Flying Type Pokémon

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The following table lists all Eggs, Normal, Shiny, Albino, and Melanistic of the Flying Type. An overview can be found on the List of Pokémon Types.


Pokémon Egg Normal Shiny Albino Melanistic
Charizard Charizard.png Shiny Charizard.png Albino Charizard.png Melanistic Charizard.png
Mega Charizard Y Mega Charizard Y.png Shiny Mega Charizard Y.png Albino Mega Charizard Y.png Melanistic Mega Charizard Y.png
Butterfree Butterfree.pngFemale Butterfree.png Shiny Butterfree.pngShiny Female Butterfree.png Albino Butterfree.pngAlbino Female Butterfree.png Melanistic Butterfree.pngMelanistic Female Butterfree.png
Pidgey Pidgey Egg.png Pidgey.png Shiny Pidgey.png Albino Pidgey.png Melanistic Pidgey.png
Pidgeotto Pidgeotto.png Shiny Pidgeotto.png Albino Pidgeotto.png Melanistic Pidgeotto.png
Pidgeot Pidgeot.png Shiny Pidgeot.png Albino Pidgeot.png Melanistic Pidgeot.png
Mega Pidgeot Mega Pidgeot.png Shiny Mega Pidgeot.png Albino Mega Pidgeot.png Melanistic Mega Pidgeot.png
Spearow Spearow Egg.png Spearow.png Shiny Spearow.png Albino Spearow.png Melanistic Spearow.png
Fearow Fearow.png Shiny Fearow.png Albino Fearow.png Melanistic Fearow.png
Zubat Zubat Egg.png Zubat.pngFemale Zubat.png Shiny Zubat.pngShiny Female Zubat.png Albino Zubat.pngAlbino Female Zubat.png Melanistic Zubat.pngMelanistic Female Zubat.png
Golbat Golbat.pngFemale Golbat.png Shiny Golbat.pngShiny Female Golbat.png Albino Golbat.pngAlbino Female Golbat.png Melanistic Golbat.pngMelanistic Female Golbat.png
Crobat Crobat.png Shiny Crobat.png Albino Crobat.png Melanistic Crobat.png
Mega Rapidash Q Mega Rapidash Q.png Shiny Mega Rapidash Q.png Albino Mega Rapidash Q.png Melanistic Mega Rapidash Q.png
Farfetch'd Farfetch'd Egg.png Farfetch'd.png Shiny Farfetch'd.png Albino Farfetch'd.png Melanistic Farfetch'd.png
Mega Farfetch'd Q Mega Farfetch'd Q.png Shiny Mega Farfetch'd Q.png Albino Mega Farfetch'd Q.png Melanistic Mega Farfetch'd Q.png
Doduo Doduo Egg.png Doduo.pngFemale Doduo.png Shiny Doduo.pngShiny Female Doduo.png Albino Doduo.pngAlbino Female Doduo.png Melanistic Doduo.pngMelanistic Female Doduo.png
Dodrio Dodrio.pngFemale Dodrio.png Shiny Dodrio.pngShiny Female Dodrio.png Albino Dodrio.pngAlbino Female Dodrio.png Melanistic Dodrio.pngMelanistic Female Dodrio.png
Scyther Scyther Egg.png Scyther.pngFemale Scyther.png Shiny Scyther.pngShiny Female Scyther.png Albino Scyther.pngAlbino Female Scyther.png Melanistic Scyther.pngMelanistic Female Scyther.png
Mega Pinsir Mega Pinsir.png Shiny Mega Pinsir.png Albino Mega Pinsir.png Melanistic Mega Pinsir.png
Gyarados Gyarados.pngFemale Gyarados.png Shiny Gyarados.pngShiny Female Gyarados.png Albino Gyarados.pngAlbino Female Gyarados.png Melanistic Gyarados.pngMelanistic Female Gyarados.png
Aerodactyl Aerodactyl.png Shiny Aerodactyl.png Albino Aerodactyl.png Melanistic Aerodactyl.png
Mega Aerodactyl Mega Aerodactyl.png Shiny Mega Aerodactyl.png Albino Mega Aerodactyl.png Melanistic Mega Aerodactyl.png
