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!scope="col" |Price
!scope="col" |Price
|[[File:Trainer Hair Shaggy.png]]
|[[File:Trainer Eye Colour Blue.png]]
|3,000 {{Credits}}
|3,000 {{Credits}}
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!scope="col" |Option Name
!scope="col" |Option Name
|[[File:Trainer Hair Colour Brown.png]]
|[[File:Trainer Eye Colour Blue.png]]
Line 247: Line 247:
| Jaboca Berry [[File:Berry Jaboca.png]]
| Jaboca Berry [[File:Berry Jaboca.png]]
|[[File:Trainer Outfit Colour Lime Green.png]]
|Lime Green
|Lime Green
| Starf Berry [[File:Berry Starf.png]]
| Starf Berry [[File:Berry Starf.png]]

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General Information

Trainer Customisation is a paper doll system that allows the player to change their appearance on Pokefarm Q.
The image created with this system is displayed next to the Trainer Card on the User Page

Customisation Options

Changing any combination of Gender, Skin Tone and Eye Colour costs a 100 Gp small.png fee, but if the player has a Jirachi in their Party they will receive a 10% discount. Once changed the cost changes to 1,000 Gp small.png, then decreases by 100 Gp small.png every day until the price is back to the original 100 Gp small.png fee.


Appearance Option Name
Trainer Card Gender Neutral.png Neutral
Trainer Card Gender Male.png Male
Trainer Card Gender Female.png Female

Skin Tone

Appearance Option Name
Trainer Skin Tone I-II.png Type I-II
Trainer Skin Tone III.png Type III
Trainer Skin Tone IV.png Type IV
Trainer Skin Tone V.png Type V
Trainer Skin Tone VI.png Type VI
Trainer Skin Tone VI+.png Type VI+

Eye Colour

Appearance Option Name
Trainer Eye Colour Blue.png Blue
Trainer Eye Colour Brown.png Brown
Trainer Eye Colour Hazel.png Hazel
Trainer Eye Colour Grey.png Grey
Trainer Eye Colour Green.png Green
Trainer Eye Colour Red.png Red
Trainer Eye Colour Purple.png Purple


Changing the facial expression is free.

Appearance Option Name
Trainer Eye Colour Blue.png Smile
Trainer Face Frown.png Frown
Trainer Face Happy.png Happy
Trainer Face Sleepy.png Sleepy
Trainer Face Sugoi.png Sugoi


Changing the hairstyle costs a different amount of Credits Cr small.png depending on the hairstyle.

Appearance Option Name Price
Trainer Eye Colour Blue.png Shaggy 3,000 Cr small.png
Trainer Hair Curtained.png Curtained 3,000 Cr small.png
Trainer Hair Layered.png Layered 3,000 Cr small.png
Trainer Hair Buzz Cut.png Buzz Cut 2,000 Cr small.png
Trainer Hair Crew Cut.png Crew Cut 2,500 Cr small.png
Trainer Hair Bowl Cut.png Bowl Cut 3,000 Cr small.png
Trainer Hair Wavy.png Wavy 5,000 Cr small.png
Trainer Hair Flip-out Bob.png Flip-out Bob 4,000 Cr small.png
Trainer Hair Ponytail.png Ponytail 4,000 Cr small.png
Trainer Hair Topknot.png Topknot 4,000 Cr small.png
Trainer Hair Pompadour.png Pompadour 12,000 Cr small.png
Trainer Hair Punk.png Punk 6,000 Cr small.png


Changing the hair colour costs 500 Cr small.png , but if the player changes the hairstyle too they will get a 50% discount.

Appearance Option Name
Trainer Eye Colour Blue.png Brown
Trainer Hair Colour Blond.png Blond
Trainer Hair Colour Red.png Red
Trainer Hair Colour Black.png Black
Trainer Hair Colour White.png White


The Default outfit is different depending on the trainer's chosen gender. No other outfits have a distinct change between genders.

Appearance Option Name Price
Trainer Outfit Default Neutral.png Default Free
Trainer Outfit Activewear.png Activewear 60,000 Cr small.png
Trainer Outfit Sweater.png Sweater 50,000 Cr small.png
Trainer Outfit Trench Coat.png Trench Coat 500 Gp small.png
Trainer Outfit Swimwear.png Swimwear 200 Gp small.png
Trainer Outfit Punk.png Punk 75,000 Cr small.png


If the player is buying a new outfit, they can choose a colour for free.
However to change the colour of an outfit afterwards, the player is required to pay 10 of the berry corresponding to the new colour.

Appearance Option Name Berry
Trainer Outfit Colour Navy Blue.png Navy Blue Apicot Berry Berry Apicot.png
Trainer Outfit Colour Sky Blue.png Sky Blue Rowap Berry Berry Rowap.png
Trainer Outfit Colour Purple.png Purple Ganlon Berry Berry Ganlon.png
Trainer Outfit Colour Pink.png Pink Petaya Berry Berry Petaya.png
Trainer Outfit Colour Red.png Red Custap Berry Berry Custap.png
Trainer Outfit Colour Orange.png Orange Liechi Berry Berry Liechi.png
Trainer Outfit Colour Brown.png Brown Maranga Berry Berry Maranga.png
Trainer Outfit Colour Yellow.png Yellow Jaboca Berry Berry Jaboca.png
Trainer Skin Tone I-II.png Lime Green Starf Berry Berry Starf.png
Trainer Outfit Colour Green.png Green Micle Berry Berry Micle.png
Trainer Outfit Colour Black.png Black Enigma Berry Berry Enigma.png
Trainer Outfit Colour White.png White Enigma Berry Berry Enigma.png

Mega Accessory

Before the introduction of the Trainer Customisation system, the Mega Accessories were Key Items that could be swapped out for others with Doug the Merchant.

Appearance Option Name Evolution Requirement
Mega Ring.png Mega Ring 50
Mega Bracelet.png Mega Bracelet 50
Cool Mega Bracelet.png Cool Mega Bracelet 100
Cute Mega Bracelet.png Cute Mega Bracelet 100
Mega Glove.png Mega Glove 200
Mega Pendant.png Mega Pendant 200
Mega Band.png Mega Band 500
Mega Tiara.png Mega Tiara 500
Mega Anchor.png Mega Anchor 1,000
Mega Glasses.png Mega Glasses 1,000
Mega Charm.png Mega Charm 2,500
Mega Stickpin.png Mega Stickpin 2,500
Mega Anklet.png Mega Anklet 5,000