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The following table lists all Eggs, Normal, Shiny, Albino, and Melanistic of the Ground Type. An overview can be found on the List of Pokémon Types.


Pokémon Egg Normal Shiny Albino Melanistic
Sandshrew Sandshrew Egg.png Sandshrew.png Shiny Sandshrew.png Albino Sandshrew.png Melanistic Sandshrew.png
Sandslash Sandslash.png Shiny Sandslash.png Albino Sandslash.png Melanistic Sandslash.png
Totem Sandslash Q Totem Sandslash Q.png Shiny Totem Sandslash Q.png Albino Totem Sandslash Q.png Melanistic Totem Sandslash Q.png
Nidoqueen Nidoqueen.png Shiny Nidoqueen.png Albino Nidoqueen.png Melanistic Nidoqueen.png
Nidoking Nidoking.png Shiny Nidoking.png Albino Nidoking.png Melanistic Nidoking.png
Diglett Diglett Egg.png Diglett.png Shiny Diglett.png Albino Diglett.png Melanistic Diglett.png
Dugtrio Dugtrio.png Shiny Dugtrio.png Albino Dugtrio.png Melanistic Dugtrio.png
Alolan Diglett Alolan Diglett Egg.png Alolan Diglett.png Shiny Alolan Diglett.png Albino Alolan Diglett.png Melanistic Alolan Diglett.png
Alolan Dugtrio Alolan Dugtrio.png Shiny Alolan Dugtrio.png Albino Alolan Dugtrio.png Melanistic Alolan Dugtrio.png
Geodude Geodude Egg.png Geodude.png Shiny Geodude.png Albino Geodude.png Melanistic Geodude.png
Graveler Graveler.png Shiny Graveler.png Albino Graveler.png Melanistic Graveler.png
Golem Golem.png Shiny Golem.png Albino Golem.png Melanistic Golem.png
Onix Onix Egg.png Onix.png Shiny Onix.png Albino Onix.png Melanistic Onix.png
Steelix Steelix.pngFemale Steelix.png Shiny Steelix.pngShiny Female Steelix.png Albino Steelix.pngAlbino Female Steelix.png Melanistic Steelix.pngMelanistic Female Steelix.png
Mega Steelix Mega Steelix.png Shiny Mega Steelix.png Albino Mega Steelix.png Melanistic Mega Steelix.png
Cubone Cubone Egg.png Cubone.png Shiny Cubone.png Albino Cubone.png Melanistic Cubone.png
Marowak Marowak.png Shiny Marowak.png Albino Marowak.png Melanistic Marowak.png
Rhyhorn Rhyhorn Egg.png Rhyhorn.pngFemale Rhyhorn.png Shiny Rhyhorn.pngShiny Female Rhyhorn.png Albino Rhyhorn.pngAlbino Female Rhyhorn.png Melanistic Rhyhorn.pngMelanistic Female Rhyhorn.png
Rhydon Rhydon.pngFemale Rhydon.png Shiny Rhydon.pngShiny Female Rhydon.png Albino Rhydon.pngAlbino Female Rhydon.png Melanistic Rhydon.pngMelanistic Female Rhydon.png
Rhyperior Rhyperior.pngFemale Rhyperior.png Shiny Rhyperior.pngShiny Female Rhyperior.png Albino Rhyperior.pngAlbino Female Rhyperior.png Melanistic Rhyperior.pngMelanistic Female Rhyperior.png


