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Date Update
December 11th[1]
  • Adjusted the Uzumi, Ravyne, and Shazi Bonus Counters due to activity increase.
    • Uzumi's target: from 400,000 to 325,000 and the Reward from 10-50% to 40-90%.
    • Ravyne's target: from 400,000 to 500,000 and the Reward from X2-X4 to X1.5-X3.5.
    • Shazi's target: from 200,000 to 300,000.


Date Update
November 9th[2]
  • Renamed Eiscue's No Ice Forme to Noice Face.
    • The Noice Face name is the official name.


Date Update
August 12th[3]
  • The mature forums have been removed.


Date Update
July 24th[4]
  • The global site background image changed.
July 17th[5]
  • Totem Forme Pokémon now have a little icon similar to the Mega Evolved icon to indicate their status.
    • This icon is shown alongside gender, shininess, and any others that may apply.
July 5th[6]
  • A checkbox has then added to "Show Legacy Items" in the Market.
    • The system hides the Legacy Items by default.
July 2nd[7]
  • Users have the ability to trade in multiple Flawless Gems.
July 1st[8]
  • Wishforge Update
    • Crafting progress has been reworked to a points-based system.
      • Interactions, hatching eggs, evolving Pokémon, Mega Evolutions and trading in Flawless Gems all grant varying amounts of points.
  • Badges have been redesigned, featuring a more prominent and intuitive "progression" design.
  • Rankings have been shuffled. [9]
    • Nickel and Zinc have been added to the front.
    • Titanium and Adamantium have been removed.
    • The new order:
      (1) Nickel (was Bronze)
      (2) Zinc (was Silver)
      (3) Bronze (was Gold)
      (4) Silver (was Platinum)
      (5) Gold (was Titanium)
      (6) Platinum (was Mythril)
      (7) Mythril (was Adamantium)
      (8) Nintendium
      (9) Wishalloy


Date Update
May 5th[10]
  • "Get shortlink" on profiles now uses the same shortlink as shown on the profile page.


Date Update
March 30th[11]
  • PokéRadar max chain for non-Hypermode users increased from 38 to 39.
  • Shiny Charm boost increased from 2x to 2.5x.
  • Übercharm bonus reduced from 8x to 6x.
  • The Übercharm has been removed from the Shiny Hunting and Albino Hunting pages, since it no longer affects those variants.
    • It remains on its own page.
  • Albino rates boosted by 50%.
  • Z-Crystals have been reworked:
    • Boost reduced from +100% to +50%.
    • Duration extended from "until Reset" to 3 full days.
    • Using them is done entirely separately from the Albino Radar itself.
    • Users can set a reminder to notify them when their Z-Crystal runs out.
  • Delta Points from Guest Interactions raised from "1 each to a max of 10 daily" to "5 each to a max of 50 daily".
  • Delta Points earned from turning in Shiny and Albino Pokémon has been doubled.
  • Delta Points can be traded in for Vouchers for a fee in Credits (base fee: 1k Credits for a 10 Delta Point item; bulk discounts apply).
  • Z-Fragments matching the current V~Wave can be purchased at a cost of 30 Delta Points each at the Holon Research Tower.
March 9th[12]
  • The base Albino rate has been halved.
  • Users can now trade in Delta Pokémon for "Base price".
    • That is 20% of the cost of Delta-ing that species.
    • Shinies can be traded in for "2x Base price".
    • Albinos can be traded in for "3x Base price".
March 7th[13]
  • Users can change their Username on the Farm Page, under Options-Others.


Date Update
February 16th[14]
  • The Notification Volume option on the Farm Page now works in Chrome.
  • A "Mark All as Read" button has been added to the News page.
    • It only appears when the user has unread news items.
February 10th[15]
February 4th[16]
February 3rd[17]
Note: For the Price differences look at the ZC rebalancing Post.
  • Shiny Charm Box has been discontinued.
  • Using a Shiny Charm immediately converts it into a Dead Shiny Charm, which can be recharged using GP.
    • Users can "dismantle" a Shiny Charm Box to receive 10 Shiny Charms.
  • Lucky Seal have been discontinued and replaced with Legendary Seal.
    • Existing Lucky Seals can be traded for 4 of this new item.
  • Money Safe can now be bought for GP instead of ZC.
  • Hypermode has had the following adjustments:
  • The Rank-up reward "5 Lucky Seals" has been replaced with "5 Legendary Seals".
  • Users can now toggle a notification to remind you to use a new Shiny Charm.


Date Update
January 27th[18]
  • Real Money Trading (aka RMT) for PokéFarm digital goods is no longer allowed.
    • This includes both direct payments through services like Paypal and exchanging gift cards, whether physical or digital.
    • PokéFarm digital goods means anything that can be traded through your Trade Centre, the Market Board, or any other bit of PokéFarm.
Note: For more information please read the Real Money Trading Post.
January 5th[19]
  • Fixed the PokéWalker's distance-calculation code mistake.
    • Typo of the Earth's radius.
  • Albino Pokémon can now be found from the PokéWalker.
    • Due to the PokéWalker's "limited" graphics, there is no way of knowing if a Pokémon is Albino until it's transferred to PFQ.
    • The chances of getting an Albino depend on the distance travelled in the current day.
  • All users' historical data has been updated to account for this bugfix.
    • All historical distances travelled have been scaled by 6371/3671 to reflect the corrected calculation.
  • The Walker has been updated to version v1.1.
January 3rd[20]
  • Site Rule 7: Legibility has been updated regarding content with epilepsy triggers.
    • These triggers can be but are not limited to, fast-moving gifs, flashing images, flashing/blinking and certain colour combinations that move.
January 1st[21]
  • The pre-requisite for purchasing Tournament Eggs has been changed. Users no longer have to wait for the Egg to cycle around again and/or for the Season to end.
    • Before: Users must score at least 1 point in a Tournament offering the Egg as a prize.
    • After: A Tournament offering the Egg as a prize must have finished.
  • The Tournament Objective Selector is now aware of Type Races. Before they were manually changed and now they will automatically not select the following objectives during a week when a Type Race occurs:
    • Hatch the Pokémon of the Day
    • Hatch Pokémon with a certain body style
    • Hatch Pokémon with a certain Dex colour
    • Hatch Pokémon having an affinity with the V~Wave
    • Hatch a variety of Pokémon