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The following table lists all Eggs, Normal, Shiny, Albino, and Melanistic of the Fire Type. An overview can be found on the List of Pokémon Types.


Pokémon Egg Normal Shiny Albino Melanistic
Charmander Charmander Egg.png Charmander.png Shiny Charmander.png Albino Charmander.png Melanistic Charmander.png
Charmeleon Charmeleon.png Shiny Charmeleon.png Albino Charmeleon.png Melanistic Charmeleon.png
Charizard Charizard.png Shiny Charizard.png Albino Charizard.png Melanistic Charizard.png
Mega Charizard X Mega Charizard X.png Shiny Mega Charizard X.png Albino Mega Charizard X.png Melanistic Mega Charizard X.png
Mega Charizard Y Mega Charizard Y.png Shiny Mega Charizard Y.png Albino Mega Charizard Y.png Melanistic Mega Charizard Y.png
Vulpix Vulpix Egg.png Vulpix.png Shiny Vulpix.png Albino Vulpix.png Melanistic Vulpix.png
Ninetales Ninetales.png Shiny Ninetales.png Albino Ninetales.png Melanistic Ninetales.png
Mega Ninetales Q Mega Ninetales Q.png Shiny Mega Ninetales Q.png Albino Mega Ninetales Q.png Melanistic Mega Ninetales Q.png
Growlithe Growlithe Egg.png Growlithe.png Shiny Growlithe.png Albino Growlithe.png Melanistic Growlithe.png
Arcanine Arcanine.png Shiny Arcanine.png Albino Arcanine.png Melanistic Arcanine.png
Mega Arcanine Q Mega Arcanine Q.png Shiny Mega Arcanine Q.png Albino Mega Arcanine Q.png Melanistic Mega Arcanine Q.png
Hisuian Growlithe Hisuian Growlithe Egg.png Hisuian Growlithe.png Shiny Hisuian Growlithe.png Albino Hisuian Growlithe.png Melanistic Hisuian Growlithe.png
Hisuian Arcanine Hisuian Arcanine.png Shiny Hisuian Arcanine.png Albino Hisuian Arcanine.png Melanistic Hisuian Arcanine.png
Ponyta Ponyta Egg.png Ponyta.png Shiny Ponyta.png Albino Ponyta.png Melanistic Ponyta.png
Rapidash Rapidash.png Shiny Rapidash.png Albino Rapidash.png Melanistic Rapidash.png
Mega Rapidash Q Mega Rapidash Q.png Shiny Mega Rapidash Q.png Albino Mega Rapidash Q.png Melanistic Mega Rapidash Q.png
Alolan Marowak Alolan Marowak.png Shiny Alolan Marowak.png Albino Alolan Marowak.png Melanistic Alolan Marowak.png
Mega Alolan Marowak Q Mega Alolan Marowak Q.png Shiny Mega Alolan Marowak Q.png Albino Mega Alolan Marowak Q.png Melanistic Mega Alolan Marowak Q.png
Totem Alolan Marowak Totem Alolan Marowak.png Shiny Totem Alolan Marowak.png Albino Totem Alolan Marowak.png Melanistic Totem Alolan Marowak.png
Flareon Flareon.png Shiny Flareon.png Albino Flareon.png Melanistic Flareon.png
Mega Flareon Q Mega Flareon Q.png Shiny Mega Flareon Q.png Albino Mega Flareon Q.png Melanistic Mega Flareon Q.png
Moltres Moltres Egg.png Moltres.png Shiny Moltres.png Albino Moltres.png Melanistic Moltres.png


