/t/3/2 6/z/2/u
Yellow Shiny Yellow Floette.png Albino Yellow Floette.png Melan Yellow Floette.png
IMG Codes f/r/8/z q/0/s/w a/j/i/y
Light Yellow Shiny Light Yellow Floette.png Albino Light Yellow Floette.png Melan Light Yellow Floette.png
IMG Codes t/v/h/a s/i/t/y
Dark Green Shiny Dark Green Floette.png Albino Dark Green Floette.png Melan Dark Green Floette.png
IMG Codes d/f/l/m 6/i/8/k r/x/n/o
Green Shiny Green Floette.png Albino Green Floette.png Melan Green Floette.png
IMG Codes y/l/1/3 o/z/d/7 y/i/n/w
Light Green Shiny Light Green Floette.png Albino Light Green Floette.png Melan Light Green Floette.png
IMG Codes r/p/7/l 4/t/a/7 4/t/a/7
Dark Blue Shiny Dark Blue Floette.png Albino Dark Blue Floette.png Melan Dark Blue Floette.png
IMG Codes 6/p/7/v i/r/d/p 9/1/2/q
Blue Shiny Blue Floette.png Albino Blue Floette.png Melan Blue Floette.png
IMG Codes 2/4/t/s 6/z/l/u d/0/q/4
Light Blue Shiny Light Blue Floette.png Albino Light Blue Floette.png Melan Light Blue Floette.png
IMG Codes e/r/6/2 n/u/a/e k/q/h/z
Dark Aqua Shiny Dark Aqua Floette.png Albino Dark Aqua Floette.png Melan Dark Aqua Floette.png
IMG Codes 3/7/0/1 i/r/d/p 6/y/g/3
Aqua Shiny Aqua Floette.png Albino Aqua Floette.png Melan Aqua Floette.png
IMG Codes b/d/j x/4/9/r z/4/7/1
Light Aqua Shiny Light Aqua Floette.png Albino Light Aqua Floette.png Melan Light Aqua Floette.png
IMG Codes c/j/e/x w/i/i/y i/n/c/e
Dark Purple Shiny Dark Purple Floette.png Albino Dark Purple Floette.png File:Melan Dark Purple Floette.png
IMG Codes m/w/p/e 1/c/m/9
Purple Shiny Purple Floette.png Albino Purple Floette.png Melan Purple Floette.png
IMG Codes e/8/r/o 7/6/1/s 9/k/d/b
Light Purple Shiny Light Purple Floette.png Albino Light Purple Floette.png Melan Light Purple Floette.png
IMG Codes v/p/b/s j/l/w/a 1/r/y/w
Dark Pink Shiny Dark Pink Floette.png Albino Dark Pink Floette.png Melan Dark Pink Floette.png
IMG Codes 5/r/o/p p/7/0/g 7/v/c/g
Pink Shiny Pink Floette.png Albino Pink Floette.png Melan Pink Floette.png
IMG Codes 9/l/c/f 9/q/p/7 z/v/s/7
Light Pink Shiny Light Pink Floette.png Albino Light Pink Floette.png Melan Light Pink Floette.png
IMG Codes o/x/a/5 r/t/i/g u/3/z/h


Shiny Albino Melanistic
White Shiny White Florges.png Albino White Florges.png Melan White Florges.png
IMG Codes b/z/0/0 p/y/w/r
Grey Shiny Grey Florges.png Albino Grey Florges.png Melan Grey Florges.png
IMG Codes k/m/q/s s/7/j/a u/u/i/m
Black Shiny Black Florges.png Albino Black Florges.png Melan Black Florges.png
IMG Codes e/6/k/c c/t/9/o 3/l/t/0
Dark Red Shiny Dark Red Florges.png Albino Dark Red Florges.png Melan Dark Red Florges.png
IMG Codes l/z/t/j 3/3/p/g 7/h/c/0
Red Shiny Red Florges.png Albino Red Florges.png Melan Red Florges.png
IMG Codes u/8/8/v p/e/0/s h/u/1/2
Light Red Shiny Light Red Florges.png Albino Light Red Florges.png Melan Light Red Florges.png
IMG Codes 7/b/u/s 2/z/6/h c/9/l/c
Dark Orange Shiny Dark Orange Florges.png Albino Dark Orange Florges.png Melan Dark Orange Florges.png
IMG Codes t/p/z/h s/7/8/a 8/9/l/8
Orange Shiny Orange Florges.png Albino Orange Florges.png Melan Orange Florges.png
IMG Codes l/y/s/c e/e/7/e b/b/i/0
Light Orange Shiny Light Orange Florges.png Albino Light Orange Florges.png Melan Light Orange Florges.png
IMG Codes 8/6/l/q v/p/t/c r/3/1/1
Dark Yellow Shiny Dark Yellow Florges.png Albino Dark Yellow Florges.png Melan Dark Yellow Florges.png
IMG Codes g/5/s/y 8/t g/z/p/d
Yellow Shiny Yellow Florges.png Albino Yellow Florges.png Melan Yellow Florges.png
IMG Codes e/b/v/f k/f/q/v w/h/h/d
