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Bayx is currently an ordinary user of the Pokéfarm website. Joining Pokéfarm 1 in March of 2010, Bayx has been around the basic Pokéfarm universe for over five years. She joined Pokéfarm Q in February of 2014. Bayx is open to conversations with users, and will always help out another member who needs it. Bayx has a knack for drawing, and enjoys contributing to the Wiki and 'Help' forums when possible. She has a journal in the Mature Forms due to the reason of slightly more mature topics being discussed, although otherwise she is a rather kid-friendly person. Her 'pokésona,' dubbed Bayx, is a hybrid between a Tsareena and Lurantis - named Tsarantis respectively. Other nicknames of hers include Ash, Kitty, Kit-Kat, and Bayxaroo. She does not mind being called any of these. Currently, from the point this has been last updated, she is of Senior rank. Having unlocked both Radars and Mega Evolution, her primary focus as of right now is completing her EggDex to its maximum possibility before moving onto the obtainable legend Pokémon.