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Stats, also known as the Site Stats, are records tracked for the whole site of PokéFarm Q. It updates roughly every hour.

Global Stats

Global Stats tracks PokéFarm Q statistics as a whole. In depth, it tracks:


Rankings track the highest ranks of individual users, separating each section into a Top 10, along with your ranking. In depth, it tracks:

  • Newest Users
  • Most Interactions
  • Most Eggs Hatched
  • Most Pokémon Evolved
  • Most Pokémon Mega Evolved
  • Most Shelter Adoptions
  • Most Complete EggDexes
  • Most Complete PokéDexes
  • Most Complete ShinyDexes
  • Most Complete AlbinoDexes
  • Most Complete MelanDexes
  • Most Trades
  • Most Wonder Trades
  • Most PokéRus Host
  • Most Scour Missions
  • Most Fish hooked
  • Most Fish caught
  • Biggest Pokémon Hoards
  • Longest Online Chains
  • Longest PokéRadar Chains
  • Most Watts from Pokéwalker
  • Most Distance on Pokéwalker


Pokémon track the most common Pokémon users have. In depth, it tracks: