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Hypermode is the name of the paid account addition on PokéFarm Q. To obtain Hypermode, one must purchase it with Zophan Canisters, the rare and enigmatic currency of PokéFarm Q. Hypermode vouchers can be traded with others, and can be redeemed at leisure on the offical Hypermode page.

For the transformation of the same name, see the Zophan page.

Account Features

Users who are in Hypermode have a number of beneficial perks at their disposal. All exclusive features gained while in Hypermode are not permanent, and are only available to the users who currently hold a Hypermode Account. A Hypermode Account's features are as follows:

Shorter Release Times

All Pokémon and Eggs have a set wait time of 6 hours before they are able to be released into the Shelter. Hypermode users have a 5 hour decrease in time, resulting in a reduced wait time of 1 hour.

Free Gold Poké

Hypermode Users are able to claim 500 Gold Poké from the official Hypermode page every 28 days.

DayCare Adoptions

Hypermode users are allowed 12 adoptions from the DayCare each day without the use of DayCare Pass.png DayCare Passes instead of the normal 6 allowed to non-Hypermode users.

Summon Item

Hypermode Users are able to claim a Lucky Seal.pngLucky Seal from the official Hypermode Page every 28 days. Lucky Seals can be placed on Boxes to guarantee any Summon Item inside.

Gold Poké Discount

All Gold Poké Account Upgrades are at a 10% discount from their original prices while Hypermode is in effect. This Gold Poké discount is stackable with Persephone's Bonus Counter, which further reduces the price of Account Upgrades.

Boosted EXP

Users with Hypermode accounts receive a 40% boost in EXP when other users interact with their Pokémon and Eggs. This Hypermode boost is stackable with all other EXP boosts, including: Niet's Bonus Counter, the V-Wave, and Wiki Editor Boosts.

The Hypermode Userbar, featuring HyperNiet.

Hypermode Userbar and Icon

As a mark of recognition, Hypermode users have a special userbar added to their Personal Messages and Forum posts. Additionally, Hypermode users have a Icon Hypermode.png Hypermode Icon prefixed to their username everywhere it is displayed.

Powering the PokéRadar

The PokéRadar.png PokéRadar allows users to Shiny Hunt up to a chain of 38. Hypermode accounts increase the PokéRadar's power, allowing Hypermode users to chain up to 40.

Image Uploader Storage

All users have 10MB of space in the Image Uploader Storage. Hypermode users have an increased limit of 100MB.

Note: If Hypermode expires when the user has more than the free size limit uploaded, they won't lose anything but will not be able to upload more until they make space or renew Hypermode.

Event Pokémon Early Release

Events normally become available for purchase two weeks after their release date. Hypermode users have this amount reduced to one week.

Note: This Hypermode Feature has not yet been programmed, and is not currently available.


Length Cost (Zophan Canisters) Cost (£) Save
28 days Zophan Canister 16x16.png500 £5 Nothing
180 days Zophan Canister 16x16.png2,800 £28 12 days free
365 days Zophan Canister 16x16.png5,000 £50 43 days free