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This is the Masterlist for all of the Exclusive Pokémon BBCodes for Pokémon that are on-site. The large masterlist, the PKMN BBCodes archived here by Cyndalavosion and Amanome, is here for users to expand on as more Pokémon are added to the site for easy reference.

 Some minisprites have not been made due to the large recolour projects being done region by region.
  • -(F) - Female Sprite Option
    • -Some gender differences may not be shown in the sprites due to their small size.
  • -To get a Shiny, Albino, or Melanistic minisprite, use (S), (A), or (M) where intended, ex. [pkmn=Bulbasaur(M)].
    • -If the sprite is a female, use the (F) code first, ex. [pkmn=Venusaur(F)(M)].
  • -[pkmn=Missing Number/] =


Exclusive Pokémon IMG codes can be found in the List of Pokémon/Exclusive Pokémon.

Pokémon Pokémon BBCode Mini Sprite
Lunupine [pkmn=Lunupine/]
Mega Lunupine [pkmn=Lunupine/Mega Forme Q]
Blophin [pkmn=Blophin/]
Inflale [pkmn=Inflale/]
Orkit [pkmn=Orkit/]
Clawed Orkit [pkmn=Orkit/gloved]
Orcalot [pkmn=Orcalot/]
Faemueño [pkmn=Faemueño/]
Faemilarín [pkmn=Faemilarín/]
Faemísimo [pkmn=Faemísimo/]
Wagell [pkmn=Wagell/]
Wanamangora [pkmn=Wanamangora/]
Mega Wanamangora Q [pkmn=Wanamangora/Mega Forme Q]
Gosold [pkmn=Gosold/]
Goldesem [pkmn=Goldesem/]
Impyre [pkmn=Impyre/]
Baflammet [pkmn=Baflammet/]
Searene [pkmn=Searene/]
Solynx [pkmn=Solynx/]
Mega Solynx [pkmn=Solynx/Mega Forme Q]
Ardik [pkmn=Ardik/]
Sibex [pkmn=Sibex/] Female [pkmn=Sibex(F)/] Female
Boxaby [pkmn=Boxaby/]
Kangspar [pkmn=Kangspar/]
Mega Kangspar [pkmn=Kangspar/Mega Forme Q]
Bunbori [pkmn=Bunbori/]
Mega Bunbori [pkmn=Bunbori/Mega Forme Q]
Taiveret [pkmn=Taiveret/]
Taipaeus [pkmn=Taipaeus/]
Taimorpha [pkmn=Taimorpha/]
Flarbat [pkmn=Flarbat/]
Flarotis [pkmn=Flarotis/] Female [pkmn=Flarotis(F)/]
Flaroptera [pkmn=Flaroptera/] Female [pkmn=Flaroptera(F)/]
Hydrark [pkmn=Hydrark/]
Hydrinus [pkmn=Hydrinus/]
Hydrinifor [pkmn=Hydrinifor/]
Gragon [pkmn=Gragon/]
Reaper Cloth Gragon [pkmn=Gragon/cloaked]
Greegon [pkmn=Greegon/]
Avaragon [pkmn=Avaragon/]
Kinaster [pkmn=Kinaster/]
Luckoo [pkmn=Luckoo/]
Peckoo [pkmn=Peckoo/]
Peekoo [pkmn=Peekoo/]
Arasprit [pkmn=Arasprit/]
Arthreux [pkmn=Arthreux/]
Quetzephyr [pkmn=Quetzephyr/]
Quetzaptyl [pkmn=Quetzaptyl/]
Pixrine [pkmn=Pixrine/]
Kitsunari [pkmn=Kitsunari/]
Kitsubuki [pkmn=Kitsubuki/]
Kryptik [pkmn=Kryptik/]
Bandicoon [pkmn=Bandicoon/]
Phastix [pkmn=Phastix/]
Forest Phasmaleef [pkmn=Phasmaleef/Forest Forme]
Desert Phasmaleef [pkmn=Phasmaleef/Desert Forme]
Glaquine [pkmn=Glaquine/]
Cavallost [pkmn=Cavallost/]
Minibbit [pkmn=Minibbit/]
Metabbit [pkmn=Metabbit/]
Terabbit [pkmn=Terabbit/]
Mega Terabbit [pkmn=Terabbit/Mega Forme Q]
Tillink [pkmn=Tillink/]
Terrink [pkmn=Terrink/]
Bezerell [pkmn=Bezerell/]
Bezermuur [pkmn=Bezermuur/]
