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Shiny Pokémon are Pokémon that have a different colour pallet from their non-shiny counterparts. The odds of randomly hatching a shiny from a random egg are exceptionally low. In order to increase the odds of getting a shiny, most PFQ users start shiny hunts, a process wherein a user hatches large amounts of the same egg to increase the chances of hatching a Shiny.


To start a shiny hunt, you will need a PokéRadar, which can be purchased for credits on the Shiny Hunt page. The PokéRadar is essential to shiny hunting, as shinies would be incredibly difficult to obtain without its boost for chained hatchlings. Hypermode also speeds up Shiny Hunting. With Hypermode, your maximum chain increases from 38 eggs to 40 eggs (3,996% boost). Other boosts are also available, such as Shiny Charms and Übercharms, which each double your current odds. For the full list of possible boosts, see the Shiny Hunting page.

Breeding Pairs should try to focus on same species from two different trainers to obtain the greatest compatibility. You can see their compatibility through the Matchup Checker, which can be bought for 100 GP on the Daycare Page.

It is highly recommended that you get a high ranking Shelter Pass and the Black Flute. The Shelter Pass will allow you to adopt more eggs from the Shelter per day, while the Black Flute brings up only eggs in the Shelter. If you are breeding a Pokémon with multiple formes, or have a breeding pair of two different Pokémon, it is also recommended that you get a Spyglass, which will allow you to see the kinds of eggs that your breeding pair have produced. All of these items can be purchased with Gold Poké.


There are several bonuses that can boost your chances of finding a shiny while you hunt. One is Sei's Counter, a site-wide shiny boost that activates once the site as a whole hatches 3,777 shinies. Once that goal is reached, a random percent boost is applied to the entire site.

Another boost is the Pokémon of the Day. Every day, a random Basic Pokémon (apart from PokéFarm Q exclusives) is chosen, and every time one of those Pokémon is hatched, it has a 10% boosted chance of being a shiny.

There are several ways a user can directly boost their chances of getting a shiny. One such boost is a Shiny Charm. Shiny Charms can be purchased with Zophan Canisters as an Account Upgrade and double your chances of hatching a shiny for 24 hours. Another boost can be purchased in the form of an Übercharm. Übercharms can only be purchased with Zophan Canisters, but the boost lasts for 28 days instead of 24 hours and double your chances of shinies and albinos.

The Hunting Process

After placing your breeding pair in the DayCare, start interacting with users on the site. For every 64 interactions you make, there is a chance that your breeding pair will produce an egg, based on their compatibility. The easiest and fastest way to make a lot of eggs is to mass click in fields.

You may adopt six free eggs from the DayCare per day. This limit is increased to twelve eggs with Hypermode. You may also purchase DayCare Passes in order to adopt more eggs from the DayCare. Once you have exhausted your DayCare adoptions, you may release your eggs to the Shelter. You can then go to the Shelter and adopt the Pokémon eggs you're looking for. The more eggs you release, the better chances of you finding the eggs you need.

With every egg of the same Pokémon that you hatch, you will add on to your chain, and improve your chances for finding a shiny. You can check how high your chances are on the Shiny Hunting Page. Remember that the number shown is not the probability of getting a shiny, but rather the boost of getting one. For example, a chain of 40 Pokémon or higher gives you a 3,996% boost to finding shinies, but that's not a 3,996% chance of finding a shiny.

If you decide you decide to hunt exclusive Pokémon, the process will be different. The Spyglass is the best tool with these hunts. If you hunt normal exclusives, such as Koroku or Blue Moon Slugma, you will not be guaranteed an egg from that species. It is more likely you will get a regular Pokémon's eggs. It is recommended that you only buy Hypermode when you have a chain of over 38 when hunting these. If you choose to breed eggs from the tournament, such as Orkit, you will have to purchase the first egg with a certain amount of tokens, and the rest with GP.

Breaking Your Chain

If you hatch an egg outside of the egg chain (whether it be a different forme or an entirely different Pokémon), the chain will break and reset to zero. One way to avoid this is to purchase Egg Passes from the Shiny Hunting page. An Egg Pass allows one egg to be hatched without breaking your chain. There's also a dialogue box when attempting to hatch an egg that will ask if you are certain of hatching an egg.