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Date Update
December 9th
  • The regional Flags have been updated with better vexillology - using more standard flag forms and reducing the complexity of colours.

Regional Flags.png


Date Update
September 23rd
  • Sei's Bonus Counter has had its effect changed.
 - Before: 10-20% improved Shiny Chance
 - After: ⊕10-25 Sei Power improves Shiny Chances

Sei Power is a more complex formula than just a flat-rate improvement, and the effect is such that people with lower chances get a much higher boost.

Example: Sei Power 10 (the lowest value)

 - Full odds: ~1,331% boost
 - Non-HM chain: ~285% boost
 - HM chain: ~123% boost
 - HM chain +1 charm: ~58% boost
 - HM chain +2 charms: ~12% boost

Example: Sei Power 25 (the highest value)

 - Full odds: ~1,710% boost
 - Non-HM chain: ~388% boost
 - HM chain: ~182% boost
 - HM chain +1 charm: ~100% boost
 - HM chain +2 charms: ~42% boost

This means that Sei Day is much more powerful now!

September 16th
  • Sei's Bonus Counter has been adjusted to a target of 3,777 to account for the recent updates to Shiny rates.
September 1st

A couple more adjustments to the recent Egg Supplier update:

  • You can now "Release to Shelter" any completed order. You won't receive a refund for doing this, this button is purely intended for people who ordered Eggs as part of a hunt but finished that hunt before the orders arrived.
  • The Bulk Discount has been tweaked as it was not quite working as intended. It now only takes into account orders placed within the last five minutes to determine a "bulk" order.


Date Update
August 30th
  • Due to severe abuse of the system by certain users the "partial refund for expired Egg Supplier orders" has been disabled until such a time as we figure out a system that doesn't let you hunt special/legendary Eggs at half the cost.
  • Upon further review, it has been decided that the "24 hour to collect" mechanic was too punishing to players as it fell into a similar vein as "running away when Happiness reaches zero" mechanic. That mechanic was removed. And now egg order expiry is gone too.
  • The Egg Supplier now offers a "bulk discount". If you order multiple Eggs of the same species then the second Egg is discounted by 10%, the third by 18%, and so on with diminishing returns to a theoretical limit of 50% off.


Date Update
July 19th
  • The Red Gigaremo has been adjusted, halving the rate at which Happiness is lost during its use.


Date Update
June 20th
  • Back during the Event that involved "blend a Pokéblock+" as an Objective, the flaws with the Berry Blender became very apparent. I apologize it's taken so long to get around to this, but here we go:

Your score is now integrated into the calculations for PB+ generation, as follows:

 - Score = (Perfects x 2) + (Hits) - (Misses)
 - PlusChance = (Score)%, minimum 5%, maximum 50%

QuickBlend Plus Chance has been buffed to 15%


Date Update
April 15th
  • The Zophan Canister purchase form now includes an option to enter how much of a budget you have, and it will tell you how much ZC you can get for that amount of money.
April 5th
  • Fixed a bug, caused by the updated Timeline system, where Wonder Traded Pokémon would no longer be considered for evolution using trades. This fix is not retroactive, however, so if you were affected then the Pokémon will need to be traded or Wonder Traded again to evolve. Sorry about that.


Date Update
March 23rd
  • A new subforum has been added for 15+ Clans, and the Clan Application page has been updated accordingly.


Date Update
Feb 28th
  • Orthrus can now be bred without requiring an Orthrus/Cerberus parent!
Feb 23rd
  • Along with the overhaul to the Albino Radar, you can now toggle whether or not to be reminded to recharge. You can do this from the same place where you charge the Albino Radar in the first place.
  • Totem Forme Pokémon now have a halo in their icons to make them more distinguishable both on mobile and on the Move/Release screens, and any other places icons are used.
Feb 18th
  • This one's more of a technical thing, but I've gotten reports of intermittent 500 Internal Server Error messages, so I've adjusted some configuration settings and that should reduce or even eliminate that problem.
Feb 6th
  • The various NPC avatars have been refreshed with new images.


Date Update
Jan 24th
  • The Registration page has been overhauled. It is now broken down into smaller steps to be less overwhelming, and it also uses the new Trainer Customisation system for the initial process.