Bezermuut [pkmn=Bezermuut/]
Ayeren [pkmn=Ayeren/]
Aytheraye [pkmn=Aytheraye/]
Skeleco [pkmn=Skeleco/]
Phantiidae [pkmn=Phantiidae/]
Klaatupillar [pkmn=Klaatupillar/]
Charaxalis [pkmn=Charaxalis/]
Incantasius [pkmn=Incantasius/]
Kyutopi [pkmn=Kyutopi/]
Konatus [pkmn=Konatus/]
Kenyip [pkmn=Kenyip/]
Arfrica [pkmn=Arfrica/]
Kalahowli [pkmn=Kalahowli/]
Petripeep [pkmn=Petripeep/]
Chirock [pkmn=Chirock/]
Toxitrice [pkmn=Toxitrice/]
Serpetone [pkmn=Serpetone/]
Toxilisk [pkmn=Toxilisk/]
Gumairy [pkmn=Gumairy/]
Eucylph [pkmn=Eucylph/]
Totem Eucylph Q [pkmn=Eucylph/Totem Forme Q]
Puppod [pkmn=Puppod/]
Slugdog [pkmn=Slugdog/]
Rokiwi [pkmn=Rokiwi/]
Brushiwi [pkmn=Brushiwi/]
Alicalf [pkmn=Alicalf/] Female[pkmn=Alicalf(F)/] Female
Cetacorn [pkmn=Cetacorn/] Female[pkmn=Cetacorn(F)/] Female
Valkind [pkmn=Valkind/]
Frayja [pkmn=Frayja/]
Croaket [pkmn=Croaket/]
Toxic Forme Quibbit [pkmn=Quibbit/Toxic Forme]
Charged Forme Quibbit [pkmn=Quibbit/Charged Forme]
Herbal Forme Quibbit [pkmn=Quibbit/Herbal Forme]
Magma Forme Quibbit [pkmn=Quibbit/Magma Forme]
Fae Forme Quibbit [pkmn=Quibbit/Fae Forme]
Slypin [pkmn=Slypin/]
Haredini [pkmn=Haredini/]
Selkrub [pkmn=Selkrub/]
Aqrabion [pkmn=Aqrabion/]
Skargas [pkmn=Skargas/]
Kawotor [pkmn=Kawotor/]
Lutriva [pkmn=Lutriva/]
Selutian [pkmn=Selutian/]
Kitwurm [pkmn=Kitwurm/]
Purrpa [pkmn=Purrpa/]
Moffkat [pkmn=Moffkat/]
Pepyre [pkmn=Pepyre/]
Skarasear [pkmn=Skarasear/]
Aphreyd [pkmn=Aphreyd/]
Scavady [pkmn=Scavady/]
Mantidra [pkmn=Mantidra/]
Caimaw [pkmn=Caimaw/]
Caimangle [pkmn=Caimangle/]
Valimp [pkmn=Valimp/]
Valladox [pkmn=Valladox/]
Valenoir [pkmn=Valenoir/]
Frusky [pkmn=Frusky/]
Glacifur [pkmn=Glacifur/]
Skyrie [pkmn=Skyrie/]
Grymphony [pkmn=Grymphony/]
Shinorin [pkmn=Shinorin/]
Incandescent Forme Shinorin [pkmn=Shinorin/Incandescent]
Sikannos [pkmn=Sikannos/]
Unfettered Forme Sikannos [pkmn=Sikannos/Unfettered]
Goschief [pkmn=Goschief/]
Havonk [pkmn=Havonk/]
Mocknock [pkmn=Mocknock/]
Portalgeist [pkmn=Portalgeist/]
Boreal Forme Flurrawr [pkmn=Flurrawr/Boreal]
Austral Forme Flurrawr [pkmn=Flurrawr/Austral]
Boreal Forme Tundrasail [pkmn=Tundrasail/Boreal]
Austral Forme Tundrasail [pkmn=Tundrasail/Austral]
Parapod [pkmn=Parapod/]
Craysprout [pkmn=Craysprout/]
Strelitzgon [pkmn=Strelitzgon/]
Caprikid [pkmn=Caprikid/]
Saytaries [pkmn=Saytaries/]
Taurminos [pkmn=Taurminos/]
Sagidamas [pkmn=Sagidamas/]
Tenrekki [pkmn=Tenrekki/]
Possmol [pkmn=Possmol/]
Opposham [pkmn=Opposham/]
Opposkull [pkmn=Opposkull/]
Lunamor [pkmn=Lunamor/]
Astrolochi [pkmn=Astrolochi/]
Exilant [pkmn=Exilant/]
Scorupt [pkmn=Scorupt/]
Lyruse [pkmn=Lyruse/]
Musharp [pkmn=Musharp/]
Smokackle [pkmn=Smokackle/]
Hycano [pkmn=Hycano/]
Inferial [pkmn=Inferial/]
Gargodyle [pkmn=Gargodyle/]
Mirrasma [pkmn=Mirrasma/]
Mirrarch [pkmn=Mirrarch/]
Slithugi [pkmn=Slithugi/]
Sugikobra [pkmn=Sugikobra/]
