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Gender differences are differences in appearance due to a Pokémon species' gender. These differences can be very difficult to notice or more drastic.

The PokeDex shows only the male gender. Most Pokémon look identical despite their gender.

Below are the Pokémon with gender differences and a brief explanation of what the difference is.


Dex No. Pokémon Male Female
003 Venusaur Venusaur.png Female Venusaur.png
Female's flower has a seed in it.
012 Butterfree Butterfree.png Female Butterfree.png
Female has purple spots on her lower wings.
019 Rattata Rattata.png Female Rattata.png
Female has shorter whiskers.
020 Raticate Raticate.png Female Raticate.png
Female has shorter whiskers.
026 Pikachu Pikachu.png Pikachu Female.png
Female's tail ends in the upper half of a heart.
027 Raichu Raichu.png Female Raichu.png
Female's tail lacks a point and is smaller.
030 Nidoran Nidoran.png Female Nidoran.png
Female is light blue and male is purple.
043 Zubat Zubat.png Female Zubat.png
Female has smaller fangs.
044 Golbat Golbat.png Female Golbat.png
Female has smaller fangs.
047 Gloom Gloom.png Female Gloom.png
Female has one large spot per bud.
048 Vileplume Vileplume.png Female Vileplume.png
Female's petals have larger spots.
067 Politoed Politoed.png Female Politoed.png
Female has smaller cheeks.
069 Kadabra Kadabra.png Female Kadabra.png
Female has smaller whiskers.
070 Alakazam Alakazam.png Female Alakazam.png
Female has smaller whiskers.
091 Doduo Doduo.png Female Doduo.png
Male has black necks and female has beige necks.
092 Dodrio Dodrio.png Female Dodrio.png
Male has black necks and female has beige necks.
103 Steelix Steelix.png Female Steelix.png
Female lacks an outer tooth on each side.
105 Hypno Hypno.png Female Hypno.png
Female has more collar fur.
118 Rhyhorn Rhyhorn.png Female Rhyhorn.png
Female's horn is smaller.
119 Rhydon Rhydon.png Female Rhydon.png
Female's horn is smaller.
120 Rhyperior Rhyperior.png Female Rhyperior.png
Female's upper horn is smaller.
122 Tangrowth Tangrowth.png Female Tangrowth.png
Female's fingers have more magenta than blue.
127 Goldeen Goldeen.png Female Goldeen.png
Female's horn is smaller.
128 Seaking Seaking.png Female Seaking.png
Female's horn is smaller.
133 Scyther Scyther.png Female Scyther.png
Female's abdomen is larger.
134 Scizor Scizor.png Female Scizor.png
Female's abdomen is larger.
139 Magikarp Magikarp.png Female Magikarp.png
Male has yellow whiskers and female has white whiskers.
140 Gyarados Gyarados.png Female Gyarados.png
Male has blue whiskers and female has white whiskers.
143 Eevee Eevee.png Female Eevee.png
Female's have a flower-shaped tail pattern.


Dex No. Pokémon Male Female
169 Meganium Meganium.png Female Meganium.png
Female has shorter antennae.
180 Ledyba Ledyba.png Female Ledyba.png
Female has smaller antennae.
181 Ledian Ledian.png Female Ledian.png
Female has smaller antennae.
190 Xatu Xatu.png Female Xatu.png
Female has two body stripes.
198 Sudowoodo Sudowoodo.png Female Sudowoodo.png
Female's head "branch" is smaller.
202 Aipom Aipom.png Female Aipom.png
Female has longer head fur.
203 Ambipom Ambipom.png Female Ambipom.png
Female has longer head hair.
208 Wooper Wooper.png Female Wooper.png
Female has one set of gill branches.
209 Quagsire Quagsire.png Female Quagsire.png
Female has smaller dorsal fins.
210 Murkrow Murkrow.png Female Murkrow.png
Female's hat-like plumage is smaller.
215 Girafarig Girafarig.png Female Girafarig.png
Female's body has a larger yellow section.
219 Gligar Gligar.png Female Gligar.png
Female has smaller stinger.
225 Heracross Heracross.png Female Heracross.png
Female's horn is heart-shaped.
226 Sneasel Sneasel.png Female Sneasel.png
Female's left ear is shorter.
226 Hisuian Sneasel Hisuian Sneasel.png Female Hisuian Sneasel.png
Female's left ear is shorter.
227 Weavile Weavile.png Female Weavile.png
Female has shorter ears.
229 Ursaring Ursaring.png Female Ursaring.png
Female has longer shoulder fur.
233 Piloswine Piloswine.png Female Piloswine.png
Female has shorter tusks.
234 Mamoswine Mamoswine.png Female Mamoswine.png
Female has smaller tusks.
237 Octillery Octillery.png Female Octillery.png
Female has smaller suction cups.
241 Houndoom Houndoom.png Female Houndoom.png
Female has shorter horns.
243 Donphan Donphan.png Female Donphan.png
Female has shorter tusks.