Pokémon Egg Normal Shiny Albino Melanistic
Wooper Wooper Egg.png Wooper.pngFemale Wooper.png Shiny Wooper.pngShiny Female Wooper.png Albino Wooper.pngAlbino Female Wooper.png Melanistic Wooper.pngMelanistic Female Wooper.png
Quagsire Quagsire.pngFemale Quagsire.png Shiny Quagsire.pngShiny Female Quagsire.png Albino Quagsire.pngAlbino Female Quagsire.png Melanistic Quagsire.pngMelanistic Female Quagsire.png
Gligar Gligar Egg.png Gligar.pngFemale Gligar.png Shiny Gligar.pngShiny Female Gligar.png Albino Gligar.pngAlbino Female Gligar.png Melanistic Gligar.pngMelanistic Female Gligar.png
Gliscor Gliscor.png Shiny Gliscor.png Albino Gliscor.png Melanistic Gliscor.png
Swinub Swinub Egg.png Swinub.png Shiny Swinub.png Albino Swinub.png Melanistic Swinub.png
Piloswine Piloswine.pngFemale Piloswine.png Shiny Piloswine.pngShiny Female Piloswine.png Albino Piloswine.pngAlbino Female Piloswine.png Melanistic Piloswine.pngMelanistic Female Piloswine.png
Mamoswine Mamoswine.pngFemale Mamoswine.png Shiny Mamoswine.pngShiny Female Mamoswine.png Albino Mamoswine.pngAlbino Female Mamoswine.png Melanistic Mamoswine.pngMelanistic Female Mamoswine.png
Phanpy Phanpy Egg.png Phanpy.png Shiny Phanpy.png Albino Phanpy.png Melanistic Phanpy.png
Donphan Donphan.pngFemale Donphan.png Shiny Donphan.pngShiny Female Donphan.png Albino Donphan.pngAlbino Female Donphan.png Melanistic Donphan.pngMelanistic Female Donphan.png
Totem Donphan Q Totem Donphan Q.pngFemale Totem Donphan Q.png Shiny Totem Donphan Q.pngShiny Female Totem Donphan Q.png Albino Totem Donphan Q.pngAlbino Female Totem Donphan Q.png Melanistic Female Totem Donphan Q.pngMelanistic Female Totem Donphan Q.png
Larvitar Larvitar Egg.png Larvitar.png Shiny Larvitar.png Albino Larvitar.png Melanistic Larvitar.png
Pupitar Pupitar.png Shiny Pupitar.png Albino Pupitar.png Melanistic Pupitar.png


Pokémon Egg Normal Shiny Albino Melanistic
Marshtomp Marshtomp.png Shiny Marshtomp.png Albino Marshtomp.png Melanistic Marshtomp.png
Swampert Swampert.png Shiny Swampert.png Albino Swampert.png Melanistic Swampert.png
Mega Swampert Mega Swampert.png Shiny Mega Swampert.png Albino Mega Swampert.png Melanistic Mega Swampert.png
Nincada Nincada Egg.png Nincada.png Shiny Nincada.png Albino Nincada.png Melanistic Nincada.png
Numel Numel Egg.png Numel.pngFemale Numel.png Shiny Numel.pngShiny Female Numel.png Albino Numel.pngAlbino Female Numel.png Melanistic Numel.pngMelanistic Female Numel.png
Camerupt Camerupt.pngFemale Camerupt.png Shiny Camerupt.pngShiny Female Camerupt.png Albino Camerupt.pngAlbino Female Camerupt.png Melanistic Camerupt.pngMelanistic Female Camerupt.png
Mega Camerupt Mega Camerupt.png Shiny Mega Camerupt.png Albino Mega Camerupt.png Melanistic Mega Camerupt.png
Trapinch Trapinch Egg.png Trapinch.png Shiny Trapinch.png Albino Trapinch.png Melanistic Trapinch.png
Vibrava Vibrava.png Shiny Vibrava.png Albino Vibrava.png Melanistic Vibrava.png
Flygon Flygon.png Shiny Flygon.png Albino Flygon.png Melanistic Flygon.png
Mega Flygon Q Mega Flygon Q.png Shiny Mega Flygon Q.png Albino Mega Flygon Q.png Melanistic Mega Flygon Q.png
Barboach Barboach Egg.png Barboach.png Shiny Barboach.png Albino Barboach.png Melanistic Barboach.png
Whiscash Whiscash.png Shiny Whiscash.png Albino Whiscash.png Melanistic Whiscash.png
Totem Whiscash Q Totem Whiscash Q.png Shiny Totem Whiscash Q.png Albino Totem Whiscash Q.png Melanistic Totem Whiscash Q.png
Baltoy Baltoy Egg.png Baltoy.png Shiny Baltoy.png Albino Baltoy.png Melanistic Baltoy.png
Claydol Claydol.png Shiny Claydol.png Albino Claydol.png Melanistic Claydol.png
Groudon Groudon Egg.png Groudon.png Shiny Groudon.png Albino Groudon.png Melanistic Groudon.png
Primal Groudon Primal Groudon.png Shiny Primal Groudon.png Albino Primal Groudon.png Melanistic Primal Groudon.png


