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The Dress Up page with a Hawlucha and some accessories.

After obtaining a Fashion Suitcase, a user may Dress Up their Pokémon with Accessories they have collected to have a custom image displayed on its Summary Page. Upon saving, any accessories that have been used will no longer show in the Fashion Suitcase.

Finding a Pokemon's Dress Up Page.

A Pokemon's Dress Up Page can be found in its Summary Page under its drop down menu.

If a Pokémon already has a Dress-Up image when it is selected for a Contest, it will show up instead of the default image.


The Dress Up page offers a selection of options to help decorate the user's Pokémon.

On the left hand side of the page, the user will find a list of all objects currently attached to their Pokémon in a Layer list. This list determines what order sprites are rendered above one another. The layers can be moved by dragging and dropping of the arrow image. Dragging them to the bottom removes the layer. It is not possible to remove the Pokémon layer. Selecting a layer allows for moving or rotating the image on that layer. Using the multi-select function, it is possible to move or rotate the layers together.

The centre of the page displays the Pokémon currently being Dressed Up, and any Accessories currently attached to it. The currently selected layer may be moved or rotated by dragging the associated buttons. At the bottom are buttons to either save or delete the image.

Note: "Delete" is for the entire image, not the selected layer. Deleting a layer is done in the layer tab.

The list of Accessories is found on the right hand side of the page. Here, it lists all Accessories according to categories, and then alphabetically within the categories. To add an Accessory to the Pokémon, simply click it. The Accessory will be added as the top layer of the image for the user to find easily and re-position.


After the user has saved the Dress-Up image, it will display on that Pokémon's Summary Page.