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The Daycare is a place where you can breed Pokémon or leave them there to be levelled up. You can access the DayCare through the NavBar.

The DayCare page showing a couple of Lairon.

There are four different tabs that you can view:

  • About the DayCare: A short introduction of Prof. Laurel and his Grotle and some information about leaving your Pokémon at the DayCare.
  • Your Pokémon: Displays which Pokémon are currently in the DayCare. You can leave up to two Pokémon behind for Prof. Laurel to take care of. If the two Pokémon are compatible with each other, they will breed and produce Eggs. Their compatibility are based on factors currently unknown. The sentence beneath the two Pokémon gives a hint on how well they are together.