Dex No. Pokémon Male Female
270 Combusken Combusken.png Female Combusken.png
Female has smaller head feathers.
271 Blaziken Blaziken.png Female Blaziken.png
Female's head crest is smaller.
281 Beautifly Beautifly.png Female Beautifly.png
Female's red spots are smaller.
283 Dustox Dustox.png Female Dustox.png
Female has smaller antennae.
286 Ludicolo Ludicolo.png Female Ludicolo.png
Female has thinner stripes.
288 Nuzleaf Nuzleaf.png Female Nuzleaf.png
Female has smaller leaf.
289 Shiftry Shiftry.png Female Shiftry.png
Female has smaller leaves.
322 Meditite Meditite.png Female Meditite.png
Male's ears are higher than the female's.
323 Medicham Medicham.png Female Medicham.png
Female has a smaller bulb on her head.
330 Gulpin Gulpin.png Female Gulpin.png
Female's feather is shorter.
331 Swalot Swalot.png Female Swalot.png
Female has shorter whiskers.
336 Numel Numel.png Female Numel.png
Female has larger hump.
337 Camerupt Camerupt.png Female Camerupt.png
Female has larger humps.
346 Cacturne Cacturne.png Female Cacturne.png
Female has a large spike on her chest.
364 Milotic Milotic.png Female Milotic.png
Female's hair-like fins are longer.
377 Wobbuffet Wobbuffet.png Female Wobbuffet.png
Female's mouth has lipstick-like marking.
387 Relicanth Relicanth.png Female Relicanth.png
Female has shorter jaw guard.


Dex No. Pokémon Male Female
414 Starly Starly.png Female Starly.png
Female's head has less white.
415 Staravia Staravia.png Female Staravia.png
Female's forehead spot is smaller.
416 Staraptor Staraptor.png Female Staraptor.png
Female's forehead spot is smaller.
417 Bidoof Bidoof.png Female Bidoof.png
Female has less tail curls.
418 Bibarel Bibarel.png Female Bibarel.png
Male's face have two extra curls on beige mask.
419 Kricketot Kricketot.png Female Kricketot.png
Female has larger collar.
420 Kricketune Kricketune.png Female Kricketune.png
Female has smaller mustache.
421 Shinx Shinx.png Female Shinx.png
Female has blue hind feet and a shorter mane.
422 Luxio Luxio.png Female Luxio.png
Female has more blue on the rear ankles and a shorter mane.
423 Luxray Luxray.png Female Luxray.png
Female's mane is smaller.
425 Roselia Roselia.png Female Roselia.png
Female's body leaf is longer.
426 Roserade Roserade.png Female Roserade.png
Female has longer cape.
434 Combee Combee.png Female Combee.png
Female's lower face has a red mark and can evolve.
436 Pachirisu Pachirisu.png Female Pachirisu.png
Female's head stripe is shorter.
458 Gible Gible.png Female Gible.png
Male has notched fin.
459 Gabite Gabite.png Female Gabite.png
Male has notched fin.
460 Garchomp Garchomp.png Female Garchomp.png
Male has notched fin.
463 Hippopotas Hippopotas.png Female Hippopotas.png
Male and female's color patterns are inverted.
464 Hippowdon Hippowdon.png Female Hippowdon.png
Male's body is light brown while the female's body is dark grey.
467 Croagunk Croagunk.png Female Croagunk.png
Female has higher "bandages".
468 Toxicroak Toxicroak.png Female Toxicroak.png
Female's throat sac is smaller.
470 Finneon Finneon.png Female Finneon.png
Female has larger tail fins.
471 Lumineon Lumineon.png Female Lumineon.png
Female has larger fins.
474 Snover Snover.png Female Snover.png
Female's midsection is white.
475 Abomasnow Abomasnow.png Female Abomasnow.png
Female has longer chest fur.
901 Basculegion Basculegion.png Female Basculegion.png
Males have red accents, fierce-looking eyes, longer barbels, and growths on their chin. Females have light-blue accents, sad-looking eyes, shorter barbels, and additional accents around their lips and eyes.


Dex No. Pokémon Male Female
521 Unfezant Unfezant.png Female Unfezant.png
Male has a pink mask with long extensions while the female has a curved feather on the back of her head. The Male has a green underside and the female has a brown underside.
592 Frillish Frillish.png Female Frillish.png
Male is blue, has a ruffled collar, smooth, diamond-patterned tentacles, one upper eyelash per eye, and a star-shaped head pattern and a stiff crown. Female is pink and has a bulbous collar, frilled tentacles, one lower eyelash per eye, a flower-shaped pattern and a limp crown.
593 Jellicent Jellicent.png Female Jellicent.png
Body colour, eyes, head pattern, and tentacle differences are the same as Frillish. Females have larger eyes with two eyelashes each, a heart-shaped mouth, and a fluffy collar. Males have a facial covering resembling a large moustache.


