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Below is a list of sprites that were used on Old Pokéfarm and that have not made it to Pokéfarm Q.

Note: These Sprites were not done by the current PFQ Staff. The Sprite Creators were part of PF1 and there is no guarantee that they moved over to PFQ.

Name Egg Basic Stage 1 Stage 2 Sprite Creator Release Date
  • Arakans
  • Arabok
Arakans Egg.png Arakans.pngShiny Arakans.png Arabok.pngShiny Arabok.png 11th Aug 2010
Aquix Aquix Egg.png Aquix.pngShiny Aquix.png 10th Feb 2013
  • Aviator Taillow
  • Aviator Swellow
Aviator Egg.png Aviator Taillow.pngShiny Aviator Taillow.png Aviator Swellow.pngShiny Aviator Swellow.png 15th Nov 2010
AxewCustom Sprite Symbol.png

(Winter Axew)

Axew Winter CS.png MooseNut 17th Dec 2012
Axlosion Axlosion.pngShiny Axlosion.png 24th Aug 2011
BidoofCustom Sprite Symbol.png

(Sexy Bidoof)

Bidoof Sexy CS.png Deoxtri 20th May 2013
BraviaryCustom Sprite Symbol.png


Braviary Helmaroc CS.png Sei 20th Sep 2013
BulbasaurCustom Sprite Symbol.png

(Kalos Starters)

Bulbasaur Kalos CS.png 12th Oct 2013
  • Camo Staryu
  • Camo Starmie
Camo Egg.png Camo Staryu.pngShiny Camo Staryu.png Camo Starmie.pngShiny Camo Starmie.png 24th Jul 2010
CharmanderCustom Sprite Symbol.png

(Kalos Starters)

Charmander Kalos CS.png 12th Oct 2013
CyndaquilCustom Sprite Symbol.png


Cyndaquil CyndaSprout CS.png Animela 15th May 2012
Darmanitan(Zen Mode)Custom Sprite Symbol.png

(PF 3rd Anniversary Darmanitan)

Darmanitan Zen Mode PF CS.png 4th Oct 2012
  • Deinglitch
  • Zweilich
  • Hydreitch
Deinglitch Egg.png Deinglitch.pngShiny Deinglitch.png Zweilich.pngShiny Zweilich.png Hydreitch.pngShiny Hydreitch.png 13th Aug 2012
DelcattyCustom Sprite Symbol.png


Delcatty Dandicatty CS.png KeyChan 12th May 2013
  • Duskghoul
  • Duskummy
  • Duskreaper
Dusk Egg.png Duskghoul.pngShiny Duskghoul.png Duskummy.pngShiny Duskummy.png Duskreaper.pngShiny Duskreaper.png 31th Oct 2010
DwebbleCustom Sprite Symbol.png

(Amethyst Dwebble)

Dwebble Amethyst CS.png Kuro Kitsune 20th Feb 2013
EnteiCustom Sprite Symbol.png

(Crown City Entei)

Entei Crown CS.png 23rd Nov 2011
EspeonCustom Sprite Symbol.png

(Corrupted Espeon)

Espeon Corrupted CS.png 25th Dec 2011
  • Fact Magnemite
  • Fact Magneton
  • Fact Magnezone
Fact Magnemite Egg.png Fact Magnemite.pngShiny Fact Magnemite.png Fact Magneton.pngShiny Fact Magneton.png Fact Magnezone.pngShiny Fact Magnezone.png 12th Dec 2012
  • Fairy Togepi
  • Fairy Togetic
  • Fairy Togekiss
Fairy Egg.png Fairy Togepi.pngShiny Fairy Togepi.png Fairy Togetic.pngShiny Fairy Togetic.png Fairy Togekiss.pngShiny Fairy Togekiss.png 24th Jun 2011
FlaaffyCustom Sprite Symbol.png


Flaaffy Flowaaffy CS.png Hime-Nyan 24th May 2012
FloatzelCustom Sprite Symbol.png

(Kamaitachi Floatzel)

Floatzel Kamaitachi CS.png SciZoroark 25th Nov 2012
FlygonCustom Sprite Symbol.png


Flygon Viren CS.png Green XL 28th Jan 2012
GarchompCustom Sprite Symbol.png

(Fossil Garchomp)

Garchomp Fossil CS.png Dragonzstar 20th Aug 2013
  • Guy Fawkes Cacnea
  • Guy Fawkes Cacturne
Guy Fawkes Cacnea Egg.png Guy Fawkes Cacnea.pngShiny Guy Fawkes Cacnea.png Guy Fawkes Cacturne.pngShiny Guy Fawkes Cacturne.png 5th Nov 2010
Haures Haures Egg.png Haures.pngShiny Haures.png 6th Feb 2011
HoundourCustom Sprite Symbol.png


Houndour Reindour CS.png trax101 17th Jun 2013
HuntailCustom Sprite Symbol.png

(Cheri Berry Huntail)

