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The following table lists all Shiny, Albino, and Melanistic Pokémon of the Alola region. An overview can be found on the List of Special Pokémon.


#721 Rowlet to #751 Araquanid
#752 Fomantis to #780 Dhelmise
#781 Jangmo-o to #808 Melmetal
#772 Silvally
#773 Exposed Minior

Shiny Albino Melanistic
Rowlet Shiny Rowlet.png Albino Rowlet.png Melanistic Rowlet.png
Dartrix Shiny Dartrix.png Albino Dartrix.png Melanistic Dartrix.png
Decidueye Shiny Decidueye.png Albino Decidueye.png Melanistic Decidueye.png
Litten Shiny Litten.png Albino Litten.png Melanistic Litten.png
Torracat Shiny Torracat.png Albino Torracat.png Melanistic Torracat.png
Incineroar Shiny Incineroar.png Albino Incineroar.png Melanistic Incineroar.png
Popplio Shiny Popplio.png Albino Popplio.png Melanistic Popplio.png
Brionne Shiny Brionne.png Albino Brionne.png Melanistic Brionne.png
Primarina Shiny Primarina.png Albino Primarina.png Melanistic Primarina.png
Pikipek Shiny Pikipek.png Albino Pikipek.png Melanistic Pikipek.png
Trumbeak Shiny Trumbeak.png Albino Trumbeak.png Melanistic Trumbeak.png
Toucannon Shiny Toucannon.png Albino Toucannon.png Melanistic Toucannon.png
Yungoos Shiny Yungoos.png Albino Yungoos.png Melanistic Yungoos.png
Gumshoos Shiny Gumshoos.png Albino Gumshoos.png Melanistic Gumshoos.png
Totem Gumshoos Shiny Totem Gumshoos.png Albino Totem Gumshoos.png Melanistic Totem Gumshoos.png
Grubbin Shiny Grubbin.png Albino Grubbin.png Melanistic Grubbin.png
Charjabug Shiny Charjabug.png Albino Charjabug.png Melanistic Charjabug.png
Vikavolt Shiny Vikavolt.png Albino Vikavolt.png Melanistic Vikavolt.png
Totem Vikavolt Shiny Totem Vikavolt.png Albino Totem Vikavolt.png Melanistic Totem Vikavolt.png
Crabrawler Shiny Crabrawler.png Albino Crabrawler.png Melanistic Crabrawler.png
Crabominable Shiny Crabominable.png Albino Crabominable.png Melanistic Crabominable.png
Baile Oricorio Shiny Baile Oricorio.png Albino Baile Oricorio.png Melanistic Baile Oricorio.png
Pom-Pom Oricorio Shiny Pom-Pom Oricorio.png Albino Pom-Pom Oricorio.png Melanistic Pom-Pom Oricorio.png
Pa'u Oricorio Shiny Pa'u Oricorio.png Albino Pa'u Oricorio.png Melanistic Pa'u Oricorio.png
Sensu Oricorio Shiny Sensu Oricorio.png Albino Sensu Oricorio.png Melanistic Sensu Oricorio.png
Cutiefly Shiny Cutiefly.png Albino Cutiefly.png Melanistic Cutiefly.png
Ribombee Shiny Ribombee.png Albino Ribombee.png Melanistic Ribombee.png
Totem Ribombee Shiny Totem Ribombee.png Albino Totem Ribombee.png Melanistic Totem Ribombee.png
Rockruff Shiny Rockruff.png Albino Rockruff.png Melanistic Rockruff.png
Midday Lycanroc Shiny Midday Lycanroc.png Albino Midday Lycanroc.png Melanistic Midday Lycanroc.png
Midnight Lycanroc Shiny Midnight Lycanroc.png Albino Midnight Lycanroc.png Melanistic Midnight Lycanroc.png
Dusk Lycanroc Shiny Dusk Lycanroc.png Albino Dusk Lycanroc.png Melanistic Dusk Lycanroc.png
Wishiwashi Shiny Wishiwashi.png Albino Wishiwashi.png Melanistic Wishiwashi.png
School Wishiwashi Shiny School Wishiwashi.png Albino School Wishiwashi.png Melanistic School Wishiwashi.png
Totem Wishiwashi Shiny Totem Wishiwashi.png Albino Totem Wishiwashi.png Melanistic Totem Wishiwashi.png
Mareanie Shiny Mareanie.png Albino Mareanie.png Melanistic Mareanie.png
Toxapex Shiny Toxapex.png Albino Toxapex.png Melanistic Toxapex.png
Mudbray Shiny Mudbray.png Albino Mudbray.png Melanistic Mudbray.png
Mudsdale Shiny Mudsdale.png Albino Mudsdale.png Melanistic Mudsdale.png
Dewpider Shiny Dewpider.png Albino Dewpider.png Melanistic Dewpider.png
Araquanid Shiny Araquanid.png Albino Araquanid.png Melanistic Araquanid.png
Totem Araquanid Shiny Totem Araquanid.png Albino Totem Araquanid.png Melanistic Totem Araquanid.png
Shiny Albino Melanistic
Fomantis Shiny Fomantis.png Albino Fomantis.png Melanistic Fomantis.png
Lurantis Shiny Lurantis.png Albino Lurantis.png Melanistic Lurantis.png
Totem Lurantis Shiny Totem Lurantis.png Albino Totem Lurantis.png Melanistic Totem Lurantis.png
Morelull Shiny Morelull.png Albino Morelull.png Melanistic Morelull.png
Shiinotic Shiny Shiinotic.png Albino Shiinotic.png Melanistic Shiinotic.png
Salandit Shiny Salandit.png Albino Salandit.png Melanistic Salandit.png
Salazzle Shiny Salazzle.png Albino Salazzle.png Melanistic Salazzle.png
