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The following table lists all Eggs, Normal, Shiny, Albino, and Melanistic of the Fighting Type. An overview can be found on the List of Pokémon Types.


Pokémon Egg Normal Shiny Albino Melanistic
Mega Raichu Q Mega Raichu Q.png Shiny Mega Raichu Q.png Albino Mega Raichu Q.png Melanistic Mega Raichu Q.png
Mankey Mankey Egg.png Mankey.png Shiny Mankey.png Albino Mankey.png Melanistic Mankey.png
Primeape Primeape.png Shiny Primeape.png Albino Primeape.png Melanistic Primeape.png
Poliwrath Poliwrath.png Shiny Poliwrath.png Albino Poliwrath.png Melanistic Poliwrath.png
Machop Machop Egg.png Machop.png Shiny Machop.png Albino Machop.png Melanistic Machop.png
Machoke Machoke.png Shiny Machoke.png Albino Machoke.png Melanistic Machoke.png
Machamp Machamp.png Shiny Machamp.png Albino Machamp.png Melanistic Machamp.png
Galarian Farfetch'd Galarian Farfetch'd Egg.png Galarian Farfetch'd.png Shiny Galarian Farfetch'd.png Albino Galarian Farfetch'd.png Melanistic Galarian Farfetch'd.png
Sirfetch'd Sirfetch'd.png Shiny Sirfetch'd.png Albino Sirfetch'd.png Melan Sirfetch'd.png
Galarian Zapdos Galarian Zapdos Egg.png Galarian Zapdos.png Shiny Galarian Zapdos.png Albino Galarian Zapdos.png Melanistic Galarian Zapdos.png
Mega Mewtwo X Mega Mewtwo X.png Shiny Mega Mewtwo X.png Albino Mega Mewtwo X.png Melanistic Mega Mewtwo X.png


Pokémon Egg Normal Shiny Albino Melanistic
Heracross Heracross Egg.png Heracross.pngFemale Heracross.png Shiny Heracross.pngShiny Female Heracross.png Albino Heracross.pngAlbino Female Heracross.png Melanistic Heracross.pngMelanistic Female Heracross.png
Mega Heracross Mega Heracross.png Shiny Mega Heracross.png Albino Mega Heracross.png Melanistic Mega Heracross.png
Hisuian Sneasel Hisuian Sneasel Egg.png Hisuian Sneasel.pngFemale Hisuian Sneasel.png Shiny Hisuian Sneasel.pngShiny Female Hisuian Sneasel.png Albino Hisuian Sneasel.pngAlbino Female Hisuian Sneasel.png Melanistic Hisuian Sneasel.pngMelanistic Female Hisuian Sneasel.png
Sneasler Sneasler.png Shiny Sneasler.png Albino Sneasler.png Melan Sneasler.png
Tyrogue Tyrogue Egg.png Tyrogue.png Shiny Tyrogue.png Albino Tyrogue.png Melanistic Tyrogue.png
Hitmonlee Hitmonlee.png Shiny Hitmonlee.png Albino Hitmonlee.png Melanistic Hitmonlee.png
Hitmonchan Hitmonchan.png Shiny Hitmonchan.png Albino Hitmonchan.png Melanistic Hitmonchan.png
Hitmontop Hitmontop.png Shiny Hitmontop.png Albino Hitmontop.png Melanistic Hitmontop.png


Pokémon Egg Normal Shiny Albino Melanistic
Combusken Combusken.pngFemale Combusken.png Shiny Combusken.pngShiny Female Combusken.png Albino Combusken.pngAlbino Female Combusken.png Melanistic Combusken.pngMelanistic Female Combusken.png
Blaziken Blaziken.pngFemale Blaziken.png Shiny Blaziken.pngShiny Female Blaziken.png Albino Blaziken.pngAlbino Female Blaziken.png Melanistic Blaziken.pngMelanistic Female Blaziken.png
Mega Blaziken Mega Blaziken.png Shiny Mega Blaziken.png Albino Mega Blaziken.png Melanistic Mega Blaziken.png
Gallade Gallade.png Shiny Gallade.png Albino Gallade.png Melanistic Gallade.png
Mega_Gallade Mega Gallade.png Shiny Mega Gallade.png Albino Mega Gallade.png Melanistic Mega Gallade.png
Breloom Breloom.png Shiny Breloom.png Albino Breloom.png Melanistic Breloom.png
Mega Breloom Q Mega Breloom Q.png Shiny Mega Breloom Q.png Albino Mega Breloom Q.png Melanistic Mega Breloom Q.png
Makuhita Makuhita Egg.png Makuhita.png Shiny Makuhita.png Albino Makuhita.png Melanistic Makuhita.png
Hariyama Hariyama.png Shiny Hariyama.png Albino Hariyama.png Melanistic Hariyama.png
Meditite Meditite Egg.png Meditite.pngFemale Meditite.png Shiny Meditite.pngShiny Female Meditite.png Albino Meditite.pngAlbino Female Meditite.png Melanistic Meditite.pngMelanistic Female Meditite.png
Medicham Medicham.pngFemale Medicham.png Shiny Medicham.pngShiny Female Medicham.png Albino Medicham.pngAlbino Female Medicham.png Melanistic Medicham.pngMelanistic Female Medicham.png
Mega Medicham Mega Medicham.png Shiny Mega Medicham.png Albino Mega Medicham.png Melanistic Mega Medicham.png