Articuno Articuno Egg.png Articuno.png Shiny Articuno.png Albino Articuno.png Melanistic Articuno.png
Galarian Articuno Galarian Articuno Egg.png Galarian Articuno.png Shiny Galarian Articuno.png Albino Galarian Articuno.png Melanistic Galarian Articuno.png
Zapdos Zapdos Egg.png Zapdos.png Shiny Zapdos.png Albino Zapdos.png Melanistic Zapdos.png
Galarian Zapdos Galarian Zapdos Egg.png Galarian Zapdos.png Shiny Galarian Zapdos.png Albino Galarian Zapdos.png Melanistic Galarian Zapdos.png
Moltres Moltres Egg.png Moltres.png Shiny Moltres.png Albino Moltres.png Melanistic Moltres.png
Galarian Moltres Galarian Moltres Egg.png Galarian Moltres.png Shiny Galarian Moltres.png Albino Galarian Moltres.png Melanistic Galarian Moltres.png
Dragonite Dragonite.png Shiny Dragonite.png Albino Dragonite.png Melanistic Dragonite.png
Mega Dragonite Q Mega Dragonite Q.png Shiny Mega Dragonite Q.png Albino Mega Dragonite Q.png Melanistic Mega Dragonite Q.png


Pokémon Egg Normal Shiny Albino Melanistic
Hoothoot Hoothoot Egg.png Hoothoot.png Shiny Hoothoot.png Albino Hoothoot.png Melanistic Hoothoot.png
Noctowl Noctowl.png Shiny Noctowl.png Albino Noctowl.png Melanistic Noctowl.png
Ledyba Ledyba Egg.png Ledyba.pngFemale Ledyba.png Shiny Ledyba.pngShiny Female Ledyba.png Albino Ledyba.pngAlbino Female Ledyba.png Melanistic Ledyba.pngMelanistic Female Ledyba.png
Ledian Ledian.pngFemale Ledian.png Shiny Ledian.pngShiny Female Ledian.png Albino Ledian.pngAlbino Female Ledian.png Melanistic Ledian.pngMelanistic Female Ledian.png
Togetic Togetic.png Shiny Togetic.png Albino Togetic.png Melanistic Togetic.png
Togekiss Togekiss.png Shiny Togekiss.png Albino Togekiss.png Melanistic Togekiss.png
Natu Natu Egg.png Natu.png Shiny Natu.png Albino Natu.png Melanistic Natu.png
Xatu Xatu.pngFemale Xatu.png Shiny Xatu.pngShiny Female Xatu.png Albino Xatu.pngAlbino Female Xatu.png Melanistic Xatu.pngMelanistic Female Xatu.png
Hoppip Hoppip Egg.png Hoppip.png Shiny Hoppip.png Albino Hoppip.png Melanistic Hoppip.png
Skiploom Skiploom.png Shiny Skiploom.png Albino Skiploom.png Melanistic Skiploom.png
Jumpluff Jumpluff.png Shiny Jumpluff.png Albino Jumpluff.png Melanistic Jumpluff.png
Yanma Yanma Egg.png Yanma.png Shiny Yanma.png Albino Yanma.png Melanistic Yanma.png
Yanmega Yanmega.png Shiny Yanmega.png Albino Yanmega.png Melanistic Yanmega.png
Murkrow Murkrow Egg.png Murkrow.pngFemale Murkrow.png Shiny Murkrow.pngShiny Female Murkrow.png Albino Murkrow.pngAlbino Female Murkrow.png Melanistic Murkrow.pngMelanistic Female Murkrow.png
Honchkrow Honchkrow.png Shiny Honchkrow.png Albino Honchkrow.png Melanistic Honchkrow.png
Gligar Gligar Egg.png Gligar.pngFemale Gligar.png Shiny Gligar.pngShiny Female Gligar.png Albino Gligar.pngAlbino Female Gligar.png Melanistic Gligar.pngMelanistic Female Gligar.png
Gliscor Gliscor.png Shiny Gliscor.png Albino Gliscor.png Melanistic Gliscor.png