Pokémon Egg Normal Shiny Albino Melanistic
Cyndaquil Cyndaquil Egg.png Cyndaquil.png Shiny Cyndaquil.png Albino Cyndaquil.png Melanistic Cyndaquil.png
Quilava Quilava.png Shiny Quilava.png Albino Quilava.png Melanistic Quilava.png
Typhlosion Typhlosion.png Shiny Typhlosion.png Albino Typhlosion.png Melanistic Typhlosion.png
Hisuian Typhlosion Hisuian Typhlosion.png Shiny Hisuian Typhlosion.png Albino Hisuian Typhlosion.png Melanistic Hisuian Typhlosion.png
Mega Sunflora Q Mega Sunflora Q.png Shiny Mega Sunflora Q.png Albino Mega Sunflora Q.png Melanistic Mega Sunflora Q.png
Slugma Slugma Egg.png Slugma.png Shiny Slugma.png Albino Slugma.png Melanistic Slugma.png
Magcargo Magcargo.png Shiny Magcargo.png Albino Magcargo.png Melanistic Magcargo.png
Houndour Houndour Egg.png Houndour.png Shiny Houndour.png Albino Houndour.png Melanistic Houndour.png
Houndoom Houndoom.pngFemale Houndoom.png Shiny Houndoom.pngShiny Female Houndoom.png Albino Houndoom.pngAlbino Female Houndoom.png Melanistic Houndoom.pngMelanistic Female Houndoom.png
Mega Houndoom Mega Houndoom.png Shiny Mega Houndoom.png Albino Mega Houndoom.png Melanistic Mega Houndoom.png
Magby Magby Egg.png Magby.png Shiny Magby.png Albino Magby.png Melanistic Magby.png
Magmar Magmar.png Shiny Magmar.png Albino Magmar.png Melanistic Magmar.png
Magmortar Magmortar.png Shiny Magmortar.png Albino Magmortar.png Melanistic Magmortar.png
Entei Entei Egg.png Entei.png Shiny Entei.png Albino Entei.png Melanistic Entei.png
Ho-oh Ho-oh Egg.png Ho-oh.png Shiny Ho-oh.png Albino Ho-oh.png Melanistic Ho-oh.png
Mega Ho-oh Q Mega Ho-oh Q.png Shiny Mega Ho-oh Q.png Albino Mega Ho-oh Q.png Melanistic Mega Ho-oh Q.png


Pokémon Egg Normal Shiny Albino Melanistic
Torchic Torchic Egg.png Torchic.png Shiny Torchic.png Albino Torchic.png Melanistic Torchic.png
Combusken Combusken.pngFemale Combusken.png Shiny Combusken.pngShiny Female Combusken.png Albino Combusken.pngAlbino Female Combusken.png Melanistic Combusken.pngMelanistic Female Combusken.png
Blaziken Blaziken.pngFemale Blaziken.png Shiny Blaziken.pngShiny Female Blaziken.png Albino Blaziken.pngAlbino Female Blaziken.png Melanistic Blaziken.pngMelanistic Female Blaziken.png
Mega Blaziken Mega Blaziken.png Shiny Mega Blaziken.png Albino Mega Blaziken.png Melanistic Mega Blaziken.png
Mega Manectric Q Mega Manectric Q.png Shiny Mega Manectric Q.png Albino Mega Manectric Q.png Melanistic Mega Manectric Q.png
Numel Numel Egg.png Numel.pngFemale Numel.png Shiny Numel.pngShiny Female Numel.png Albino Numel.pngAlbino Female Numel.png Melanistic Numel.pngMelanistic Female Numel.png
Camerupt Camerupt.pngFemale Camerupt.png Shiny Camerupt.pngShiny Female Camerupt.png Albino Camerupt.pngAlbino Female Camerupt.png Melanistic Camerupt.pngMelanistic Female Camerupt.png
Mega Camerupt Mega Camerupt.png Shiny Mega Camerupt.png Albino Mega Camerupt.png Melanistic Mega Camerupt.png
Torkoal Torkoal Egg.png Torkoal.png Shiny Torkoal.png Albino Torkoal.png Melanistic Torkoal.png
Sunny Castform Sunny Castform.png Shiny Sunny Castform.png Albino Sunny Castform.png Melanistic Sunny Castform.png
Primal Groudon Primal Groudon.png Shiny Primal Groudon.png Albino Primal Groudon.png Melanistic Primal Groudon.png


