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Date Update
Dec. 29th
  • Adjustment has been made on how Interactions are saved.
Dec. 19th
  • Issue fix in which Safari users were unable to select Pokémon or items without tapping twice.
Dec. 13th
  • You can now add custom freeform CSS to your Skins.
  • Two new Official Skins have been added. (Retro Pre-Code, Retro Recode)
  • You now have the ability to save items on the Marketboard as your favorite.
Dec. 2nd
  • The Daily Backup has been moved from 1:12 PM to 10:12 AM (Server Time).
Dec. 1st
  • [M] The Alolan Starters, including Rockruff, have been added to PFQ. Users can obtain one of the starters, and change their starter on their Trainer Card if they decide to, using the 'cheat codes' given on the Announcement Post
  • The Friends List has been changed to the VIP List.


Date Update
Nov. 25th
  • The Mass Move and Mass Release screens have a small visual update to make it more obvious that a user can click anywhere, more obvious which Pokémon have been selected, and have it be more space-efficient.
Nov. 21st
  • Daily tasks have been added.
  • Task list on your Party page is now sorted based on completion progress.
Nov. 16th
  • The Bookmarks bar can now be customized on the Tools tab of the Farm Page under "Navigation".
Nov. 15th
  • The Pokéwalker's source code is available for viewing from the Pokéwalker page. This was implemented for users who want to find out how it works, or to find any issues or suggestions for the code.
  • The animation length of Pokémon evolution and hatching has been significantly reduced.
Nov. 14th
  • Bugfix: The issue in which the Tournament would not count the Pokémon of the Day progress has been fixed.
  • Bulk price of Egg Passes has been reduced to give a better discount. The unit price has not changed.
  • "Most Tournament Tokens won" has been added to the Stats Page
  • The "Mega Evolve 150 Pokémon" task has been dropped down to 90, and the final task beyond it as well.
  • An extra-large Egg Pass package is now available, making the discount 75%!
Nov. 13th
  • "History" has been added to the Market for each item, to see when and how much that item was sold for.
Nov. 12th
  • The Objective for the Weekly Tournament has been updated to include a prediction of the PoTD for the days of the Tournament.
  • The Pluraliser has been updated to handle unusual names.
  • The Market Board has been added, it replaces the Garden on the NavBar.
  • Core pages have been added to Nearby Places, and the PokéDex was moved under "Other => Items".
  • Old Items that no longer serve a purpose on the site now have the [LEGACY] tag in their description.
Nov. 11th
  • When selling from the inventory, the "Max" button can be used to sell all of a selected item.
  • Overall completion percentage of the users' PokéDex is viewable on the PokéDex page, below the last region.
  • A Dex-resetting item, the BFM, has been added.
  • Keldeo's forme change item is now obtainable with the return of the Pledge Grove, which is accessible through secret conditions.
Nov. 10th
  • Stats page has been added.
  • Recode has been completed!
Nov. 9th
  • Almost every egg has been given a new design based on patterns and new descriptions!
Nov. 8th
  • Wonder Trading has been recoded!
  • Trade Centre Expansions are now purchasable from the Trade Centre's "Upgrades" tab.
  • Bonus counter targets have been increased.
Nov. 7th
  • Comics have returned!
  • When an author puts up a new page, the comic is temporarily put to the top until another author does the same.
Nov. 6th
  • Trade evolution now counts "being account locked" as acceptable to pass.
Nov. 5th
  • Some important forum threads have been added to the "Other links" section of the Farm Page.
  • The Image Gallery is now back as a forum thread!
Nov. 2nd
  • It is possible to create shortlinks under the "Other links" part of the Farm page.
  • The "Other Links" section has been updated and organised to look better.


Date Update
Oct. 31st
  • The EXP. Share effect has been buffed from 2 EXP to a random party member / interaction to 1 EXP/party member/interaction.
  • Lucky Eggs and Super Lucky Eggs can now be bought in bulk purchases.
Oct. 27th
  • The Timers bar has been fitted to appear better on smaller screens.
  • The EXP. Share, Lucky Egg and Super Lucky Egg have been added, along with the new EXP Boosts page.
Oct. 26th
  • You will be notified when the Albino Radar needs charging.
  • PokéFarm Q default display codes have been updated to ΩR/αS style. It is possible to change the display style in a Pokémon's Summary.
Oct. 22nd
  • Usernames can now be adjusted (changing uppercase/lowercase letters and adding accents), but you if you require a full name change, contact the Support Centre.
Oct. 21st
  • Shelter Update: The reload buttons have been disabled when you have the "Details" view up.
Oct. 20th