Light Yellow Shiny Light Yellow Florges.png Albino Light Yellow Florges.png Melan Light Yellow Florges.png
IMG Codes z/j/s/3 j/b/6/r 3/0/e/t
Dark Green Shiny Dark Green Florges.png Albino Dark Green Florges.png Melan Dark Green Florges.png
IMG Codes 2/x/y/z i/m/8/o s/1/g/6
Green Shiny Green Florges.png Albino Green Florges.png Melan Green Florges.png
IMG Codes w/k/5/8 d/f/0/i j/c/w/4
Light Green Shiny Light Green Florges.png Albino Light Green Florges.png Melan Light Green Florges.png
IMG Codes k/u/d/v f/9/4/t u/n/c/c
Dark Blue Shiny Dark Blue Florges.png Albino Dark Blue Florges.png Melan Dark Blue Florges.png
IMG Codes 5/a/l/n b/b/m/x p/g/i/e
Blue Shiny Blue Florges.png Albino Blue Florges.png Melan Blue Florges.png
IMG Codes 5/l/6/i 1/z/k/b 5/m/u/z
Light Blue Shiny Light Blue Florges.png Albino Light Blue Florges.png Melan Light Blue Florges.png
IMG Codes 7/9/8/c d/u/7/5 h/2/s/a
Dark Aqua Shiny Dark Aqua Florges.png Albino Dark Aqua Florges.png Melan Dark Aqua Florges.png
IMG Codes o/y/k/2 v/0/t/w o/o/n/t
Aqua Shiny Aqua Florges.png Albino Aqua Florges.png Melan Aqua Florges.png
IMG Codes e/p/t/1 l/d/e/4 a/r/a/b
Light Aqua Shiny Light Aqua Florges.png Albino Light Aqua Florges.png Melan Light Aqua Florges.png
IMG Codes c/q/i/1 4/u/2/c e/4/w/l
Dark Purple Shiny Dark Purple Florges.png Albino Dark Purple Florges.png Melan Dark Purple Florges.png
IMG Codes m/p/p/x i/d/t/r 7/2/z/2
Purple Shiny Purple Florges.png Albino Purple Florges.png Melan Purple Florges.png
IMG Codes c/r 3/2/h/t 9/8/r/o
Light Purple Shiny Light Purple Florges.png Albino Light Purple Florges.png Melan Light Purple Florges.png
IMG Codes p/n/i/w u/z/k/2 4/v/9/y
Dark Pink Shiny Dark Pink Florges.png Albino Dark Pink Florges.png Melan Dark Pink Florges.png
IMG Codes 9/b/5/7 3/q/e/e y/c/x/i
Pink Shiny Pink Florges.png Albino Pink Florges.png Melan Pink Florges.png
IMG Codes g/x/p/p n/d/z/e z/w/e/6
Light Pink Shiny Light Pink Florges.png Albino Light Pink Florges.png Melan Light Pink Florges.png
IMG Codes j/y/r/5 g/k/y/v 4/2/p/e


  • Furfrou's Trims do not currently have an IMG code of their own excluding the Natural Trim.
  • Please refer to the Kalos Compendium for the urls of the Trims.
Shiny Albino Melanistic
Natural Shiny Natural Furfrou.png Albino Natural Furfrou.png Melan Natural Furfrou.png
IMG Codes r/t/5/c p/g/7/j v/z/n/p
Heart Trim Shiny Heart Trim Furfrou.png Albino Heart Trim Furfrou.png Melan Heart Trim Furfrou.png
IMG Codes x/x/x x/x/x x/x/x
Diamond Trim Shiny Diamond Trim Furfrou.png Albino Diamond Trim Furfrou.png Melan Diamond Trim Furfrou.png
IMG Codes x/x/x x/x/x x/x/x
Star Trim Shiny Star Trim Furfrou.png Albino Star Trim Furfrou.png Melan Star Trim Furfrou.png
IMG Codes x/x/x x/x/x x/x/x
Matron Trim Shiny Matron Trim Furfrou.png Albino Matron Trim Furfrou.png Melan Matron Trim Furfrou.png
IMG Codes x/x/x x/x/x x/x/x
Dandy Trim Shiny Dandy Trim Furfrou.png Albino Dandy Trim Furfrou.png Melan Dandy Trim Furfrou.png
IMG Codes x/x/x x/x/x x/x/x
Débutante Trim Shiny Debutante Trim Furfrou.png Albino Debutante Trim Furfrou.png Melan Debutante Trim Furfrou.png
IMG Codes x/x/x x/x/x x/x/x
Pharaoh Trim Shiny Pharaoh Trim Furfrou.png Albino Pharaoh Trim Furfrou.png Melan Pharaoh Trim Furfrou.png
IMG Codes x/x/x x/x/x x/x/x
Kabuki Trim Shiny Kabuki Trim Furfrou.png Albino Kabuki Trim Furfrou.png Melan Kabuki Trim Furfrou.png
IMG Codes x/x/x x/x/x x/x/x
La Reine Trim Shiny La Reine Trim Furfrou.png Albino La Reine Trim Furfrou.png Melan La Reine Trim Furfrou.png
IMG Codes x/x/x x/x/x x/x/x