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The following table lists all Shiny, Albino, and Melanistic Pokémon of the Sinnoh region. An overview can be found on the List of Special Pokémon.


#405 Turtwig to #424 Budew
#425 Roselia to #449 Stunky
#450 Skuntank to #474 Snover
#475 Abomasnow to #492 Shaymin
#493 Arceus

Shiny Albino Melanistic
Turtwig Shiny Turtwig.png Albino Turtwig.png Melan Turtwig.png
Grotle Shiny Grotle.png Albino Grotle.png Melan Grotle.png
Torterra Shiny Torterra.png Albino Torterra.png Melan Torterra.png
Chimchar Shiny Chimchar.png Albino Chimchar.png Melan Chimchar.png
Monferno Shiny Monferno.png Albino Monferno.png Melan Monferno.png
Infernape Shiny Infernape.png Albino Infernape.png Melan Infernape.png
Piplup Shiny Piplup.png Albino Piplup.png Melan Piplup.png
Prinplup Shiny Prinplup.png Albino Prinplup.png Melan Prinplup.png
Empoleon Shiny Empoleon.png Albino Empoleon.png Melan Empoleon.png
Starly Shiny Starly.pngShiny Female Starly.png Albino Starly.pngAlbino Female Starly.png Melan Starly.pngMelan Female Starly.png
Staravia Shiny Staravia.pngShiny Female Staravia.png Albino Staravia.pngAlbino Female Staravia.png Melan Staravia.pngMelan Female Staravia.png
Staraptor Shiny Staraptor.pngShiny Female Staraptor.png Albino Staraptor.pngAlbino Female Staraptor.png Melan Staraptor.pngMelan Female Staraptor.png
Bidoof Shiny Bidoof.pngShiny Female Bidoof.png Albino Bidoof.pngAlbino Female Bidoof.png Melan Bidoof.pngMelan Female Bidoof.png
Bibarel Shiny Bibarel.pngShiny Female Bibarel.png Albino Bibarel.pngAlbino Female Bibarel.png Melan Bibarel.pngMelan Female Bibarel.png
Kricketot Shiny Kricketot.pngShiny Female Kricketot.png Albino Kricketot.pngAlbino Female Kricketot.png Melan Kricketot.pngMelan Female Kricketot.png
Kricketune Shiny Kricketune.pngShiny Female Kricketune.png Albino Kricketune.pngAlbino Female Kricketune.png Melan Kricketune.pngMelan Female Kricketune.png
Shinx Shiny Shinx.pngShiny Female Shinx.png Albino Shinx.pngAlbino Female Shinx.png Melan Shinx.pngMelan Female Shinx.png
Luxio Shiny Luxio.pngShiny Female Luxio.png Albino Luxio.pngAlbino Female Luxio.png Melan Luxio.pngMelan Female Luxio.png
Luxray Shiny Luxray.pngShiny Female Luxray.png Albino Luxray.pngAlbino Female Luxray.png Melan Luxray.pngMelan Female Luxray.png
Budew Shiny Budew.png Albino Budew.png Melan Budew.png
Shiny Albino Melanistic
Roselia Shiny Roselia.pngShiny Female Roselia.png Albino Roselia.pngAlbino Female Roselia.png Melan Roselia.pngMelan Female Roselia.png
Roserade Shiny Roserade.pngShiny Female Roserade.png Albino Roserade.pngAlbino Female Roserade.png Melan Roserade.pngMelan Female Roserade.png
Cranidos Shiny Cranidos.png Albino Cranidos.png Melan Cranidos.png
Rampardos Shiny Rampardos.png Albino Rampardos.png Melan Rampardos.png
Shieldon Shiny Shieldon.png Albino Shieldon.png Melan Shieldon.png
Bastiodon Shiny Bastiodon.png Albino Bastiodon.png Melan Bastiodon.png
Plant Cloak Burmy Shiny Plant Cloak Burmy.png Albino Plant Cloak Burmy.png Melan Plant Cloak Burmy.png
Sandy Cloak Burmy Shiny Sandy Cloak Burmy.png Albino Sandy Cloak Burmy.png Melan Sandy Cloak Burmy.png
Trash Cloak Burmy Shiny Trash Cloak Burmy.png Albino Trash Cloak Burmy.png Melan Trash Cloak Burmy.png
Plant Cloak Wormadam Shiny Plant Cloak Wormadam.png Albino Plant Cloak Wormadam.png Melan Plant Cloak Wormadam.png
Sandy Cloak Wormadam Shiny Sandy Cloak Wormadam.png Albino Sandy Cloak Wormadam.png Melan Sandy Cloak Wormadam.png
Trash Cloak Wormadam Shiny Trash Cloak Wormadam.png Albino Trash Cloak Wormadam.png Melan Trash Cloak Wormadam.png
Mothim Shiny Mothim.png Albino Mothim.png Melan Mothim.png
