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The following table lists all Shiny, Albino, and Melanistic Pokémon of the Hoenn region. An overview can be found on the List of Special Pokémon.


#266 Treecko to #299 Masquerain
#300 Shroomish to #324 Electrike
#325 Manectric to #349 Zangoose
#350 Seviper to #374 Chimecho
#375 Absol to #404 Deoxys

Shiny Albino Melanistic
Treecko Shiny Treecko.png Albino Treecko.png Melanistic Treecko.png
Grovyle Shiny Grovyle.png Albino Grovyle.png Melanistic Grovyle.png
Sceptile Shiny Sceptile.png Albino Sceptile.png Melanistic Sceptile.png
Mega Sceptile Shiny Mega Sceptile.png Albino Mega Sceptile.png Melanistic Mega Sceptile.png
Torchic Shiny Torchic.png Albino Torchic.png Melanistic Torchic.png
Combusken Shiny Combusken.pngShiny Female Combusken.png Albino Combusken.pngAlbino Female Combusken.png Melanistic Combusken.pngMelanistic Female Combusken.png
Blaziken Shiny Blaziken.pngShiny Female Blaziken.png Albino Blaziken.pngAlbino Female Blaziken.png Melanistic Blaziken.pngMelanistic Female Blaziken.png
Mega Blaziken Shiny Mega Blaziken.png Albino Mega Blaziken.png Melanistic Mega Blaziken.png
Mudkip Shiny Mudkip.png Albino Mudkip.png Melanistic Mudkip.png
Marshtomp Shiny Marshtomp.png Albino Marshtomp.png Melanistic Marshtomp.png
Swampert Shiny Swampert.png Albino Swampert.png Melanistic Swampert.png
Mega Swampert Shiny Mega Swampert.png Albino Mega Swampert.png Melanistic Mega Swampert.png
Poochyena Shiny Poochyena.png Albino Poochyena.png Melanistic Poochyena.png
Mightyena Shiny Mightyena.png Albino Mightyena.png Melanistic Mightyena.png
Zigzagoon Shiny Zigzagoon.png Albino Zigzagoon.png Melanistic Zigzagoon.png
Galarian Zigzagoon Shiny Galarian Zigzagoon.png Albino Galarian Zigzagoon.png Melanistic Galarian Zigzagoon.png
Linoone Shiny Linoone.png Albino Linoone.png Melanistic Linoone.png
Galarian Linoone Shiny Galarian Linoone.png Albino Galarian Linoone.png Melanistic Galarian Linoone.png
Wurmple Shiny Wurmple.png Albino Wurmple.png Melanistic Wurmple.png
Silcoon Shiny Silcoon.png Albino Silcoon.png Melanistic Silcoon.png
Beautifly Shiny Beautifly.pngShiny Female Beautifly.png Albino Beautifly.pngAlbino Female Beautifly.png Melanistic Beautifly.pngMelanistic Female Beautifly.png
Cascoon Shiny Cascoon.png Albino Cascoon.png Melanistic Cascoon.png
Dustox Shiny Dustox.pngShiny Female Dustox.png Albino Dustox.pngAlbino Female Dustox.png Melanistic Dustox.pngMelanistic Female Dustox.png
Lotad Shiny Lotad.png Albino Lotad.png Melanistic Lotad.png
Lombre Shiny Lombre.png Albino Lombre.png Melanistic Lombre.png
Ludicolo Shiny Ludicolo.pngShiny Female Ludicolo.png Albino Ludicolo.pngAlbino Female Ludicolo.png Melanistic Ludicolo.pngMelanistic Female Ludicolo.png
Seedot Shiny Seedot.png Albino Seedot.png Melanistic Seedot.png
Nuzleaf Shiny Nuzleaf.pngShiny Female Nuzleaf.png Albino Nuzleaf.pngAlbino Female Nuzleaf.png Melanistic Nuzleaf.pngMelanistic Female Nuzleaf.png
Shiftry Shiny Shiftry.pngShiny Female Shiftry.png Albino Shiftry.pngAlbino Female Shiftry.png Melanistic Shiftry.pngMelanistic Female Shiftry.png
Taillow Shiny Taillow.png Albino Taillow.png Melanistic Taillow.png
Swellow Shiny Swellow.png Albino Swellow.png Melanistic Swellow.png
Wingull Shiny Wingull.png Albino Wingull.png Melanistic Wingull.png
Pelipper Shiny Pelipper.png Albino Pelipper.png Melanistic Pelipper.png
Ralts Shiny Ralts.png Albino Ralts.png Melanistic Ralts.png
Kirlia Shiny Kirlia.png Albino Kirlia.png Melanistic Kirlia.png
Gardevoir Shiny Gardevoir.png Albino Gardevoir.png Melanistic Gardevoir.png