Multi-User view updates:

  • "Go to Fields" link now has a "click again to confirm" system.
  • "Previous" and "Next" buttons have been added below the party for quicker navigation.
  • "Next" button changes to a "Get more" button if you used Jump link.
Oct. 19th
  • Several Summon items have had their sprites updated.
Oct. 16th
  • A separate section in the PokéDex for "PokéFarm Q (Megas)" has been added.
  • Filter sections will now stick at the top of the screen when you scroll.
Oct. 14th
  • Rank Rewards have been added, along with a progress bar to help the user work towards their next goal and reward.
Oct. 12th
  • An issue with the random number generator has been addressed.
Oct. 9 th
  • You can now view the full leaderboard of completed Tournaments from the Tournament History page.
Oct. 6 th
  • A "More" arrow was added to the currencies, so you can have easy viewing access to all the currencies.
Oct. 5th
  • Adjustments were made to the server and network system, for, hopefully, greatly improved performance.
  • Forum Polls have returned, the creator of the thread can now add polls, vote on polls, and more.
Oct. 4th
  • Clan Applications are back, for users to apply for permission to create a Clan.
  • A patch has been made to try and reduce the chance of things getting lost in the Trade Centre.
Oct. 2nd
  • Patches have been made to try and reduce the lag from timeout errors.


Date Update
Sept. 30th
  • Discounts are now shown when prices are listed.
  • Everstones can now be purchased in the DayCare for Credits, as it has a breeding-related function.
Sept. 26th
  • Shelter update: Pressing 1, 2, or 3 on the keyboard will trigger the Reload, White Flute, and Black Flute, respectively.
  • The "clicking lock" will now warn the user every 4,000 clicks.
Sept. 25th
  • Shelter Pass ★, Relic Copper, and Lab Reloader prices have been lowered.
  • A "speed limit" warning has been added to Interactions, to advise users to take a break from interactions.
Sept. 23rd
  • Kyurem's Forme-Change method had been added.
Sept. 21st
  • The Server Time clock's code has been made more efficient to help reduce lag.
  • The "Align to Grid" option is now available.
  • Clicking on a Pokémon or Egg's name will request confirmation on the Multi-User Profile View.
Sept. 20th
  • The Multi-User Profile View no longer shows the "Like: X food" text for more compaction.
Sept. 19th
  • Meloetta's forme-change method has been added.
Sept. 18th
  • The Site Chat has been updates so the "Settings" panel is now hidden by default.
  • Pokédex has been updated to move all filters above the regions list.
  • New Tools option has been added allowing you to "pixelate" image rendering.
Sept. 17th
  • Pokémon Timeline icons have been re-created to be sharper and clearer.
Sept. 16th
  • The Pokémon Display Code has been updated to use SVG instead of PNG images.
Sept. 15th
  • An option to skip the confirmation box when planting the same Berry has been added.
Sept. 13th
  • Fields that are empty can now be sold from the menu, when that field is open.
Sept. 12th
  • The number of interactions sent / received will be displayed above any user's public Fields view.
Sept. 9th
  • The Mass-Move Pokémon feature has been added!
  • When special items are found in a Box, it will now be given a small label, highlighting its importance.
Sept. 8th
  • The "Clickback" and "Jump" links will now load up to ten eligible users.
Sept. 4th
  • Trade Centre will now keep track of recent inputs in the "Recipient" field, and will offer "Recent users" when you next go to set up a trade. This saves the three latest users that have been traded with.
Sept. 3rd
  • Names can now be chosen for fields when purchased.
  • When selecting Fields, a padlock icon is shown on fields that are hidden.
  • Target Notifications are back, and have been added to the Pokémon's menu! A target for either happiness or level can be set or removed.
Sept. 2nd
  • The new [mature] BBCode has been added, it can only be used in the User's About Me. These boxes are similar to the [display] BBCode, and are only visible to users over 18 years of age. Usage information can be found by using [help=mature].