Huntail Cheri CS.png glitchunter 27th Feb 2012
Kaboom Kaboom Torchic Egg.png Kaboom Torchic.pngShiny Kaboom Torchic.png Kaboom Combusken.pngShiny Kaboom Combusken.png Kaboom Blaziken.pngShiny Kaboom Blaziken.png 6th Feb 2010
Kaboom (Dark) Kaboom Dark Torchic.pngShiny Kaboom Dark Torchic.png Kaboom Dark Combusken.pngShiny Kaboom Dark Combusken.png Kaboom Dark Blaziken.pngShiny Kaboom Dark Blaziken.png 6th Feb 2010
KecleonCustom Sprite Symbol.png

(Winter Kecleon)

Kecleon Winter CS.png NennaNerra 14th Jan 2012
LaprasCustom Sprite Symbol.png


Lapras Atlantis CS.png Strawberry24 25th Jun 2013
Larxectric Larxectric.pngShiny Larxectric.png 19th Dec 2011
Lexaeamp Lexaeamp.pngShiny Lexaeamp.png 22th May 2011
LinooneCustom Sprite Symbol.png


Linoone FireLinoone CS.png Willowstar 30th Apr 2013
LucarioCustom Sprite Symbol.png

(Headless Lucario)

Lucario Headless CS.png 4th Oct 2012
LucarioCustom Sprite Symbol.png


Lucario Linkario CS.png birdzgoboom 29th Jul 2013
LucarioCustom Sprite Symbol.png

(Twilight Lucario)

Lucario Twilight CS.png Animela 27th Mar 2012
Ludicolyx Ludicolyx.pngShiny Ludicolyx.png 26th Aug 2011
Luxipom Luxipom.pngShiny Luxipom.png 29th Oct 2011
LuxrayCustom Sprite Symbol.png


Luxray Tiger CS.png ReaperNeku 8th Sep 2012
ManectricCustom Sprite Symbol.png


Manectric Xenotric CS.png HW123 30th Aug 2013
MareepCustom Sprite Symbol.png

(Spring Forward Mareep)

Mareep Spring Forward CS.png Eruthiawen 29th Mar 2013
Marluxerade Marluxerade.pngShiny Marluxerade.png 9th Nov 2011
Marvin Marvin Egg.png Marvin.pngShiny Marvin.png 25th May 2011
  • Masked Buneary
  • Masked Lopunny
Masked Egg.png Masked Buneary.pngShiny Masked Buneary.png Masked Lopunny.pngShiny Masked Lopunny.png 17th Mar 2010
MasquerainCustom Sprite Symbol.png

(Time Flower Masquerain)

Masquerain Time Flower CS.png Rainy 14th Mar 2012
MeowthCustom Sprite Symbol.png

(Meowth in Boots)

Meowth Boots CS.png Solcarn 16th Feb 2012
  • Messenger Dratini
  • Messenger Dragonair
  • Messenger Dragonite
Messenger Dratini Egg.png Messenger Dratini.pngShiny Messenger Dratini.png Messenger Dragonair.pngShiny Messenger Dragonair.png Messenger Dragonite.pngShiny Messenger Dragonite.png 12th Sep 2010
Missingno.Custom Sprite Symbol.png

(Defective Missingno.)

Missingno Defective CS.png 3rd Jan 2012
MurkrowCustom Sprite Symbol.png

(Mimic Murkrow)

Murkrow Mimic CS.png Animela 20th Oct 2012
Nidoran FCustom Sprite Symbol.png


Nidoran F Nichu CS.png Veggies 19th Mar 2013
  • Nidoran F Toy
  • Nidorina Toy
  • Nidoqueen Toy
Toy Female Egg.png Nidoran Toy Female.pngShiny Nidoran Toy Female.png Nidorina Toy Female.pngShiny Nidorina Toy Female.png Nidoqueen Toy Female.pngShiny Nidoqueen Toy Female.png 9th May 2010
  • Nidoran M Toy
  • Nidorino Toy
  • Nidoking Toy
Toy Male Egg.png Nidoran Toy Male.pngShiny Nidoran Toy Male.png Nidorino Toy Male.pngShiny Nidorino Toy Male.png Nidoking Toy Male.pngShiny Nidoking Toy Male.png 20th Jun 2010
  • Orange Gem Geodude
  • Green Gem Graveler
  • White Gem Golem
Gem Egg.png Orange Gem Geodude.pngShiny Orange Gem Geodude.png Green Gem Graveler.pngShiny Green Gem Graveler.png White Gem Golem.pngShiny White Gem Golem.png 30th May 2011
PikachuCustom Sprite Symbol.png


Pikachu Chadling CS.png Kinchiona 8th Apr 2012
PolitoedCustom Sprite Symbol.png

(Deity Politoed)

Politoed Deity CS.png Ledah 20th Nov 2013
PoochyenaCustom Sprite Symbol.png

(Winter Poochyena)

Poochyena Winter CS.png XShadowFanX 7th Dec 2012
RaikouCustom Sprite Symbol.png

(Crown City Raikou)

Raikou Crown CS.png 23rd Nov 2011
Replisol Replisol.pngShiny Replisol.png 20th May 2010
Rhyperior (Corrupted Suit) Rhyperior Corrupted Suit.pngShiny Rhyperior Corrupted Suit.png 14th Oct 2011
Rhyperior (Dark Suit) Rhyperior Dark Suit.pngShiny Rhyperior Dark Suit.png 13th Jun 2011
Rhyperior (Gravity Suit) Rhyperior Gravity Suit.pngShiny Rhyperior Gravity Suit.png 31th Mar 2011
Rhyperior (Light Suit) Rhyperior Light Suit.pngShiny Rhyperior Light Suit.png 08th Jul 2011
Rhyperior (PED Suit) Rhyperior PED Suit.pngShiny Rhyperior PED Suit.png 7th Aug 2011
Rhyperior (Phazon Suit) Rhyperior Phazon Suit.pngShiny Rhyperior Phazon Suit.png 4th May 2011
Rhyperior (Power Suit) Rhyperior Power Suit.pngShiny Rhyperior Power Suit.png 10th Apr 2011
Rosie Rosie Egg.png Rosie.pngShiny Rosie.png 26th Aug 2011
Roxade Roxade.pngShiny Roxade.png 31th Dec 2011
SandshrewCustom Sprite Symbol.png


Sandshrew Eastershrew CS.png Calum 1st Apr 2013
SeedotCustom Sprite Symbol.png

(Metool Seedot)

Seedot Metool CS.png Zoalde 4th Oct 2012
  • Shadow Houndour
  • Shadow Houndoom
Shadow Houndour.pngShiny Shadow Houndour.png Shadow Houndoom.pngShiny Shadow Houndoom.png 9th Aug 2010
  • Shadow Larvitar
  • Shadow Pupitar
  • Shadow Tyranitar
Shadow Larvitar Egg.png Shadow Larvitar.pngShiny Shadow Larvitar.png Shadow Pupitar.pngShiny Shadow Pupitar.png Shadow Tyranitar.pngShiny Shadow Tyranitar.png 29th Nov 2011
Sleeping Kolink Sleeping Kolink.pngShiny Sleeping Kolink.png 7th Dec 2010
ShayminCustom Sprite Symbol.png

(St. Patrick's Shaymin)

Shaymin St Patricks CS.png 17th Mar 2013
SneaselCustom Sprite Symbol.png

(Retro Sneasel)

Sneasel Retro CS.png KeyChan 26th Feb 2013
SquirtleCustom Sprite Symbol.png

(Kalos Starters)

Squirtle Kalos CS.png 12th Oct 2013
SuicuneCustom Sprite Symbol.png

(Crown City Suicune)

Suicune Crown CS.png 23rd Nov 2011
Sunnie Sunnie Egg.png Sunnie Buneary.pngShiny Sunnie Buneary.png Sunnie Lopunny.pngShiny Sunnie Lopunny.png 4th Apr 2010
Sushi-Go-Round Lickitung Sushi Go Round Lickitung Egg.png Sushi Go Round Lickitung.pngShiny Sushi Go Round Lickitung.png 20th May 2010
TentacruelCustom Sprite Symbol.png

(Crystal Tentacruel)

Tentacruel Crystal CS.png Dianamond2 26th Apr 2012
  • Tiger-Glameow
  • Tiger-Purugly
Tiger Egg.png Tiger Glameow.pngShiny Tiger Glameow.png Tiger Purugly.pngShiny Tiger Purugly.png 13th Feb 2010
Turkey Farfetch'd Turkey Farfetchd Egg.png Turkey Farfetchd.pngShiny Turkey Farfetchd.png 25th Nov 2010
Umbraix Umbraix.pngShiny Umbraix.png 30th Jul 2011
VaporeonCustom Sprite Symbol.png

(Shark Vaporeon)

Vaporeon Shark CS.png midnightblue 23rd Nov 2013
VenonatCustom Sprite Symbol.png


Venonat Furbynat CS.png Hopera 24th Sep 2012
Vexile Vexile.pngShiny Vexile.png 29th Apr 2011
WurmpleCustom Sprite Symbol.png

(Warrior Wurmple)

Wurmple Warrior CS.png KeyChan 15th Jul 2013
Xalmory Xalmory.pngShiny Xalmory.png 21th Mar 2011
Xemneye Xemneye.pngShiny Xemneye.png 28th Jan 2011
Xigtowl Xigtowl.pngShiny Xigtowl.png 20th Feb 2011
  • Yule Log Bidoof
  • Yule Log Bibarel
Yule Log Bidoof Egg.png Yule Log Bidoof.pngShiny Yule Log Bidoof.png Yule Log Bibarel.pngShiny Yule Log Bibarel.png 21st Dec 2012
Zexleon Zexleon.pngShiny Zexleon.png 18th Jun 2011
ZoroarkCustom Sprite Symbol.png Zoroark CS.png 23rd Nov 2011


  • The original Missingno Defective sprite was a group of pngs that Niet coded to be animated like a gif.