Delibird Delibird Egg.png Delibird.png Shiny Delibird.png Albino Delibird.png Melanistic Delibird.png
Skarmory Skarmory Egg.png Skarmory.png Shiny Skarmory.png Albino Skarmory.png Melanistic Skarmory.png
Lugia Lugia Egg.png Lugia.png Shiny Lugia.png Albino Lugia.png Melanistic Lugia.png
Mega Lugia Q Mega Lugia Q.png Shiny Mega Lugia Q.png Albino Mega Lugia Q.png Melanistic Mega Lugia Q.png
Ho-oh Ho-oh Egg.png Ho-oh.png Shiny Ho-oh.png Albino Ho-oh.png Melanistic Ho-oh.png
Mega Ho-oh Q Mega Ho-oh Q.png Shiny Mega Ho-oh Q.png Albino Mega Ho-oh Q.png Melanistic Mega Ho-oh Q.png


Pokémon Egg Normal Shiny Albino Melanistic
Beautifly Beautifly.pngFemale Beautifly.png Shiny Beautifly.pngShiny Female Beautifly.png Albino Beautifly.pngAlbino Female Beautifly.png Melanistic Beautifly.pngMelanistic Female Beautifly.png
Taillow Taillow Egg.png Taillow.png Shiny Taillow.png Albino Taillow.png Melanistic Taillow.png
Swellow Swellow.png Shiny Swellow.png Albino Swellow.png Melanistic Swellow.png
Wingull Wingull Egg.png Wingull.png Shiny Wingull.png Albino Wingull.png Melanistic Wingull.png
Pelipper Pelipper.png Shiny Pelipper.png Albino Pelipper.png Melanistic Pelipper.png
Masquerain Masquerain.png Shiny Masquerain.png Albino Masquerain.png Melanistic Masquerain.png
Ninjask Ninjask.png Shiny Ninjask.png Albino Ninjask.png Melanistic Ninjask.png
Mega Wailord Q Mega Wailord Q.png Shiny Mega Wailord Q.png Albino Mega Wailord Q.png Melanistic Mega Wailord Q.png
Swablu Swablu Egg.png Swablu.png Shiny Swablu.png Albino Swablu.png Melanistic Swablu.png
Altaria Altaria.png Shiny Altaria.png Albino Altaria.png Melanistic Altaria.png
Tropius Tropius Egg.png Tropius.png Shiny Tropius.png Albino Tropius.png Melanistic Tropius.png
Salamence Salamence.png Shiny Salamence.png Albino Salamence.png Melanistic Salamence.png
Mega_Salamence Mega Salamence.png Shiny Mega Salamence.png Albino Mega Salamence.png Melanistic Mega Salamence.png
Rayquaza Rayquaza Egg.png Rayquaza.png Shiny Rayquaza.png Albino Rayquaza.png Melanistic Rayquaza.png
Mega Rayquaza Mega Rayquaza.png Shiny Mega Rayquaza.png Albino Mega Rayquaza.png Melanistic Mega Rayquaza.png


Pokémon Egg Normal Shiny Albino Melanistic
Starly Starly Egg.png Starly.pngFemale Starly.png Shiny Starly.pngShiny Female Starly.png Albino Starly.pngAlbino Female Starly.png Melan Starly.pngMelan Female Starly.png
Staravia Staravia.pngFemale Staravia.png Shiny Staravia.pngShiny Female Staravia.png Albino Staravia.pngAlbino Female Staravia.png Melan Staravia.pngMelan Female Staravia.png
Staraptor Staraptor.pngFemale Staraptor.png Shiny Staraptor.pngShiny Female Staraptor.png Albino Staraptor.pngAlbino Female Staraptor.png Melan Staraptor.pngMelan Female Staraptor.png
Mothim Mothim.png Shiny Mothim.png Albino Mothim.png Melan Mothim.png
Combee Combee Egg.png Combee.pngFemale Combee.png Shiny Combee.pngShiny Female Combee.png Albino Combee.pngAlbino Female Combee.png Melan Combee.pngMelan Female Combee.png
Vespiquen Vespiquen.png Shiny Vespiquen.png Albino Vespiquen.png Melan Vespiquen.png
