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Hello! My name is Peridot Prior, and like most here I am a user of PokéFarm. My middle name is thorough and my greatest enemy is proof-reading.

This page contains notes for myself. I manage character pages and pages pertaining to the canon universe of PokéFarm. I also edit small errors, add links, and find references. Feel free to comment here and ask questions. I am excellent at finding jobs for people on the Wiki, so if you don't know where to help just leave a message for me.

I intend to make a user guide at some point, a 'crash course' in how to jump in with helping on the Wiki, including need-to-know format codes and general guidelines.

My PokéFarm Q account

Pages I have created or contributed significantly to:


Rough draft of guide to posting on the Wiki:

This guide is intended to help user's figure out where to help out, what to edit, what to add, and how to add it. This guide has need-to-know information at a glance, acting as a TL;DR of sorts.


Content on this Wiki is editable by everyone. Anything a user adds may be removed, reworded, or otherwise edited.

  • Content should be proof-read before it is submitted. Formatting should be tested using the 'show preview' located on the bottom of an edit page. Always proof-read before submitting.
  • Do not submit content not relevant. Similarly, do not submit content that has not been confirmed by PFQ's official staff or otherwise stated by a notable member of the site. Information from the old PokéFarm site is outdated and not relevant in most cases.
  • Do not create duplicate pages.
  • Do not overwrite if someone has edited the same page that the user was editing. Instead, check over the sections that were changed and attempt to merge.
  • Ask questions on a page's talk page. Message Wiki Editors with questions.
  • Content should have appropriate formatting. A link to another page should not be listed more than once, though linking to specific subsections of a page is okay in most cases.
  • References should be added when and where needed.
  • Content should be written formally in complete sentences. British spelling should be used, and spelling should never be changed from the British variation to other English variations.
  • Users should not use "I" or "you" on public pages. Instead, they should say "a user" or "the user" or "one".
  • Similarly, avoid using contractions more than once in a sentence.
  • If a user is planning to add something but cannot at the current time, it is acceptable but not encouraged to add the section and add '(Placeholder)' as the text.
  • If you are unsure of something, create a discussion page on the page of question (located in the top left-hand corner of a page). Add a timestamp signature to all your posts. Check back for replies frequently.

General Page Arrangement

Pages should begin with a brief overview of the topic, summarized in one or two sentences. The subject at hand should then be broken down into categories, however, this may depend on what said topic is. Use other pages similar to the topic to see how the page should be arranged. If a page is a stub page, add as many details as you can.


These codes can be copied onto pages for formatting. Always use the 'show preview' option to double-check formatting before posting. Centring is usually not encouraged.


To create a redirect, simply create the page under the desired name and paste the following text in as the only text on the page:

#redirect [[Page title]]

Click the show preview button and the page should display the redirect arrow if done correctly.


Osite Linking

  • To link onsite to another page, simply type [[Page Title Here]]
  • To link on-site with a link under a different name, type [[Page Title Here|Title To Be Displayed]]
  • To link to a subsection of a page, type [[Page Title Here#Subsection Name Here]]

Offsite Linking

  • To link offsite, type [URL here]
  • To link off-site with a titled link, type [URL here (space here) Link title]


Use references to link to specific places where something has been stated on-site. Do not link to another Wikipedia page in the references section, and do not link to any forum posts that may be deleted. Users should check the reference links often to make sure they are still valid. Note that the references subsection should always be placed at the bottom of a page, and any references in the text should be placed after the period in a sentence.

  • To create a reference link in the text, type <ref>Description to be displayed in references subsection [Link]</ref> after the sentence the user wants to link to.
  • To add references from the content, type <references/> in the references subsection.


To add an image, simply upload the file using the upload image link on the left-hand side of the page. Copy the file URL, and copy the following code that meets your specification:

  • To link with the full version of the image, use [[File:FileName.png]]
  • To link with a thumbnail version of the image, use [[File:FileName.png|SizeNumberpx|thumb|right|Caption Text Here]]

Text Formatting

  • To add bold text, use '''Bold Text Here'''
  • To add italicised text, use ''Italic Text Here''
  • To add headers, use =Large Header= or ==Header== or ===Bold Header===


  • To add bullet points, use * before each statement.
  • To add a tab down, use <br />
  • To add raw code, use <nowiki>Code Here</nowiki>

This guide it a work in progress, please message me if there is something I should add