Pokémon Egg Normal Shiny Albino Melanistic
Chimchar Chimchar Egg.png Chimchar.png Shiny Chimchar.png Albino Chimchar.png Melan Chimchar.png
Monferno Monferno.png Shiny Monferno.png Albino Monferno.png Melan Monferno.png
Infernape Infernape.png Shiny Infernape.png Albino Infernape.png Melan Infernape.png
Heat Rotom Heat Rotom.png Shiny Heat Rotom.png Albino Heat Rotom.png Melan Heat Rotom.png
Heatran Heatran Egg.png Heatran.png Shiny Heatran.png Albino Heatran.png Melan Heatran.png
Fire Arceus Fire Arceus.png Shiny Fire Arceus.png Albino Fire Arceus.png Melan Fire Arceus.png


Pokémon Egg Normal Shiny Albino Melanistic
Victini Victini Egg.png Victini.png Shiny Victini.png Albino Victini.png Melan Victini.png
Mega Victini Q Mega Victini Q.png Shiny Mega Victini Q.png Albino Mega Victini Q.png Melanistic Mega Victini Q.png
Tepig Tepig Egg.png Tepig.png Shiny Tepig.png Albino Tepig.png Melan Tepig.png
Pignite Pignite.png Shiny Pignite.png Albino Pignite.png Melan Pignite.png
Emboar Emboar.png Shiny Emboar.png Albino Emboar.png Melan Emboar.png
Pansear Pansear Egg.png Pansear.png Shiny Pansear.png Albino Pansear.png Melan Pansear.png
Simisear Simisear.png Shiny Simisear.png Albino Simisear.png Melan Simisear.png
Darumaka Darumaka Egg.png Darumaka.png Shiny Darumaka.png Albino Darumaka.png Melan Darumaka.png
Darmanitan Darmanitan.png Shiny Darmanitan.png Albino Darmanitan.png Melan Darmanitan.png
Zen Darmanitan Zen Darmanitan.png Shiny Zen Darmanitan.png Albino Zen Darmanitan.png Melan Zen Darmanitan.png
Galarian Zen Darmanitan Galarian Zen Darmanitan.png Shiny Galarian Zen Darmanitan.png Albino Galarian Zen Darmanitan.png Melanistic Galarian Zen Darmanitan.png
Litwick Litwick Egg.png Litwick.png Shiny Litwick.png Albino Litwick.png Melan Litwick.png
Lampent Lampent.png Shiny Lampent.png Albino Lampent.png Melan Lampent.png
Chandelure Chandelure.png Shiny Chandelure.png Albino Chandelure.png Melan Chandelure.png
Mega Chandelure Q Mega Chandelure Q.png Shiny Mega Chandelure Q.png Albino Mega Chandelure Q.png Melanistic Mega Chandelure Q.png
Heatmor Heatmor Egg.png Heatmor.png Shiny Heatmor.png Albino Heatmor.png Melan Heatmor.png
Larvesta Larvesta Egg.png Larvesta.png Shiny Larvesta.png Albino Larvesta.png Melan Larvesta.png
Volcarona Volcarona.png Shiny Volcarona.png Albino Volcarona.png Melan Volcarona.png
Reshiram Reshiram Egg.png Reshiram.png Shiny Reshiram.png Albino Reshiram.png Melan Reshiram.png