Babaisy [pkmn=Babaisy/]
Chamobelle (Foraged Forme) [pkmn=Chamobelle/Foraged Forme]
Chamobelle (Elegant Forme) [pkmn=Chamobelle/Elegant Forme]
Ryumen [pkmn=Ryumen/]
Ryudon [pkmn=Ryudon/]
Schweepy [pkmn=Schweepy/]
Schwoomstick [pkmn=Schwoomstick/]
Cinnamoru [pkmn=Cinnamoru/]
Croissaca [pkmn=Croissaca/]
Quokuddle [pkmn=Quokuddle/]
Chark [pkmn=Chark/]
Sharkoal [pkmn=Sharkoal/]
Mega Sharkoal [pkmn=Sharkoal/ Mega Forme Q]
Dribbit [pkmn=Dribbit/]
Frungus [pkmn=Frungus/]
Frogayaga [pkmn=Frogayaga/]
Seistatic [pkmn=Seistatic/]
Voltaida [pkmn=Voltaida/]
Jestur [pkmn=Jestur/][pkmn=Jestur/Comedy Forme]
Embretta [pkmn=Embretta/]
Flaretta [pkmn=Flaretta/]
Platykit [pkmn=Platykit/]
Platytank [pkmn=Platytank/]
Sugarcoatl [pkmn=Sugarcoatl/]
Canduceus [pkmn=Canduceus/]


  • The BBCodes for Pasovan's Trims are not included in this guide because there are no PKMN codes currently available for them.
  • To get the Shiny, Albino, or Melan Formes for the Mini Sprite add s for Shiny, a for Albino, or sa for Melan to the m.png.
    • I.E. For a Melan Goomed Pasovan the code would be https://pfq-static.com/img/pkmn/_customs/trims/pasovan/groomed/msa_icon.png
Trim Pokémon BBCode Mini Sprite
Natural [pkmn=Pasovan/]
Groomed https://pfq-static.com/img/pkmn/_customs/trims/pasovan/groomed/m_icon.png
Prime https://pfq-static.com/img/pkmn/_customs/trims/pasovan/prime/m_icon.png
Imperial https://pfq-static.com/img/pkmn/_customs/trims/pasovan/imperial/m_icon.png
Racer https://pfq-static.com/img/pkmn/_customs/trims/pasovan/racer/m_icon.png
Braided https://pfq-static.com/img/pkmn/_customs/trims/pasovan/braided/m_icon.png
Derby https://pfq-static.com/img/pkmn/_customs/trims/pasovan/derby/m_icon.png
Pegasus https://pfq-static.com/img/pkmn/_customs/trims/pasovan/pegasus/m_icon.png
Skeleton https://pfq-static.com/img/pkmn/_customs/trims/pasovan/skeleton/m_icon.png
Order https://pfq-static.com/img/pkmn/_customs/trims/pasovan/order/m_icon.png


Pattern Pokémon BBCode Mini Sprite
Aggro [pkmn=Maravol/Aggro Pattern]
Astral [pkmn=Maravol/Astral Pattern]
Beast [pkmn=Maravol/Beast Pattern]
Clone [pkmn=Maravol/Clone Pattern]
Crystal [pkmn=Maravol/Crystal Pattern]
Dream [pkmn=Maravol/Dream Pattern]
Flutter [pkmn=Maravol/Flutter Pattern]
Mimic [pkmn=Maravol/Mimic Pattern]
Moon [pkmn=Maravol/Moon Pattern]
Pester [pkmn=Maravol/Pester Pattern]
Petal [pkmn=Maravol/Petal Pattern]
Prism [pkmn=Maravol/Prism Pattern]
Quick [pkmn=Maravol/Quick Pattern]
Repeat [pkmn=Maravol/Repeat Pattern]
Robinsoni [pkmn=Maravol/Robinsoni Pattern]
Sarahae [pkmn=Maravol/Sarahae Pattern]
Skelotorus [pkmn=Maravol/Skelotorus Pattern]
Sparklemuffin [pkmn=Maravol/Sparklemuffin Pattern]
Spirit [pkmn=Maravol/Spirit Pattern]
Spooky [pkmn=Maravol/Spooky Pattern]
Vibrant [pkmn=Maravol/Vibrant Pattern]


Mega Q Pokémon IMG codes can be found in the List of Pokémon/Mega Q Pokémon.

