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Date Update
April 17th[1]
  • Minior now has different-coloured Shinies/Albinos/Melans.
April 14th[2]
Note: For a full explanation of everything this Userscript does click here.
April 9th[3]
  • Stripe payments will now show as "POKEFARM.COM" on all future card statements.
    • This is to make the payments made to PFQ more recognisable.


Date Update
March 12th[4]
  • Implemented a catcher for email errors which can be used to notify users of problems with their email address.
    • If a PFQ email fails to send then users will instead get a SYSTEM PM on-site informing them of the problem.
      • Reasons could be that the email no longer exists, never existed (ie. it was typed wrong), a school email address that doesn't allow external emails, or something completely different.
    • This PM will include details such as the subject line, the email address it was sent to, and the reason for failure, but it will not include the contents of the message itself.
Note: For more in depth information users should read the 'Better email handling' post.


Date Update
February 25th[5]
February 10th[6]
  • Rule Updates
    • Users will no longer be able to post in a journal that does not belong to them.
February 4th[7]


Date Update
January 9th[8]
  • Eevee has been updated to have the female gender difference.


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  3. Stripe Payment descriptor update
  4. Better email handling
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