Pokémon Egg Normal Shiny Albino Melanistic
Monferno Monferno.png Shiny Monferno.png Albino Monferno.png Melan Monferno.png
Infernape Infernape.png Shiny Infernape.png Albino Infernape.png Melan Infernape.png
Mega Lopunny Mega Lopunny.png Shiny Mega Lopunny.png Albino Mega Lopunny.png Melan Mega Lopunny.png
Riolu Riolu Egg.png Riolu.png Shiny Riolu.png Albino Riolu.png Melan Riolu.png
Lucario Lucario.png Shiny Lucario.png Albino Lucario.png Melan Lucario.png
Mega Lucario Mega Lucario.png Shiny Mega Lucario.png Albino Mega Lucario.png Melan Mega Lucario.png
Croagunk Croagunk Egg.png Croagunk.pngFemale Croagunk.png Shiny Croagunk.pngShiny Female Croagunk.png Albino Croagunk.pngAlbino Female Croagunk.png Melan Croagunk.pngMelan Female Croagunk.png
Toxicroak Toxicroak.pngFemale Toxicroak.png Shiny Toxicroak.pngShiny Female Toxicroak.png Albino Toxicroak.pngAlbino Female Toxicroak.png Melan Toxicroak.pngMelan Female Toxicroak.png
Fighting Arceus Fighting Arceus.png Shiny Fighting Arceus.png Albino Fighting Arceus.png Melan Fighting Arceus.png


Pokémon Egg Normal Shiny Albino Melanistic
Pignite Pignite.png Shiny Pignite.png Albino Pignite.png Melan Pignite.png
Emboar Emboar.png Shiny Emboar.png Albino Emboar.png Melan Emboar.png
Timburr Timburr Egg.png Timburr.png Shiny Timburr.png Albino Timburr.png Melan Timburr.png
Gurdurr Gurdurr.png Shiny Gurdurr.png Albino Gurdurr.png Melan Gurdurr.png
Conkeldurr Conkeldurr.png Shiny Conkeldurr.png Albino Conkeldurr.png Melan Conkeldurr.png
Throh Throh Egg.png Throh.png Shiny Throh.png Albino Throh.png Melan Throh.png
Sawk Sawk Egg.png Sawk.png Shiny Sawk.png Albino Sawk.png Melan Sawk.png
Hisuian Lilligant Hisuian Lilligant.png Shiny Hisuian Lilligant.png Albino Hisuian Lilligant.png Melan Hisuian Lilligant.png
Scraggy Scraggy Egg.png Scraggy.png Shiny Scraggy.png Albino Scraggy.png Melan Scraggy.png
Scrafty Scrafty.png Shiny Scrafty.png Albino Scrafty.png Melan Scrafty.png
Mega Scrafty Q Mega Scrafty Q.png Shiny Mega Scrafty Q.png Albino Mega Scrafty Q.png Melanistic Mega Scrafty Q.png
Mienfoo Mienfoo Egg.png Mienfoo.png Shiny Mienfoo.png Albino Mienfoo.png Melan Mienfoo.png
Mienshao Mienshao.png Shiny Mienshao.png Albino Mienshao.png Melan Mienshao.png
Cobalion Cobalion Egg.png Cobalion.png Shiny Cobalion.png Albino Cobalion.png Melan Cobalion.png
Terrakion Terrakion Egg.png Terrakion.png Shiny Terrakion.png Albino Terrakion.png Melan Terrakion.png
Virizion Virizion Egg.png Virizion.png Shiny Virizion.png Albino Virizion.png Melan Virizion.png
Keldeo Keldeo Egg.png Keldeo.png Shiny Keldeo.png Albino Keldeo.png Melan Keldeo.png
Resolute Keldeo Resolute Keldeo.png Shiny Resolute Keldeo.png Albino Resolute Keldeo.png Melan Resolute Keldeo.png
Pirouette Meloetta Pirouette Meloetta.png Shiny Pirouette Meloetta.png Albino Pirouette Meloetta.png Melan Pirouette Meloetta.png