Note: Megas do not have a male/female forme difference.
Pokémon Pokémon BBCode Mini Sprite
Mega Butterfree Q [pkmn=Butterfree/Mega Forme Q]
Mega Arbok Q [pkmn=Arbok/Mega Forme Q]
Mega Raichu Q [pkmn=Raichu/Mega Forme Q]
Mega Ninetales Q [pkmn=Ninetales/Mega Forme Q]
Mega Persian Q [pkmn=Persian/Mega Forme Q]
Mega Arcanine Q [pkmn=Arcanine/Mega Forme Q]
Mega Rapidash Q [pkmn=Rapidash/Mega Forme Q]
Mega Farfetch'd Q [pkmn=Farfetch'd/Mega Forme Q]
Mega Dewgong Q [pkmn=Dewgong/Mega Forme Q]
Mega Alolan Marowak Q [pkmn=Marowak/Alolan Mega Forme Q]
Mega Jynx Q [pkmn=Jynx/Mega Forme Q]
Mega Lapras Q [pkmn=Lapras/Mega Forme Q]
Mega Vaporeon Q [pkmn=Vaporeon/Mega Forme Q]
Mega Jolteon Q [pkmn=Jolteon/Mega Forme Q]
Mega Flareon Q [pkmn=Flareon/Mega Forme Q]
Mega Espeon Q [pkmn=Espeon/Mega Forme Q]
Mega Umbreon Q [pkmn=Umbreon/Mega Forme Q]
Mega Leafeon Q [pkmn=Leafeon/Mega Forme Q]
Mega Glaceon Q [pkmn=Glaceon/Mega Forme Q]
Mega Sylveon Q [pkmn=Sylveon/Mega Forme Q]
Mega Dragonite Q [pkmn=Dragonite/Mega Forme Q]
Mega Mew Q [pkmn=Mew/Mega Forme Q]
Mega Furret Q [pkmn=Furret/Mega Forme Q]
Mega Jumpluff Q [pkmn=Jumpluff/Mega Forme Q]
Mega Sunflora Q [pkmn=Sunflora/Mega Forme Q]
Mega Girafarig Q [pkmn=Girafarig/Mega Forme Q]
Mega Dunsparce Q [pkmn=Dunsparce/Mega Forme Q]
Mega Weavile Q [pkmn=Weavile/Mega Forme Q]
Mega Skarmory Q [pkmn=Skarmory/Mega Forme Q]
Mega Lugia Q [pkmn=Lugia/Mega Forme Q]
Mega Ho-oh Q [pkmn=Ho-oh/Mega Forme Q]
Mega Celebi Q [pkmn=Celebi/Mega Forme Q]
Mega Mightyena Q [pkmn=Mightyena/Mega Forme Q]
Mega Breloom Q [pkmn=Breloom/Mega Forme Q]
Mega Manectric Q [pkmn=Manectric/Mega Forme Q]
Mega Wailord Q [pkmn=Wailord/Mega Forme Q]
Mega Flygon Q [pkmn=Flygon/Mega Forme Q]
Mega Zangoose Q [pkmn=Zangoose/Mega Forme Q]
Mega Seviper Q [pkmn=Seviper/Mega Forme Q]
Mega Milotic Q [pkmn=Milotic/Mega Forme Q]
Mega Froslass Q [pkmn=Froslass/Mega Forme Q]
Mega Jirachi Q [pkmn=Jirachi/Mega Forme Q]
Mega Luxray Q [pkmn=Luxray/Mega Forme Q]
Mega Floatzel Q [pkmn=Floatzel/Mega Forme Q]
Mega Carnivine Q [pkmn=Carnivine/Mega Forme Q]
Mega Lumineon Q [pkmn=Lumineon/Mega Forme Q]
Mega Giratina Q [pkmn=Giratina/Mega Forme Q]
Mega Manaphy Q [pkmn=Manaphy/Mega Forme Q]
Mega Shaymin Q [pkmn=Shaymin/Mega Forme Q]
Mega Victini Q [pkmn=Victini/Mega Forme Q]
Mega Liepard Q [pkmn=Liepard/Mega Forme Q]