Pokémon Egg Normal Shiny Albino Melanistic
Torterra Torterra.png Shiny Torterra.png Albino Torterra.png Melan Torterra.png
Gastrodon Occident Gastrodon.pngOrient Gastrodon.png Shiny Occident Gastrodon.pngShiny Orient Gastrodon.png Albino Occident Gastrodon.pngAlbino Orient Gastrodon.png Melan Occident Gastrodon.pngMelan Orient Gastrodon.png
Gible Gible Egg.png Gible.png Shiny Gible.png Albino Gible.png Melan Gible.png
Gabite Gabite.pngFemale Gabite.png Shiny Gabite.pngShiny Female Gabite.png Albino Gabite.pngAlbino Female Gabite.png Melan Gabite.pngMelan Female Gabite.png
Garchomp Garchomp.pngFemale Garchomp.png Shiny Garchomp.pngShiny Female Garchomp.png Albino Garchomp.pngAlbino Female Garchomp.png Melan Garchomp.pngMelan Female Garchomp.png
Mega Garchomp Mega Garchomp.png Shiny Mega Garchomp.png Albino Mega Garchomp.png Melan Mega Garchomp.png
Hippopotas Hippopotas Egg.png Hippopotas.pngFemale Hippopotas.png Shiny Hippopotas.pngShiny Female Hippopotas.png Albino Hippopotas.pngAlbino Female Hippopotas.png Melan Hippopotas.pngMelan Female Hippopotas.png
Hippowdon Hippowdon.pngFemale Hippowdon.png Shiny Hippowdon.pngShiny Female Hippowdon.png Albino Hippowdon.pngAlbino Female Hippowdon.png Melan Hippowdon.pngMelan Female Hippowdon.png
Ground Arceus Ground Arceus.png Shiny Ground Arceus.png Albino Ground Arceus.png Melan Ground Arceus.png
Ursaluna Ursaluna.png Shiny Ursaluna.png Albino Ursaluna.png Melan Ursaluna.png


Pokémon Egg Normal Shiny Albino Melanistic
Drilbur Drilbur Egg.png Drilbur.png Shiny Drilbur.png Albino Drilbur.png Melan Drilbur.png
Excadrill Excadrill.png Shiny Excadrill.png Albino Excadrill.png Melan Excadrill.png
Palpitoad Palpitoad.png Shiny Palpitoad.png Albino Palpitoad.png Melan Palpitoad.png
Seismitoad Seismitoad.png Shiny Seismitoad.png Albino Seismitoad.png Melan Seismitoad.png
Sandile Sandile Egg.png Sandile.png Shiny Sandile.png Albino Sandile.png Melan Sandile.png
Krokorok Krokorok.png Shiny Krokorok.png Albino Krokorok.png Melan Krokorok.png
Krookodile Krookodile.png Shiny Krookodile.png Albino Krookodile.png Melan Krookodile.png
Galarian Yamask Galarian Yamask Egg.png Galarian Yamask.png Shiny Galarian Yamask.png Albino Galarian Yamask.png Melan Galarian Yamask.png
Runerigus Runerigus.png Shiny Runerigus.png Albino Runerigus.png Melan Runerigus.png
Stunfisk Stunfisk Egg.png Stunfisk.png Shiny Stunfisk.png Albino Stunfisk.png Melan Stunfisk.png
Galarian Stunfisk Galarian Stunfisk Egg.png Galarian Stunfisk.png Shiny Galarian Stunfisk.png Albino Galarian Stunfisk.png Melanistic Galarian Stunfisk.png
Golett Golett Egg.png Golett.png Shiny Golett.png Albino Golett.png Melan Golett.png
Golurk Golurk.png Shiny Golurk.png Albino Golurk.png Melan Golurk.png
Landorus Landorus Egg.png Landorus.png Shiny Landorus.png Albino Landorus.png Melan Landorus.png
Therian Landorus Therian Landorus.png Shiny Therian Landorus.png Albino Therian Landorus.png Melan Therian Landorus.png


