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This is the Masterlist for all of the Alola Pokémon BBCodes that are on-site. The large masterlist, the PKMN BBCodes archived here by Cyndalavosion and Amanome, is here for users to expand on as more Pokémon are added to the site for easy reference.

  • -(F) - Female Sprite Option
    • -Some gender differences may not be shown in the sprites due to their small size.
  • -To get a Shiny, Albino, or Melanistic minisprite, use (S), (A), or (M) where intended, ex. [pkmn=Bulbasaur(M)].
    • -If the sprite is a female, use the (F) code first, ex. [pkmn=Venusaur(F)(M)].
  • -[pkmn=Missing Number/] =

#721 Rowlet to #751 Araquanid
#752 Fomantis to #780 Dhelmise
#781 Jangmo-o to #808 Melmetal
#772 Silvally
#773 Exposed Minior

Pokémon BBCode Mini Sprite
Rowlet [pkmn=Rowlet]
Dartrix [pkmn=Dartrix]
Decidueye [pkmn=Decidueye]
Hisuian Decidueye [pkmn=Decidueye/Hisuian Forme]
Litten [pkmn=Litten]
Torracat [pkmn=Torracat]
Incineroar [pkmn=Incineroar]
Popplio [pkmn=Popplio]
Brionne [pkmn=Brionne]
Primarina [pkmn=Primarina]
Pikipek [pkmn=Pikipek]
Trumbeak [pkmn=Trumbeak]
Toucannon [pkmn=Toucannon]
Yungoos [pkmn=Yungoos]
Gumshoos [pkmn=Gumshoos]
Totem Gumshoos [pkmn=Gumshoos/Totem Forme]
Grubbin [pkmn=Grubbin]
Charjabug [pkmn=Charjabug]
Vikavolt [pkmn=Vikavolt]
Totem Vikavolt [pkmn=Vikavolt/Totem Forme]
Crabrawler [pkmn=Crabrawler]
Crabominable [pkmn=Crabominable]
Baile Oricorio [pkmn=Oricorio/Baile Style]
Pom-Pom Oricorio [pkmn=Oricorio/Pom-Pom Style]
Pa'u Oricorio [pkmn=Oricorio/Pa'u Style]
Sensu Oricorio [pkmn=Oricorio/Sensu Style]
Cutiefly [pkmn=Cutiefly]
Ribombee [pkmn=Ribombee]
Totem Ribombee [pkmn=Ribombee/Totem Forme]
Rockruff [pkmn=Rockruff]
Midday Lycanroc [pkmn=Lycanroc/Midday Forme]
Midnight Lycanroc [pkmn=Lycanroc/Midnight Forme]
Dusk Lycanroc [pkmn=Lycanroc/Dusk Forme]
Wishiwashi [pkmn=Wishiwashi]
School Wishiwashi [pkmn=Wishiwashi/School Forme]
Totem Wishiwashi [pkmn=Wishiwashi/Totem Forme]
Mareanie [pkmn=Mareanie]
Toxapex [pkmn=Toxapex]
Mudbray [pkmn=Mudbray]
Mudsdale [pkmn=Mudsdale]
Dewpider [pkmn=Dewpider]
Araquanid [pkmn=Araquanid]
Totem Araquanid [pkmn=Araquanid/Totem Forme]
Pokémon BBCode Mini Sprite
Fomantis [pkmn=Fomantis]
Lurantis [pkmn=Lurantis]
Totem Lurantis [pkmn=Lurantis/Totem Forme]
Morelull [pkmn=Morelull]
Shiinotic [pkmn=Shiinotic]
Salandit [pkmn=Salandit]
Salazzle [pkmn=Salazzle]
Totem Salazzle [pkmn=Salazzle/Totem Forme]
Stufful [pkmn=Stufful]
Bewear [pkmn=Bewear]
Bounsweet [pkmn=Bounsweet]
Steenee [pkmn=Steenee]
Tsareena [pkmn=Tsareena]
Comfey [pkmn=Comfey]
Oranguru [pkmn=Oranguru]
Passimian [pkmn=Passimian]
Wimpod [pkmn=Wimpod]
Golisopod [pkmn=Golisopod]
Sandygast [pkmn=Sandygast]
Palossand [pkmn=Palossand]
Pyukumuku [pkmn=Pyukumuku]
Type: Null [pkmn=Type: Null]
Minior [pkmn=Minior]
Komala [pkmn=Komala]
Turtonator [pkmn=Turtonator]
Togedemaru [pkmn=Togedemaru]
Totem Togedemaru [pkmn=Togedemaru/Totem Forme]
Mimikyu [pkmn=Mimikyu]
Totem Mimikyu [pkmn=Mimikyu/Totem Forme]
Bruxish [pkmn=Bruxish]
Drampa [pkmn=Drampa]
Dhelmise [pkmn=Dhelmise]
Pokémon BBCode Mini Sprite
Jangmo-o [pkmn=Jangmo-o]
Hakamo-o [pkmn=Hakamo-o]
Kommo-o [pkmn=Kommo-o]
Totem Kommo-o [pkmn=Kommo-o/Totem Forme]
Tapu Koko [pkmn=Tapu Koko]
Tapu Lele [pkmn=Tapu Lele]
Tapu Bulu [pkmn=Tapu Bulu]
Tapu Fini [pkmn=Tapu Fini]
Cosmog [pkmn=Cosmog]
Cosmoem [pkmn=Cosmoem]
Solgaleo [pkmn=Solgaleo]
Lunala [pkmn=Lunala]
Nihilego [pkmn=Nihilego]
Buzzwole [pkmn=Buzzwole]
Pheromosa [pkmn=Pheromosa]
Xurkitree [pkmn=Xurkitree]
Celesteela [pkmn=Celesteela]
Kartana [pkmn=Kartana]
Guzzlord [pkmn=Guzzlord]
Poipole [pkmn=Poipole]
Naganadel [pkmn=Naganadel]
Stakataka [pkmn=Stakataka]
Blacephalon [pkmn=Blacephalon]
Necrozma [pkmn=Necrozma]
Dusk Mane Necrozma [pkmn=Necrozma/Dusk Mane]
Dawn Wings Necrozma [pkmn=Necrozma/Dawn Wings]
Ultra Necrozma [pkmn=Necrozma/Ultra Forme]
Magearna [pkmn=Magearna]
Marshadow [pkmn=Marshadow]
Zeraora [pkmn=Zeraora]
Meltan [pkmn=Meltan]
Melmetal [pkmn=Melmetal]