Pokémon Egg Normal Shiny Albino Melanistic
Fennekin Fennekin Egg.png Fennekin.png Shiny Fennekin.png Albino Fennekin.png Melan Fennekin.png
Braixen Braixen.png Shiny Braixen.png Albino Braixen.png Melan Braixen.png
Delphox Delphox.pngLeft Handed Delphox.png Shiny Delphox.png Shiny Left-handed Delphox.png Albino Delphox.png Albino Left-handed Delphox.png Melan Delphox.png Melan Left-handed Delphox.png
Fletchinder Fletchinder.png Shiny Fletchinder.png Albino Fletchinder.png Melan Fletchinder.png
Talonflame Talonflame.png Shiny Talonflame.png Albino Talonflame.png Melan Talonflame.png
Litleo Litleo Egg.png Litleo.png Shiny Litleo.png Albino Litleo.png Melan Litleo.png
Pyroar Pyroar.pngFemale Pyroar.png Shiny Pyroar.pngShiny Female Pyroar.png Albino Pyroar.pngAlbino Female Pyroar.png Melan Pyroar.pngMelan Female Pyroar.png
Mega Pyroar Q Mega Pyroar Q.png Shiny Mega Pyroar Q.png Albino Mega Pyroar Q.png Melanistic Mega Pyroar Q.png
Mega Heliolisk Q Mega Heliolisk Q.png Shiny Mega Heliolisk Q.png Albino Mega Heliolisk Q.png Melanistic Mega Heliolisk Q.png
Volcanion Volcanion Egg.png Volcanion.png Shiny Volcanion.png Albino Volcanion.png Melan Volcanion.png


Pokémon Egg Normal Shiny Albino Melanistic
Litten Litten Egg.png Litten.png Shiny Litten.png Albino Litten.png Melanistic Litten.png
Torracat Torracat.png Shiny Torracat.png Albino Torracat.png Melanistic Torracat.png
Incineroar Incineroar.png Shiny Incineroar.png Albino Incineroar.png Melanistic Incineroar.png
Feral Incineroar Feral Incineroar.png Shiny Feral Incineroar.png Albino Feral Incineroar.png Melanistic Feral Incineroar.png
Baile Oricorio Oricorio Egg.png Baile Oricorio.png Shiny Baile Oricorio.png Albino Baile Oricorio.png Melanistic Baile Oricorio.png
Salandit Salandit Egg.png Salandit.png Shiny Salandit.png Albino Salandit.png Melanistic Salandit.png
Salazzle Salazzle.png Shiny Salazzle.png Albino Salazzle.png Melanistic Salazzle.png
Totem Salazzle Totem Salazzle.png Shiny Totem Salazzle.png Albino Totem Salazzle.png Melanistic Totem Salazzle.png
Fire Silvally Fire Silvally.png Shiny Fire Silvally.png Albino Fire Silvally.png Melanistic Fire Silvally.png
Turtonator Turtonator Egg.png Turtonator.png Shiny Turtonator.png Albino Turtonator.png Melanistic Turtonator.png
Blacephalon Blacephalon Egg.png Blacephalon.png Shiny Blacephalon.png Albino Blacephalon.png Melanistic Blacephalon.png


Pokémon Egg Normal Shiny Albino Melanistic
Scorbunny Scorbunny Egg.png Scorbunny.png Shiny Scorbunny.png Albino Scorbunny.png Melan Scorbunny.png
Raboot Raboot.png Shiny Raboot.png Albino Raboot.png Melan Raboot.png
Cinderace Cinderace.png Shiny Cinderace.png Albino Cinderace.png Melan Cinderace.png
Carkol Carkol.png Shiny Carkol.png Albino Carkol.png Melan Carkol.png
Coalossal Coalossal.png Shiny Coalossal.png Albino Coalossal.png Melan Coalossal.png
Sizzlipede Sizzlipede Egg.png Sizzlipede.png Shiny Sizzlipede.png Albino Sizzlipede.png Melan Sizzlipede.png
Centiskorch Centiskorch.png Shiny Centiskorch.png Albino Centiskorch.png Melan Centiskorch.png