Totem Salazzle Shiny Totem Salazzle.png Albino Totem Salazzle.png Melanistic Totem Salazzle.png
Stufful Shiny Stufful.png Albino Stufful.png Melanistic Stufful.png
Bewear Shiny Bewear.png Albino Bewear.png Melanistic Bewear.png
Bounsweet Shiny Bounsweet.png Albino Bounsweet.png Melanistic Bounsweet.png
Steenee Shiny Steenee.png Albino Steenee.png Melanistic Steenee.png
Tsareena Shiny Tsareena.png Albino Tsareena.png Melanistic Tsareena.png
Comfey Shiny Comfey.png Albino Comfey.png Melanistic Comfey.png
Oranguru Shiny Oranguru.png Albino Oranguru.png Melanistic Oranguru.png
Passimian Shiny Passimian.png Albino Passimian.png Melanistic Passimian.png
Wimpod Shiny Wimpod.png Albino Wimpod.png Melanistic Wimpod.png
Golisopod Shiny Golisopod.png Albino Golisopod.png Melanistic Golisopod.png
Sandygast Shiny Sandygast.png Albino Sandygast.png Melanistic Sandygast.png
Palossand Shiny Palossand.png Albino Palossand.png Melanistic Palossand.png
Pyukumuku Shiny Pyukumuku.png Albino Pyukumuku.png Melanistic Pyukumuku.png
Type: Null Shiny Type Null.png Albino Type Null.png Melanistic Type Null.png
Minior Shiny Minior.png Albino Minior.png Melanistic Minior.png
Komala Shiny Komala.png Albino Komala.png Melanistic Komala.png
Turtonator Shiny Turtonator.png Albino Turtonator.png Melanistic Turtonator.png
Togedemaru Shiny Togedemaru.png Albino Togedemaru.png Melanistic Togedemaru.png
Totem Togedemaru Shiny Totem Togedemaru.png Albino Totem Togedemaru.png Melanistic Totem Togedemaru.png
Mimikyu Shiny Mimikyu.png Albino Mimikyu.png Melanistic Mimikyu.png
Totem Mimikyu Shiny Totem Mimikyu.png Albino Totem Mimikyu.png Melanistic Totem Mimikyu.png
Bruxish Shiny Bruxish.png Albino Bruxish.png Melanistic Bruxish.png
Drampa Shiny Drampa.png Albino Drampa.png Melanistic Drampa.png
Dhelmise Shiny Dhelmise.png Albino Dhelmise.png Melanistic Dhelmise.png
Shiny Albino Melanistic
Jangmo-o Shiny Jangmo-o.png Albino Jangmo-o.png Melanistic Jangmo-o.png
Hakamo-o Shiny Hakamo-o.png Albino Hakamo-o.png Melanistic Hakamo-o.png
Kommo-o Shiny Kommo-o.png Albino Kommo-o.png Melanistic Kommo-o.png
Totem Kommo-o Shiny Totem Kommo-o.png Albino Totem Kommo-o.png Melanistic Totem Kommo-o.png
Tapu Koko Shiny Tapu Koko.png Albino Tapu Koko.png Melanistic Tapu Koko.png
Tapu Lele Shiny Tapu Lele.png Albino Tapu Lele.png Melanistic Tapu Lele.png
Tapu Bulu Shiny Tapu Bulu.png Albino Tapu Bulu.png Melanistic Tapu Bulu.png
Tapu Fini Shiny Tapu Fini.png Albino Tapu Fini.png Melanistic Tapu Fini.png
Cosmog Shiny Cosmog.png Albino Cosmog.png Melanistic Cosmog.png
Cosmoem Shiny Cosmoem.png Albino Cosmoem.png Melanistic Cosmoem.png
Solgaleo Shiny Solgaleo.png Albino Solgaleo.png Melanistic Solgaleo.png
Lunala Shiny Lunala.png Albino Lunala.png Melanistic Lunala.png
Nihilego Shiny Nihilego.png Albino Nihilego.png Melanistic Nihilego.png
Buzzwole Shiny Buzzwole.png Albino Buzzwole.png Melanistic Buzzwole.png
Pheromosa Shiny Pheromosa.png Albino Pheromosa.png Melanistic Pheromosa.png
Xurkitree Shiny Xurkitree.png Albino Xurkitree.png Melanistic Xurkitree.png
Celesteela Shiny Celesteela.png Albino Celesteela.png Melanistic Celesteela.png
Kartana Shiny Kartana.png Albino Kartana.png Melanistic Kartana.png
Guzzlord Shiny Guzzlord.png Albino Guzzlord.png Melanistic Guzzlord.png
Poipole Shiny Poipole.png Albino Poipole.png Melanistic Poipole.png
Naganadel Shiny Naganadel.png Albino Naganadel.png Melanistic Naganadel.png
Stakataka Shiny Stakataka.png Albino Stakataka.png Melanistic Stakataka.png
Blacephalon Shiny Blacephalon.png Albino Blacephalon.png Melanistic Blacephalon.png
Necrozma Shiny Necrozma.png Albino Necrozma.png Melanistic Necrozma.png
Dusk Mane Necrozma Shiny Dusk Mane Necrozma.png Albino Dusk Mane Necrozma.png Melanistic Dusk Mane Necrozma.png
Dawn Wings Necrozma Shiny Dawn Wings Necrozma.png Albino Dawn Wings Necrozma.png Melanistic Dawn Wings Necrozma.png
Ultra Necrozma Shiny Ultra Necrozma.png Albino Ultra Necrozma.png Melanistic Ultra Necrozma.png
Magearna Shiny Magearna.png Albino Magearna.png Melanistic Magearna.png
Marshadow Shiny Marshadow.png Albino Marshadow.png Melanistic Marshadow.png
Zeraora Shiny Zeraora.png Albino Zeraora.png Melanistic Zeraora.png
Meltan Shiny Meltan.png Albino Meltan.png Melanistic Meltan.png
Melmetal Shiny Melmetal.png Albino Melmetal.png Melanistic Melmetal.png


