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Date Update
January 5th[1]
  • Fixed the PokéWalker's distance-calculation code mistake.
    • Typo of the Earth's radius.
  • Albino Pokémon can now be found from the PokéWalker.
    • Due to the PokéWalker's "limited" graphics, there is no way of knowing if a Pokémon is Albino until it's transferred to PFQ.
    • The chances of getting an Albino depend on distance travelled in the current day.
  • All user's historical data has been updated to account for this bugfix.
    • All historical distances travelled have been scaled by 6371/3671 to reflect the corrected calculation.
  • The Walker has been updated to version v1.1.
January 3rd[2]
  • Site Rule 7: Legibility has been updated regarding content with epilepsy triggers.
    • These triggers can be but are not limited to, fast moving gifs, flashing images, flashing/blinking and certain color combinations that move.
January 1st[3]
  • The pre-requisite for purchasing Tournament Eggs has been changed. Users no longer have to wait for the Egg to cycle around again and/or for the Season to end.
    • Before: Users must score at least 1 point in a Tournament offering the Egg as a prize.
    • After: A Tournament offering the Egg as a prize must have finished.
  • The Tournament Objective Selector is now aware of Type Races. Before they were being manually changed. Now they automatically will not select the following objectives during a week when a Type Race occurs:
    • Hatch the Pokémon of the Day
    • Hatch Pokémon with a certain body style
    • Hatch Pokémon with a certain Dex colour
    • Hatch Pokémon having affinity with the V~Wave
    • Hatch a variety of Pokémon
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