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The Other Links page.

An array of links that haven't been organised yet, but are still extremely useful. They link to many different pages.

Albino Hunting

For more detailed information, please visit Albino Hunting.

Albino Hunting is the act of hatching eggs with an active Albino Radar to get an Albino Pokémon. In order to hatch one, a user needs an Albino Radar, which costs 750,000 interaction points, and requires more IP every day to charge it. In contrast to shiny hunting, the user needs the radar to hunt. It also does not require Hypermode.

Image Uploader

For more detailed information, please visit Image Uploader.

The Image Uploader is an on-site Image Uploader where normal users can upload up to 10MB of images (png, jpeg, gif), whereas Hypermode allows the user to store up to 100MB. If the user runs out of Hypermode and has over 10MB of images, they won't lose anything, but they won't be able to upload anymore.

Mega Accessories / Vouchers

For more detailed information, please visit Mega Accessories and Mega Stone Vouchers.

Here, the user will get information on how to mega evolve their Pokémon. They can also trade in their mega accessory for another if they have a certain amount of evolutions. The user can also redeem mega stone vouchers, which they can get from the Prize Shop, ranking up, or events.


For more detailed information, please visit ModWatch.

Each administrator's administrative actions (eg. resolving reports, locking threads, deleting posts) are recorded here for the public to see.

Money Safe

A place where the user can store Zophan Canisters, Gold Poké, and Credits so that they can't use them. The safe itself costs 200.


For more detailed information, please visit Pokéwalker.

A device that allows users to walk with their Pokémon in the real world using GPS tracking. Watts, items, and new Pokémon can be found through the Pokéwalker.

Site Skins

For more detailed information, please visit Site Skin.

A page where the user can customise how they want the site to look, including the background, content colour, border colour, user colours, etc. They can also tell other people the directory of their skin so they can use it as well.

Shiny Hunting

For more detailed information, please visit Shiny Hunting.

The act of hatching a specific species over and over again to form a chain in order to hatch a shiny Pokémon. Without chaining, the chances for a shiny are very low! While chaining with the PokéRadar, they can be increased greatly, especially when the PokéRadar is paired with Hypermode. Other boosts, such as a Shiny Charm or an Übercharm can boost the chances even more.

Summon Items

For more detailed information, please visit Summon Items.

Summon Items are special items that are unlocked from EggDex and PokéDex entries, and allow a user to summon a legendary Pokémon, once found in a box.

Template Editor

Where a user can make a template for their forum posts, which can include CSS. There are four buttons below the editor - save, preview, delete and disable editor. While the first three are easy to understand, the fourth makes it so that there are no rows of code, and rather, plain text to edit your CSS.

Treasure Boxes

For more detailed information, please visit Boxes.

Boxes can be found from Scour Missions. Along with that, a Legendary Seal makes it so that the user will definitely receive a summon item from a box. There are also bundles of boxes (eg. Box Box, Box Box Box, and Gragon's Stash), and a Gragon's Gift that the user receives after an amount of has been purchased.

Weekly Tournaments

For more detailed information, please visit Tournament.

A weekly event where users must participate in events based on the site - such as hatching eggs of a certain nature, evolving Pokémon, and scouring. After it ends, users receive tokens if they reach a certain target and can buy eggs, mega vouchers, and certain Pokémon from the Prize Shop.

Support Centre

For more detailed information, please visit Support Centre.

Where the user can request changes to their personal information, such as their age, email, and username if they entered it incorrectly at first.

Type Race

For more detailed information, please visit Type Race.

Where the user can find information about the monthly Type Race event, like its start and end date, the user's team, and their progress.