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This is the Masterlist for all of the Kanto Pokémon BBCodes that are on-site. The large masterlist, the PKMN BBCodes archived here by Cyndalavosion and Amanome, is here for users to expand on as more Pokémon are added to the site for easy reference.

  • -(F) - Female Sprite Option
    • -Some gender differences may not be shown in the sprites due to their small size.
  • -To get a Shiny, Albino, or Melanistic minisprite, use (S), (A), or (M) where intended, ex. [pkmn=Bulbasaur(M)].
    • -If the sprite is a female, use the (F) code first, ex. [pkmn=Venusaur(F)(M)].
  • -[pkmn=Missing Number/] =

#001 Bulbasaur to #024 Arbok
#025 Pichu to #049 Bellossom
#050 Paras to #074 Bellsprout
#075 Weepinbell to #099 Gastly
#100 Haunter to #124 Horsea
#125 Seadra to #149 Leafeon
#150 Glaceon to #166 Mew

Kanto Pokémon IMG codes can be found in the List of Pokémon/Kanto.

Pokémon BBCode Mini Sprite
Bulbasaur [pkmn=Bulbasaur]
Ivysaur [pkmn=Ivysaur]
Venusaur [pkmn=Venusaur] Female[pkmn=Venusaur(F)]
Mega Venusaur [pkmn=Venusaur/Mega Forme]
Charmander [pkmn=Charmander]
Charmeleon [pkmn=Charmeleon]
Charizard [pkmn=Charizard]
Mega Charizard X [pkmn=Charizard/Mega Forme X]
Mega Charizard Y [pkmn=Charizard/Mega Forme Y]
Squirtle [pkmn=Squirtle]
Wartortle [pkmn=Wartortle]
Blastoise [pkmn=Blastoise]
Mega Blastoise [pkmn=Blastoise/Mega Forme]
Caterpie [pkmn=Caterpie]
Metapod [pkmn=Metapod]
Butterfree [pkmn=Butterfree] Female[pkmn=Butterfree(F)]
Weedle [pkmn=Weedle]
Kakuna [pkmn=Kakuna]
Beedrill [pkmn=Beedrill]
Mega Beedrill [pkmn=Beedrill/Mega Forme]
Pidgey [pkmn=Pidgey]
Pidgeotto [pkmn=Pidgeotto]
Pidgeot [pkmn=Pidgeot]
Mega Pidgeot [pkmn=Pidgeot/Mega Forme]
Rattata [pkmn=Rattata] Female[pkmn=Rattata(F)]
Alolan Rattata [pkmn=Rattata/Alolan Forme]
Raticate [pkmn=Raticate] Female[pkmn=Raticate(F)]
Alolan Raticate [pkmn=Raticate/Alolan Forme]
Totem Alolan Raticate [pkmn=Raticate/Alolan Totem Forme]
Spearow [pkmn=Spearow]
Fearow [pkmn=Fearow]
Ekans [pkmn=Ekans]
Arbok [pkmn=Arbok]
Pokémon BBCode Mini Sprite
Pichu [pkmn=Pichu]
Pikachu [pkmn=Pikachu] Female[pkmn=Pikachu(F)]
Raichu [pkmn=Raichu] Female[pkmn=Raichu(F)]
Alolan Raichu [pkmn=Raichu/Alolan Forme]
Sandshrew [pkmn=Sandshrew]
Alolan Sandshrew [pkmn=Sandshrew/Alolan Forme]
Sandslash [pkmn=Sandslash]
Alolan Sandslash [pkmn=Sandslash/Alolan Forme]
Nidoran [pkmn=Nidoran] Female [pkmn=Nidoran(F)]
Nidorina [pkmn=Nidorina]
Nidoqueen [pkmn=Nidoqueen]
Nidorino [pkmn=Nidorino]
Nidoking [pkmn=Nidoking]
Cleffa [pkmn=Cleffa]
Clefairy [pkmn=Clefairy]
Clefable [pkmn=Clefable]
Vulpix 1-Tailed [pkmn=Vulpix/1-Tailed] 2-Tailed [pkmn=Vulpix/2-Tailed] 3-Tailed [pkmn=Vulpix/3-Tailed] 4-Tailed [pkmn=Vulpix/4-Tailed] 5-Tailed [pkmn=Vulpix/5-Tailed] 6-Tailed [pkmn=Vulpix]
Alolan Vulpix 1-Tailed [pkmn=Vulpix/Alolan 1-Tailed] 2-Tailed [pkmn=Vulpix/Alolan 2-Tailed] 3-Tailed [pkmn=Vulpix/Alolan 3-Tailed] 4-Tailed [pkmn=Vulpix/Alolan 4-Tailed] 5-Tailed [pkmn=Vulpix/Alolan 5-Tailed] 6-Tailed [pkmn=Vulpix/Alolan Forme]
Ninetales [pkmn=Ninetales]
Alolan Ninetales [pkmn=Ninetales/Alolan Forme]
Igglybuff [pkmn=Igglybuff]
Jigglypuff [pkmn=Jigglypuff]
Scream Tail [pkmn=Scream Tail/]
Wigglytuff [pkmn=Wigglytuff]
Zubat [pkmn=Zubat]Female[pkmn=Zubat(F)]
Golbat [pkmn=Golbat]Female[pkmn=Golbat(F)]
Crobat [pkmn=Crobat]
Oddish [pkmn=Oddish]
Gloom [pkmn=Gloom] Female[pkmn=Gloom(F)]
Vileplume [pkmn=Vileplume]Female[pkmn=Vileplume(F)]
Bellossom [pkmn=Bellossom]
Pokémon BBCode Mini Sprite
Paras [pkmn=Paras]
Parasect [pkmn=Parasect]
Venonat [pkmn=Venonat]
Venomoth [pkmn=Venomoth]
Diglett [pkmn=Diglett]
Alolan Diglett [pkmn=Diglett/Alolan Forme]
Dugtrio [pkmn=Dugtrio]
Alolan Dugtrio [pkmn=Dugtrio/Alolan Forme]
Meowth [pkmn=Meowth]
Alolan Meowth [pkmn=Meowth/Alolan Forme]
Galarian Meowth [pkmn=Meowth/Galarian Forme]
Persian [pkmn=Persian]
Alolan Persian [pkmn=Persian/Alolan Forme]
Psyduck [pkmn=Psyduck]
Golduck [pkmn=Golduck]
Mankey [pkmn=Mankey]
Primeape [pkmn=Primeape]
Growlithe [pkmn=Growlithe]
Hisuian Growlithe [pkmn=Growlithe/Hisuian Forme]
Arcanine [pkmn=Arcanine]
Hisuian Arcanine [pkmn=Arcanine/Hisuian Forme]
Poliwag [pkmn=Poliwag]
Poliwhirl [pkmn=Poliwhirl]
Poliwrath [pkmn=Poliwrath]
Politoed [pkmn=Politoed]
Abra [pkmn=Abra]
Kadabra [pkmn=Kadabra] Female [pkmn=Kadabra(F)]
Alakazam [pkmn=Alakazam] Female [pkmn=Alakazam(F)]
Mega Alakazam [pkmn=Alakazam/Mega Forme]
Machop [pkmn=Machop]
Machoke [pkmn=Machoke]
Machamp [pkmn=Machamp]
Bellsprout [pkmn=Bellsprout]
Pokémon BBCode Mini Sprite
Weepinbell [pkmn=Weepinbell]
Victreebell [pkmn=Victreebell]
Tentacool [pkmn=Tentacool]
Tentacruel [pkmn=Tentacruel]
Geodude [pkmn=Geodude]
Alolan Geodude [pkmn=Geodude/Alolan Forme]
Graveler [pkmn=Graveler]
Alolan Graveler [pkmn=Graveler/Alolan Forme]
Golem [pkmn=Golem]
Alolan Golem [pkmn=Golem/Alolan Forme]
Ponyta [pkmn=Ponyta]
Galarian Ponyta [pkmn=Ponyta/Galarian Forme]
Rapidash [pkmn=Rapidash]
Galarian Rapidash [pkmn=Rapidash/Galarian Forme]
Slowpoke [pkmn=Slowpoke]
Galarian Slowpoke [pkmn=Slowpoke/Galarian Forme]
Slowbro [pkmn=Slowbro]
Galarian Slowbro [pkmn=Slowbro/Galarian Forme]
Mega Slowbro [pkmn=Slowbro/Mega Forme]
Slowking [pkmn=Slowking]
Galarian Slowking [pkmn=Slowking/Galarian Forme]
Magnemite [pkmn=Magnemite]
Magneton [pkmn=Magneton]
Sandy Shocks [pkmn=Sandy Shocks/]
Magnezone [pkmn=Magnezone]
Farfetch'd [pkmn=Farfetch'd]
Galarian Farfetch'd [pkmn=Farfetch'd/Galarian Forme]
Doduo [pkmn=Doduo] Female [pkmn=Doduo(F)]
Dodrio [pkmn=Dodrio] Female [pkmn=Dodrio(F)]
Seel [pkmn=Seel]
Dewgong [pkmn=Dewgong]
Grimer [pkmn=Grimer]
Alolan Grimer [pkmn=Grimer/Alolan Forme]
Muk [pkmn=Muk]
Alolan Muk [pkmn=Muk/Alolan Forme]
Shellder [pkmn=Shellder]