Pokémon Egg Normal Shiny Albino Melanistic
Diggersby Diggersby.png Shiny Diggersby.png Albino Diggersby.png Melan Diggersby.png
Zygarde Core Zygarde Egg.png Zygarde Core.png Shiny Zygarde Core.png Albino Zygarde Core.png Melan Zygarde Core.png
Zygarde 10% Zygarde 10.png Shiny Zygarde 10.png Albino Zygarde 10.png Melan Zygarde 10.png
Zygarde 50% Zygarde 50.png Shiny Zygarde 50.png Albino Zygarde 50.png Melan Zygarde 50.png
Zygarde Complete Zygarde Complete.png Shiny Zygarde Complete.png Albino Zygarde Complete.png Melan Zygarde Complete.png


Pokémon Egg Normal Shiny Albino Melanistic
Mudbray Mudbray Egg.png Mudbray.png Shiny Mudbray.png Albino Mudbray.png Melanistic Mudbray.png
Mudsdale Mudsdale.png Shiny Mudsdale.png Albino Mudsdale.png Melanistic Mudsdale.png
Sandygast Sandygast Egg.png Sandygast.png Shiny Sandygast.png Albino Sandygast.png Melanistic Sandygast.png
Palossand Palossand.png Shiny Palossand.png Albino Palossand.png Melanistic Palossand.png
Ground Silvally Ground Silvally.png Shiny Ground Silvally.png Albino Ground Silvally.png Melanistic Ground Silvally.png


Pokémon Egg Normal Shiny Albino Melanistic
Silicobra Silicobra Egg.png Silicobra.png Shiny Silicobra.png Albino Silicobra.png Melan Silicobra.png
Sandaconda Sandaconda.png Shiny Sandaconda.png Albino Sandaconda.png Melan Sandaconda.png


Pokémon Egg Normal Shiny Albino Melanistic
Arasprit Arasprit Egg.png Arasprit.png Shiny Arasprit.png Albino Arasprit.png Melanistic Arasprit.png
Arthreux Arthreux.png Shiny Arthreux.png Albino Arthreux.png Melanistic Arthreux.png
Tillink Tillink Egg.png Tillink.png Shiny Tillink.png Albino Tillink.png Melanistic Tillink.png
Terrink Terrink.png Shiny Terrink.png Albino Terrink.png Melanistic Terrink.png
Kenyip Kenyip Egg.png Kenyip.png Shiny Kenyip.png Albino Kenyip.png Melanistic Kenyip.png
Arfrica Arfrica.png Shiny Arfrica.png Albino Arfrica.png Melanistic Arfrica.png
Kalahowli Kalahowli.png Shiny Kalahowli.png Albino Kalahowli.png Melanistic Kalahowli.png
Boreal Tundrasail Boreal Forme Tundrasail.png Shiny Boreal Forme Tundrasail.png Albino Boreal Forme Tundrasail.png Melanistic Boreal Forme Tundrasail.png
Austral Tundrasail Austral Forme Tundrasail.png Shiny Austral Forme Tundrasail.png Albino Austral Forme Tundrasail.png Melanistic Austral Forme Tundrasail.png
Tenrekki Tenrekki Egg.png Tenrekki.png Shiny Tenrekki.png Albino Tenrekki.png Melanistic Tenrekki.png
Slithugi Slithugi Egg.png Slithugi.png Shiny Slithugi.png Albino Slithugi.png Melanistic Slithugi.png
Sugikobra Sugikobra.png Shiny Sugikobra.png Albino Sugikobra.png Melanistic Sugikobra.png


Pokémon Egg Normal Shiny Albino Melanistic
Vampire Gligar Vampire Gligar Egg.png Vampire Gligar.png Shiny Vampire Gligar.png Albino Vampire Gligar.png Melanistic Vampire Gligar.png
Vampire Gliscor Vampire Gliscor.png Shiny Vampire Gliscor.png Albino Vampire Gliscor.png Melanistic Vampire Gliscor.png
Arctic Numel Arctic Numel Egg.png Arctic Numel.pngFemale Arctic Numel.png Shiny Arctic Numel.pngShiny Female Arctic Numel.png Albino Arctic Numel.pngAlbino Female Arctic Numel.png Melanistic Arctic Numel.pngMelanistic Female Arctic Numel.png
Arctic_Camerupt Arctic Camerupt.pngFemale Arctic Camerupt.png Shiny Arctic Camerupt.pngShiny Female Arctic Camerupt.png Albino Arctic Camerupt.pngAlbino Female Arctic Camerupt.png Melanistic Arctic Camerupt.pngMelanistic Female Arctic Camerupt.png