Dex No. Pokémon Male Female
668 Pyroar Pyroar.png Female Pyroar.png
Male has a large mane, stockier body, and half-brown front legs. Female has long, flowing hair similar to a ponytail and mostly-brown legs.
678 Meowstic Meowstic Male.png Meowstic Female.png
Males are blue with white highlights and have green with light blue sclerae eyes. Females are white with blue highlights and have red and yellow eyes.


Dex No. Pokémon Male Female
668 Indeedee Indeedee.png Female Indeedee.png
Males have lowered eyes, a frown, and more black on their torso to resemble a suit. Females have wider eyes, a smile, and more white on their torso to resemble an apron.


Dex No. Pokémon Male Female
000 Sibex Sibex.png Female Sibex.png
Females have smaller horns, more white on the legs, less collar, and are a lighter colour than males.
000 Flarotis Flarotis.png Female Flarotis.png
Females have longer head and collar fur.
000 Flaroptera Flaroptera.png Female Flaroptera.png
Females have longer collar fur.
000 Alicalf Alicalf.png Female Alicalf.png
Females have a smaller horn and eyelashes.
000 Cetacorn Cetacorn.png Female Cetacorn.png
Females have a smaller horn and eyelashes.


Dex No. Pokémon Male Female
025 Surfing Pichu Surfing Pichu.png Female Surfing Pichu.png
Male has blue swimgear and female has pink.
026 Flying Pikachu Flying Pikachu.png Female Flying Pikachu.png
Female's tail ends in the upper half of a heart.
026 Surfing Pikachu Surfing Pikachu.png Female Surfing Pikachu.png
Male has blue swimsuit/surfboard with a necklace. Female has a pink swimsuit/surfboard and tail ends in the upper half of a heart.
026 Snowboarding Pikachu Snowboarding Pikachu.png Female Snowboarding Pikachu.png
Male has blue scarf and goggles. Female has a pink scarf and goggles and tail ends in the upper half of a heart.
027 Flying Raichu Flying Raichu.png Female Flying Raichu.png
Female has a smaller tail that lacks a point.
027 Surfing Raichu Surfing Raichu.png Female Surfing Raichu.png
Male has blue swimsuit/surfboard with a necklace. Female has a pink swimsuit/surfboard and a smaller tail that lacks a point.
027 Snowboarding Raichu Snowboarding Raichu.png Female Snowboarding Raichu.png
Male has blue scarf and goggles. Female has a pink scarf and goggles and a smaller tail that lacks a point.
190 Early Bird Xatu Early Bird Xatu.png Female Early Bird Xatu.png
Female has two body stripes.
226 Snichu Snichu.png Female Snichu.png
Female has a split tail.
227 Vilechu Vilechu.png Female Vilechu.png
Female has a split tail.
336 Arctic Numel Arctic Numel.png Female Arctic Numel.png
Female has larger hump.
337 Arctic Camerupt Arctic Camerupt.png Female Arctic Camerupt.png
Female has larger hump.
421 Shinxel Shinxel.png Female Shinxel.png
Male has a spot on his back.
422 Fluxio Fluxio.png Female Fluxio.png
Female has exposed rear ankles.
423 Fluxray Fluxray.png Female Fluxray.png
Female's mane is smaller and the spot on her back is not in the centre.
434 Snow Combee Snow Combee.png Female Snow Combee.png
Female's lower face has a red gem and can evolve.
458 Gibolu Gibolu.png Female Gibolu.png
Male has notched head fins.
459 Gabolu Gabolu.png Female Gabolu.png
Male has notched head fins.
460 Garcario Garcario.png Female Garcario.png
Male has notched head fins.
592 Bubbly Frillish Bubbly Frillish.png Female Bubbly Frillish.png
Male is yellow, has upper eyelashes, a single head tuft, and a spot-patterned tentacle. Female is orange, has lower eyelashes, a double head tuft, and a teardrop-patterned tentacle.
593 Bubbly Jellicent Bubbly Jellicent.png Female Bubbly Jellicent.png
Male has yellow on the ends of his tentacles, four face spots, and three head tufts. Female has orange on the ends of her tentacles, two extra bottom tentacles, three connected face spots and two head tufts.
667 Glileo Glileo.png Female Glileo.png
Female has a smaller bulbed tail.
668 Pyriscor Pyriscor.png Female Pyriscor.png
Male has a large mane while the female has a smaller ponytail-like mane.

Totem Q

Dex No. Pokémon Male Female
198 Totem Sudowoodo Q Totem Sudowoodo Q.png Female Totem Sudowoodo Q.png
Female's head "branch" is smaller.
243 Totem Donphan Q Totem Donphan Q.png Female Totem Donphan Q.png
Female has shorter tusks.


  • Mega Evolutions do not have gender differences, even if other forms of their species do.
  • Some Pokémon with gender differences may evolve into Pokémon that do not have gender differences. Ex: Gloom evolving into Bellossom.
  • Some Pokémon without gender differences may evolve into Pokémon with gender differences. Ex: Pichu evolving into Pikachu.
  • Some Pokémon do not have a gender difference despite them having different forms. Ex: Shellos.