Cloyster [pkmn=Cloyster]
Gastly [pkmn=Gastly]
Pokémon BBCode Mini Sprite
Haunter [pkmn=Haunter]
Gengar [pkmn=Gengar]
Mega Gengar [pkmn=Gengar/Mega Forme]
Onix [pkmn=Onix]
Steelix [pkmn=Steelix] Female [pkmn=Steelix(F)]
Mega Steelix [pkmn=Steelix/Mega Forme]
Drowzee [pkmn=Drowzee]
Hypno [pkmn=Hypno] Female [pkmn=Hypno(F)]
Krabby [pkmn=Krabby]
Kingler [pkmn=Kingler]
Voltorb [pkmn=Voltorb]
Hisuian Voltorb [pkmn=Voltorb/hisuian forme]
Electrode [pkmn=Electrode]
Hisuian Electrode [pkmn=Electrode/hisuian forme]
Exeggcute [pkmn=Exeggcute]
Exeggutor [pkmn=Exeggutor]
Alolan Exeggutor [pkmn=Exeggutor/Alolan Forme]
Cubone [pkmn=Cubone]
Marowak [pkmn=Marowak]
Alolan Marowak [pkmn=Marowak/Alolan Forme]
Totem Alolan Marowak [pkmn=Marowak/Alolan Totem Forme]
Lickitung [pkmn=Lickitung]
Lickilicky [pkmn=Lickilicky]
Koffing [pkmn=Koffing]
Weezing [pkmn=Weezing]
Galarian Weezing [pkmn=Weezing/Galarian Forme]
Rhyhorn [pkmn=Rhyhorn] Female [pkmn=Rhyhorn(F)]
Rhydon [pkmn=Rhydon] Female [pkmn=Rhydon(F)]
Rhyperior [pkmn=Rhyperior] Female [pkmn=Rhyperior(F)]
Tangela [pkmn=Tangela]
Tangrowth [pkmn=Tangrowth] Female [pkmn=Tangrowth(F)]
Kangaskhan [pkmn=Kangaskhan]
Mega Kangaskhan [pkmn=Kangaskhan/Mega Forme]
Horsea [pkmn=Horsea]
Pokémon BBCode Mini Sprite
Seadra [pkmn=Seadra]
Kingdra [pkmn=Kingdra]
Goldeen [pkmn=Goldeen] Female [pkmn=Goldeen(F)]
Seaking [pkmn=Seaking] Female [pkmn=Seaking(F)]
Staryu [pkmn=Staryu]
Starmie [pkmn=Starmie]
Mime Jr. [pkmn=Mime Jr.]
Mr. Mime [pkmn=Mr. Mime]
Galarian Mr. Mime [pkmn=Mr. Mime/Galarian Forme]
Scyther [pkmn=Scyther] Female [pkmn=Scyther(F)]
Scizor [pkmn=Scizor] Female [pkmn=Scizor(F)]
Mega Scizor [pkmn=Scizor/Mega Forme]
Smoochum [pkmn=Smoochum]
Jynx [pkmn=Jynx]
Pinsir [pkmn=Pinsir]
Mega Pinsir [pkmn=Pinsir/Mega Forme]
Tauros [pkmn=Tauros]
Magikarp [pkmn=Magikarp] Female [pkmn=Magikarp(F)]
Gyarados [pkmn=Gyarados] Female [pkmn=Gyarados(F)]
Mega Gyarados [pkmn=Gyarados/Mega Forme]
Lapras [pkmn=Lapras]
Ditto [pkmn=Ditto]
Eevee [pkmn=Eevee] Female [pkmn=Eevee(F)]
Vaporeon [pkmn=Vaporeon]
Jolteon [pkmn=Jolteon]
Flareon [pkmn=Flareon]
Espeon [pkmn=Espeon]
Umbreon [pkmn=Umbreon]
Leafeon [pkmn=Leafeon]
Pokémon BBCode Mini Sprite
Glaceon [pkmn=Glaceon]
Sylveon [pkmn=Sylveon]
Omanyte [pkmn=Omanyte]
Omastar [pkmn=Omastar]
Kabuto [pkmn=Kabuto]
Kabutops [pkmn=Kabutops]
Aerodactyl [pkmn=Aerodactyl]
Mega Aerodactyl [pkmn=Aerodactyl/Mega Forme]
Munchlax [pkmn=Munchlax]
Snorlax [pkmn=Snorlax]
Articuno [pkmn=Articuno]
Galarian Articuno [pkmn=Articuno/Galarian Forme]
Zapdos [pkmn=Zapdos]
Galarian Zapdos [pkmn=Zapdos/Galarian Forme]
Moltres [pkmn=Moltres]
Galarian Moltres [pkmn=Moltres/Galarian Forme]
Dratini [pkmn=Dratini]
Dragonair [pkmn=Dragonair]
Dragonite [pkmn=Dragonite]
Mewtwo [pkmn=Mewtwo]
Mega Mewtwo X [pkmn=Mewtwo/Mega Forme X]
Mega Mewtwo Y [pkmn=Mewtwo/Mega Forme Y]
Mew [pkmn=Mew]