Date Update
Aug. 29th
  • New method of getting Fields was implanted in hopes of it helping to improve performances.
Aug. 27th
  • The Rate Limiter has been seriously dialled back.
  • Multi-User Profile has been updated, so it will pre-load the next profile in line.
Aug. 26th
  • In an attempt to reduce lag, I have implemented rate limiting on a per-user basis.
  • Shelter Reservations have been removed for now. They may return in future, perhaps in another form, but for the time being they are removed
  • You can now buy Lab Reloaders from the Lab page.
Aug. 24th
  • You can now package Boxes into Box Boxes on the Boxes page. We heard you like Boxes.
  • "You have Tournament Prizes to claim" is now a notification.
Aug. 23rd
  • Mega Stone Vouchers can now be redeemed, and you can also switch your Mega Accessory based on which ones you have unlocked. Both of these can be done on the new Mega Evolution page.
  • You can now select a Pokémon for trade directly from its menu.
  • You can now give items to your Pokémon from the Farm page's Inventory tab.
Aug. 20th
  • Following Mauhea's suggestion, the Dex can now be filtered by Type.
Aug. 19th
  • You can now share your Eggs and Pokémon on Facebook or Twitter, using the new Share/Tweet buttons.
Aug. 18th
  • The limit on total number of subscriptions has been relaxed to 100.
  • The number of threads that appear in your Notifications will cap out at 10. /this only affects the Notifications.
Aug. 17th
  • You can now unsubscribe from threads directly from your Subscription List, which also shows the number of threads you are currently subscribed to. The action can be undone by hitting the Undo button after mistakenly unsubscribing.
Aug. 16th
  • The Multi-User page has had a small addition so that the loading spinner gives a minimum "reserved height" to the content area.
  • A limit has been placed on the number of threads to which you may be subscribed. This limit is 50.
  • You can now rename your Farm from the Fields page, by clicking the button by your farm's name.
Aug. 11th
  • Due to excessive cases of click-begging in Chat by new users, the Site Chat is now locked until the Tutorial is complete.
Aug. 10th
  • The DayCare will now hold Eggs for 24 hours, regardless of when during the day they were produced.
Aug. 9th
  • The ability to find Credits in Boxes has been removed. The tier has been replaced with a variety of Credit items.
Aug. 7th
  • The Shop link has been removed from the navigation bar for now.
Aug. 6th
  • An issue where buying Fields and ordering Eggs from the Supplier didn't boost Acree's bonus counter, nor did it factor in any discount from said counter, has been fixed.
  • Individual egg sprites are loaded only when need, which lightens the page.
  • 50% refund will now be issued if you miss the 24 hours deadline for collecting eggs.
Aug. 5th
  • A small update has been made to the "Timers" bar.
  • Now those arrows will scroll most of a screen width across each time you tap. This should allow for expanded use of the timers bar.
Aug. 4th
  • Field Sorting now works. The option is in the menu (bottom right of the Fields) and it lets you organise your Fields however you want.
  • You can now buy multiple bags of Mulch form the Berry Garden by entering the amount you want in the corresponding box.
Aug. 3rd
  • The Berry Garden is back, new and improved!
  • The total population of visible Fields is now shown when you visit a user's Fields.
  • The Regions view of the PokéDex will now display specific numbers if you hover/tap the percentage completion indicators.
  • The Treasure Boxes page now shows a total of all your Boxes.
Aug. 1st
  • The Users Online page now has sorting and users-per-page settings.
  • The PokéDex page has been significantly lightened in terms of data sent, which should have a noticeable impact on mobile users especially, but should help everyone.
  • Most Bonus Counters have received an increase to their target numbers, due to the increased activity. Uzumi's counter, however, was lowered.


