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Date Update
Dec. 31st
  • Tyrogue now evolves based on its stats rather than randomly.
  • The Ice, Moss, and Corona Rocks have been depreciated and evolution is now dependent on field.
Dec. 29th
  • A spot for advertisements has been added in the announcements forum.
Dec. 23rd
  • Unread announcements are now highlighted.
Dec. 21st
  • A new link, beside the Clickback link, leads to a random, online user that you have not interacted with yet.
Dec. 9th
  • Shortlinks to Users' Profile pages now come in two varieties. One that includes the Username, and the original that uses a unique 'user code'.
Dec. 4th
  • A button that lets users share their Pokémon and Eggs on Twitter has been added to the Display tab of Pokémon's Summary Pages.
Dec. 2nd
  • When customising a Quick code, one may set it as the default, allowing for quick selection.


Date Update
Nov. 29th
  • [M] The domain "pokefarm.com" was set as the main domain for the site. All links to the "pokefarm.org" domain will redirect automatically. [1]
Nov. 26th
  • A search function has been added to the Inventory page. Supporting Regular Expressions.
Nov. 24th
  • Hide Boxes have been tweaked for easier access on mobile devices.
  • The Mega Stone pre-release page has been updated with all the new ORAS Mega Stones.
Nov. 18th
  • Forum Subscriptions now have an option to navigate to the first post of a thread, in addition to the last post or last read post.
Nov. 10th
  • A Search feature has been implemented for users. One may go to /user and search for a username.
Nov. 3rd
  • A Search feature has been implemented for individual Public Forums.
Nov. 2nd
  • Egg Passes have been implemented and are available in the Black Market.


Date Update
Oct. 23rd
  • Only one field can now be visible for friends only.
Oct. 21st
  • Quoting a post now adds a direct link to the post itself.
Oct. 17th
  • "Box Mode" Display Option added as a way to reduce lag for some browsers.
Oct. 13th
  • EXP Locking has been added as a way to prevent EXP gain from interactions.
Oct. 10th
  • [M] Pokémon Dojo added. Introduces Super Training feature for future Battling feature.
Oct. 2nd
  • Users may now send other Users "Nice!" notifications.


Date Update
Sep. 30th
  • User page now shows the number of interactions sent/received between the users.
Sep. 26th
Sep. 25th
  • Performance boost to interaction logging. As a result, the Today's Interactions page will no longer have the 15 minute cache on it.
Sep. 14th
  • [M] Kalos (Gen 6) Egg Sprites have been updated to replace all placeholder images.
Sep. 13th
  • Files can now be deleted from the File Uploader.
Sep. 6th
  • New [progress] BBCode added.
  • Front page now only displays the party of staff members.
  • Vulpix now "grows" all 6 of its tails before it can evolve into Ninetales.
Sep. 5th
  • Flabébé, Floette and Florges' colour data was lost during an update to how they are handled, causing the colours of them to be scrambled.
Sep. 4th
  • Field debouncing added. More info here.
  • Season-based Pokémon now change based on your location on the World Map.
Sep. 3rd
  • The URL has changed from q.pokefarm.org to pokefarm.org. The old link still redirects.


Date Update
Aug. 12th
  • The goal of Sei's counter has changed from 100 to 250.
Aug. 9th
  • The Übercharm could be brought directly for others now. You will receive a cookie. On the fifth purchase, you will get a bunch more Cookies! The cycle then begins again.
  • Shiny Charms have had a price change.
Aug. 5th
  • The Übercharm is now available in the Black Market.
Aug. 8th
  • Fabulous Friday has been adjusted - Base score is now 1,000 instead of 100, and the vote falloff has been changed from 10,7,4,1 to 10,4,2,1.
Aug. 4th
  • [M] Consumables have been implemented.
  • Users receive new inter-user options, accessible from any user's User Page: You now have the Ability to Mark specific Users and/or leave a note for personal use and to block PMs, Friend Requests, and Trade Offers from specific Users.
Aug. 3rd
  • Pressing Alt+R now focuses on the Clickback link.
  • New [stackbox] BBCode added.
Aug. 2nd
Aug. 1st
  • PFQ now uses pfq.link for shortlinks rather than pfq.me.
  • [M] Chances of finding Boxes in Scour Areas have been improved.[3]
  • [M] Events receive a dedicated page for future distributions.[4]


Date Update
Jul. 30th
Jul. 25th
  • Clickback link added to the top of every page.
  • Bonus Counters have had some progress quotes implemented.
Jul. 24th
  • Shinxel is now breedable and can be obtained.
Jul. 19th
Jul. 18th
  • Lab Reloaders have been implemented and added to the Black Market.
Jul. 15th
Jul. 10th
  • Legendary Eggs now glow as they get close to hatching.
  • [M] Fabulous Friday receives experimental voting method to determine boosted Counter Bonus. [7]


Date Update
Jun. 29th
  • DayCare Passes have had their pricing changed. Additional deals are available as well.
Jun. 19th
  • PFQ Toolbar released [8]
Jun. 8th
Jun. 5th


Date Update
May 25th
  • [M] Rules updated regarding RP forum art theft.[11]
May 23rd [M] The Big Update: [12]
  • PokéDex has been rearranged
  • Boxes can be opened
  • Summon Items can be unlocked and obtained
  • Forme-change items for Rotom, Darmanitan and Aegislash are added
  • Odds of hatching Shiny Pokémon have been doubled.
May 13th
  • [M] The Big Update details revealed, server downtime announced.[13]
May 10th
  • [M] Rules update regarding Gen 3 remake spoilers.[14]
May 6th
  • [M] Updates to ModWatch and how rule infractions are handled to improve staff transparency. [15]


Date Update
Apr. 13th
  • Site receives update to how it manages images. [16]
Apr. 7th


Date Update
Mar. 22nd
Mar. 2nd
  • Minor Rules update regarding repeating questions.[19]


Date Update
Feb. 24th
Feb. 19th
  • Site header receives a performance update. [21]
Feb. 6th
  • [M] DayCare breeding rates quadrupled.[22]
  • [M] PFQ went into Public Beta.


Date Update
Jan. 11th
Jan. 1st


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