Drifloon Drifloon Egg.png Drifloon.png Shiny Drifloon.png Albino Drifloon.png Melan Drifloon.png
Drifblim Drifblim.png Shiny Drifblim.png Albino Drifblim.png Melan Drifblim.png
Chatot Chatot Egg.png Chatot.png Shiny Chatot.png Albino Chatot.png Melan Chatot.png
Mantyke Mantyke Egg.png Mantyke.png Shiny Mantyke.png Albino Mantyke.png Melan Mantyke.png
Mantine Mantine Egg.png Mantine.png Shiny Mantine.png Albino Mantine.png Melan Mantine.png
Fan Rotom Fan Rotom.png Shiny Fan Rotom.png Albino Fan Rotom.png Melan Fan Rotom.png
Sky Shaymin Sky Shaymin.png Shiny Sky Shaymin.png Albino Sky Shaymin.png Melan Sky Shaymin.png
Flying Arceus Flying Arceus.png Shiny Flying Arceus.png Albino Flying Arceus.png Melan Flying Arceus.png
Enamorus Enamorus Egg.png Enamorus.png Shiny Enamorus.png Albino Enamorus.png File:Melan Enamorus.png
Therian Enamorus Therian Enamorus.png Shiny Therian Enamorus.png Albino Therian Enamorus.png File:Melan Therian Enamorus.png


Pokémon Egg Normal Shiny Albino Melanistic
Pidove Pidove Egg.png Pidove.png Shiny Pidove.png Albino Pidove.png Melan Pidove.png
Tranquill Tranquill.png Shiny Tranquill.png Albino Tranquill.png Melan Tranquill.png
Unfezant Unfezant.pngFemale Unfezant.png Shiny Unfezant.pngShiny Female Unfezant.png Albino Unfezant.pngAlbino Female Unfezant.png Melan Unfezant.pngMelan Female Unfezant.png
Woobat Woobat Egg.png Woobat.png Shiny Woobat.png Albino Woobat.png Melan Woobat.png
Swoobat Swoobat.png Shiny Swoobat.png Albino Swoobat.png Melan Swoobat.png
Sigilyph Sigilyph Egg.png Sigilyph.png Shiny Sigilyph.png Albino Sigilyph.png Melan Sigilyph.png
Archen Archen Egg.png Archen.png Shiny Archen.png Albino Archen.png Melan Archen.png
Archeops Archeops.png Shiny Archeops.png Albino Archeops.png Melan Archeops.png
Ducklett Ducklett Egg.png Ducklett.png Shiny Ducklett.png Albino Ducklett.png Melan Ducklett.png
Swanna Swanna.png Shiny Swanna.png Albino Swanna.png Melan Swanna.png
Emolga Emolga Egg.png Emolga.png Shiny Emolga.png Albino Emolga.png Melan Emolga.png
Rufflet Rufflet Egg.png Rufflet.png Shiny Rufflet.png Albino Rufflet.png Melan Rufflet.png
Braviary Braviary.png Shiny Braviary.png Albino Braviary.png Melan Braviary.png
Totem Braviary Q Totem Braviary Q.png Shiny Totem Braviary Q.png Albino Totem Braviary Q.png Melanistic Totem Braviary Q.png
Vullaby Vullaby Egg.png Vullaby.png Shiny Vullaby.png Albino Vullaby.png Melan Vullaby.png
Mandibuzz Mandibuzz.png Shiny Mandibuzz.png Albino Mandibuzz.png Melan Mandibuzz.png
Totem Mandibuzz Q Totem Mandibuzz Q.png Shiny Totem Mandibuzz Q.png Albino Totem Mandibuzz Q.png Melanistic Totem Mandibuzz Q.png
Tornadus Tornadus Egg.png Tornadus.png Shiny Tornadus.png Albino Tornadus.png Melan Tornadus.png
Therian Tornadus Therian Tornadus.png Shiny Therian Tornadus.png Albino Therian Tornadus.png Melan Therian Tornadus.png
Thundurus Thundurus Egg.png Thundurus.png Shiny Thundurus.png Albino Thundurus.png Melan Thundurus.png
