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| {{Tb3}} | Lake
| {{Tb3}} | Lake
| {{Tb3}} | Good
| {{Tb3}} | Good
| {{Tb3}} | Arrokuda
| {{Tb3}} | [[File:Arrokuda.png]]
| {{Tb3}} | Lake, Sea
| {{Tb3}} | Old, Good
| {{Tb3}} | Clamperl
| {{Tb3}} | Clamperl

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The Fishing Hut is one of the places on PokéFarm a user can visit. It is used to catch various aquatic Pokémon. It can be accessed from the Nearby Places tab on the Farm page.

Getting Started

Before the user is able to catch any Pokémon, an Old Rod Old Rod.png has to be bought from the Fishing Hut. After purchasing one for the first time, the user receives 20x Fishing Poké Balls Fishing Poké Ball.png and 50x Freshwater Bait Freshwater Bait.png for free. More Fishing Supplies can be purchased later with Credits.

Once equipped with a rod and supplies, a Fishing Zone must be picked. The River is available by default, but more areas can be unlocked later.
How the River Fishing Zone looks on PFQ.

Once an area is selected, a new screen with the user's supplies listed and a spot to cast the line in is activated. There are four spots (A, B, C and D). Picking any of the options moves to a new screen with the action "Reel in your rod".

A very short amount of time is required to wait before the action button shakes and is accompanied with the phrase "Something bites!". Clicking the button then will result in a battle. Clicking the button too early returns the Bait and exits back to the spot selection screen. Not reeling in the fish on time will cause the message: "It got away... You lost your bait."

It is possible sometimes to fail to catch anything. Failing is indicated by a specific message: "Nothing seems to be biting. The fish are nervous; try another spot." This message will continue to display until a new spot is selected.

During and After Battles

How a Battle appears.
When a battle is initiated, the hooked Pokémon will be displayed, along with two meters.

The "Strength" meter indicates how likely the Pokémon is to be caught. The higher the meter, the less likely. Player actions can decrease the meter, but if the meter runs out completely, the Pokémon will flee.

The "Wrath" meter indicates how likely the Pokémon is to run away. The higher the meter, the more likely.

While in battle, four options are available:

  • Balls: Throwing a Poké Ball at the Pokémon has a chance of capturing it.
  • Bait: Throwing Bait at the Pokémon makes it slightly harder to catch but decreases the chance of it running away.
  • Rock: Throwing a rock at the Pokémon makes it slightly easier to catch it but increases the chance of it running away.
  • Release: Exits the battle by returning the Pokémon back into the water.

After successfully catching a wild Pokémon, the player can continue fishing in the same area, or return to the Fishing Hut. Captured Pokémon may be added to the user's farm or be released to the shelter in the Hut.

On rare occasions, the hooked Pokémon can be a Shiny Pokémon. The exact odds of this occurring are unknown. When this happens, the sprite displayed will be the shiny sprite, and a Shiny Star.png symbol will be next to the Pokémon's name. Battles with Shiny Pokémon play out exactly the same as normal battles.

Fishing Gear

Fishing Gear consists of Bait and Poké Balls. They are necessary for successful fishing sessions.

If a user owns less than 20 Fishing Poké Balls, they are able to pick up free Fishing Poké Balls until they reach 20. This is possible once per day.

Image Name Description Price
Freshwater Bait.png Freshwater Bait A pellet of food made to appeal to Pokémon living in rivers. Cr small.png 4
Stillwater Bait.png Stillwater Bait A pellet of food made to appeal to Pokémon living in lakes. Cr small.png 6
Saltwater Bait.png Saltwater Bait A pellet of food made to appeal to Pokémon living in the sea. Cr small.png 10
Deepwater Bait.png Deepwater Bait A pellet of food made to appeal to Pokémon living in the ocean. Cr small.png 20
Fishing Poké Ball.png Fishing Poké Ball A device for catching Pokémon while fishing. Caught Pokémon are transferred to the Fishing Hut for collection. Cr small.png 200
Fishing Great Ball.png Fishing Great Ball A good, high-performance Fishing Poké Ball that provides a higher catch rate than a standard Fishing Poké Ball. Cr small.png 600
Fishing Ultra Ball.png Fishing Ultra Ball An ultra-high-performance Fishing Poké Ball that provides a higher catch rate than a Fishing Great Ball. Cr small.png 1,200

Fishing Rods

New and better Rods may be purchased after catching a number of Pokémon via fishing.