Pokémon Egg Normal Shiny Albino Melanistic
Baflammet Baflammet.png Shiny Baflammet.png Albino Baflammet.png Melanistic Baflammet.png
Solynx Solynx Egg.png Solynx.png Shiny Solynx.png Albino Solynx.png Melanistic Solynx.png
Mega Solynx Mega Solynx.png Shiny Mega Solynx.png Albino Mega Solynx.png Melanistic Mega Solynx.png
Flarbat Flarbat Egg.png Flarbat.png Shiny Flarbat.png Albino Flarbat.png Melanistic Flarbat.png
Flarotis Flarotis.png Female Flarotis.png Shiny Flarotis.png Shiny Female Flarotis.png Albino Flarotis.png Albino Female Flarotis.png Melanistic Flarotis.png Melanistic Female Flarotis.png
Flaroptera Flaroptera.png Female Flaroptera.png Shiny Flaroptera.png Shiny Female Flaroptera.png Albino Flaroptera.png Albino Female Flaroptera.png Melanistic Flaroptera.png Melanistic Female Flaroptera.png
Kinaster Kinaster Egg.png Kinaster.png Shiny Kinaster.png Albino Kinaster.png Melanistic Kinaster.png
Magma Forme Quibbit Magma Forme Quibbit.png Shiny Magma Forme Quibbit.png Albino Magma Forme Quibbit.png Melanistic Magma Forme Quibbit.png
Pepyre Pepyre Egg.png Pepyre.png Shiny Pepyre.png Albino Pepyre.png Melanistic Pepyre.png
Skarasear Skarasear.png Shiny Skarasear.png Albino Skarasear.png Melanistic Skarasear.png
Incandescent Shinorin Incandescent Forme Shinorin.png Shiny Incandescent Forme Shinorin.png Albino Incandescent Forme Shinorin.png Melanistic Incandescent Forme Shinorin.png
Sikannos Sikannos Egg.png Sikannos.png Shiny Sikannos.png Albino Sikannos.png Melanistic Sikannos.png
Unfettered Sikannos Unfettered Forme Sikannos.png Shiny Unfettered Forme Sikannos.png Albino Unfettered Forme Sikannos.png Melanistic Unfettered Forme Sikannos.png
Smokackle Smokackle Egg.png Smokackle.png Shiny Smokackle.png Albino Smokackle.png Melanistic Smokackle.png
Hycano Hycano.png Shiny Hycano.png Albino Hycano.png Melanistic Hycano.png
Chamobelle (Elegant Forme) Chamobelle Elegant Forme.png Shiny Chamobelle Elegant Forme.png Albino Chamobelle Elegant Forme.png Melanistic Chamobelle Elegant Forme.png


Pokémon Egg Normal Shiny Albino Melanistic
Koroku Koroku Egg.png Koroku.png Shiny Koroku.png Albino Koroku.png Melanistic Koroku.png
Kyukori Kyukori.png Shiny Kyukori.png Albino Kyukori.png Melanistic Kyukori.png
Apocalyptic Growlithe Apocalyptic Growlithe Egg.png Apocalyptic Growlithe.png Shiny Apocalyptic Growlithe.png Albino Apocalyptic Growlithe.png Melanistic Apocalyptic Growlithe.png
Apocalyptic Arcanine Apocalyptic Arcanine.png Shiny Apocalyptic Arcanine.png Albino Apocalyptic Arcanine.png Melanistic Apocalyptic Arcanine.png
Orthrus Houndour Orthrus Houndour Egg.png Orthrus Houndour.png Shiny Orthrus Houndour.png Albino Orthrus Houndour.png Melanistic Orthrus Houndour.png
Cerberus Houndoom Cerberus Houndoom.png Shiny Cerberus Houndoom.png Albino Cerberus Houndoom.png Melanistic Cerberus Houndoom.png
Igneous Bidoof Igneous Bidoof Egg.png Igneous Bidoof.png Shiny Igneous Bidoof.png Albino Igneous Bidoof.png Melanistic Igneous Bidoof.png
Igneous Bibarel Igneous Bibarel.png Shiny Igneous Bibarel.png Albino Igneous Bibarel.png Melanistic Igneous Bibarel.png
Glileo Glileo Egg.png Glileo.pngFemale Glileo.png Shiny Glileo.pngShiny Female Glileo.png Albino Glileo.pngAlbino Female Glileo.png Melanistic Glileo.pngMelanistic Female Glileo.png
Pyriscor Pyriscor.pngFemale Pyriscor.png Shiny Pyriscor.pngShiny Female Pyriscor.png Albino Pyriscor.pngAlbino Female Pyriscor.png Melanistic Pyriscor.pngMelanistic Female Pyriscor.png