Combee Shiny Combee.pngShiny Female Combee.png Albino Combee.pngAlbino Female Combee.png Melan Combee.pngMelan Female Combee.png
Vespiquen Shiny Vespiquen.png Albino Vespiquen.png Melan Vespiquen.png
Pachirisu Shiny Pachirisu.pngShiny Female Pachirisu.png Albino Pachirisu.pngAlbino Female Pachirisu.png Melan Pachirisu.pngMelan Female Pachirisu.png
Buizel Shiny Buizel.png Albino Buizel.png Melan Buizel.png
Floatzel Shiny Floatzel.png Albino Floatzel.png Melan Floatzel.png
Cherubi Shiny Cherubi.png Albino Cherubi.png Melan Cherubi.png
Cherrim Shiny Cherrim.png Albino Cherrim.png Melan Cherrim.png
Sunny Cherrim Shiny Sunny Cherrim.png Albino Sunny Cherrim.png Melan Sunny Cherrim.png
Shellos Shiny Occident Shellos.pngShiny Orient Shellos.png Albino Occident Shellos.pngAlbino Orient Shellos.png Melan Occident Shellos.pngMelan Orient Shellos.png
Gastrodon Shiny Occident Gastrodon.pngShiny Orient Gastrodon.png Albino Occident Gastrodon.pngAlbino Orient Gastrodon.png Melan Occident Gastrodon.pngMelan Orient Gastrodon.png
Drifloon Shiny Drifloon.png Albino Drifloon.png Melan Drifloon.png
Drifblim Shiny Drifblim.png Albino Drifblim.png Melan Drifblim.png
Buneary Shiny Buneary.png Albino Buneary.png Melan Buneary.png
Lopunny Shiny Lopunny.png Albino Lopunny.png Melan Lopunny.png
Mega Lopunny Shiny Mega Lopunny.png Albino Mega Lopunny.png Melan Mega Lopunny.png
Glameow Shiny Glameow.png Albino Glameow.png Melan Glameow.png
Purugly Shiny Purugly.png Albino Purugly.png Melan Purugly.png
Stunky Shiny Stunky.png Albino Stunky.png Melan Stunky.png
Shiny Albino Melanistic
Skuntank Shiny Skuntank.png Albino Skuntank.png Melan Skuntank.png
Bronzor Shiny Bronzor.png Albino Bronzor.png Melan Bronzor.png
Bronzong Shiny Bronzong.png Albino Bronzong.png Melan Bronzong.png
Happiny Shiny Happiny.png Albino Happiny.png Melan Happiny.png
Chansey Shiny Chansey.png Albino Chansey.png Melan Chansey.png
Blissey Shiny Blissey.png Albino Blissey.png Melan Blissey.png
Chatot Shiny Chatot.png Albino Chatot.png Melan Chatot.png
Spiritomb Shiny Spiritomb.png Albino Spiritomb.png Melan Spiritomb.png
Gible Shiny Gible.pngShiny Female Gible.png Albino Gible.pngAlbino Female Gible.png Melan Gible.pngMelan Female Gible.png
Gabite Shiny Gabite.pngShiny Female Gabite.png Albino Gabite.pngAlbino Female Gabite.png Melan Gabite.pngMelan Female Gabite.png
Garchomp Shiny Garchomp.pngShiny Female Garchomp.png Albino Garchomp.pngAlbino Female Garchomp.png Melan Garchomp.pngMelan Female Garchomp.png
Mega Garchomp Shiny Mega Garchomp.png Albino Mega Garchomp.png Melan Mega Garchomp.png
Riolu Shiny Riolu.png Albino Riolu.png Melan Riolu.png
Lucario Shiny Lucario.png Albino Lucario.png Melan Lucario.png
Mega Lucario Shiny Mega Lucario.png Albino Mega Lucario.png Melan Mega Lucario.png
Hippopotas Shiny Hippopotas.pngShiny Female Hippopotas.png Albino Hippopotas.pngAlbino Female Hippopotas.png Melan Hippopotas.pngMelan Female Hippopotas.png
Hippowdon Shiny Hippowdon.pngShiny Female Hippowdon.png Albino Hippowdon.pngAlbino Female Hippowdon.png Melan Hippowdon.pngMelan Female Hippowdon.png
Skorupi Shiny Skorupi.png Albino Skorupi.png Melan Skorupi.png
Drapion Shiny Drapion.png Albino Drapion.png Melan Drapion.png
Croagunk Shiny Croagunk.pngShiny Female Croagunk.png Albino Croagunk.pngAlbino Female Croagunk.png Melan Croagunk.pngMelan Female Croagunk.png
Toxicroak Shiny Toxicroak.pngShiny Female Toxicroak.png Albino Toxicroak.pngAlbino Female Toxicroak.png Melan Toxicroak.pngMelan Female Toxicroak.png
Carnivine Shiny Carnivine.png Albino Carnivine.png Melan Carnivine.png
Finneon Shiny Finneon.pngShiny Female Finneon.png Albino Finneon.pngAlbino Female Finneon.png Melan Finneon.pngMelan Female Finneon.png