Image Name Description Requirements Price
Old Rod.png Old Rod An old and beat-up fishing rod. Use it by any body of water to fish for wild aquatic Pokémon. N/A Cr small.png 5,000
Good Rod.png Good Rod A new, good-quality fishing rod. Use it by any body of water to fish for wild aquatic Pokémon. Catch 100 Pokémon. Cr small.png 20,000

Fishing Zones

Name Type Description Requirement
River Freshwater A calm river filled with a variety of Pokémon. Perfect for beginners. N/A
Lake Stillwater A large lake where water has collected over a long time. Suitable for intermediate Fishers. Hook 40 Pokémon.
Sea Saltwater A great spot on the beach for reeling in Pokémon all day long. Some skill required to deal with waves. Hook 150 Pokémon.
Ocean Deepwater Ride out on a boat to fish with the best, out in the ocean blue! Hook 750 Pokémon.

Pokémon Locations

These are all the Pokémon that appear when fishing, along with which zone they appear in and what rod must be used.

Pokémon Sprite Zones Rod Required
Carvanha Carvanha.png River Old, Good
Lotad Lotad.png River Old, Good
Magikarp Magikarp.png River, Lake, Sea, Ocean Old, Good
Goldeen Goldeen.png River, Lake Old, Good
Slowpoke Slowpoke.png River, Lake Old, Good
Barboach Barboach.png River, Lake Good
Basculin Basculin.png River Good
Buizel Buizel.png River Good
Corphish Corphish.png River Good
Marill Marill.png River Good
Oshawott Oshawott.png River Good
Stunfisk Stunfisk.png River Good
Tympole Tympole.png River Good
Qwilfish Qwilfish.png Lake, Sea Old, Good
Surskit Surskit.png Lake Old, Good
Wooper Wooper.png Lake Old, Good
Bruxish Bruxish.png Lake Good
Dratini Dratini.png Lake Good
Frillish Frillish.png Lake, Ocean Good
Froakie Froakie.png Lake Good
Mudkip Mudkip.png Lake Good
Poliwag Poliwag.png Lake Good
Psyduck Psyduck.png Lake Good
Shellos Shellos.png Lake Good
Totodile Totodile.png Lake Good
Arrokuda Arrokuda.png Lake, Sea Old, Good
Clamperl Clamperl.png Sea, Ocean Old, Good
Feebas Feebas.png Sea Old, Good
Finneon Finneon.png Sea Old, Good
Krabby Krabby.png Sea Old, Good
Remoraid Remoraid.png Sea, Ocean Old, Good
Seel Seel.png Sea Old, Good
Spheal Spheal.png Sea Old, Good
Staryu Staryu.png Sea, Ocean Old, Good
Tentacool Tentacool.png Sea, Ocean Old, Good
Wishiwashi Wishiwashi.png Sea, Ocean Old, Good
Binacle Binacle.png Sea Good
Clauncher Clauncher.png Sea Good
Piplup Piplup.png Sea Good
Popplio Popplio.png Sea Good
Shellder Shellder.png Sea, Ocean Good
Squirtle Squirtle.png Sea Good
Alomomola Alomomola.png Ocean Good
Chinchou Chinchou.png Ocean Good
Corsola Corsola.png Ocean Good
Dhelmise Dhelmise.png Ocean Good
Horsea Horsea.png Ocean Good
Luvdisc Luvdisc.png Ocean Good
Mantine Mantine.png Ocean Good
Mareanie Mareanie.png Ocean Good
Relicanth Relicanth.png Ocean Good
Skrelp Skrelp.png Ocean Good
Wailmer Wailmer.png Ocean Good