Mega Gardevoir Shiny Mega Gardevoir.png Albino Mega Gardevoir.png Melanistic Mega Gardevoir.png
Gallade Shiny Gallade.png Albino Gallade.png Melanistic Gallade.png
Mega Gallade Shiny Mega Gallade.png Albino Mega Gallade.png Melanistic Mega Gallade.png
Surskit Shiny Surskit.png Albino Surskit.png Melanistic Surskit.png
Masquerain Shiny Masquerain.png Albino Masquerain.png Melanistic Masquerain.png
Shiny Albino Melanistic
Shroomish Shiny Shroomish.png Albino Shroomish.png Melanistic Shroomish.png
Breloom Shiny Breloom.png Albino Breloom.png Melanistic Breloom.png
Slakoth Shiny Slakoth.png Albino Slakoth.png Melanistic Slakoth.png
Vigoroth Shiny Vigoroth.png Albino Vigoroth.png Melanistic Vigoroth.png
Slaking Shiny Slaking.png Albino Slaking.png Melanistic Slaking.png
Nincada Shiny Nincada.png Albino Nincada.png Melanistic Nincada.png
Ninjask Shiny Ninjask.png Albino Ninjask.png Melanistic Ninjask.png
Shedinja Shiny Shedinja.png Albino Shedinja.png Melanistic Shedinja.png
Whismur Shiny Whismur.png Albino Whismur.png Melanistic Whismur.png
Loudred Shiny Loudred.png Albino Loudred.png Melanistic Loudred.png
Exploud Shiny Exploud.png Albino Exploud.png Melanistic Exploud.png
Makuhita Shiny Makuhita.png Albino Makuhita.png Melanistic Makuhita.png
Hariyama Shiny Hariyama.png Albino Hariyama.png Melanistic Hariyama.png
Nosepass Shiny Nosepass.png Albino Nosepass.png Melanistic Nosepass.png
Probopass Shiny Probopass.png Albino Probopass.png Melanistic Probopass.png
Skitty Shiny Skitty.png Albino Skitty.png Melanistic Skitty.png
Delcatty Shiny Delcatty.png Albino Delcatty.png Melanistic Delcatty.png
Sableye Shiny Sableye.png Albino Sableye.png Melanistic Sableye.png
Mega Sableye Shiny Mega Sableye.png Albino Mega Sableye.png Melanistic Mega Sableye.png
Mawile Shiny Mawile.png Albino Mawile.png Melanistic Mawile.png
Mega Mawile Shiny Mega Mawile.png Albino Mega Mawile.png Melanistic Mega Mawile.png
Aron Shiny Aron.png Albino Aron.png Melanistic Aron.png
Lairon Shiny Lairon.png Albino Lairon.png Melanistic Lairon.png
Aggron Shiny Aggron.png Albino Aggron.png Melanistic Aggron.png
Mega Aggron Shiny Mega Aggron.png Albino Mega Aggron.png Melanistic Mega Aggron.png
Meditite Shiny Meditite.pngShiny Female Meditite.png Albino Meditite.pngAlbino Female Meditite.png Melanistic Meditite.pngMelanistic Female Meditite.png
Medicham Shiny Medicham.pngShiny Female Medicham.png Albino Medicham.pngAlbino Female Medicham.png Melanistic Medicham.pngMelanistic Female Medicham.png
Mega Medicham Shiny Mega Medicham.png Albino Mega Medicham.png Melanistic Mega Medicham.png
Electrike Shiny Electrike.png Albino Electrike.png Melanistic Electrike.png
Shiny Albino Melanistic
Manectric Shiny Manectric.png Albino Manectric.png Melanistic Manectric.png
Mega Manectric Shiny Mega Manectric.png Albino Mega Manectric.png Melanistic Mega Manectric.png
Plusle Shiny Plusle.png Albino Plusle.png Melanistic Plusle.png
Minun Shiny Minun.png Albino Minun.png Melanistic Minun.png
Volbeat Shiny Volbeat.png Albino Volbeat.png Melanistic Volbeat.png
Illumise Shiny Illumise.png Albino Illumise.png Melanistic Illumise.png
Gulpin Shiny Gulpin.pngShiny Female Gulpin.png Albino Gulpin.pngAlbino Female Gulpin.png Melanistic Gulpin.pngMelanistic Female Gulpin.png
Swalot Shiny Swalot.pngShiny Female Swalot.png Albino Swalot.pngAlbino Female Swalot.png Melanistic Swalot.pngMelanistic Female Swalot.png
Carvanha Shiny Carvanha.png Albino Carvanha.png Melanistic Carvanha.png
Sharpedo Shiny Sharpedo.png Albino Sharpedo.png Melanistic Sharpedo.png