Pokémon Egg Normal Shiny Albino Melanistic
Chesnaught Chesnaught.png Shiny Chesnaught.png Albino Chesnaught.png Melan Chesnaught.png
Pancham Pancham Egg.png Pancham.png Shiny Pancham.png Albino Pancham.png Melan Pancham.png
Pangoro Pangoro.png Shiny Pangoro.png Albino Pangoro.png Melan Pangoro.png
Hawlucha Hawlucha Egg.png Hawlucha.png Shiny Hawlucha.png Albino Hawlucha.png Melan Hawlucha.png
Mega Hawlucha Q Mega Hawlucha Q.png Shiny Mega Hawlucha Q.png Albino Mega Hawlucha Q.png Melanistic Mega Hawlucha Q.png


Pokémon Egg Normal Shiny Albino Melanistic
Hisuian_Decidueye Hisuian Decidueye.png Shiny Hisuian Decidueye.png Albino Hisuian Decidueye.png Melanistic Hisuian Decidueye.png
Crabrawler Crabrawler Egg.png Crabrawler.png Shiny Crabrawler.png Albino Crabrawler.png Melanistic Crabrawler.png
Crabominable Crabominable.png Shiny Crabominable.png Albino Crabominable.png Melanistic Crabominable.png
Stufful Stufful Egg.png Stufful.png Shiny Stufful.png Albino Stufful.png Melanistic Stufful.png
Bewear Bewear.png Shiny Bewear.png Albino Bewear.png Melanistic Bewear.png
Mega Tsareena Q Mega Tsareena Q.png Shiny Mega Tsareena Q.png Albino Mega Tsareena Q.png Melanistic Mega Tsareena Q.png
Passimian Passimian Egg.png Passimian.png Shiny Passimian.png Albino Passimian.png Melanistic Passimian.png
Fighting Silvally Fighting Silvally.png Shiny Fighting Silvally.png Albino Fighting Silvally.png Melanistic Fighting Silvally.png
Hakamo-o Hakamo-o.png Shiny Hakamo-o.png Albino Hakamo-o.png Melanistic Hakamo-o.png
Kommo-o Kommo-o.png Shiny Kommo-o.png Albino Kommo-o.png Melanistic Kommo-o.png
Totem Kommo-o Totem Kommo-o.png Shiny Totem Kommo-o.png Albino Totem Kommo-o.png Melanistic Totem Kommo-o.png
Buzzwole Buzzwole Egg.png Buzzwole.png Shiny Buzzwole.png Albino Buzzwole.png Melanistic Buzzwole.png
Pheromosa Pheromosa Egg.png Pheromosa.png Shiny Pheromosa.png Albino Pheromosa.png Melanistic Pheromosa.png
Marshadow Marshadow Egg.png Marshadow.png Shiny Marshadow.png Albino Marshadow.png Melanistic Marshadow.png


Pokémon Egg Normal Shiny Albino Melanistic
Clobbopus Clobbopus Egg.png Clobbopus.png Shiny Clobbopus.png Albino Clobbopus.png Melan Clobbopus.png
Grapploct Grapploct.png Shiny Grapploct.png Albino Grapploct.png Melan Grapploct.png
Falinks Falinks Egg.png Falinks.png Shiny Falinks.png Albino Falinks.png Melan Falinks.png
Zamazenta Zamazenta Egg.png Zamazenta.png Shiny Zamazenta.png Albino Zamazenta.png Melan Zamazenta.png
Crowned Zamazenta Crowned Shield Zamazenta.png Shiny Crowned Shield Zamazenta.png Albino Crowned Shield Zamazenta.png Melan Crowned Shield Zamazenta.png
Kubfu Kubfu Egg.png Kubfu.png Shiny Kubfu.png Albino Kubfu.png Melan Kubfu.png
Single Strike Urshifu Single Strike Urshifu.png Shiny Single Strike Urshifu.png Albino Single Strike Urshifu.png Melan Single Strike Urshifu.png
Rapid Strike Urshifu Rapid Strike Urshifu.png Shiny Rapid Strike Urshifu.png Albino Rapid Strike Urshifu.png Melan Rapid Strike Urshifu.png