Pokémon BBCode Mini Sprite
Normal [pkmn=Silvally]
Fire [pkmn=Silvally/Type: Fire]
Water [pkmn=Silvally/Type: Water]
Electric [pkmn=Silvally/Type: Electric]
Grass [pkmn=Silvally/Type: Grass]
Ice [pkmn=Silvally/Type: Ice]
Fighting [pkmn=Silvally/Type: Fighting]
Poison [pkmn=Silvally/Type: Poison]
Ground [pkmn=Silvally/Type: Ground]
Flying [pkmn=Silvally/Type: Flying]
Psychic [pkmn=Silvally/Type: Psychic]
Bug [pkmn=Silvally/Type: Bug]
Rock [pkmn=Silvally/Type: Rock]
Ghost [pkmn=Silvally/Type: Ghost]
Dragon [pkmn=Silvally/Type: Dragon]
Dark [pkmn=Silvally/Type: Dark]
Steel [pkmn=Silvally/Type: Steel]
Fairy [pkmn=Silvally/Type: Fairy]

Exposed Minior

Pokémon BBCode Mini Sprite
Red Core [pkmn=Minior/Red Core]
Orange Core [pkmn=Minior/Orange Core]
Yellow Core [pkmn=Minior/Yellow Core]
Green Core [pkmn=Minior/Green Core]
Blue Core [pkmn=Minior/Blue Core]
Indigo Core [pkmn=Minior/Indigo Core]
Violet Core [pkmn=Minior/Violet Core]