Mega Scolipede Q [pkmn=Scolipede/Mega Forme Q]
Mega Scrafty Q [pkmn=Scrafty/Mega Forme Q]
Mega Zoroark Q [pkmn=Zoroark/Mega Forme Q]
Mega Sawsbuck Q [pkmn=Sawsbuck/Mega Forme Q]
Mega Chandelure Q [pkmn=Chandelure/Mega Forme Q]
Mega Haxorus Q [pkmn=Haxorus/Mega Forme Q]
Mega Beartic Q [pkmn=Beartic/Mega Forme Q]
Mega Druddigon Q [pkmn=Druddigon/Mega Forme Q]
Mega Pyroar Q [pkmn=Pyroar/Mega Forme Q]
Mega Gogoat Q [pkmn=Gogoat/Mega Forme Q]
Mega Heliolisk Q [pkmn=Heliolisk/Mega Forme Q]
Mega Hawlucha Q [pkmn=Hawlucha/Mega Forme Q]
Mega Goodra Q [pkmn=Goodra/Mega Forme Q]
Mega Noivern Q [pkmn=Noivern/Mega Forme Q]
Mega Tsareena Q [pkmn=Tsareena/Mega Forme Q]


Variant and Totem Pokémon IMG codes can be found in the List of Pokémon/Variant Pokémon.

Pokémon Pokémon BBCode Mini Sprite
Saiyan Rattata [pkmn=Saiyan Rattata/]
Super-Saiyan Rattata [pkmn=Super-Saiyan Rattata/]
Super-Saiyan Raticate [pkmn=Super-Saiyan Raticate/]
Super-Saiyan 2 Raticate [pkmn=Super-Saiyan 2 Raticate/]
Super-Saiyan 3 Raticate [pkmn=Super-Saiyan 3 Raticate/]
Super-Saiyan 4 Raticate [pkmn=Super-Saiyan 4 Raticate/]
Savage Spearow [pkmn=Spearow/Savage]
Savage Fearow [pkmn=Fearow/Savage]
Flying Pichu [pkmn=Flying Pichu/]
Surfing Pichu [pkmn=Surfing Pichu/] Female[pkmn=Surfing Pichu(F)/] Female
Flying Pikachu [pkmn=Flying Pikachu/] Female[pkmn=Flying Pikachu(F)/] Female
Surfing Pikachu [pkmn=Surfing Pikachu/] Female[pkmn=Surfing Pikachu(F)/] Female
Snowboarding Pikachu [pkmn=Snowboarding Pikachu/] Female[pkmn=Snowboarding Pikachu(F)/] Female
Flying Raichu [pkmn=Flying Raichu/] Female[pkmn=Flying Raichu(F)/] Female
Surfing Raichu [pkmn=Surfing Raichu/] Female[pkmn=Surfing Raichu(F)/] Female
Snowboarding Raichu [pkmn=Snowboarding Raichu/] Female[pkmn=Snowboarding Raichu(F)/] Female
Shooting Star Cleffa [pkmn=Shooting Star Cleffa/]
Shooting Star Clefairy [pkmn=Shooting Star Clefairy/]
Shooting Star Clefable [pkmn=Shooting Star Clefable/]
Koroku [pkmn=Koroku/]
Kyukori [pkmn=Kyukori/]
Guild Igglybuff [pkmn=Guild Igglybuff/]
Guild Jigglypuff [pkmn=Guild Jigglypuff/]
Guild Wigglytuff [pkmn=Guild Wigglytuff/]
Apocalyptic Growlithe [pkmn=Apocalyptic Growlithe/]
Apocalyptic Arcanine [pkmn=Apocalyptic Arcanine/]
Snowpoke [pkmn=Snowpoke/]
Snowbro [pkmn=Snowbro/]
Snowking [pkmn=Snowking/]
Death Star Voltorb [pkmn=Death Star Voltorb/]
Death Star Electrode [pkmn=Death Star Electrode/]