Mega Sharpedo Shiny Mega Sharpedo.png Albino Mega Sharpedo.png Melanistic Mega Sharpedo.png
Wailmer Shiny Wailmer.png Albino Wailmer.png Melanistic Wailmer.png
Wailord Shiny Wailord.png Albino Wailord.png Melanistic Wailord.png
Numel Shiny Numel.pngShiny Female Numel.png Albino Numel.pngAlbino Female Numel.png Melanistic Numel.pngMelanistic Female Numel.png
Camerupt Shiny Camerupt.pngShiny Female Camerupt.png Albino Camerupt.pngAlbino Female Camerupt.png Melanistic Camerupt.pngMelanistic Female Camerupt.png
Mega Camerupt Shiny Mega Camerupt.png Albino Mega Camerupt.png Melanistic Mega Camerupt.png
Torkoal Shiny Torkoal.png Albino Torkoal.png Melanistic Torkoal.png
Spoink Shiny Spoink.png Albino Spoink.png Melanistic Spoink.png
Grumpig Shiny Grumpig.png Albino Grumpig.png Melanistic Grumpig.png
Spinda Shiny Spinda.png Albino Spinda.png Melanistic Spinda.png
Trapinch Shiny Trapinch.png Albino Trapinch.png Melanistic Trapinch.png
Vibrava Shiny Vibrava.png Albino Vibrava.png Melanistic Vibrava.png
Flygon Shiny Flygon.png Albino Flygon.png Melanistic Flygon.png
Cacnea Shiny Cacnea.png Albino Cacnea.png Melanistic Cacnea.png
Cacturne Shiny Cacturne.pngShiny Female Cacturne.png Albino Cacturne.pngAlbino Female Cacturne.png Melanistic Cacturne.pngMelanistic Female Cacturne.png
Swablu Shiny Swablu.png Albino Swablu.png Melanistic Swablu.png
Altaria Shiny Altaria.png Albino Altaria.png Melanistic Altaria.png
Mega Altaria Shiny Mega Altaria.png Albino Mega Altaria.png Melanistic Mega Altaria.png
Zangoose Shiny Zangoose.png Albino Zangoose.png Melanistic Zangoose.png
Shiny Albino Melanistic
Seviper Shiny Seviper.png Albino Seviper.png Melanistic Seviper.png
Lunatone Shiny Lunatone.png Albino Lunatone.png Melanistic Lunatone.png
Solrock Shiny Solrock.png Albino Solrock.png Melanistic Solrock.png
Barboach Shiny Barboach.png Albino Barboach.png Melanistic Barboach.png
Whiscash Shiny Whiscash.png Albino Whiscash.png Melanistic Whiscash.png
Corphish Shiny Corphish.png Albino Corphish.png Melanistic Corphish.png
Crawdaunt Shiny Crawdaunt.png Albino Crawdaunt.png Melanistic Crawdaunt.png
Baltoy Shiny Baltoy.png Albino Baltoy.png Melanistic Baltoy.png
Claydol Shiny Claydol.png Albino Claydol.png Melanistic Claydol.png
Lileep Shiny Lileep.png Albino Lileep.png Melanistic Lileep.png
Cradily Shiny Cradily.png Albino Cradily.png Melanistic Cradily.png
Anorith Shiny Anorith.png Albino Anorith.png Melanistic Anorith.png
Armaldo Shiny Armaldo.png Albino Armaldo.png Melanistic Armaldo.png
Feebas Shiny Feebas.png Albino Feebas.png Melanistic Feebas.png
Milotic Shiny Milotic.pngShiny Female Milotic.png Albino Milotic.pngAlbino Female Milotic.png Melanistic Milotic.pngMelanistic Female Milotic.png
Castform Shiny Castform.png Albino Castform.png Melanistic Castform.png
Sunny Castform Shiny Sunny Castform.png Albino Sunny Castform.png Melanistic Sunny Castform.png
Rainy Castform Shiny Rainy Castform.png Albino Rainy Castform.png Melanistic Rainy Castform.png
Snowy Castform Shiny Snowy Castform.png Albino Snowy Castform.png Melanistic Snowy Castform.png
Kecleon Shiny Kecleon.png Albino Kecleon.png Melanistic Kecleon.png
Shuppet Shiny Shuppet.png Albino Shuppet.png Melanistic Shuppet.png
Banette Shiny Banette.png Albino Banette.png Melanistic Banette.png
Mega Banette Shiny Mega Banette.png Albino Mega Banette.png Melanistic Mega Banette.png
Duskull Shiny Duskull.png Albino Duskull.png Melanistic Duskull.png
Dusclops Shiny Dusclops.png Albino Dusclops.png Melanistic Dusclops.png
Dusknoir Shiny Dusknoir.png Albino Dusknoir.png Melanistic Dusknoir.png