Shiny Albino Melanistic
Normal Shiny Silvally.png Albino Silvally.png Melanistic Silvally.png
Fire Shiny Fire Silvally.png Albino Fire Silvally.png Melanistic Fire Silvally.png
Water Shiny Water Silvally.png Albino Water Silvally.png Melanistic Water Silvally.png
Electric Shiny Electric Silvally.png Albino Electric Silvally.png Melanistic Electric Silvally.png
Grass Shiny Grass Silvally.png Albino Grass Silvally.png Melanistic Grass Silvally.png
Ice Shiny Ice Silvally.png Albino Ice Silvally.png Melanistic Ice Silvally.png
Fighting Shiny Fighting Silvally.png Albino Fighting Silvally.png Melanistic Fighting Silvally.png
Poison Shiny Poison Silvally.png Albino Poison Silvally.png Melanistic Poison Silvally.png
Ground Shiny Ground Silvally.png Albino Ground Silvally.png Melanistic Ground Silvally.png
Flying Shiny Flying Silvally.png Albino Flying Silvally.png Melanistic Flying Silvally.png
Psychic Shiny Psychic Silvally.png Albino Psychic Silvally.png Melanistic Psychic Silvally.png
Bug Shiny Bug Silvally.png Albino Bug Silvally.png Melanistic Bug Silvally.png
Rock Shiny Rock Silvally.png Albino Rock Silvally.png Melanistic Rock Silvally.png
Ghost Shiny Ghost Silvally.png Albino Ghost Silvally.png Melanistic Ghost Silvally.png
Dragon Shiny Dragon Silvally.png Albino Dragon Silvally.png Melanistic Dragon Silvally.png
Steel Shiny Steel Silvally.png Albino Steel Silvally.png Melanistic Steel Silvally.png
Dark Shiny Dark Silvally.png Albino Dark Silvally.png Melanistic Dark Silvally.png
Fairy Shiny Fairy Silvally.png Albino Fairy Silvally.png Melanistic Fairy Silvally.png

Exposed Minior

Shiny Albino Melanistic
Red Core Shiny Red Exposed Minior.png Albino Red Exposed Minior.png Melanistic Red Exposed Minior.png
Orange Core Shiny Orange Exposed Minior.png Albino Orange Exposed Minior.png Melanistic Orange Exposed Minior.png
Yellow Core Shiny Yellow Exposed Minior.png Albino Yellow Exposed Minior.png Melanistic Yellow Exposed Minior.png
Green Core Shiny Green Exposed Minior.png Albino Green Exposed Minior.png Melanistic Green Exposed Minior.png
Blue Core Shiny Blue Exposed Minior.png Albino Blue Exposed Minior.png Melanistic Blue Exposed Minior.png
Indigo Core Shiny Indigo Exposed Minior.png Albino Indigo Exposed Minior.png Melanistic Indigo Exposed Minior.png
Violet Core Shiny Violet Exposed Minior.png Albino Violet Exposed Minior.png Melanistic Violet Exposed Minior.png