Therian Thundurus Therian Thundurus.png Shiny Therian Thundurus.png Albino Therian Thundurus.png Melan Therian Thundurus.png
Landorus Landorus Egg.png Landorus.png Shiny Landorus.png Albino Landorus.png Melan Landorus.png
Therian Landorus Therian Landorus.png Shiny Therian Landorus.png Albino Therian Landorus.png Melan Therian Landorus.png


Pokémon Egg Normal Shiny Albino Melanistic
Fletchling Fletchling Egg.png Fletchling.png Shiny Fletchling.png Albino Fletchling.png Melan Fletchling.png
Fletchinder Fletchinder.png Shiny Fletchinder.png Albino Fletchinder.png Melan Fletchinder.png
Talonflame Talonflame.png Shiny Talonflame.png Albino Talonflame.png Melan Talonflame.png
Totem Talonflame Q Totem Talonflame Q.png Shiny Totem Talonflame Q.png Albino Totem Talonflame Q.png Melanistic Totem Talonflame Q.png
Vivillon (Meadow) Meadow Vivillon.png Shiny Meadow Vivillon.png Albino Meadow Vivillon.png Melan Meadow Vivillon.png
Vivillon (Polar) Polar Vivillon.png Shiny Polar Vivillon.png Albino Polar Vivillon.png Melan Polar Vivillon.png
Vivillon (Tundra) Tundra Vivillon.png Shiny Tundra Vivillon.png Albino Tundra Vivillon.png Melan Tundra Vivillon.png
Vivillon (Continental) Continental Vivillon.png Shiny Continental Vivillon.png Albino Continental Vivillon.png Melan Continental Vivillon.png
Vivillon (Garden) Garden Vivillon.png Shiny Garden Vivillon.png Albino Garden Vivillon.png Melan Garden Vivillon.png
Vivillon (Elegant) Elegant Vivillon.png Shiny Elegant Vivillon.png Albino Elegant Vivillon.png Melan Elegant Vivillon.png
Vivillon (Icy Snow) Icy Snow Vivillon.png Shiny Icy Snow Vivillon.png Albino Icy Snow Vivillon.png Melan Icy Snow Vivillon.png
Vivillon (Modern) Modern Vivillon.png Shiny Modern Vivillon.png Albino Modern Vivillon.png Melan Modern Vivillon.png
Vivillon (Marine) Marine Vivillon.png Shiny Marine Vivillon.png Albino Marine Vivillon.png Melan Marine Vivillon.png
Vivillon (Archipelago) Archipelago Vivillon.png Shiny Archipelago Vivillon.png Albino Archipelago Vivillon.png Melan Archipelago Vivillon.png
Vivillon (High Plains) High Plains Vivillon.png Shiny High Plains Vivillon.png Albino High Plains Vivillon.png Melan High Plains Vivillon.png
Vivillon (Sandstorm) Sandstorm Vivillon.png Shiny Sandstorm Vivillon.png Albino Sandstorm Vivillon.png Melan Sandstorm Vivillon.png
Vivillon (River) River Vivillon.png Shiny River Vivillon.png Albino River Vivillon.png Melan River Vivillon.png
Vivillon (Monsoon) Monsoon Vivillon.png Shiny Monsoon Vivillon.png Albino Monsoon Vivillon.png Melan Monsoon Vivillon.png
Vivillon (Savanna) Savanna Vivillon.png Shiny Savanna Vivillon.png Albino Savanna Vivillon.png Melan Savanna Vivillon.png
Vivillon (Sun) Sun Vivillon.png Shiny Sun Vivillon.png Albino Sun Vivillon.png Melan Sun Vivillon.png
Vivillon (Ocean) Ocean Vivillon.png Shiny Ocean Vivillon.png Albino Ocean Vivillon.png Melan Ocean Vivillon.png
Vivillon (Jungle) Jungle Vivillon.png Shiny Jungle Vivillon.png Albino Jungle Vivillon.png Melan Jungle Vivillon.png