Pokémon Egg Normal Shiny Albino Melanistic
Boxaby Boxaby Egg.png Boxaby.png Shiny Boxaby.png Albino Boxaby.png Melanistic Boxaby.png
Kangspar Kangspar.png Shiny Kangspar.png Albino Kangspar.png Melanistic Kangspar.png
Mega Kangspar Q Mega Kangspar Q.png Shiny Mega Kangspar Q.png Albino Mega Kangspar Q.png Melanistic Mega Kangspar Q.png
Taimorpha Taimorpha.png Shiny Taimorpha.png Albino Taimorpha.png Melanistic Taimorpha.png
Arfrica Arfrica.png Shiny Arfrica.png Albino Arfrica.png Melanistic Arfrica.png
Kalahowli Kalahowli.png Shiny Kalahowli.png Albino Kalahowli.png Melanistic Kalahowli.png
Valkind Valkind Egg.png Valkind.png Shiny Valkind.png Albino Valkind.png Melanistic Valkind.png
Frayja Frayja.png Shiny Frayja.png Albino Frayja.png Melanistic Frayja.png
Lutriva Lutriva.png Shiny Lutriva.png Albino Lutriva.png Melanistic Lutriva.png
Shinorin Shinorin Egg.png Shinorin.png Shiny Shinorin.png Albino Shinorin.png Melanistic Shinorin.png
Caprikid Caprikid Egg.png Caprikid.png Shiny Caprikid.png Albino Caprikid.png Melanistic Caprikid.png
Saytaries Saytaries.png Shiny Saytaries.png Albino Saytaries.png Melanistic Saytaries.png
Taurminos Taurminos.png Shiny Taurminos.png Albino Taurminos.png Melanistic Taurminos.png
Sagidamas Sagidamas.png Shiny Sagidamas.png Albino Sagidamas.png Melanistic Sagidamas.png


Pokémon Egg Normal Shiny Albino Melanistic
Saiyan Rattata Saiyan Rattata Egg.png Saiyan Rattata.png Shiny Saiyan Rattata.png Albino Saiyan Rattata.png Melanistic Saiyan Rattata.png
Super-Saiyan Rattata Super Saiyan Rattata.png Shiny Super Saiyan Rattata.png Albino Super Saiyan Rattata.png Melanistic Super Saiyan Rattata.png
Super-Saiyan Raticate Super Saiyan Raticate.png Shiny Super Saiyan Raticate.png Albino Super Saiyan Raticate.png Melanistic Super Saiyan Raticate.png
Super-Saiyan 2 Raticate Super Saiyan 2 Raticate.png Shiny Super Saiyan 2 Raticate.png Albino Super Saiyan 2 Raticate.png Melanistic Super Saiyan 2 Raticate.png
Super-Saiyan 3 Raticate Super Saiyan 3 Raticate.png Shiny Super Saiyan 3 Raticate.png Albino Super Saiyan 3 Raticate.png Melanistic Super Saiyan 3 Raticate.png
Super-Saiyan 4 Raticate Super Saiyan 4 Raticate.png Shiny Super Saiyan 4 Raticate.png Albino Super Saiyan 4 Raticate.png Melanistic Super Saiyan 4 Raticate.png
Glaillade Glaillade.png Shiny Glaillade.png Albino Glaillade.png Melanistic Glaillade.png
Gibolu Gibolu Egg.png Gibolu.pngFemale Gibolu.png Shiny Gibolu.pngShiny Female Gibolu.png Albino Gibolu.pngAlbino Female Gibolu.png Melanistic Gibolu.pngMelanistic Female Gibolu.png
Gabolu Gabolu.pngFemale Gabolu.png Shiny Gabolu.pngShiny Female Gabolu.png Albino Gabolu.pngAlbino Female Gabolu.png Melanistic Gabolu.pngMelanistic Female Gabolu.png
Garcario Garcario.pngFemale Garcario.png Shiny Garcario.pngShiny Female Garcario.png Albino Garcario.pngAlbino Female Garcario.png Melanistic Garcario.pngMelanistic Female Garcario.png