Updates 2013

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Date Update
Nov. 11th
Nov. 7th
  • [M] Favourite Pokémon feature implemented.[2]
Nov. 5th
Nov. 1st


Date Update
Oct. 22nd
Oct. 19th
  • [M] Updating Gen 6 Pokémon with confirmed information.[6]
Oct. 8th
  • [M] Forum features implemented to reduce clutter.[7]


Date Update
Sept. 24th
Sept. 19th
Sept. 12th
  • Site receives HTML minification to reduce extra memory used.[10]


Date Update
Aug. 22nd
  • PFQ is transferred to a new server.[11]
Aug. 14th
  • [M] Start of PFQ Private Beta for PF1 users.


  1. Compact Mode feature added
  2. 2.0 2.1 Favourite Pokémon on TrainerCard feature added (Hypermode)
  3. Trading feature added
  4. Link with Facebook
  5. Dress Up your Pokemon
  6. Gen. 6 updates
  7. Forum Auto-moderation
  8. DayCare errors and fixes
  9. Conversion of Savage Crystals to Zophan Canisters
  10. HTML minification
  11. Server upgrade