Vivillon (Fancy) Fancy Vivillon.png Shiny Fancy Vivillon.png Albino Fancy Vivillon.png Melan Fancy Vivillon.png
Vivillon (Pokeball) Pokeball Vivillon.png Shiny Pokeball Vivillon.png Albino Pokeball Vivillon.png Melan Pokeball Vivillon.png
Hawlucha Hawlucha Egg.png Hawlucha.png Shiny Hawlucha.png Albino Hawlucha.png Melan Hawlucha.png
Mega_Hawlucha_Q Mega Hawlucha Q.png Shiny Mega Hawlucha Q.png Albino Mega Hawlucha Q.png Melanistic Mega Hawlucha Q.png
Noibat Noibat Egg.png Noibat.png Shiny Noibat.png Albino Noibat.png Melan Noibat.png
Noivern Noivern.png Shiny Noivern.png Albino Noivern.png Melan Noivern.png
Mega Noivern Q Mega Noivern Q.png Shiny Mega Noivern Q.png Albino Mega Noivern Q.png Melanistic Mega Noivern Q.png
Yveltal Yveltal Egg.png Yveltal.png Shiny Yveltal.png Albino Yveltal.png Melan Yveltal.png


Pokémon Egg Normal Shiny Albino Melanistic
Rowlet Rowlet Egg.png Rowlet.png Shiny Rowlet.png Albino Rowlet.png Melanistic Rowlet.png
Dartrix Dartrix.png Shiny Dartrix.png Albino Dartrix.png Melanistic Dartrix.png
Pikipek Pikipek Egg.png Pikipek.png Shiny Pikipek.png Albino Pikipek.png Melanistic Pikipek.png
Trumbeak Trumbeak.png Shiny Trumbeak.png Albino Trumbeak.png Melanistic Trumbeak.png
Toucannon Toucannon.png Shiny Toucannon.png Albino Toucannon.png Melanistic Toucannon.png
Baile Oricorio Oricorio Egg.png Baile Oricorio.png Shiny Baile Oricorio.png Albino Baile Oricorio.png Melanistic Baile Oricorio.png
Pom-Pom Oricorio Pom-Pom Oricorio.png Shiny Pom-Pom Oricorio.png Albino Pom-Pom Oricorio.png Melanistic Pom-Pom Oricorio.png
Pa'u Oricorio Pa'u Oricorio.png Shiny Pa'u Oricorio.png Albino Pa'u Oricorio.png Melanistic Pa'u Oricorio.png
Sensu Oricorio Sensu Oricorio.png Shiny Sensu Oricorio.png Albino Sensu Oricorio.png Melanistic Sensu Oricorio.png
Pointe Oricorio Pointe Oricorio.png Shiny Pointe Oricorio.png Albino Pointe Oricorio.png Melanistic Pointe Oricorio.png
Flying Silvally Flying Silvally.png Shiny Flying Silvally.png Albino Flying Silvally.png Melanistic Flying Silvally.png
Minior Minior Egg.png Minior.png Shiny Minior.png Albino Minior.png Melanistic Minior.png
Exposed Minior Red Core Minior.png Shiny Red Exposed Minior.png Albino Red Exposed Minior.png Melanistic Red Exposed Minior.png
Celesteela Celesteela Egg.png Celesteela.png Shiny Celesteela.png Albino Celesteela.png Melanistic Celesteela.png


Pokémon Egg Normal Shiny Albino Melanistic
Rookidee Rookidee Egg.png Rookidee.png Shiny Rookidee.png Albino Rookidee.png Melan Rookidee.png
Corvisquire Corvisquire.png Shiny Corvisquire.png Albino Corvisquire.png Melan Corvisquire.png
Corviknight Corviknight.png Shiny Corviknight.png Albino Corviknight.png Melan Corviknight.png
Cramorant Cramorant Egg.png Cramorant.png Shiny Cramorant.png Albino Cramorant.png Melan Cramorant.png
Cramorant (Gulping) Cramorant Gulping.png Shiny Cramorant Gulping.png Albino Cramorant Gulping.png Melan Cramorant Gulping.png