Tropius Shiny Tropius.png Albino Tropius.png Melanistic Tropius.png
Chingling Shiny Chingling.png Albino Chingling.png Melanistic Chingling.png
Chimecho Shiny Chimecho.png Albino Chimecho.png Melanistic Chimecho.png
Shiny Albino Melanistic
Absol Shiny Absol.png Albino Absol.png Melanistic Absol.png
Mega Absol Shiny Mega Absol.png Albino Mega Absol.png Melanistic Mega Absol.png
Wynaut Shiny Wynaut.png Albino Wynaut.png Melanistic Wynaut.png
Wobbuffet Shiny Wobbuffet.pngShiny Female Wobbuffet.png Albino Wobbuffet.pngAlbino Female Wobbuffet.png Melanistic Wobbuffet.pngMelanistic Female Wobbuffet.png
Snorunt Shiny Snorunt.png Albino Snorunt.png Melanistic Snorunt.png
Glalie Shiny Glalie.png Albino Glalie.png Melanistic Glalie.png
Mega Glalie Shiny Mega Glalie.png Albino Mega Glalie.png Melanistic Mega Glalie.png
Froslass Shiny Froslass.png Albino Froslass.png Melanistic Froslass.png
Spheal Shiny Spheal.png Albino Spheal.png Melanistic Spheal.png
Sealeo Shiny Sealeo.png Albino Sealeo.png Melanistic Sealeo.png
Walrein Shiny Walrein.png Albino Walrein.png Melanistic Walrein.png
Clamperl Shiny Clamperl.png Albino Clamperl.png Melanistic Clamperl.png
Huntail Shiny Huntail.png Albino Huntail.png Melanistic Huntail.png
Gorebyss Shiny Gorebyss.png Albino Gorebyss.png Melanistic Gorebyss.png
Relicanth Shiny Relicanth.pngShiny Female Relicanth.png Albino Relicanth.pngAlbino Female Relicanth.png Melanistic Relicanth.pngMelanistic Female Relicanth.png
Luvdisc Shiny Luvdisc.png Albino Luvdisc.png Melanistic Luvdisc.png
Bagon Shiny Bagon.png Albino Bagon.png Melanistic Bagon.png
Shelgon Shiny Shelgon.png Albino Shelgon.png Melanistic Shelgon.png
Salamence Shiny Salamence.png Albino Salamence.png Melanistic Salamence.png
Mega Salamence Shiny Mega Salamence.png Albino Mega Salamence.png Melanistic Mega Salamence.png
Beldum Shiny Beldum.png Albino Beldum.png Melanistic Beldum.png
Metang Shiny Metang.png Albino Metang.png Melanistic Metang.png
Metagross Shiny Metagross.png Albino Metagross.png Melanistic Metagross.png
Mega Metagross Shiny Mega Metagross.png Albino Mega Metagross.png Melanistic Mega Metagross.png
Regirock Shiny Regirock.png Albino Regirock.png Melanistic Regirock.png
Regice Shiny Regice.png Albino Regice.png Melanistic Regice.png
Registeel Shiny Registeel.png Albino Registeel.png Melanistic Registeel.png
Latias Shiny Latias.png Albino Latias.png File:Melanistic Latias.png
Mega Latias Shiny Mega Latias.png Albino Mega Latias.png File:Melanistic Mega Latias.png
Latios Shiny Latios.png Albino Latios.png Melanistic Latios.png
Mega Latios Shiny Mega Latios.png Albino Mega Latios.png File:Melanistic Mega Latios.png
Kyogre Shiny Kyogre.png Albino Kyogre.png Melanistic Kyogre.png
Primal Kyogre Shiny Primal Kyogre.png Albino Primal Kyogre.png Melanistic Primal Kyogre.png
Groudon Shiny Groudon.png Albino Groudon.png Melanistic Groudon.png
Primal Groudon Shiny Primal Groudon.png Albino Primal Groudon.png Melanistic Primal Groudon.png
Rayquaza Shiny Rayquaza.png Albino Rayquaza.png Melanistic Rayquaza.png
Mega Rayquaza Shiny Mega Rayquaza.png Albino Mega Rayquaza.png Melanistic Mega Rayquaza.png
Jirachi Shiny Jirachi.png Albino Jirachi.png Melanistic Jirachi.png
Deoxys Shiny Deoxys.png Albino Deoxys.png Melanistic Deoxys.png
Attack Deoxys Shiny Attack Deoxys.png Albino Attack Deoxys.png Melanistic Attack Deoxys.png
Defence Deoxys Shiny Defence Deoxys.png Albino Defence Deoxys.png Melanistic Defence Deoxys.png
Speed Deoxys Shiny Speed Deoxys.png Albino Speed Deoxys.png Melanistic Speed Deoxys.png