Early Bird Natu [pkmn=Early Bird Natu/]
Early Bird Xatu [pkmn=Early Bird Xatu/] Female[pkmn=Early Bird Xatu(F)/]
Galvanic Wooper [pkmn=Wooper/Galvanic]
Galvanic Quagsire [pkmn=Quagsire/Galvanic]
Vampire Gligar [pkmn=Gligar/Vampire]
Vampire Gliscor [pkmn=Gliscor/Vampire]
Scaracross [pkmn=Scaracross/]
Snichu [pkmn=Snichu/]Female[pkmn=Snichu(F)/] Female
Vilechu [pkmn=Vilechu/]Female[pkmn=Vilechu(F)/] Female
Teddicursa [pkmn=Teddicursa/]
Cursaring [pkmn=Cursaring/]
Blue Moon Slugma [pkmn=Blue Moon Slugma/]
Blue Moon Magcargo [pkmn=Blue Moon Magcargo/]
Orthrus [pkmn=Houndour/Orthrus]
Frosdour [pkmn=Frosdour/]
Cerberus [pkmn=Houndoom/Cerberus]
Chilldoom [pkmn=Chilldoom/]
XD001 [pkmn=XD001/]
Inferno Torchic [pkmn=Torchic/Inferno]
Inferno Combusken [pkmn=Combusken/Inferno]
Inferno Blaziken [pkmn=Blaziken/Inferno]
Apocalyptic Poochyena [pkmn=Apocalyptic Poochyena/]
Apocalyptic Mightyena [pkmn=Apocalyptic Mightyena/]
Snoralts [pkmn=Snoralts/]
Snolia [pkmn=Snolia/]
Frosvoir [pkmn=Frosvoir/]
Glaillade [pkmn=Glaillade/]
Apocalyptic Shroomish [pkmn=Apocalyptic Shroomish/]
Apocalyptic Breloom [pkmn=Apocalyptic Breloom/]
Arctic Numel [pkmn=Numel/Arctic] Female[pkmn=Numel(F)/Arctic]
Arctic Camerupt [pkmn=Camerupt/Arctic] Female[pkmn=Camerupt(F)/Arctic]
Cactaboo [pkmn=Cactaboo/]
Geisturne [pkmn=Geisturne/]
Ryukuza [pkmn=Ryukuza/]
Magquaza [pkmn=Magquaza/]
Spring Seasonal Turtwig [pkmn=Seasonal Turtwig/Spring Forme]
Summer Seasonal Turtwig [pkmn=Seasonal Turtwig/Summer Forme]
Autumn Seasonal Turtwig [pkmn=Seasonal Turtwig/Autumn Forme]
Winter Seasonal Turtwig [pkmn=Seasonal Turtwig/Winter Forme]
Spring Seasonal Grotle [pkmn=Seasonal Grotle/Spring Forme]
Summer Seasonal Grotle [pkmn=Seasonal Grotle/Summer Forme]
Autumn Seasonal Grotle [pkmn=Seasonal Grotle/Autumn Forme]
Winter Seasonal Grotle [pkmn=Seasonal Grotle/Winter Forme]
Spring Seasonal Torterra [pkmn=Seasonal Torterra/Spring Forme]
Summer Seasonal Torterra [pkmn=Seasonal Torterra/Summer Forme]
Autumn Seasonal Torterra [pkmn=Seasonal Torterra/Autumn Forme]
Winter Seasonal Torterra [pkmn=Seasonal Torterra/Winter Forme]
Igneous Bidoof [pkmn=Bidoof/Igneous]
Igneous Bibarel [pkmn=Bibarel/Igneous]
Shinxel [pkmn=Shinxel/] Female[pkmn=Shinxel (F)/]
Fluxio [pkmn=Fluxio/] Female[pkmn=Fluxio (F)/]
Fluxray [pkmn=Fluxray/] Female[pkmn=Fluxray (F)/]
Mega Fluxray Q [pkmn=Fluxray/Mega Forme Q]