Lumineon Shiny Lumineon.pngShiny Female Lumineon.png Albino Lumineon.pngAlbino Female Lumineon.png Melan Lumineon.pngMelan Female Lumineon.png
Mantyke Shiny Mantyke.png Albino Mantyke.png Melan Mantyke.png
Mantine Shiny Mantine.png Albino Mantine.png Melan Mantine.png
Snover Shiny Snover.pngShiny Female Snover.png Albino Snover.pngAlbino Female Snover.png Melan Snover.pngMelan Female Snover.png
Shiny Albino Melanistic
Abomasnow Shiny Abomasnow.pngShiny Female Abomasnow.png Albino Abomasnow.pngAlbino Female Abomasnow.png Melan Abomasnow.pngMelan Female Abomasnow.png
Mega Abomasnow Shiny Mega Abomasnow.png Albino Mega Abomasnow.png Melan Mega Abomasnow.png
Porygon Shiny Porygon.png Albino Porygon.png Melan Porygon.png
Porygon2 Shiny Porygon2.png Albino Porygon2.png Melan Porygon2.png
Porygon-Z Shiny Porygon-Z.png Albino Porygon-Z.png Melan Porygon-Z.png
Rotom Shiny Rotom.png Albino Rotom.png Melan Rotom.png
Fan Rotom Shiny Fan Rotom.png Albino Fan Rotom.png Melan Fan Rotom.png
Frost Rotom Shiny Frost Rotom.png Albino Frost Rotom.png Melan Frost Rotom.png
Heat Rotom Shiny Heat Rotom.png Albino Heat Rotom.png Melan Heat Rotom.png
Mow Rotom Shiny Mow Rotom.png Albino Mow Rotom.png Melan Mow Rotom.png
Wash Rotom Shiny Wash Rotom.png Albino Wash Rotom.png Melan Wash Rotom.png
Uxie Shiny Uxie.png Albino Uxie.png Melan Uxie.png
Mesprit Shiny Mesprit.png Albino Mesprit.png Melan Mesprit.png
Azelf Shiny Azelf.png Albino Azelf.png Melan Azelf.png
Dialga Shiny Dialga.png Albino Dialga.png Melan Dialga.png
Palkia Shiny Palkia.png Albino Palkia.png Melan Palkia.png
Heatran Shiny Heatran.png Albino Heatran.png Melan Heatran.png
Regigigas Shiny Regigigas.png Albino Regigigas.png Melan Regigigas.png
Giratina Shiny Giratina.png Albino Giratina.png Melan Giratina.png
Origin Giratina Shiny Origin Giratina.png Albino Origin Giratina.png Melan Origin Giratina.png
Cresselia Shiny Cresselia.png Albino Cresselia.png Melan Cresselia.png
Phione Shiny Phione.png Albino Phione.png Melan Phione.png
Manaphy Shiny Manaphy.png Albino Manaphy.png Melan Manaphy.png
Darkrai Shiny Darkrai.png Albino Darkrai.png Melan Darkrai.png
Shaymin Shiny Shaymin.png Albino Shaymin.png Melan Shaymin.png
Sky Shaymin Shiny Sky Shaymin.png Albino Sky Shaymin.png Melan Sky Shaymin.png


Shiny Albino Melanistic
Normal Shiny Arceus.png Albino Arceus.png Melan Arceus.png
Fire Shiny Fire Arceus.png Albino Fire Arceus.png Melan Fire Arceus.png
Water Shiny Water Arceus.png Albino Water Arceus.png Melan Water Arceus.png
Electric Shiny Electric Arceus.png Albino Electric Arceus.png Melan Electric Arceus.png
Grass Shiny Grass Arceus.png Albino Grass Arceus.png Melan Grass Arceus.png
Ice Shiny Ice Arceus.png Albino Ice Arceus.png Melan Ice Arceus.png
Fighting Shiny Fighting Arceus.png Albino Fighting Arceus.png Melan Fighting Arceus.png
Poison Shiny Poison Arceus.png Albino Poison Arceus.png Melan Poison Arceus.png
Ground Shiny Ground Arceus.png Albino Ground Arceus.png Melan Ground Arceus.png
Flying Shiny Flying Arceus.png Albino Flying Arceus.png Melan Flying Arceus.png
Psychic Shiny Psychic Arceus.png Albino Psychic Arceus.png Melan Psychic Arceus.png
Bug Shiny Bug Arceus.png Albino Bug Arceus.png Melan Bug Arceus.png
Rock Shiny Rock Arceus.png Albino Rock Arceus.png Melan Rock Arceus.png
Ghost Shiny Ghost Arceus.png Albino Ghost Arceus.png Melan Ghost Arceus.png
Dragon Shiny Dragon Arceus.png Albino Dragon Arceus.png Melan Dragon Arceus.png
Steel Shiny Steel Arceus.png Albino Steel Arceus.png Melan Steel Arceus.png
Dark Shiny Dark Arceus.png Albino Dark Arceus.png Melan Dark Arceus.png
Fairy Shiny Fairy Arceus.png Albino Fairy Arceus.png Melan Fairy Arceus.png