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This is an overview of all the major pages on the PFQ Wiki. If you're having trouble finding what you're looking for, this page may be of help.


These links may be particularly helpful to new users.

PokéFarm Basic information about the site itself.
Starting Out A general guide to those who are new to the site.
Eggs Information about Eggs on PokéFarm. Contains spoilers.
Pokémon A general overview of Pokémon that can be found on PokéFarm, how to obtain them, and what you can do with them.
Credits Information on Credits, how to obtain them, and where to spend them.
Gold Poké Information on Gold Poké, how to obtain it, and where to spend it.
Zophan Canisters Information on Zophan Canisters, how to obtain them, and where to spend them.
Inventory An overview of your Inventory, and what all you might find there.
Events A complete list of past events on PFQ, including eggs, items, and Pokémon.

Page Breakdown

These describe certain pages of the site, and often cover game mechanics.

Lab The Lab is one of the main pages on PokéFarm, and one of the main sources for Eggs.
Shelter The Shelter is another source of Eggs, as well as hatched Pokémon.
DayCare The DayCare can raise your Pokémon, and allows them to breed. However, Pokémon must meet certain requirements to breed.
Party Your Party is your main page for raising Pokémon.
Summary Page A Pokémon's private Summary has many actions that the Pokémon's owner can perform. The public Summary shows interactions.
Dress Up You can decorate your Pokémon with special items.
User Page Your User Page displays information about you, and is where other people can interact with your Pokémon. Parts of this page are customizable.
Farm Your Farm page is where you can see and manage many things happening on your Farm.
Fields Your Fields are where you store your Pokémon that are not in your party.
Trade Centre The Trade Centre is where you can send and receive trades from other PokéFarm users, as well as Wonder Trade your Pokémon.
Shiny Hunting The PokéRadar is an item that can be used to hunt shiny Pokémon. Odds for finding shiny Pokémon improve by chaining with the PokéRadar as well as using Shiny Charms and Übercharms.
Tools/Options The Options page is where you can customize many things about the site, including your forum avatar and signature.
Scour Areas When a Pokémon is sent on a Scour Mission, it may return with special items, such as Treasure Boxes.
Egg Supplier The Egg Supplier will ship you Eggs that are in your EggDex for Credits.
Pokéwalker Pokémon can be placed in the Pokéwalker while you are on the go to explore different areas and find various items.

Game Mechanics

These are game mechanics that are not covered in the page breakdowns.

Pokérus Pokérus is a special multiplier that affects one account at a time and can be obtained by interacting with the current host.
Bonus Counter The Bonus Counters fill up when certain site-wide criteria are met. When a Counter is full, there is a site-wide boost.
Happiness Happiness is important for the evolution of some Pokémon. It can also affect breeding rates.
Evolution Many Pokémon can evolve into certain different Pokémon if they meet certain requirements.
Mega Evolution Some Pokémon can take on different, more powerful formes with the help of certain items.
Custom Sprite Pokémon Custom Sprites are Pokémon with different sprites that are not new formes or species.
Shiny Pokémon Shiny Pokémon are rare Pokémon with different colour palates.
Legendary Pokémon Certain Pokémon are extremely rare and require Summon Items.
Rank Your User Rank depends on how many EggDex and PokéDex entries you have.
Hypermode Hypermode can be purchased with Zophan Canisters, and Hypermode accounts have special features and bonuses.


These are various methods of communication on the site.

BBCode BBCode is the type of formatting used on the Forums, in PMS, and other places on PokéFarm.
Public Forums The Forums are a public way to communicate with other PokéFarm users. Different forums are used designed to host different conversations.
Personal Messages Personal Messages, or PMs, are a way to privately communicate with other PokéFarm users.
Staff A list of all of the Staff members and what their jobs are.
Support Centre The Support Centre is where you can request certain aspects of your account be changed.