Snow Combee [pkmn=Snow Combee/] Female[pkmn=Snow Combee(F)/] Female
Snow Vespiquen [pkmn=Snow Vespiquen/]
Totem Snow Vespiquen Q [pkmn=Snow Vespiquen/Totem Forme Q]
Siberian Glameow [pkmn=Glameow/Siberian]
Siberian Purugly [pkmn=Purugly/Siberian]
Gibolu [pkmn=Gibolu/]Female[pkmn=Gibolu(F)/]
Gabolu [pkmn=Gabolu/]Female[pkmn=Gabolu(F)/]
Garcario [pkmn=Garcario/]Female[pkmn=Garcario(F)/]
Primal Dialga Q [pkmn=Dialga/Primal Forme Q]
Primal Palkia Q [pkmn=Palkia/Primal Forme Q]
Hallowe'en Witch Purrloin [pkmn=Purrloin/Hallowe'en Witch]
Hallowe'en Witch Liepard [pkmn=Liepard/Hallowe'en Witch]
Bubbly Frillish [pkmn=Frillish/Bubbly Forme] Female [pkmn=Frillish (F)/Bubbly Forme] Female
Bubbly Jellicent [pkmn=Jellicent/Bubbly Forme] Female [pkmn=Jellicent(F)/Bubbly Forme] Female
Apocalyptic Golett [pkmn=Apocalyptic Golett/]
Apocalyptic Golurk [pkmn=Apocalyptic Golurk/]
Glileo [pkmn=Glileo/] Female[pkmn=Glileo(F)/]
Pyriscor [pkmn=Pyriscor/] Female[pkmn=Pyriscor(F)/] Female
Spritzkrow [pkmn=Spritzkrow/]
Aromakrow [pkmn=Aromakrow/]
Noismog [pkmn=Noismog/]
Noismoem [pkmn=Noismoem/]
Solgavern [pkmn=Solgavern/]
Lunavern [pkmn=Lunavern/]
Feral Incineroar [pkmn=Incineroar/Feral]
Pointe Oricorio [pkmn=Oricorio/Pointe Style]
Magipede [pkmn=Magipede/]
Mystiskorch [pkmn=Mystiskorch/]


Pokémon Pokémon BBCode Mini Sprite
Totem Sandslash Q [pkmn=Sandslash/Totem Forme Q]
Totem Lanturn Q [pkmn=Lanturn/Totem Forme Q]
Totem Sudowoodo Q [pkmn=Sudowoodo/Totem Forme Q]
Totem Donphan Q [pkmn=Donphan/Totem Forme Q] Female[pkmn=Donphan(F)/Totem Forme Q]
Totem Masquerain Q [pkmn=Masquerain/Totem Forme Q]
Totem Whiscash Q [pkmn=Whiscash/Totem Forme Q]
Totem Walrein Q [pkmn=Walrein/Totem Forme Q]
Totem Snow Vespiquen Q [pkmn=Snow Vespiquen/Totem Forme Q]
Totem Skuntank Q [pkmn=Skuntank/Totem Forme Q]
Totem Spiritomb Q [pkmn=Spiritomb/Totem Forme Q]
Totem Mantine Q [pkmn=Mantine/Totem Forme Q]
Totem Porygon-Z Q [pkmn=Porygon-Z/Totem Forme Q]
Totem Leavanny Q [pkmn=Leavanny/Totem Forme Q]
Totem Maractus Q [pkmn=Maractus/Totem Forme Q]
Totem Galvantula Q [pkmn=Galvantula/Totem Forme Q]
Totem Braviary Q [pkmn=Braviary/Totem Forme Q]
Totem Mandibuzz Q [pkmn=Mandibuzz/Totem Forme Q]
Totem Talonflame Q [pkmn=Talonflame/Totem Forme Q]
Totem Trevenant Q [pkmn=Trevenant/Totem Forme Q]
Totem Eucylph Q [pkmn=Eucylph/Totem Forme Q]