Cramorant (Gorging) Cramorant Gorging.png Shiny Cramorant Gorging.png Albino Cramorant Gorging.png Melan Cramorant Gorging.png


Pokémon Egg Normal Shiny Albino Melanistic
Squawkabilly Squawkabilly Squawkabilly Egg.png Squawkabilly Green.png Squawkabilly Blue.png Squawkabilly Yellow.png Squawkabilly White.png Shiny Squawkabilly Green.png Shiny Squawkabilly Blue.png Shiny Squawkabilly Yellow.png Shiny Squawkabilly White.png Albino Squawkabilly Green.png Albino Squawkabilly Blue.png Albino Squawkabilly Yellow.png Albino Squawkabilly White.png Melan Squawkabilly Green.png Melan Squawkabilly Blue.png Melan Squawkabilly Yellow.png Melan Squawkabilly White.png


Pokémon Egg Normal Shiny Albino Melanistic
Faemueño Faemueno Egg.png Faemueno.png Shiny Faemueno.png Albino Faemueno.png Melanistic Faemueno.png
Faemilarín Faemilarin.png Shiny Faemilarin.png Albino Faemilarin.png Melanistic Faemilarin.png
Faemísimo Faemisimo.png Shiny Faemisimo.png Albino Faemisimo.png Melanistic Faemisimo.png
Gosold Gosold Egg.png Gosold.png Shiny Gosold.png Albino Gosold.png Melanistic Gosold.png
Goldesem Goldesem.png Shiny Goldesem.png Albino Goldesem.png Melanistic Goldesem.png
Flarbat Flarbat Egg.png Flarbat.png Shiny Flarbat.png Albino Flarbat.png Melanistic Flarbat.png
Luckoo Luckoo Egg.png Luckoo.png Shiny Luckoo.png Albino Luckoo.png Melanistic Luckoo.png
Peckoo Peckoo.png Shiny Peckoo.png Albino Peckoo.png Melanistic Peckoo.png
Quetzephyr Quetzephyr Egg.png Quetzephyr.png Shiny Quetzephyr.png Albino Quetzephyr.png Melanistic Quetzephyr.png
Quetzaptyl Quetzaptyl.png Shiny Quetzaptyl.png Albino Quetzaptyl.png Melanistic Quetzaptyl.png
Skyrie Skyrie Egg.png Skyrie.png Shiny Skyrie.png Albino Skyrie.png Melanistic Skyrie.png
Grymphony Grymphony.png Shiny Grymphony.png Albino Grymphony.png Melanistic Grymphony.png
Gargodyle Gargodyle.png Shiny Gargodyle.png Albino Gargodyle.png Melanistic Gargodyle.png


Pokémon Egg Normal Shiny Albino Melanistic
Flying Raichu Flying Raichu.pngFemale Flying Raichu.png Shiny Flying Raichu.pngShiny Female Flying Raichu.png Albino Flying Raichu.pngAlbino Female Flying Raichu.png Melanistic Flying Raichu.pngMelanistic Female Flying Raichu.png
Early Bird Natu Early Bird Natu Egg.png Early Bird Natu.png Shiny Early Bird Natu.png Albino Early Bird Natu.png Melanistic Early Bird Natu.png
Early Bird Xatu Early Bird Xatu.pngFemale Early Bird Xatu.png Shiny Early Bird Xatu.pngShiny Female Early Bird Xatu.png Albino Early Bird Xatu.pngAlbino Female Early Bird Xatu.png Melanistic Early Bird Xatu.pngMelanistic Female Early Bird Xatu.png
Vampire Gligar Vampire Gligar Egg.png Vampire Gligar.png Shiny Vampire Gligar.png Albino Vampire Gligar.png Melanistic Vampire Gligar.png
Vampire Gliscor Vampire Gliscor.png Shiny Vampire Gliscor.png Albino Vampire Gliscor.png Melanistic Vampire Gliscor.png
XD001 XD001 Egg.png XD001.png Shiny XD001.png Albino XD001.png Melanistic XD001.png
Ryukuza Ryukuza Egg.png Ryukuza.png Shiny Ryukuza.png Albino Ryukuza.png Melanistic Ryukuza.png