Date Update
Jul. 31st
  • The Fields page tooltip for Pokémon now shows within the Field area itself, to the left or right depending on which side the Pokémon itself is. This has also been applied to the "Select a Pokémon" pop-up boxes, which should simplify access to the "Select" button. Furthermore, a button has been added to the bottom of the Fields page to toggle between viewing your Private and Public Fields page.
Jul. 29th
  • First, when visiting a user's profile, you will now see how many interactions have been made between you and that user, just above their party list. This number updates as you click on their Party.
  • Secondly, there are now "Open all" links on the Users Online page, your Friends List, and the Today's Interactions page ("received interactions" only). These links open a special page where multiple users' profiles can be viewed at once in a quick and easy way. On that page, you can use the keyboard shortcuts Left Arrow / Right Arrow or A/D to navigate left/right between profiles.
Jul. 28th
  • Dressing up is back! From the menu of any Pokémon you own, you can now select "Dress up" to access the new and improved dressing-up feature. Hope you like it!
Jul. 26th
  • Zygarde Core, 10%, 50% and Complete Formes have come to PFQ! As ever, the method to get them is a secret for you guys to figure out, so good luck, have fun, and maybe you can get your hands on one! All existing Zygarde have been changed into Core Forme. You will be able to "promote" them to their previous (50%) Forme through the secret method.
Jul. 23rd
  • A suggestion was made for a [math] BBCode to perform calculations in posts. This can be useful when combined with [inventory] codes. To quote my post in the suggestion thread... (Check PFQ for Quote)
Jul. 18th
  • The Wishforge's Gem-exchange service has returned. You can now trade smaller gems for bigger ones, for your Trading convenience. Enjoy!
  • ModWatch is back. This page allows you to see into the busy lives of moderators. It is intended to provide transparency with the users so you know what we're up to.
Jul. 15th
  • The Wishforge now comes with a translation service, allowing Ravyne's speech to be more readily understood by English-speaking individuals - which is most of us.
  • The "New Farmer" status has been added. Users marked with the icon are "New Farmers" (specifically, they registered in the last week and/or have not completed the tutorial yet). Interacting with New Farmers gives you a 50% boost to Interaction Points gained, in addition to any existing bonuses. In addition, Gems no longer have the "random chance" aspect that was dependent on hatching a lot of Eggs first.
  • The Farm Page's Interactions tab has been implemented to show you a graph of all your interaction history. It is grouped by month, and you can click on a month to show a daily breakdown of that month. Enjoy!
Jul. 12th
  • Friend Requests are back! You can send someone a friend request by going to their user page. The option appears in the menu alongside Send Message and Send Trade. You can accept/reject friend requests in the same place, or on your Farm page. You can remove friends from the menu on their profile too.
  • Enjoy!
Jul. 10th
  • When you go to rename a Pokémon, the default names in English, Japanese, French, German and Korean are now available as options.
  • Unfortunately, aside from English, default names will not change appropriately when you evolve a Pokémon. This will be added in the next time we have maintenance. For now, when you evolve a Pokémon, you can simply Rename it again and hit the corresponding button.
Jul. 9th
  • Bulk discount is now available on Egg Passes and Lucky Seals. Enjoy!
Jul. 5th
  • You can now view your most recent trades in the Trade Centre's History tab. Up to 25 Trades are shown.
Jul. 4th
  • I'm removing the placeholder Advertisement space from Summary pages.
  • New, modern code has been added for mobile users. In particular, the site will now show a "you are offline" page if you happen to lose connection to the internet (much nicer than the boring page). Also, supporting browsers will now prompt you to add PFQ to your home screen.


Date Update
Jun. 28th
  • Gender selection is now available.
Jun. 27th
  • Site Skins return.
Jun. 14th
  • Premium Boxes can now be claimed from the ZC page.
Jun. 13th
  • if you need help with a particular BBCode, type [help=BBCode name] (Using the name of the code you want help on).
  • "Insert Template" has been added.
Jun. 11th
  • The Site Chat has returned!
Jun. 1st
  • Security Updates. More details can be found in the Recode Thread.
  • Added Collection Areas for items and currency in the Trade Centre.


Date Update
May 25th
  • The Pokédex was remade.
May 24th
  • You may now Report Users without having to go directly through a Mod.
May 19th
May 12th


Date Update
Apr. 28th
  • You can now store and retrieve money from the Money Safe again.
Apr. 26th
  • You can now buy GP from the Gold Poké Page.
Apr. 24th
  • You can now buy Incense from the Daycare in order to breed Baby Stage Pokémon.
Apr. 21st
  • Display Codes are back.
  • The XY Party-style image is now available and codes can be obtained from the Summary Page of your chosen Pokémon.
Apr. 18th
Apr. 16th
  • Rephrased the part about fields in the unfinished section to include re-ordering fields.
Apr. 14th
  • You can now search for items in your Inventory. This applies to both the Farm Page and to the "Give Item" menu choice. It will also be used in the Trade Centre.
  • The item search will search anywhere in the item's name, so th will find "Thunder Fang" and also "Death Wing" and "Thunder Feather". *It also supports Regular Expressions for any nerds out there. For a very basic run down:
  • ^th will match items starting with "th"
  • th$ will match items ending with "th" (eg. DeepSeaTooth)
  • .* matches zero-or-more of anything (optional wildcard)
  • .+ matches one-or-more of anything (optional wildcard)
Apr. 7th
  • Mega Evolution now has a proper animation, rather than piggybacking off the Forme Change one. Enjoy!
Apr. 4th
  • EXP locking has been brought back, so you can actually see if your Pokémon are EXP Locked or not and toggle that effect from the menu.
Apr. 3rd
Apr. 2nd
  • Summon Items can now be used. They cannot be unlocked yet, the only unlocks that were done before the Recode are available right now. Unlocking new items will be coming soon!


Date Update
Mar. 24th
  • New players will have an option on the scouring page that allows them to buy the "Suitcase" that is needed to start scouring.
  • Scour Boosts and Scour Slots can now be bought from the Scour page.
Mar. 23th
  • The "set visibility" option works now and it is displayed using a small padlock located next to the number of pokémon in the field (at the bottom of the field).
Mar. 19th
  • The "Pokémon Selection" module - that is, the series of pop-up boxes you use to select Pokémon for things like Scour Missions and the DayCare - has been improved. When selecting a field, you get to see the field. Click on the Pokémon you want, confirm its info in the tooltip and click the "Select" button :)
Mar. 16th
  • Registration is back open!
  • Added Super Training Bag reward to list of things not done.
Mar. 15th
  • The Supplier has re-opened.
Mar. 14th
  • Added Upgrades to the Shelter.
Mar. 13th
  • Accidentally forgot to purge old interactions from the interactions table! x-x; That caused major problems at one point on the previous iteration of the site, so that was fixed.

It only took 9 hours at 100,000 interactions every minute... >.>;; That's a lot of interactions ^^;

Mar. 11th
  • Further adjustments have been made to try and reduce to amount of deadlock errors; it will retry once if a deadlock occurs before relaying the error message to the user."
  • Egg Supplier is a work-in-progress - expect completion in the coming week~
Mar. 8th
  • Added "Dress-up" to list of things not done.
  • Added "Template System" to list of things not done.
Mar. 7th
  • Boxes can now be viewed and opened. Access to the page is done through the item's tooltip, so it's easily available whenever you see a Box eg. from Scouring.
Mar. 6th
  • Mechanics have been altered for scouring. Sending scours out at 0% energy is now more punishing.
Mar. 4th
  • First post layout has been altered. There are other ideas behind displaying the information, but this has been selected for now. Further alterations may be made.
Mar. 2th
  • Daycare had some major errors with cross-breeding (aka. special exceptions) eg. exclusives, Unown etc. - these have since been resolved, apologies for the inconvenience. As an additional experimental "quality of life" - change that we're testing out, scour-returns can now be sold from the tool-tip from returned scours.
Mar. 1th
  • New scour mission layout! Instead of having everything displayed, each scour area is displayed in tabs! When each particular Tab is selected, the relevant information will be shown. This should be easier-going than what it originally was - feedback is appreciated!


Date Update
Feb. 29th
  • The Mass Click Weekend is now (lel I made a typo, sorry!) fully automated (in terms of giving out prizes - so Niet no longer has to be around to hand 'em out!) - staff can now upload the sprites that they make, making the whole process a lot easier!
  • Scour Missions are back!
Feb. 23th
  • You can now release individual Pokémon and Eggs
Feb. 22th
  • "Release Eggs" button added to Daycare
  • Upgrades added to DayCare
Feb. 21th
  • Removal of outdated FAQ.
Feb. 18th
  • Adding and removing Pokémon to/from the Daycare should now work. Obviously in case of errors, report them!
Feb. 17th
  • Tutorial bugs should have been fixed now, thanks to someone finally making a report detailing what was going wrong! If you come across a bug, please don't just complain about it - report it so we can fix it! XD
  • Users who unlocked Mega Evolution after the recode should now be able to collect their Key Stone and Mega Ring from the Lab.
Feb. 16th
  • The Tutorial has been programmed back in, so newer users can continue playing the game now.
Feb. 15th
  • The tips for counters now have the usernames link to the user that they're associated with, by popular demand - apparently people liked that function!
  • You can buy new Fields. They will be added to the end of your Fields list.
Feb. 14th
  • Mass-Release now works
Feb. 12th
  • When editing the first post of a news thread, there's an option to no longer notify users of minor edits (Staff only)
Feb. 11th
  • Clan Applications added to list of things needing to be done.
  • Jump and Clickback links are now functional.
Feb. 10th
  • You can now lock/delete threads on the forums.
Feb. 8th
  • Syntax
  • Addition of new bug
  • Dragging Party Pokémon on Fields page works
  • Removal of fixed bugs
Feb. 7th
  • Money safe added to list.
  • Subscriptions page completed
Feb. 6th
  • Daycare: release button doesn't function / hasn't been implemented
  • Userpage (buttons not available (send PM, trade, friend request, etc.))
  • Stats page added to be done
  • Gold Stars have been removed and we're unsure if they'll be making a return.
  • Clickback link added to list.
  • Target notifications added to list.
  • [M] The recoded version of PokéFarm was released. [1]


  1. Welcome to the Recode!